Mimosa hostilis rootbark

Mimosa hostilis “Jurema” Freshly Harvested Premium Whole Inner Rootbark

Mimosa hostilis

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Acacia confusa Hawaiian Root Bark Finely Shredded

As many of you probably know MHRB is very rare these days but we are now offering this absolutely AMAZING plant known as “Rainbow Tree”. Our artist on the Islands says it offers a much richer dye than Mimosa and instead of just red dye it offers a red/yellow colour that is brilliant! We highly recommend this root bark that is said by many to be vastly superior in many ways!

Back to Mimosa:

This is the prized Brazilian Pink/Purple premium MHRB that everyone has been waiting to return! This is by far the freshest highest quality organic inner rootbark out there with only the most useful product remaining. We have this product in limited supply.

Complete List of Applications:

Cosmetic: Mimosa Hostilis root bark has been valued for thousands of years in South America for its uses in cosmetic items such as shampoo and the Mayan’s famous Tepescohuite Soap. Soap made from the inner root bark of Mimosa Hostilis is excellent for acne, blemishes, oily skin, and other skin disorders. It has been hailed for centuries as a miracle soap; also now used in commercial hair and skin rejuvenating products. Extensive cosmetic research continues today in laboratories of Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Medicinal: During the 1985 Earthquake and resulting fires in Mexico, Mimosa Hostilis root bark was endorsed by the Red Cross as an anti-microbial agent that could disinfect, sooth, and speed the recovery of burns, cuts, scrapes, and infections. The number of people injured was so great, that they had run out of conventional medicines to treat the suffering. The Red Cross believed that Mimosa Hostilis root bark, with all of its healing properties, could be effectively employed in place of conventional medicines– And it worked! Extensive research continues to utilize the properties of Mimosa Hostilis root bark for discovering new medicinal applications everyday.

Textiles: Mimosa hostilis root bark has industrial uses as a dye for textiles. With a high tannin content of about 16% making it widely used as a natural dye and in leather production.

Fragrance: Mimosa Hostilis root bark has recently been valued as a pleasant aromatic incense; also now a key ingredient in the essential oils market. Pure inner root bark of Mimosa Hostilis combines well with costus, cassie, cedarwood, geranium, citrus and spice oils of aromatherapy. When shopping for Mimosa Hostilis to be used with fragrance and essential oil applications, it is important to buy 100% pure purple inner root bark. All the outer bark and dirt needs to be completely removed when used for fragrance and essential oil applications. Only 100% pure Mimosa Hostilis root bark of the highest quality should be used with fragrance and aromatherapy applications.

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