Pure Spectrum CBD Reviews 2021

When you get the first look of the complete range of pure spectrum CBD, the chances are high that it will give a similar feel like any other online brand offering a plethora of products crafted to deliver consumers the perfect dose of CBD.

The moment you go for a deeper inspection of the range, what you discover? You quickly discover that pure spectrum CBD is run by a team of professional experts devoted to bringing a promising revolution in the industry.

Pure Spectrum Sneak Peak


  • Third-party lab test reports available
  • No use of pesticides or herbicides in any product
  • Manufactured in America
  • Easy to use and industry-specific website design
  • THC-free products made available online on the site
  • No additives
  • Use of high-potency oils made


  • Branding of products bit confusing

Well, it may give you the feeling that this brand is not meant for you. But we suggest you to continue reading the complete pure spectrum CBD review before you make the final decision.

Pure Spectrum CBD Review

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a massive change in people’s outlook towards their health and the types of products they wish to use to enjoy a healthy life. There is a massive shift observed in choosing healthcare products. People are now looking for healthier alternatives that are natural and free from any chemicals. There is a greater shift towards the use of CBD for its health benefits. All thanks to the increased awareness among people about the CBD and health benefits it offers. It has created a revolution in the industry.

So, what exactly is CBD? Well, CBD acts as a natural alternative for traditional medicines and supplements. Several pieces of research revealed the fact that CBD holds the ability to create a positive impact on almost every part of the human body. Therefore, it will not be surprising to say that it established itself as one of the fastest-developing industries in the world.

CBD is very easy to find these days. But the job remains challenging for the consumers to find a trustworthy brand for CBD. And, we have countless of parameters to check before selecting any CBD brand.

What that is most important is transparency. People want CBD, which is pure and free from any additives. So people are now looking for CBD products which are safe to consume.

What next? Its, reliability. The products need to mention the consistent dosage, which will affect your body and give a chance to experience the outcome.

Thirdly, the product that you will be buying needs to be made out of natural and healthy ingredients to ensure that the body is not filled up with any artificial toxins.

When you pick the brand that offers Pure Spectrum CBD, it gives you the promise to fulfil all your above-mentioned expectations. It shows transparency, reliability, and quality. The keen desire to try the newly launched brands in the market, I decided to pick Pure Spectrum CBD for personal use and went for a test to decide if it matches its promises and a brand to trust upon.

Let’s go a bit in-depth about brand Pure Spectrum CBD and learn what to expect after using its products.

What To Know About The Brand Pure Spectrum CBD?

Pure Spectrum CBD’s CEO Brady Bell went for a personal experience with CBD to know how exactly CBD can support in managing chronic conditions and allow an individual to experience the best life. His willingness to share with all about his learnings about Pure Spectrum CBD’s products gave prospective customers enough information about the brand.

Pure Spectrum CBD emerged out as a golden opportunity for him to erase out all related problems and barriers that he, as a customer, personally experienced at the time of looking for CBD during his initial days of the journey in the health industry.

What Pure Spectrum CBD, believe in? The brand strongly agrees with the importance of maintaining an internal balance between the human mind, body, and soul. Each one of them needs to perform together like a system to energize the complete body.

Every part of the body needs to work in a balanced manner to fulfil the goal of achieving optimal health. It can only be achieved if we take good care of the endocannabinoid system of the human body. If you take a look at the complete range of Pure Spectrum CBD’s products, you will get to see that each one of them is carefully formulated to make sure that synergy of the endocannabinoid system is well maintained. This will help in reaching the full potential both mentally as well as physically.

Pure Spectrum CBD collaborated with Cannabis Research Foundation and the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation to work together and to ensure that technologically advanced and top-notch manufacturing techniques are used to making the products of Pure Spectrum CBD.

Pure Spectrum CBD is sourced complete volume of hemp from sustainable organic farms that are US-based. The manufacturing process followed by the company is in adherence to the specified government regulations. Such type of steps gives scope to Pure Spectrum CBD to give 100% guarantee for all products it manufacturers. Each of their product is confirmed 100% THC free, and so as a user, a consumer never needs to worry for any type of unwanted side effects which may appear after taking THC.

Every product and every batch of manufacturing of Pure Spectrum CBD needs to pass the test of third-party labs to confirm both outstanding quality and potency. To enhance transparency and ensure that people can cross-check the authenticity of the product, complete information about the third-party lab test is mentioned on the website. Any individual who is interested in buying Pure Spectrum CBD products can visit their website and get complete information on the same.

Reading the results shared on the website, you will get the opportunity to see exactly what ingredients are there in each product from top till the micro-level and that too before placing your order online.

The brand is very proud of its commitment to offering no products with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Pure Spectrum is one of the recognized American companies located in Colorado. The company follows a stringent quality for its products, and their sole intention is to contribute towards improving the quality of their customer’s life. But despite making constant claims on the website, the company to date don’t have a full range of Spectrum CBD products.

