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CBD products are filling the market. Every day, new products are being launched, with a promise that it is better than the last. With the choices being many, the consumers find themselves pressed hard with a decision to make, and with the need to understand which brand to trust.

As the market is fast-growing, there are many trusted brands already, some taking the lead and others climbing up the ladder. In order to ensure that you make the right choice, we decided to dig a bit deeper about Savage CBD.


Savage CBD has been around for a while. Since it has gained massive popularity in the market due to its high quality CBD products, the need to understand what it does and how does it come up with its products has become a must. This CBD review is based on research and collection of data. We went through various sources to consolidate everything about the brand.

Read on to know about a few things that can help you make the right decision!

About Savage CBD

Savage CBD is a part of Savage Enterprises, which shot to popularity with its unique CBD products. However, the journey did not end there for Savage Enterprises. Instead of simply pushing out a few CBD oils and tinctures in the market, it regrouped and decided to work for the greater good. As Savage CBD, it brought together various people and began testing other processes and formulae, which were later marketed under the brand name of Savage CBD.

Driven by the mission of making a difference and helping as many people as possible, Savage CBD works hard in order to bring products that will help people deal with their ailments. Apart from marketing CBD oils, the brand now brings together a mix of edibles, sprays and more to the market.

Understanding that CBD offers many benefits to the human body, the brand continues to come up with more formulae and products to restore the balance in life. Furthermore, to ensure that you are not harmed due to these products, the brand lab tests the products before marketing them. What’s more is that even after the release of products, the batches manufactured later are lab tested as well.

Savage CBD products are available in a variety of full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures. The brand also uploads all the lab tests on its official website, which can be accessed before purchasing. Furthermore, it maintains SKU profiles. All in all, this brand’s products are safe to consume.

The brand offers a wide list of products, including products for pets. Their product offerings include everything from CBD soft gels, tinctures and topicals to CBD edibles, drink mixes, and sprays for pets. However, for our savage CBD review, we chose four of their most popular products:

Top 4 Savage CBD Offerings: Popular Products To Consider



About The Product

Serene brings together the mix of a great flavor with your desired strength of the CBD vaping oil. Apart from using it as a vaping friend, this product can also be used a tincture, and can be consumed easily.
The CBD vape juice is designed to work well with any product and can be mixed with other flavors as well.

The taste has been derived from various kinds of green apples by the Savage CBD mixologists with the added touch of candiness, which makes it the perfect fit for enjoyment in every hit. The product can also be fixed with the signature CBD isolate. The product is 100% THC free, and comes in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

Savage CBD vape juice is only available in a 30ml glass bottle.


  • Can be mixed with other flavors.
  • Works well with any vape.
  • Available in three different strengths.
  • Can be used sublingually as a tincture.
  • The flavor does not have any earthly undertones.


  • The taste may feel a bit too strong.

2. Lemon Lime Full Spectrum Tincture 

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum Tincture 

About The Product

Lemon Lime Full spectrum Tincture is a favorite among CBD users. This product promises and delivers the real goodness of lemons when administered sublingually, or if added to your drink. Making the perfect additive, this product is available in various strengths: 1000 mg, 1500 mg and 2000 mg. The tincture is only available in a 30ml glass bottle.

Like all Savage CBD products, this tincture is lab tested and does not have any THC in it.


  • Can be used in many ways.
  • It is full-spectrum.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Does not have any THC.
  • The flavor is very real like lemons.


  • Available in one bottle size only.



About The Product

This product is one of the best ways to deal with chronic pain. Savage CBD gummies and vape juice coming in one pack, it offers quick relief from pain and discomfort. The pack of gummies has six gummies, having 60mg of CBD each, having total of 300mg in the pack.

The 500mg vape juice that comes in the pack are available in a number of different flavors, including blue raspberry, green apple, pink watermelon, blood orange and mango, and frosted raspberry cookie.

These pack is one of the most popular products marketed by the brand, and are similarly priced as others in the market. A feature that stands out is that the product does not taste like medicine, which is a prominent problem in other CBD gummies.


  • The gummies come in different colors.
  • Consists of active ingredients.
  • Vape juice comes in five attractive flavors.
  • Easy to consume.
  • Made in the USA.
  • GMO free.
  • Lab tested.
  • Pesticides free.


  • Gummies contain artificial flavors.



