Zilis CBD Reviews 2021

1. Ultracell CBD Oil2. UltraCBG CBD Oil3.  Ultracell CBD Topical
Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD Oil Zilis CBDZilis UltraCBG Full Spectrum CBG OilZilis UltraCell CBD Topical

CBD is gaining extreme popularity in the medicinal world due to its potential to treat and cure an array of medical health issues. CBD oils have been extensively used in the treatment of psoriasis, anxiety, joint pain, and many more similar health conditions. However, CBD is comparatively new to the market and most people are unaware of the amazing treatment capabilities that CBD has to offer.

Zilis “The Ultra Company” is one such brand that offers superior products in the niche of CBD oils. Regardless of the high quality of essential oils and its valuable components and oil-based supplements, your body will not experience any fruitful benefits if the oils aren’t absorbed in your body. What matters is the oils that the body can absorb and not whatever you can take. Therefore, Zilis uses Ultra Cell technology that particularly incorporates two kinds of delivery systems, namely liposomes and micelles. These work together and distinguish Zilis from any other brands in the market.


An Overview: Zilis

Zilis ensures to produce the best Ultra Cell hemp full-spectrum oil products that brings maximum health benefits to its customers . The liposomes can control time-released advantages and benefits. On the other hand, micelles aim for their rapid onset. The effect is scientifically termed as “entourage effect”. This technology can help you to avail of the benefits of more than 400 naturally occurring compounds. This is one of the unique features of Zilis.

Ultra Cell, a technology extensively used by Zilis, opens up the demonstration of more bioavailability than non-formulated hemp. The full spectrum CBD remains in the form of a serum and assists in the absorption of beneficial compounds and supplements at a consistently higher level than other brands of CBD oils available in the medicinal market.

Moreover, CBD oils of Zilis have been known by study participants to provide noticeable relief within minutes, due to the rapid onset of the valuable Ultra cell. The CBD reviews of Zilis have also verified the same.

On the other hand, participants reported that traditional hemp oil took a minimum of one to two hours to provide relief from pain. In a nutshell, the Ultra Cell from Zilis provides instant relief and for noticeably longer durations of time, even after using much less hemp oil than other products.


1. Ensuring Your Safety

Zilis products ensure the quality and authenticity of their CBD oils. Original hemp extracts are the source of these oils. They are bottled in Colorado by using USDA certified and organic processes that guarantee pure and unaltered oil. The absorption rate is found to be at a 94% rate by verified third-party testing agencies. Moreover, the THC rate is less than 0.3%. This also complies with the Farm Bill Complacency. There are no severe negative side-effects or ill psychoactive effects through the use of the products of Zilis.

2. Zilis Ambassador Program

If you join them to sell their product company offers you an incentive in form of ambassador program. This program has many advantages for sellers.

3. Variety Of Products

Zilis coffers a wide range of CBD oils to serve the specific needs of different consumers. You will find the exact do and oil for your issue at Zills products.

4. Zilis Pay It Forward Program

They waive enrollment fees or you can purchase their product at wholesale rates if you served as military veterans.

5. Presence Across The Globe

Zilis is not just available in anyone particular company but it is available across the globe. You can easily order their products from Zilis website or other portals that sell their brand products. So, no wonder which country you are in but you can make your health better with Zilis products.

6. Science Behind Zilis CBD Oils

There are two main reasons why zilis CBD oils are better than others here is the science behind these products:

7. Cannabinoids

The Endo-cannabinoid system, [ECS], is a complex network system of receptors found in the brain and the immune system. These cannabinoids are responsible for important bodily functions including regulating sleep, inflammatory responses, and other similar mechanisms. Most importantly, cannabinoids assist in clear thinking by improving cognitive abilities.

The human body produces a healthy dose of cannabinoids. This helps in maintaining a healthy regulatory cycle of sleep, regulating pain, and developing an efficient immune system against illness and diseases. There is a major impact on the working mechanism of the human body when this system can’t function efficiently. We would not eat well, sleep well, fall ill, and will not feel lively and energetic.

Therefore, CBD oils from Zilis make the best use of the phytocannabinoids, naturally found in hemp. The full spectrum and water-soluble serum of hemp oil balance the ECS, thus providing long term relief to the patient.

8. Phyto-cannabinoids

The plant-based supplements, generally termed as Phyto-cannabinoids, help in supporting the bodily mechanism when cannabinoids are insufficient. Phyto-cannabinoids fulfill the lack or the deficiency of naturally produced cannabinoids. They are present in Ultra Cells along with our ECS.

Furthermore, the Ultra Cell’s CBD provides plenty of benefits as they contain a negligible amount of less than 0.3% of THC as its components. THC is the main compound that is psychoactive and is one of the main constituents of marijuana.


1. No Pills Or Capsule

One of the minor drawbacks of the company is that it does not provide you with an option of pills or capsules to consume. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in consuming oils, you will have to look for other alternatives, though Zilis believe that oil is the most effective way for quick relief. They also provide you with effective methods so that oil reaches your bloodstream.

