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The immense popularity of CBD-based wellness products has given birth to many brands most of which claim to be the best in the field. In this article we have picked a popular CBD brand named a Sunsoil CDB to review. We hope this article will give you all the important information you need to choose the right brand for the right product.

Sunsoil is a US-based company, it is well known for producing high-quality CBD products from organically-grown ingredients. The company manufactures variety of products including tincture, capsules, and topical creams or oils. Let us discover more about this popular CBD and its product.


This cbd reviews will highlight both positive and negatives aspects of the brand to make the process of buying authentic CBD-based products easy for interested customers. If you are planning to add CBD in your diet, go through the post and learn more.

About Sunsoil

The company was founded in 2015 with the name of Green Mountain CBD by two renowned hemp industrialists Jacob Goldstein and Alejandro Bergad. They were childhood friends, who are committed to delivering the safest CBD-based wellness products with the highest quality and standards. The company later changed its name to Sunsoil CBD. They aim to produce high-quality, clean, and safe CBD-based products.

In order to maintain the quality and pure essence of natural CBD, they include fewer ingredients. Their product line is quite easy to access and even a new consumer can browse the list to and check the features. One of the best things about Sunsoil is that the company releases its product after three levels of third-party lab testing so that you get the safest product in your hand. From farming the hemp to the process of extraction and lab testing, everything is done under the close supervision of the authorized departments.

The company farms hemp and extracts CBD in Northeast Vermont and the facility is not too far from the residents of the founders. One of the founders Alejandro Bergad has served as a Chief Agriculture Officer at one of the biggest hemp growing farms in America. Mr. Bergad has utilized his knowledge and experience to establish Sunsoil as one of the top-ranked CBD-based product makers in the United States.

Mr. Bergad has played an important role in developing the company’s own hemp farm in Vermont. Sunsoil follows some unique farming and extraction methods that help them to produce a better quantity of CBD per acre than any other company in the business. Their effective farming and manufacturing process helps the company to deliver high-quality CBD-based supplements at the best-in-the-industry price.

From Where Does The Company Source Hemp?

Sunsoil has its own farms in Hardwick, Vermont, where the company grows hemp organically and it sources its hemp from these farms only. They use non-GMO and 100% organic hemp to produce high-quality CBD-based wellness products.

When it comes to the extraction methods, Sunsoil follows the best practices so that consumers get the clean and safest form of CBD. Sunsoil follows the lipid extraction method, which a unique method to extract CBD from hemp. In this process, a lipid is used along with heat to extract the finest form of CBD. Sunsoil uses safe materials like MCT or coconut oil for tinctures, capsules, and salves.

The bioavailability of CBD increases when the lipid extraction method is used. Better bioavailability means, more CBD will be absorbed by your body and subsequently go into your bloodstream. Since Sunsoil follow lipid extraction with natural materials like MCT or coconut oil, their CBD-based wellness products come with better bioavailability.

Following the extraction, the company sends all the products for third-party lab testing to ensure the utmost quality and safety standards. After getting the rest results, Sunsoil makes necessary adjustment if needed and send the product for lab testing again. The final products are prepared by the company’s pharmaceutical-grade robots.

Product Variants

Unlike any other top brands associated with CBD-based product manufacturing, Sunsoil comes with a limited variety of CBD-based health supplements. The brand is most popular for producing full-spectrum CBD oils that contain all beneficial properties of cannabis plants along with the high concentration of CBD. The company often mixes additional cannabinoids to enhance the level of benefits of CBD products.

Although Sunsoil CBD products contain all the beneficial properties including THC, CBN, and CBC the availability of THC remains less than 0.3%. Meaning, there will be no fear of getting high after consuming the product. Each and every product under the brand name of Sunsoil comes with a lab test report and you can check the percentage of all available compounds.

Storage Of Sunsoil Products

If you are planning to store CBD oils or any other forms of CBD products manufactured by Sunsoil, you have to store in a cool temperature. It is better to store the product under 74°F temperature if you want it to remain in the best condition for a long period. One of the best things about Sunsoil CBD products is that you can keep them in refrigerated or frozen condition.