Many asked me to share the reason for naming the company Pure Spectrum as a trusted choice. Well, there are a number of reasons what make Pure Spectrum a popular choice is because it offers complete transparency and also gives complete details on third-party lab tests. Also, the company sources the hemp from farms in the US. The plants are organically grown. Moreover, stringent quality control measures ensure that the product is safe to consume. They never buy and resell products. Pure Spectrum products are shipped to all US as well as EU territories.

Highlights Pure Spectrum CBD – The Positive Side

  • Clear and Informative lab results made available to customers: Pure Spectrum CBD is very particular to get all their products lab tested. The results of the tests for every product are made available to the customers via their website. So as a customer, you can understand what you will have in each product sold by Pure Spectrum. It gives you the scope to go for an informed decision regarding the products which are best for you.
  • Economic and Budget-friendly Prices: Pure Spectrum CBD’s key target is to make all their CBD products reachable and affordable for as many users as possible. CBD has a lot of potentials, and some of the brands are very expensive, which makes it difficult for people to consume it. But Pure Spectrum has ensured that its products are not only of good quality, but at the same time, it is easily available and affordable. The brand strongly believes that their customer’s financial situations should never come as a barrier when they wish to buy their Spectrum products for good health. If you check the product range of Pure Spectrum CBD’s, you will see that it starts at a price of less than $28. It is a clear indication that you don’t need to invest a lot of money only for the sake of trying the CBD for their health.
  • THC Free: The Pure Spectrum CBD team gives full guarantee of offering their product range as 100% THC free. To be honest, such a guarantee given by the company offers absolute peace of mind for the customers who restrict them from trying the CBD products just because of fear of making THC’s consumption and to face the consequences of the negative side-effects.
  • Third-party lab tested: One of the key factors that any buyer looks forward to while buying CBD products is that it is lab-tested. Any company that opts for third-party lab tests has unbiased test results. And Pure Spectrum CBD ensures the same. The buyer can log on to their website and get complete details on third-party tests.

1. Pure Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Pure Spectrum CBD TincturesPure Spectrum CBD tinctures you will get in a multiple strength option and that I will talk about in the pure spectrum CBD review. Such options give users the facility to customize their experience and detect the perfect dosage that suits their personal health care needs.

The product is formulated to perform the role of a daily supplement and makes the user feel mentally and physically fit and healthy. Pure Spectrum CBD is offering a 250mg option, which provides a low and effective dose of CBD. Apart from 250 mg option, Pure Spectrum has higher doses of 500mg, 1250mg, as well as 2500mg tinctures. So, based on your requirement, you can choose the one. The strength of CBD would vary in these doses, and hence, you must also check with your healthcare provider whether a particular dose is suitable for you or not.

Pure Spectrum CBD includes broad-spectrum CBD oil in its products in combination with MCT oil to manufacture each unit of high-quality oil. This formula of the oil includes naturally found cannabinoids and terpenes along with hemp plants.

What does that mean? Well, it means that with every unit of Pure Spectrum CBD oil user gets the benefit of CBD. Since it is extracted using the right method, so the user gets the right benefit.

When you pick one of the tincture bottles of Pure Spectrum, you will see that it comes with a built-in dropper. This graduated dropper ensures that you get the right measurement or dosage of CBD every time. Having such a feature in the bottle clearly states how conscious is Pure Spectrum CBD and how well it understands the value of both consistency and user-friendly mode of use.

When you choose to go with Pure Spectrum CBD’s all-natural oils, be assured that you are consuming CBD, free from any artificial flavors, and free from pesticides and additives. Even without having any added artificial flavor, it also tastes awesome, and consumers love it.

The tinctures of Pure Spectrum CBD come with a natural flavor, and that leaves an amazing refreshing sensation in the mouth. In case you wish to come out of the taste, then it can be easily washed out with just a single swig of water.

Customers, if wish, can go for buying Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures available in multi-packs and that too at a great discounted price. Such discounts are given as recognition for being a loyal customer and for those who wish to continue with Pure Spectrum CBD and want to buy the product in bulk.


2. Pure Spectrum CBD Pets

Pure Spectrum CBD PetsCBD oil has also been found to be effective in treating various health issues in pets. Pure Spectrum CBD is also into the manufacturing of pet oils, which are specially formulated to offer all the required health benefits. At Pure Spectrum, it is considered important to take care of every member of a family, and all should enjoy the benefits of CBD, and the loyal pets should enjoy its benefits too. So, if you are looking for a good quality CBD oil for your pet, then you can find the right product at Pet Spectrum.

Oils of CBD are quite simple to consume, all you need to do is simply add a few drops in your pet’s food, and they will enjoy it. As the parent of a pet, you will be happy to see and witness a new energy level in your pet’s life. Designed uniquely, Pure Spectrum CBD includes no additional and unwanted flavors in the pet oils, and that help to make a perfect blend of your adorable pet’s food.

Pure Spectrum CBD strongly believes that, like any other human, every animal is different and needs a different dosage of CBD Oil. Just because of this reason, customers will make a selection between three different alternatives crafted for different structured and different sized animals.

