A Well-Entrenched Plant – Garcinia Spicata

Native to India and Sri Lanka, Garcinia Spicata is a member of the evergreen Clusiaceae plant family. It is also closely related to the famous Garcinia Mangostana, also known as, Mangosteen.

Garcinia Spicata is propagated by its seeds. The seeds are fairly large, but they germinate at a slow pace.

Garcinia Spicata is a medium-sized tree and can grow up to 30 feet high. It has a magnificent globe-shaped canopy. The plant has gorgeous dark green ornamental leaves. They are thick, glossy, and slender. They are of an upward-pointing elliptical or oblong shape. These leaves are a captivating shade of red in their initial stages of emergence.

Garcinia Spicata grows very slowly due to which it seems a smaller plant. A full or filtered sun is required for it to grow well. It can tolerate ocean spray or salty conditions. However, it does not withstand drought. The plant demands being watered regularly for better growth. 

The grown Garcinia Spicata tree bears beautiful small white flowers. These flowers then turn into walnut-sized bright orange fruits. These fruits appear similar to the fruit of Mangosteen. Unlike the Mangosteen fruits, the Spicata fruits are bitter and tart in taste. Although non-edible for humans, the fruit is very popular among tropical birds, especially parrots.


The unique qualities of Garcinia Spicata make it a plant of numerous uses.

As an Embellishment

Garcinia Spicata is famous for its decorative properties. This plant is the perfect choice for salt-spray prone areas as an accent to the surroundings or a specimen tree.


Garcinia Spicata yields a medicinal resin. It is known as Gamboge in the Ayurvedic tradition.

Gamboge is known to contain Terpenes (volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons) and Bioflavonoids (polyphenolic plant-derived compounds) at high levels.

The resin is used in the preparation of various medicines used to treat different kinds of afflictions. It is also used as a catalyst to the effects of Vitamin C in the body. It supports blood circulation and acts as an antioxidant. Gamboge is also used to treat allergies, viruses, and other inflammatory conditions.

It acts as a greatly effective analgesic, antibiotic, and anti-diabetic. Gamboge can also be used as an anti-depressant for its neuroprotective properties. It is anti-cancer and anti-tumor. 

CBD Medicines

Mental health issues require serious treatments. As much as it is necessary to treat them, the treatments feel very heavy on our pockets. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) medicines like the ones made using Gamboge can be used as cheaper and effective alternates for all those expensive medical treatments and therapies. Listed below are a few links to CBD oils and other products to help treat mental health issues.

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These medicines can be cheaper, easier to intake, and enjoyable to use. Overdosing or misusing these medicines can lead to other health issues. Make sure you use them wisely.

Take Care!