The company suggests its customers to store the capsule form of their product in a cool and dry place. Besides, the company says that one can consume its CBD oil tinctures or capsules every four to six hours. Although the company does not manufacture any specific CBD-based products for animals, their products are clean and safe enough to recommend for pets.

However, it is better to consult a veterinarian before you decide on any kind of CBD product for your pet. There are some brands that produce specific CBD-based products for pets and you can search those brands online. Let us talk more about each form of CBD products manufactured by Sunsoil.

CBD Oils

Oil is one of the most popular forms of CBD-based products and you can call it CBD tinctures. Sunsoil produces two types of CBD tinctures. One is 600mg and the other is 1200mg. Before you choose any variant, you should read out their features. The 600mg variant CBD tincture comes with natural, chocolate mint flavor and citrus flavor. The 1200mg CBD tincture, on the other hand, is only available in cinnamon flavor.

One of the good things about Sunsoil CBD tinctures is that the company uses MCT and CBD extract as a base material. In order to add flavor, Sunsoil adds organic peppermint oil and natural flavor in its 600mg chocolate mint oil tincture.

The 1200mg version of the oil tincture features cinnamon oil extract. According to the company, buyers who are new CBD consumers can start with a 10mg dose from the 600gm. For the seasoned users, starting with a 20mg dose from a 1200mg version will be a good idea. Both versions of tinctures come with a dropper to make the process of consumption easy for the users.

Capsules Variant

The capsule is another important variant of CBD products and it is quite convenient for consumers who do not like the taste of CBD tinctures. Like tinctures, Sunsoil produces CBD Capsules for meet its huge market demand in the USA and other countries.

The company sells both capsules and softgels under the brand name of Sunsoil and both forms of CBD-based supplements are quite popular in the American market. Both the capsules and softgels feature 20mg of CBD and they are available in 90 or 30 counts bottles.

Both the capsules and softgels are quite easy to consume and even an inexperienced consumer can take them easily. Although the company has not mentioned anything about the ingredients used in softgels the capsules are made of vegetarian ingredients.

Topicals Variant

Some people prefer topicals more than oil and capsules and that is most of the leading CBD-based product manufacturers in the USA sell topicals along with the other variants. If you are looking for a hybrid CBD-based product, Sunsoil’s topicals can be a good choice. Topicals made of coconut oil are suitable for both humans and animals. You can also eat or apply it to a target area.

Sunsoil’s topicals come in a 30ml container and an experienced user can take 20mg dose with a dedicated 1ml spoon. CBD salve offered by Sunsoil is available in natural flavor, as it contains organic coconut oil and hemp extract.

Sunsoil has been in the business since 2015 and they have earned immense popularity within this short span of time. Sunsoil is among the CBD products manufacturers in the United States that use organically grown hemp and lipid extraction methods to deliver top-quality CBD products.

One of the best things about the company is that they sell some of the most cost-effective CBD products without compromising with the quality and purity of the products. Whether it is oil tincture, capsules, or edible salve or topicals, you can expect the utmost quality from the brand. Let us talk about the positives and negatives aspects Sunsoil and its products.

Sunsoil needs no introduction when it comes to the cannabis industry, and they have created a benchmark of excellence with its CBD products in recent years. The company manufactures organic CBD oil, capsules, soft gels, and pills for the users, and it can be beneficial for various purposes.

The brand has followed a holistic approach, and its ethical pricing has helped to draw the attention of the users. All their products feature exceptional quality, and they offer third party lab results just to take the brand image to the pinnacle.

The company uses organic hemp for the production, and there are no chemicals added. The CBD infused oils, and soft gels can help prevent many diseases, and the inclusion of CBD in the daily diet may improve health in unique ways. No matter what your purpose is, you will be benefitted by using Sunsoil CBD products, and here are some popular CBD products that have created an online sensation in the US market.