CBD capsules are also available for cats, and dogs and here too unique alternative available from Pure Spectrum CBD’ with pet oils. These chewable are ideal the days when you move out with your furry member for vacation and wish not to carry any bottles of oil. Each unit of the chewable capsule is available with healthy fats as well as nutrients. It is a perfect choice for improving both the mental as well as physical wellbeing of your Pet.


Pure Spectrum CBD Costs

1. Tinctures Costs of Pure Spectrum CBD

  • 500mg (30ml) – Hemp Oil Tincture– $54.88
  • 250mg (15ml)-Hemp Oil Tincture– $28.88
  • 1250mg (30ml)-XL Hemp Oil Tincture– $124.88
  • 2500mg (60ml)-XL Hemp Oil Tincture– $228.88
  • 500mg (15ml )-1850 Hemp Co. Regular Strength Tincture– Price Starts From $28.88
  • 2500mg (15ml )-1850 Hemp Co. Regular Strength Tincture– Price Starts From $124.88

2. Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

  • 250mg (2oz)- Invigorating Slave– $48.88
  • 250mg (2oz)-Relaxing Salve– $48.88
  • 250mg (2oz)-Lotion Full Spectrum Blend– $40.88
  • 1000mg -After WOD– $120.88
  • 250mg (2oz)- Lotion Isolate Blend– $40.88

3. 100mg Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

  • 99% CBD Isolate – From $30.88

4. Pure Spectrum CBD Pets

  • 500mg (30ml)-Large Dog Breeds and Cats– $54.88
  • 300mg (30ml)-Medium Dog Breeds and Cats– $38.88
  • 150mg (15ml)-Small Dog Breeds and Cats– $28.88
  • (60 Capsules)-Joint Support Capsules for Dogs and Cats– $58.88

Buy Online Pure Spectrum CBD Products

Pure Spectrum CBD products are easily available in online and offline stores. All manufactured products of the brand are available online and shipped worldwide directly by Pure Spectrum CBD. Orders can be placed online by visiting the brand website. You can take a tour of the complete range of products available on the online store, in addition to detailed descriptions about the product. Such information will help you to decide on the product which will be best suitable for your health care requirements.

Variation in the price of the product can be seen because of the variation of the shipping cost varies based on the location of the customer. Product price will remain the same for all, but at the time of checkout depending on Pin code of the location, shipment cost will be calculated and added.

Pure Spectrum CBD requests their US-based customers to place orders in advance 7 to 10 working days before. This will help the company to make sure that the order gets delivered to the customer on time. It will also ensure that customers don’t need to run out of stock and remain deprived of enjoying their favorite products.

Well, for international customers, the product may take a bit longer to be delivered. The estimated time required for making the delivery to an international destination will be something between 10 to 14 business days after placing orders online.

Every Pure Spectrum CBD’s local and international order are minutely tracked, allowing customers to follow their order personally if they wish to and stay aware as to when will be the expected date of arrival at doorsteps.

If you are a resident of Colorado, then there is one good news from Pure Spectrum CBD, the brand opened its very first physical retail store in the Evergreen area. If you are in Colorado, then it will be a great option to visit the store and test the sample before buying the products. The store is well Staffed by trained CBD experts and will give a wonderful opportunity to talk to the staff’s face to face to know how CBD can improve user’s health and which products will be best suited as per your body needs.

If you wish to stay updated about the new products and launches of Pure Spectrum CBD, then you can subscribe to their email. You will receive special offers from time to and updated information on the latest and brand-new products.

Pure Spectrum CBD – The Final Verdict

Well, after using so many products manufactured by the brand, what I can say confidently is that I was very satisfied to discover that Pure Spectrum CBD manages to match their performance with promises made by them on their portal 100%.

What impressed me completely is that each one of the products is just not good in quality but also super easy to use. Every product is highly accessible, even for those who are a complete newcomer to the world of CBD. The portal shares minute detail of the product.

Besides, you also get complete information on the tips to use these products. To erase out the fear that haunts people when it comes to the use of CBD or any other healthcare product from trying, the company has mentioned all the information on their website. From the procurement of hemp to extraction and lab tests, everything is available on their website.

Pure Spectrum CBD made enough effort to make fine packaging of every product on display. Special attention is given to make the package competent enough it eases out the process of measuring out of the required doses for correct effects which user can predict and bank on every day.

Each bottle of Pure Spectrum CBD is packed well so that you can carry it along with you without worrying about leakage. Getting the perfect CBD dose daily is important for many people, and it is something that the Pure Spectrum CBD team understands well.

Pure Spectrum CBD offers a pleasing and enjoyable experience for the customers right from the moment when they enter the website’s home page. It gives the feel that the portal has been designed keeping in mind the expectations of the customers.

If you wish to use CBD for good health or you are looking for CBD for pet, then you can use Pure Spectrum CBD oil. Visit the website today, and take your first step to enjoy a healthier, as well as a natural lifestyle. If you ask about my final pure spectrum CBD review and rating for the brand… do you know what it will be?