A healthy list of supplements of oil supplements is offered by Zelis. Multiple oils are purified and distilled, keeping in mind the requirements and needs of specific customers. Customers can find the product that will suit them the best depending on their strength and pain points. Although there are no pills or capsules offered by the brand, the CBD oils are offered as some of the most trusted products in the market. A few of their best-known products with popular zilis cbd oil reviews are as mentioned below:

Top 4 Zilis CBD Reviews 2021

1. Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD Oil Zilis CBD


The UltraCell Water Dispersible, Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides a full spectrum blend of essential oils along with other nutritional supplements. It provides 16.65mg of oil when you consume each dose. The interesting feature of this oil is that it is available in lemon, berry, and other raw flavors. Each bottle contains around 1 ounce or which is sufficient for single regular doses for almost a month.


The traditional procedure for the consumption of CBD oil is the most effective technique to incorporate CBD into your system. This is a great option if you wish to consume the oil in a way that it gets into your body as quickly as possible and get absorbed.

Who It Is For

It is a traditional method of introducing CBD into your system, and it allows quick internal uptake. Thus in this way, oil gets into your system quickly. It helps in activating the ECS system, improves joints function, and the antioxidants in this oil also help in neutralizing free radicals. It also promotes healthy respiratory function. So, if you are facing any such issues, you can take this oil.


  • Water-soluble
  • Full-spectrum oil with natural supplements
  • Up to 94% bioavailability

2. Zilis UltraCBG Full Spectrum CBG Oil

Zilis UltraCBG Full Spectrum CBG Oil


A bottle of oil is of 16.65mg and contains additional benefits along with the full-spectrum oil. The exotic hibiscus flavoring makes this oil one of the distinct CBD oil products in the market. This oil can specifically help to treat digestive issues.


This oil is very effective in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome or any other digestive problem. This oil may be a gentle solution to your problem, considering the goodness of this CBD oil.

Who It Is For

It is for people who suffer with digestive issues such as bloating, swelling of the stomach, and even IBS also known as irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps in increasing appetite, improving metabolism and reducing weight. It can also help incurring leaking guts. Hence, it is a gentle solution for all the digestive issues.


  • Full-spectrum oil with natural benefits
  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Exotic hibiscus flavor, unlike other oils with an unpleasant taste

3. Zilis UltraCell CBD Topical

Zilis UltraCell CBD Topical


This tropical cream contains beneficial CBD oils which heals the body inside out. This cream comes in a 2-ounce jar. The additional aloe extracts help in locking the moisture and accelerating the healing properties. The oil is highly effective for people with medical conditions including psoriasis and similar health issues. It will also make your skin feel silky and smooth.


Most of the people cannot consume CBD oils because of their unpleasant taste. In that case, this tropical cream is one of the best options to opt for. This way you won’t have to consume the oil internally, but still would be equally effective as that of any other CBD oil. You can directly apply this cream to where it is needed.

Who It Is For

If you don’t enjoy the texture of these oils and you don’t want to consume them through mouth then this topical oil is a perfect solution for you. It will help in releasing chronic pains and aches in different body parts.


  • 2 oz (60ml) jar
  • Rich and tropical cream
  • Aloe and other nutritional essential oils with added benefits
  • Up to 94% bioavailability
  • Great zilis cbd reviews from our customers

4. Zilis Ultra-Boosters

Zilis Ultra-Boosters


This product is available in 1, 2 as well as 4 ounces. It provides you the benefits of the nutritional constituents, especially the effective CBD cognition support. The product can replace caffeinated drinks in terms of energy supplements. This hemp-free alternative provides a stable sleep support system, along with a booster that assists in one’s weight loss journey. This product will largely assist in supporting a healthy lifestyle for the long run.


These essential ultra boosters are manufactured to complement your overall health and well being. They help in boosting specific areas and problems.

Who It Is For

Ultra-Boosters are CBD-free. Then too, they help in largely providing the support for various bodily processes. When used in conjunction with CBD oils, this product can help resting pain, providing energy, and helping in weight loss quite effectively.


  • 30 servings
  • Replace with energy drinks, sodas or even coffee
  • Infused with Mimetix

Zilis CBD – Wrapping Up

Zilis is a unique brand believing in the mission of “multiplying nutrition”. Their Ambassador Program along with the distinct and social-cause supportive “Pay it Forward” Program immensely helps people who need help. The brand completely supports the ethical use and incorporation of endo-cannabinoids system.

There are no side effects of these products, and you won’t get addicted to them since they are all safe to use. Hence you can use these products without any much concerns. But if you suffer any specific medical conditions such as diabetes, hear disease, kidney failure or if you are pregnant then you must consult your doctor before using them as a precaution.

Overall zilis cbd oil reviews have been positive and they have received good reviews. If you have been in search of an authentic company that offers quality CBD oils and related products, Zilis, The Ultra Cell Company is the way forward. If you are struggling with digestion, sleep, or pain, don’t hesitate to give Zilis a try.

Their products are easy to ingest and their creams are rich and soothing. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a broad view of the products offered by Zilisa and their customer reviews. You must give it a try as Zilis vouches for your satisfaction.