Top 4 Brand Offerings – Popular Products

1. Sunsoil Cinnamon CBD Tincture Oil

Sunsoil Cinnamon CBD Tincture Oil Sunsoil CBD

The popularity of cannabis tincture oil has increased over the years, and a lot of people look out for effective cannabis-based tinctures to avail the best health benefits. There are numerous companies that have invested in the cannabis business, and Sunsoil is a notorious one. The company has earned a good reputation for offering quality products, and new 60ml 1200mg Cinnamon CBD Tincture Oil from Sunsoil will be a perfect choice for buyers who search for the best CBD oil.

The full-spectrum CBD extract is prepared from whole plant CBD making it highly efficient for various ailments. It is easy to use, and buyers will get a metered dropper to enjoy convenience while using it. The bottle will offer 20mg of CBD in 1 ml serving, and it will be loved by all. In order to make it acceptable for users, the manufacturers have added unique cinnamon flavor to make it highly popular among the users.

Sunsoil CBD oil is more potent compared to other products introduced by the company, and it is made to become the best natural supplement to mankind. Manufacturers have used twice as much CBD as Sunsoil’s other products, and the organic tincture can put an end to many of your health problems in an effective way. Unlike other companies, Sunsoil uses coconut-derived MCT oil to produce the hemp oil, and if you are looking for the best tinctures, you have come to the right place.

Sunsoil CBD reviews are different just because the company has focused on quality over the years. The company uses the best quality organic hemp that is cultivated across the US, and then it is lab tested and comes at the market along with an affordable cost. The package will include a metered dropper so that users can take the accurate dose as advised by the doctors.

Some buyers are picky about the quality, and 60ml 1200mg Cinnamon CBD Tincture Oil from Sunsoil comes along with USDA certified organic hemp, which ensures the quality of the product. Each product made by Sunsoil uses the natural extraction process, which makes it superior in terms of quality. The full-spectrum oil has shown countless benefits for users, and if you are searching for the best flavored CBD tincture from reputed manufacturers, this product should not be missed.

The best thing about Sunsoil CBD tincture is that it comes with third party laboratory results from three ISO-accredited labs, and you can determine the quality before purchasing.

Unlike expensive brands, Sunsoil has always prioritized its users, and they have tried to improve the quality of the product in various ways. The Tincture comes with an affordable price tag under $55 making it one of the best CBD tinctures available in the US market, and you should not miss the oil if you are looking for premium quality CBD oil in the US market. For dosage, you can consult with your doctor and follow their advice during the treatment. There is no such standard dosage for CBD oils, and you need to take it as per experts’ suggestions.


2. Sunsoil CBD Softgels

Sunsoil CBD Softgels

Sunsoil needs no introduction when it comes to reputed CBD supplement makers in the US market, and the new 20mg Premium Quality CBD Softgels from Sunsoil has become highly famous for its effectiveness. Cannabis has become legalized in many states for both medicinal and recreational use, and switching to CBD medicines will help users to experience the natural way of healing like never before.

Sunsoil’s CBD oil soft gels are made in Vermont, and the full-spectrum CBD oil soft gels are made from whole-plant hemp extract. The company uses premium quality coconut oil for the extraction process, and it is 100% organic. Using CBD as a daily supplement can help boost health in a unique way, and if you are looking for an alternative of CBD oil drops, you can trust the soft gels.

Softgels are easy to take for users, and it is convenient for traveling as well. The size of the soft gel is half of the capsules, and if you haven’t taken it before, you won’t have to worry about anything. Each CBD soft gel comprises 20mg of CBD, and if you are searching for the best CBD soft gel in the US market you should not miss Sunsoil soft gel. One bottle of soft gel will comprise 30 liquid soft gel, and users can also purchase big bottles containing 90 liquid soft gels.

Quality of product is one of the major concerns for using CBD products, and when you invest in Sunsoil products, you can determine the quality, which is the best thing about it. The company uses full-spectrum oil to offer the best quality products that are made from 100% organic hemp. The extraction process plays a vital role in defining the quality, and the company uses organic coconut oil for 100% pure whole-plant extraction. People who look out for certified CBD manufacturers should take a look at this product as it comes along with USDA certification.

