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Seventh Sense CBD Reviews 2021

CBD is a short form for “Cannabidiol”, a natural compound found in Hemp plants. Hemp has been used for ages to impart health benefits to humans. CBD, as derived from the plant is of utmost use in assisting the mind and body in varied ways.

About Seventh Sense CBD

Seventh Sense Botanical therapy is a top-grade skincare product range specifically designed with the highest quality CBD. It is developed by a very dedicated team of experts with over 30 years of experience in skincare and wellness. Thus, all Seventh Sense CBD products observe strict quality standards.

All the products are approved by a panel of expert toxicologists and dermatologists. Moreover, the raw materials and ingredients used by them are sourced from certified and licensed processors. The primary motive behind the making of this range is to do the general good by providing the most authentic range of CBD to the masses.

CBD can be easily absorbed through the skin and is useful as an ingredient in a wide range of lotions, oils, balms, and so on. Considering all these health benefits, the company presents a variety of healthcare products. Notably, all its products will help you augment your self-care regime by leaving behind a fresh and tender feel that no other products can match.

It manufactures an array of products from day-to-day care, reliefs to edibles including tinctures, gummies, and capsules.

Brand Offerings

Seventh Sense sells topmost quality botanical therapy CBD-charged personal care and beauty products at nominal prices. The company offers a variety of products in the following categories.

1. CBD Relief

There are many types of solutions available in this category which can help in muscle care, sleep care, hand, and foot care and cycle support. Some products are CBD Deep Relief Bath Bomb, CBD Healing Hand Cream, CBD Soothing Muscle Balm, Night Cap Bath Oil, Rest Easy soothing Leg, and Foot Cream.

One of the most loved products is CBD Muscle Balm. They derive this balm from the hemp plant and is available in six fragrances of your choice (Cedar Jasmine, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Orange Bergamot, Chamomile Green Tea, Citrus Blossom, and Hemp Patchouli).

There has been extensive research carried out in combination of medicinal properties of CBD and aromatherapy. This has helped to provide comfort when you suffer from muscle pain. The balm has soothing components like camphor, ginger, and peppermint providing you a comforting cooling sensation as soon as you apply it.

2. CBD Everyday Care

In this category, there are multiple options available for your everyday care. They are face care, body care, bath and shower gels, sunscreen lotions, lip balms, and more in Everyday Personal Care category. This includes Crystal Clear CBD foaming face wash, CBD Moisture-Rich Face Cream, CBD Soothing Foot Therapy, CBD Body Wash, CBD Soothing Lip Therapy, Pebble Beauty and Lip.

Most liked among them is the Soothing Foot Therapy cream. This is way far better than lotion. Its rich and soothing effect leaves your skin soft and tender. It’s more impactful because of the Shea Butter. This cream is not only helpful for hand and foot but can be used for back. This helps in loosing up your back when you sit for so long.

Also, you feel relaxed in less than 30 minutes once you apply the cream. The clinical benefits ride over the aromatic experience it provides.

3. CBD Edibles

CBD products are not limited to creams and lotions, but they can help for the overall benefit of the body. CBD extracts are available in the form of Tinctures, Gummies, and Capsules. This includes CBD Bliss Drops, Daily Balance Capsules, and Bliss Bites Gummies.

One of the most popular one in this category is Bliss Bites Gummies. This is a proven mood enhancer and stress reliever. This is also a great option for resolving sleep issues like a less or very light sleep. These Gummies also contains herbs which have proven properties of anti-inflammation and antioxidant. These gummies are organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Kosher.

Company Review

They build the Seventh Sense Botanical Company on the premise of innovation, robust product development experience, and excellent retail experience. Their product catalog comprising over 100 variants spread across the bath, therapeutic sleep, and body care.

Every product they produce has a detailed product document that covers all aspects of how it was designed, developed, and tested. They ensure that they follow all the Government standards of product development. Many of their products are skincare products and hence they go through rigorous patch level testing which is carried out at internal and third-party facilities for unbiased opinions.

