Iochroma fuchsioides: The Sorcerer’s Tree of the Andes

Iochroma fuchsioides is a species of Iochroma that blossoms in the Andean mountain ranges of Ecuador and Colombia. This species of Iochroma is also known as Red Iochroma due to its distinctive trumpet shaped, scarlet red flowers. The plant thrives and grows wild around the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.

 The rare plant was first described in 1848 by botanists; however, the Shamans of several Indian tribes in the Andes have been using the red Iochroma in their spiritual ceremonies for centuries. 

 Traditional Uses of the Sorcerer’s Tree 

 The Red Iochroma from Central and South America is commonly known as Arbol de Brujo, which translates to Sorcerer’s Tree. The Shamans of several Indian Tribes revered the plant and often used it in their spiritual ceremonies due to its hallucinogenic properties.

 Similar to Datura and Brugmansia, the psychoactive properties of Iochroma are attributed to the high alkaloid content. Iochroma fuchsioides contains nearly 150 well documented alkaloids and hallucinogens. The Shamans would often imbibe the plant in a ceremonial setting to induce visions among the participants. 

Other than that, the rich odor and the overall aesthetic of the plant made for a wonderful ceremonial decoration. It is theorized that many of the early depictions believed to be that of Brugmansia are in fact, depictions of Iochroma fuchsioides. 

 In Colombia, the shamans of the Kamsa people are known to take Iochroma fuchsioides when confronted with pathologies that are extremely difficult to diagnose. The dried leaves and foliage are smoked or infused as tea or even boiled. 

 Folk healers have also been known to use Iochroma fuchsioides as a narcotic during difficult births or digestive disorders. However, detailed ethnobotanical and ethnopharmacological studies of the plant are still lacking. Hence, our understanding of the plant and its properties is still limited.

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Characteristics of the Sorcerer’s Tree

Iochroma fuchsioides is found in the high Andes mountains of Colombia and Ecuador at altitudes of 2,200 meters above sea level. The plant is bushy and can grow up to 8 to 12 ft in height when conditions are favorable.

 The perennial plant flourishes in sub-tropical and mild temperate climates. The most interesting part of the plant is that it blooms almost all year long, giving out beautiful scarlet red flowers. The bushy foliage has a tropical look, with bright green leaves that always look fresh and lively.

 This rare nightshade plant is highly sought after these days due to its pleasant aesthetic and ornamental value. At botanical spirit, we offer the beautiful rare foliage of Iochroma fuchsioides to our customers with pride.

 These rare specimens are offered for their ornamental value and to cherish the rich Andean culture of Shamanistic Healing. The products are not for consumption. The plant is toxic, and its consumption may lead to health hazards.