The company has been serving the consumers for years, and they are fully committed to offering the best quality CBD products at a reasonable cost establishing a milestone in the CBD industry. The company is optimistic about a huge change in the pharmaceutical industry in the upcoming years, and it will continue to produce high-quality CBD supplements for natural healing.

Buyers will get third party lab testing results with the products, and it will help to improve the image uniquely. Some people have admitted about the inconvenience of using CBD oils while on the go, but CBD soft gels are easy to carry, and you can carry anywhere you want. Sunsoil CBD products have got satisfactory review from users, and you should not miss it i8f you are searching for the best CBD manufacturer.


3. Sunsoil CBD Oil Chocolate Mint

Sunsoil CBD Oil Chocolate Mint

Hemp oil features a nutty flavor that is disliked by many. After years of various experiments, Sunsoil, one of the most reputed CBD manufacturers has launched Chocolate Mint Flavored CBD Tincture Oil for the users. Flavored CBD products have become popular among the users, and it will be a perfect choice for those who don’t prefer the natural taste of hemp.

Recent discoveries regarding cannabis have revealed many unknown facts about the miraculous plant, and now people are aware of the fact that the plant has astounding healing potential, and it can be beneficial for numerous conditions. Sunsoil is a reputed name when it comes to the cannabis industry of the US, and its products have a huge client base across the country. 60ml 600mg Chocolate Mint Flavored CBD Tincture Oil from Sunsoil is full-spectrum oil, and it comes in easy to use bottles with a metered dropper.

The dropper will help users to measure the exact amount of serving for taking it, and it will be easier for the users. The product will offer 10mg of CBD per 1 ml serving, and the product is ideal for people, who hate the nutty flavor of pure hemp oil. CBD supplements are beneficial for many diseases like insomnia, pain management, anxiety, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, and many more. One can include CBD supplements in their daily diet, and it will uniquely boost health.

60ml 600mg Chocolate Mint Flavored CBD Tincture Oil from Sunsoil is full-spectrum oil, which is made to give you the best benefits of the plant. Users will get 10mg of CBD per 1 ml serving, and if you love chocolates, this will be a perfect choice for you. The company has a client-centric approach, and they have tried to improve the quality of products over the years. Sunsoil uses coconut-derived MCT oil, and the lipid infusion extraction makes it highly effective for various purposes.

The company has impressed the buyers with low-range superior quality products that have drawn the attention of the medical cannabis community within a short span. The hemp used for producing oil comes from organic farms located in Vermont, and it comes with USDA certification, which makes it a trustworthy brand in the US market.

The flavored hemp oil will offer 10mg of CBD per 1ml serving, and you can consult your doctor to know more about dosage and other necessary things. It is advised to take small doses at the beginning, and gradually increase it as per requirements.

Recently, a lot of buyers look out for third-party lab results to determine the quality of the products, and Sunsoil provides 3rd party laboratory results from 3 different ISO-accredited labs that help to earn the trust of the buyers. Sunsoil CBD products have received positive reviews for the exceptional quality and price, and, if you are thinking to invest in CBD medicine, you should not miss Chocolate Mint Flavored CBD Tincture Oil from Sunsoil.


4. Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil 600mg

Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil 600mg

Benefit of cannabis is no longer a myth. The access to information in the digital age has unveiled everything. The popularity of cannabis is spreading like wildfire in the US market, and many CBD companies are investing in the cannabis business. The net worth of the US cannabis industry was 11.3 billion in 2018, and it is skyrocketing.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ml 600mg CBD Coconut Oil from Sunsoil is made from organic coconut oil and organic hemp, and it aims to put an end to numerous problems of the users. Since the company prioritizes quality, they use a full-spectrum whole-plant extraction method to deliver the best oil to the users. The CBD coconut oil can be consumed both by humans and pets, and inclusion of CBD supplements in daily diet will help boost health in a unique way.

The recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system has shown how cannabis can help in curing various diseases, and it has amazed people all over the world. Each bottle of CBD coconut oil comes with a 1ml measuring spoon, and buyers will get 30*20 servings per bottle.

