Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum) Premium Whole Root

As we call it today, the kava kava root is a tropical biennial famous in many areas of the South Pacific. Further, it is a primitive shrub in the South Sea islands. Thus, it is often referred to as the Oceanic plant. 

The Piper Methysticum is similar to the renowned herb pepper. However, rather than bearing flowers and fruits, the kava kava is often consumed in its root form. 

Growth of the Piper Methysticum

This tropical perennial takes a long time to germinate. However, as it grows, the roots of the plant develop a copious weight of starch. Further, due to the long period of germination, the kava kava root can be grown using the technique of vegetative propagations. Farmers can use old roots in order to develop a new plant.

History of the Kava Kava Root

The Piper Methysticum was first introduced in the 18th century by the European conquistadors. However, once introduced, the kava kava root became a part of the lifestyle of the aborigines of the South Sea region. It encompassed their culture, traditions, and customs. In short, it became a part of them. 

Further, the ancient people of the South Pacific regions used the root to create a paste, and create an amalgamation of it along with coconut milk or water depending upon the availability. It was often used at various religious gatherings and ceremonies to create an aura of euphoria. In a nutshell, it was used to breed a state of positivity, never-ending happiness, etc. 

Therefore, this alcoholic drink becomes a part of their identity that separated them from the rest of the clans around the world. 

Modern Day Usage 

The Piper Methysticum, in today’s bustling world, is used as a tool for curtailing anxiety and the various forms of stress faced by us today. Further, many clinical trials and research have revealed that the concoction of the kava kava root may help to decrease symptoms of various anxiety disorders. 

Further, it has shown great results in treating headaches, insomnia, migraines, etc. However, as certain kava kava products contain harmful substances, it is crucial to consult your pharmacist or doctor to obtain the correct amount beneficial for you. 

The kava kava root is often used in the European pharmaceutical industry in order to develop herbal medicines. 


The kava kava roots can be utilized in various ways to truly release its beneficial properties. These include teas, powdered capsules, or a dilute concoction. However, the dosage of the kava kava in each of these beverages need to be prescribed by your doctor depending upon your health. 


Like a coin has two sides, it is crucial to understand the side-effects of the usage of the Piper Methysticum root. There are numerous consequences regarding the consumption of the kava kava root. They include rashes, skin allergies, drowsiness, dizziness, damage to the kidneys and liver, headaches, etc. 

Hence, it should be noted that the dosage and the intervals need to be prescribed by your doctor after a critical analysis of various factors such as weight, height, body type, lifestyle, habits, etc.