About The Product

When it comes to offering your pets the relief of CBD, then this pet spray would be the best product to go for. These bottles are designed to offer you ultimate ease when you want to apply CBD to their food or beverage. Furthermore, the full spectrum CBD pet spray is lab tested and is designed without any pesticides. THC levels are also low.

It is made with coconut oil and hemp seed oil, and have negligible THC levels.


  • Easy to use bottle.
  • The blend is 500mg of full spectrum CBD.
  • Offered in 60ml bottle.
  • Good lab results.


  • There are certain variations in the lab results.

Savage CBD: What Is So Good?

For our Savage CBD review, we went through a variety of sources to find out what is the most amazing thing about this brand. There are three things that stand out for Savage CBD:

1. Savage CBD is driven to bring goodness to people’s lives. The mission statement of the brand says a lot about the brand’s work ethics. Apart from bringing products that aid a better life, the brand also gives access to lab results for its products.

2. The primary attraction point of the products marketed by Savage CBD is that it brings many flavors to you. The flavor choices in their products are many and taste just like the real ingredient.

3. The brand believes in transparency. Apart from the lab tests, every month the brand chooses a product at random and performs a potency test, before publishing the results.

Highlights Of The Brand

To make our Savage CBD review honest, we covered every aspect of the brand, including the negatives. But before we dive into what we do not like about it, here are some other things that stand out:

1. CO2 Extraction

There is a strict CO2 extraction policy at Savage CBD. Good CBD products have been sourced from CO2 extracted CBD. The brand goes into details about the CO2 process followed by its report on the official website.

2. Military Discount

The brand offers military discount to its buyers. There aren’t many other brands that offer such discounts, which is why it is all the more surprising and impressive.

3. Customer-Oriented

Apart from bringing new products from time to time, the brand also takes care of its customers. Unlike many other brands that offer discounts during customer acquisition, this brand offers discounts to its veteran users as well.

4. Sustainability Testing

Savage CBD not only tests the products for pesticides and heavy metals, but also performs a sustainability test once the product passes through the initial testing process. During this phase, certain samples are mixed to check how the product performs in terms of quality.

5. Hemp Sourcing

Savage CBD usually sources its hemp from Wisconsin, Oregon or Colorado. However, depending on the regulations at the time of sourcing, the brand switches to sourcing it from Europe as well. Before the hemp is brought to the brand, Savage CBD requires the supplier to perform tests and share the results.

6. Quality Processing

The factories are equipped with some of the best in class machinery for manufacturing. Furthermore, the procedure followed to manufacture its products are done according to manufacturing standards, which is not the case with many other CBD brands.

7. Versatile Use Of Products

The products marketed by Savage CBD can be used in many ways. As these products are potent, only a small part of the products would do the trick.

8. Free Shipping

The brand offers free shipping on all orders in the US. There is no requirement of a minimum order either, which is a huge plus point for buyers.
Another plus point of the brand is that the customer service is pleasant and the representatives are knowledgeable.

All in all, Savage CBD is quite unique in its ways and brings many things to the table than just amazing products.

Savage CBD: Things That We Do Not Really Like

Our savage CBD review would not have been complete if we did not list out the things that do not look good to us. Despite being one of the most popular brands, Savage CBD still has some loopholes, and they are:

1. Use Of Artificial Ingredients

Although the company sources its raw materials from good sources, the use of artificial ingredients is still a common thing. The fact that the brand does not use all organic products in the making of its products is quite disappointing. There are many brands today that provide a similar line-up of products as Savage CBD with all organic materials.

2. Lack Of Information

Savage CBD’s website is quite detailed in many areas, but not in the aspect of information on the brand. Looking through the website, we found details about CO2 extraction in depth but not about the brand or the company, not so much as the brand story in detail. The lack of information about the brand is quite surprising and uncalled for, as it leads questions about the brand’s authenticity

3. Strict Return And Refund Policy

Unlike the other brands, Savage CBD’s return policy is not that easy to say the least. Furthermore, if you place an order and change your mind later, you won’t be able to cancel it. Additionally, it does not accept any opened products from customers. Lastly, all refunds have to be approved by the brand first.

4. Packaging

The products are delivered in a large envelope. However, some users have found that the packaging was not up to the mark as it did not come with padding. There is always a possibility that the product may be damaged in transit.