Similar to other products, Sunsoil has used full-spectrum, whole-plant extraction process for the production, and buyers will get USDA certification, which will ensure the quality of the product. The oil meets the food safety standard, and it is recognized as one of the most popular brands in the US market. Although cooking with CBD oil is not a preferred choice, the oil can be used for cooking since it has no added flavors, and you can try it if you love to experiment.

The company has admitted, they are trying to improve the quality of lives with premium quality products, but their biggest USP is their price. They are committed to bringing a huge change with cannabis-based oil and supplements, and if you are tight on budget, you should take a look at Sunsoil products. New Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ml 600mg CBD Coconut Oil costs lesser than $27, and if you want to experience the natural way of healing, you should try this product at least once.

You will get the results within a few weeks, and it will be a different experience. The best thing about CBD coconut oil is the third party lab result that one can get with the product. The company offers three lab testing results for three different in ISO-accredited labs so that people can check the compounds and quantity ensuing highest transparency.

Sunsoil CBD reviews reveal pet owners have also got excellent results after using it, and their experience is good with the product. The CBD oil does not create any mind-altering effects, and therefore users won’t have to worry about the psychoactive high while using CBD oil. Get ready to experience the power of Mother Nature and try Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ml 600mg CBD Coconut Oil now.


Company Reviews – Positives And Negatives

Since Sunsoil is one of the top-ranked CBD-based wellness product manufacturers in the USA, you can count it as a reliable CBD brand. However, before you make any decision, you need to look around that go through some positives and negatives aspects of the brand. In this part, we are going to highlight some positives and negatives sides of the company and we hope this will help you to make the buying decision.


Sunsoil is one of the most popular CBD product makers in the United States and you can find some valid reasons behind this myth. Have a look at some reasons to prefer Sunsoil’s CBD-based wellness products.

1. Hemp Source

Sunsoil is one of the few companies in the USA that produce CBD products with USDA certified organic hemp grown in their own farm. This makes Sunsoil one of the most trustable CBD product manufacturers in the country. Their farms are located in Hardwick, Vermont, which is very close to the residents of the company’s founders.

2. Taste

Sunsoil produces and sells a range of CBD-based products and each of their products features unique flavors. In some cases, consumers prefer Sunsoil’s CBD products due to its flavors. You can get chocolate and mint-flavored CBD oil and cinnamon CBD oil, which can give you an amazing CBD experience. Although the company also sells flavor-less CBD products its flavored oil tinctures are quite popular in the market.

3. Potency

A variant in potency or strength is another reason to give the brand a go. There are a few CBD brands in the market that take care of new consumers. If you are a beginner, you can prefer Sunsoil’s products that will allow you to start with a low dosage (10mg or 20mg). However, options are also available for seasoned consumers who can opt for 1200 mg profiles. Flavored CBD oil tinctures from the house of Sunsoil can also be a good choice for beginners especially when one cannot take the taste of natural CBD.

4. Variety Of Products

If you compare Sunsoil’s product variety with other reputable brands, you may rate the company as low. However, the limited options can make your task of choosing a product easy. If a trustable brand makes a limited range of products, it makes it easy for the buyers to stick to their choice and invest in the right product. As an experienced CBD product consumer, you may want to try various types of products. In such cases, you can opt for other brands. To learn more about Sunsoil’s products, you can rely on sunsoil cbd reviews

5. Lab Testing

Lab testing is something every reputable takes care of. As a buyer, you have the right to check the test report and you can hardly compare Sunsoil with any other company in this part. When it comes to lab testing, Sunsoil sends its products to three rounds of testing through third-party laboratories. The company is well-known for three rounds of precise testing done by ISO-accredited laboratories. You can check the lab report of their products on their official website. You can also access the lab test results by scanning the QR code attached to the label.

6. Convenient Shipping Process

Sunsoil is known for its fast shipping process, which quite convenient for many consumers across the United States. If you choose Sunsoil CBD product and order it online, your order will be shipped within 24 hours through USPS. Buyers, who order products worth below $81.00, will have to pay $3.48 as an extra charge for 1st-class shipping. For priority shipping, buyers will have to pay $6.10.

