Psychotria Viridis “Chacruna” Seeds in Berries 

Psychotria Viridis, also called Chacruna, is an equatorial conifer that is native to the South American countries of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Its lushness can be found in many parts of the Amazon rainforest. 

The Chacruna starts out its development process as a bush, and as time passes by, it becomes a tree with pale white flowers that produce berries. Further, it is the seeds of these berries that are harvested and used to make concoctions for medicinal use. The berries of the Chacruna evergreen initially start with the color green and eventually turn bright red as time passes. Each berry is composed of roughly 2 to 3 seeds. 

Psychotria Viridis is similar to the coffee creepers in terms of the leaf structures, berries, etc. In the creation of medicines, herbalists and researchers use all parts of the plant. Therefore, every single aspect or ingredient has its own unique remedy and is of equal importance. 

Growth of the Confier 

Psychotria Viridis can be grown both outdoors as well as indoors. It depends upon the people growing the plant. If the plant is grown outdoors, then it is exposed to the wonders of Nature such as rain, sunlight, etc. However, for those who wish to grow the plant indoors, they can use the process and techniques of propagation. In this, they can cut off parts of the plant, and place them in soil, and these parts or propagates grow into the conifer known today. 

Preparation of the Medicine 

According to ancient Amazonian tribes, the leaves of the Psychotria Viridis are specifically obtained during dawn. Further, they can be either wet or dry depending on availability. Last but not the least, the leaves are compressed, and the juice is extracted, which then is mixed with water to prepare the medicine. 

Medicinal Properties

The elements of the Chacruna plant have various medicinal properties. For example, the crippled, narrow leaves are often ground into a paste similar to the ayahuasca brew and used for healing visionary problems in people. 

The local people of these South American countries used this indigenous leaf to enable its hunters to gather food in the thick jungle of the Amazonian forest by heightening their eyesight and other senses. In order to achieve this, many people from the South American tribes dilute it to create the consistency of something we commonly call eye drops. 

Further, the mixed herbal concoction is used famously for treating pains caused by migraines. Even though the drops do generate a burning sensation at first, it is this exact thing that relieves the individual from the pain. 

However, like any other substance, an overdose of this brew is a harm to the physical human body. Further, it should be taken under the supervision of a professional herbalist at all times. 

Effects of the Medicine 

Like every coin has two sides, this pulverized substance has its negative impact on the human body. Consumers can experience hallucinations, nausea, and mood swings. For example, they can be happy and ecstatic one moment, and aggressive the other. Thus, it is crucial to intake the substance under the control of an expert in the field.