They provide labels that have detailed yet clear details on ingredients. Thus, a customer who buys from Seventh Sense CBD reviews chooses the best amongst many other brands. As, the customers knows well what they are buying, so they can order with confidence.

Further, they share all these details with retailers except product formulas to advocate a culture of safety, transparency, and openness. You will hardly find such openness in this industry.

Their products have a derived product development cycle. They apply the highest standards of product development life cycle. Their thorough process of ensuring fragrance and feel with every product has established them as a fully developed Skincare Solution Company. In addition, their experience and ability to look into details has helped them to notice the way how heat and light affects CBD over time and include this knowledge in their products.

CBD industry is not the only industry where you will find bloated claims which are not just. Nowadays people will scrutinise details on packing to find honest and ethically developed products and separate them from fake ones. You will find missing or incomplete ingredients, unfounded claims, or undisclosed concentration of CBD on many products. But this is not the case with a brand of seventh sense.

Seventh Sense focuses on three major categories; muscle therapy, face, and whole body. They first released their bath products like body wash, body lotion, bath salts, and sugar scrub which were followed by hand and foot cream and muscle balms. Once established they released specialty products like lip care and moisturisers. Their special line of products helps users to address sleep issues and enjoy restful life.


  • Rigorous Product Documentation
  • Packaging Disclosure
  • Vast Selection of Products
  • Defined Product Development cycle


  • Less discount offers
  • Limited options in acceptable payment methods


1. Which company Owns Seventh Sense And When Was It Established?

Green Growth Brands, which is based out of Toronto, Canada, owns Seventh Sense Brand. The company was founded by Peter Horvath and was established in 2018.

2. How CBD Relief Cream Works?

CBD is an organic chemical that is obtained from pure natural resource hemp. There are many benefits of using CBD in skin care, which includes hydrating the skin and infusing antioxidants. This cream which contains shea butter, arnica, menthol, and pure hemp derived from CBD oil absorbs quickly into the skin and provides instant relief to joints. This cream provides much-needed hydration, with an added benefit of aromatherapy fragrance.

3. How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief?

CBD Oil is infused in lotion and can be applied directly to joint under stress or pain. Seventh Sense CBD muscle balms works on inflamed muscles and are very impactful in treating muscle and joint pains. They provide relief in 15 to 45 minutes.

4. How Seventh Sense Products Are Developed?

CBD has got an extensive history it was first formulated in the 40’s and was used in lotion in the early 60’s. There is a recorded history of multiple cultures using CBD for medicinal values. They develop the Seventh Sense products in accordance with these known features in collaboration with the advancement in scientific research. They develop all products under strict guidelines and follow the highest standards.

Besides, they procure all raw materials using ethical means and follow federal and state laws. Every lot gets tested for all impurities like pesticides, heavy metal, and THC levels. All Seventh Sense products and ingredients undergo exhaustive and essential tests in toxicology and safety assessments. Third- party testing facilities are used to ensure safety and preservative efficacy.

Seventh Sense CBD – The Conclusion

To conclude, CBD is present in all parts of our life now including clothes, candles, wines, or chocolates. Now it is making its foray in the world of skincare and beauty products too. Beauty stores all across the world are carrying hemp-infused products like lotion, balms, tinctures, and gummies.

Market research reports worldwide estimate that the current CBD cosmetics market is around $600 Million, and will grow many folds in years to come by. We can rightfully deduce that this trend will stay for a foreseeable future.

Clinical Research shows that CBD is effective in treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders. CBD also has proven benefits in treating dryness and free radical damage. CBD is effective in fighting Acne too, as it helps in the reduction of sebum generation in the skin.

Seventh Sense products are one of the best for variety, applicability, and value for money. They have developed them using the best ethically obtained ingredients and come with detailed literature about the product. Their growth story talks about the way they love their product and want to make it a part of your self-care routine.

Developed with your overall wellness in mind, Seventh Sense’s vision is to make CBD an easily available product all across the country. You will find Seventh Sense Stores across major malls and you can buy products online at