Along with online stores, Sunsoil products are also available across physical stores. However, the company’s official website does not feature any store locator.

7. Value Of The Products

Sunsoil is among some of the reputable CBD product manufacturers in the United States that collect hemp from organic farms and follow eco-friendly extraction practices. Despite maintaining the quality, the company can offer quality products at minimum cost and this is one of the top reasons behind Sunsoil’s popularity. If you compare, you will find that each of their products comes with $0.05 per mg price. Low prices can encourage many buyers to try Sunsoil’s high-quality CBD products.


Sunsoil takes care of its reputation and that is why it never compromise with the quality standards of their products. However, there are some drawbacks that can discourage a buyer from choosing the brand. In this part of sunsoil cbd review, you will focus on some negatives aspects of the brand and as a buyer, you must learn about them.

1. Limited Product Variant

This is one of the main drawbacks that can discourage a buyer. If you compare Sunsoil’s product variant with its competitors in the market, you may find others better in terms of product variants. However, if you are specific about your choice, the limited option can be an advantage for you.

2. Customer Service

Sunsoil’s customer care executives are available online and you can contact them between 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays. You can access all important information about the company and its manufacturing process through easy-to-understand infographics. However, the main problem for some customers is that they cannot talk to their executive directly through phone calls. This is something that can discourage beginners, as they often want to talk to the customer care executives to learn more about the products.

3. Return Policy

If you are planning to return a Sunsoil’s product, their return policy may discourage you from doing this. The company does not accept returns. The company, however, can refund the amount within 30 days if you are not happy with their product. Besides, the company can pay the shipping charge if you request a replacement within 30 days. To learn more about Sunsoil’s return policy, you can visit its official website –

Sunsoil is one of the top-ranked CBD-product manufacturers in the United States and among a few ones that produce CBD products from USDA certified organic hemp. Besides, Sunsoil is a company committed to delivering high-quality products at the best-in-the-industry price. The company produces full-spectrum, high-quality CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and edibles that can deliver a range of solutions. Their products do not feature any artificial colors or flavoring and buyers can choose from flavored and unflavored variants conveniently. Sunsoil’s products are available across online and physical stores.


1. Can I Get High With CBD?

CBD is one of the molecules found in the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t create any mind-altering effects. CBD products are made to provide the medicinal benefits of the plant, and you won’t have to worry about the high when you buy pure CBD products. Neither you will get high nr you will get addicted to the CBD products.

2. Is It Helpful?

Yes, it is highly beneficial for mankind. The Discovery of the endocannabinoid system is a groundbreaking invention in the world of medical science. It has shown how cannabis can be used for various treatments. There are plenty of stories available on the internet, and it will work on different diseases.

3. Can I Use CBD For Pain Management?

CBD products have shown miraculous benefits for pain management. If you are thinking about using CBD for pain management, it will be one of the greatest decisions you have ever made. CBD is a natural cure for chronic pain, and it will work like a miracle.

4. What Does The Lab Result Indicate?

The lab results indicate the purity of the products, and it helps to earn the trust of the buyers.

5. What Will Be The Dosage For Insomnia Related Issues?

There is no standard dosage information available for CBD products, and it is better to start with a small amount of dosage until one gets habituated with it. One can consult with the doctors for dosage related information and follow their instructions throughout the treatment.

Final Thoughts

Sunsoil CBD reviews reveal a lot of things about the quality, and we hope it will help readers to choose the right product while purchasing a CBD product from the market. Since the CBD industry is still unregulated, some fraudulent organizations are selling CBD products at a discounted price, and buyers need to stay away from such companies. Sunsoil has prioritized quality like no other companies, and buyers can determine the quality by checking three different lab results, which is truly unique.

Besides, the company has also tried to produce an affordable range of products to make it acceptable for all. Sunsoil CBD products are made from the best quality industrial hemp plants that are grown in the organic farms, and if you are about to invest in the best CBD product, investing in Sunsoil products will be a win-win deal for the buyers. To learn more about the company and its product line visit – –