Psychotria Nervosa Seeds

Psychotria Nervosa, commonly known as Wild Coffee is a plant that produces a small red ellipsoid fruit, which is greatly similar to the coffee bean fruit. This shrub is shade tolerant and grows up to 4-10 feet.

However, unlike its name Psychotria Nervosa seeds do not contain caffeine. This shrub is native to Florida, West Indies, and Central and South America. They are organically harvested wild coffee plants, which are known to be extremely healthy and considered sacred in many regions.

Growth Habit 

Psychotria Nervosa is an evergreen shrub that is found in the higher swamp and hydric areas that are seasonally wet and dry. These plants are also found in highly alkaline soils and grow in far Northeast Florida in the cold and shade protected regions.

In the natural shade, this shrub grows in a taller and lanky manner, whereas in sun-lit areas the plant grows with numerous branches and appears to be bushy and rounded. These plants are magnificent and are a great addition to any garden. They also have numerous medicinal benefits.


The seeds of the wild coffee plant are extracted from the bright-red colored berry-like fruits. However, the Psychotria Nervosa fruits are edible. The seeds are freshly harvested and are known to be sacred. 

The wild coffee seeds are used as a non-caffeine coffee alternative and holds a great shamanic importance. These seeds are welcomed into religious occasions such as Ayahuasca that are common in South and Central America. 

The roots of the shrub can be used to induce vomiting. The seeds are useful in case you want a musty non-caffeine coffee. 

People believe this plant provides ‘light’ and ‘force’ after consumption. If you are looking for the best CBD oils to increase energy, you can refer to this guide.

Wild coffee plants are perennial with white flowers and scarlet berry-like fruits which are a great option for an attractive and evergreen foliage.


A large population of the planet consumes coffee for weight loss, physical energy boost, and to lower the risk of cancer. If you love coffee you can’t consume it because of the caffeine intake, Psychotria Nervosa seeds can be an immensely useful alternative. 

Caffeine sometimes is the cause of anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues. You can avoid these by inducing wild coffee intakes in your day-to-day lives. 

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