Ilex guayusa ecuadorian chopped leaf

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) Ecuadorian Wildcrafted Chopped Leaf

Ilex guayusa

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We GUARANTEE this to be the freshest, highest quality and most potent 100% organic Guayusa on Earth! We’ve heard countless times how amazing our product is compared to other companies and you will not find this product anywhere else except for the shops we supply. Our skilled growers cultivate the plants in the South Eastern part of the Ecuadorian Amazonia, in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, canton Chinchipe which is located at 1568 meters above the level of the sea, with a temperature that ranges between 11 and 27 degrees centigrade with a humidity of 90.6% and an average annual rainfall of 1831.14 millimeters. It has a subtropical humid climate, which is typical of the Amazonian region. Each plant recieves great love and respect; masterfully cared for with the perfect balance of shade and water bringing us a yield of up to 2000kgs per month of freshly dried leaves. These leaves are shade dried and chopped to a perfect consistency.

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