Psychotria nervosa seeds

Psychotria nervosa “Wild Coffee” Seeds

Psychotria nervosa

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These Psychotria nervosa seeds are freshly harvested and viable. Our 100% organically grown Psychotria nervosa plants are extremely healthy and treated with great respect. This shrub makes a wonderful addition to any landscape and holds great medicinal secrets.

Traditional & Modern Use:

The Psychotria nervosa shrub also known as “Wild Coffee” is native to Florida, USA where it is sacred but grows like a weed. The seeds are often brewed into a caffeine-free coffee-like beverage. Much like Psychotria viridis it holds great shamanistic value and can be welcomed into a religious ceremoney known as Ayahuasca which is common in South and Central America. This plant provides “Light” and the B. caapi provides “Force”. The spirit iteself is almost the same as P. viridis it can capture a unique “color” within the Shaman’s vision.

These viable seeds are sold to grow in remembrance of a long lasting and respected culture. Ingestion of any part of the plant may be dangerous. DO NOT CONSUME!

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