Although these downsides sound a lot for any buyer, these do not overshadow the fact that Savage CBD brings you some of the best quality products. On the bright side, there are many benefits of CBD that can be derived from this brand’s products. The tastes and the variations offered by Savage CBD are unmatched.

FAQs on Savage CBD

Our savage CBD review brings you some of the most asked questions regarding the brand, its products, and their answers:

1. What Is The Shipping Policy For Savage CBD Products?

Savage CBD does not have a minimum order requirement, so you can order products as per your need without worrying about paying the minimum order value. Once the order is placed and the payment has been successfully made, the orders are usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours. As per brand policy, the brand processes the weekend orders on Monday.

2. Is There A Variation In Products Offered In Different States?

Yes, there are variations. Savage CBD follows all regulations, which means that if certain states have banned the use of some substances, then such products will not be offered in those particular states. Additionally, for consumers in South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska will not be able to purchase the CBD products as well. In California, Savage CBD does not sell CBD drink mixes, CBD revive shots or CBD gummies.

3. What Products Should I Use?

It is recommended that you choose the products that you need as per your condition and desired effects. If you haven’t used CBD products before, you should begin with gummies or any other product that is easy to consume. For intermediate users, products such as Epsom salts, CBD drink mixes and tinctures would be a good fit. For experienced users, any product would work best. Follow the instructions on the back to use the product in the right way.

4. How Often Should I Use Them?

Well, the use of CBD products is as per your discretion. There is no particular requirement as such. Many users use them daily, while others use them once in every few days. The point is that you need find your balance. The use of these products should be regular so that they can be used to gain the maximum benefits. Also, choose a dosage as per your lifestyle.

5. How Long Does The CBD Product Take To Affect My Dog?

Depending upon the ailment, the product may have different effects. However, usually it takes about five to ten minutes to show some difference. Sprays are easier to use, but you need to be careful if you are making use of CBD oils.


Savage CBD’s product offerings are many, and all of them promise to offer great many benefits. CBD’s use for providing support and aiding a better life are known for years. With many advancements, CBD products of the present-day are well-equipped to offer people get rid of various types of ailments in their life.

CBD products available in today’s market are tested and known to offer genuine benefits. With many brands offering a vast choice, it is important to understand what kind of products you need and which brand to trust. With that being said, Savage CBD is a brand that you can trust and find multiple benefits.

Final Thoughts: Savage Cbd, A Brand Worth Trusting

After reviewing Savage CBD brand and its products, we have come to the conclusion that it is a brand that can be trusted for quality CBD. Although there are some discrepancies here and there, there is no doubt that the products offered by them can be helpful for your life. undoubtedly, there are many benefits and their products are of superior quality. Here is a short list to sum up our final opinion based on the details and information we have found while reviewing their products:

The lab tests provided by the brand are genuine, which can be easily found on their official website.

The best thing we liked about the brand is that consumers do not have to worry about spending a minimum amount on the product. You can order one product, or many, for free shipping within US!

Savage CBD offers military discount and offers discounts to veteran users, another thing that we love about them.
Although initially, there were questions about the hemp sourcing, the company has disclosed that it sources them from the US and from Europe in some cases.

The products are versatile in use, many of these products can be used sublingually as well.

The brand tests different products for solvents, residues and more. It also performs potency tests on products already marketed at random. And the best part is that it publishes those results on the website for you to see.

Savage CBD’s website does not have a lot of information regarding the story and other details, which is a bit disappointing. However, we particularly liked the fact that the website is easy to use and is responsive. The part on CO2 extraction and the in-depth details were a great addition as well. Another point worth mentioning is that the company has a great customer support, the representatives are friendly, and know what they are talking about.

However, the only thing that we do not really like is the strict policy for refunds and returns. Customers have found that once you place an order, there are very strict policies for returns and refunds. As per the policy on the website, there are some strict restrictions, such as the pack should not be opened and you need to gain authorization from the brand. All in all, the return and refund area of the products rest solely in the hands of the brand, which is sort of harsh.

However, that does not take away the fact that Savage CBD’s products are any less. Regardless of the return policy, we are sure that once you place an order, you will not want to go back anyway. Savage CBD follows discreet packaging and fast shipping, which brings your products home fast. All in all, we are happy with the brand and its offerings. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of the brand is high in quality, and can be seen as per the industry standards.

With that being said, Savage CBD is a brand that you can blindly put your money on.