What are Ethnobotanicals? 6 Reasons You Need Them 

Mother Earth has provided its long-lasting generations of mankind with plentiful plants, roots, and herbs. Certain cultures and tribes make use of such indigenous elements of Nature for medicinal value, mood enhancers, and overall just a natural way of healing. However, if you ever explore as to why there are differences among cultures, you will find that the main reason is their beliefs. 

 Ethnobotany is the study that delves into the relationship between Nature and people. Originally derived from the Greek word ‘ethnos’, ethno means class, caste, tribe, culture, people, etc. On the other hand, the word botany, derived from the French ‘Botanique’, and Greek ‘Botanikos’, is the scientific study of plants. 

 Thus, ethnobotanicals are herbal or plant-based products that have properties of healing and enlightenment. A classic example of an ethnobotanical is the renowned brew of Ayahuasca. Found in the remote regions of Northern Amazon, this is an example of a product made from psychedelic plants for the healing of people who have experienced trauma in the past. In short, ethnobotanicals are the taste of nature. 

6 Reasons Why You Need Ethnobotanicals

  1. Taste of History

Ethnobotanicals, in their simplest sense, are a spoonful of history. Medicinal practices have been existent ever since the birth of mankind. It is rich with history, and every plant has a story behind it. Thus, each and every botanical product takes you back to a different time in the past. It helps you to understand how something little means something bigger. 

  1. Natural Healer

Ethnobotanicals have natural properties that heal you from any diseases or pains. They aid to cure it without the use of any prescriptions and over the counter medications. Further, it is a plus point for you as they do not add any harmful substances to your body. Thus, they are considered to be an effective pain reliever. 

  1. Cultural Representation 

If you were to take a closer look at the history of each botanical product, you will be amazed at how different clans of people have different visions for the same problem. Further, you, as an individual, are able to understand the cultural aspect behind it. 

Thus, it helps you to understand the beliefs and diversity of each group of people. 

  1. A New Perspective to Life

Ethnobotanicals help individuals to gain a new look towards life. It helps them to view life with a positive attitude and help you to pull away from all the negativity from your past or current experiences. 

  1. Mood Enhancers 

Ethnobotanicals are a great way to enhance or lift your mood. It helps you to remove all the negative vibes and energies around you and make you feel better about yourself. Despite your insecurities and low self-esteem due to being overweight, for example, ethnobotanicals make you feel good and confident about yourself.

  1. Spirituality 

If you were to take a closer look at human behavior, you will find that it is one of the complex things to understand. Thus, ethnobotanicals help to find an equilibrium between the physical body and the mind. 

Therefore, ethnobotanicals aim to be a natural healer and mood enhancers. However, it is important to not abuse your body with such substances, as an overdose will have the opposite reaction.