Prime My Body CBD Reviews 2021

Competition is something that pushes everyone to do their best and stand ahead of everyone with their hard work and efforts. And, this is what Prime My Body did when it decided to launch its amazing range of CBD products.

With its knowledge and study about CBD, it offered the best CBD products to its clients to make their life smooth and calm. They ensured that their customers are having a life they have always dreamed of. And so, all they wanted for their products is to be effective and useful, in which, they even succeeded.

In this guide, we are going to offer Prime My Body CBD oil reviews to help you judge the brand fairly. You will come to know about the company and its products along with some information on how well they are doing in a competitive market.

And in case, you are planning to buy something from the brand for your wellness, it is better to go through the review first and then decide if you should consider the brand or not and what other products you should consider purchasing from the brand.

About Prime My Body CBD

Doing its best to thrive in a market where everyone fights to be the best, Prime My Body is one of the top companies selling high-quality CBD products. It is having its headquarter in Texas, USA. The brand was started a few years back with an aim to offer premier wellness products to people of all stages.

Since the beginning, the brand was clear that they wanted to offer quality and safe products. They know how important it is for a person to have a sound mind and body to survive the different situations of life smoothly with a calm mind.

The brand is basically a multi-level marketing company that loves to offer business opportunities to people who want to earn and sell well-researched CBD products to its target audience. And to offer something that is helpful and safe, they have prepared a nice range of CBD products.

They are selling topical medicines for muscles and joint pain. They have products to offer a calm mind to people. They are also offering some of the best products to help people with their concentration power.

Not only this, but the brand is also offering some amazing oils for pets. They know that not only humans suffer from health issues, but pets too. They too are needed to be offered with the best health products like CBD oil. Read the best prime my body cbd oil reviews for pets to help you decide your best buy.

They generally have all the products for different health and mental issues. You just need to be clear with what you want and then make the purchase. The best thing about this brand is that most of the products it has offered until now are really effective. People have experienced an improvement in their issues soon after consuming their appropriate doses.

Concerned to offer the safe products that are effective, the brand has partnered with the top medical practitioners as well to help them know where they are lacking or where they have done their best.

They have made it their habit of not launching a product until it has been approved by their medical advisory board. They make sure that the products they are willing to offer their target audience are all lab-tested for their safety and quality. So, you can say that behind their success, there is a hand of their medical board as well.

If the board would have not been there, their products would have not been this effective and of high-quality. They have Doctor Cheng Ruan as their chief medical advisor, who always suggested the best to the company using his practice and knowledge of years. He carefully observes every aspect of a product to give the right judgment.

Then, there is Doctor Marlene Siegel, who is working with the brand as a veteran medical advisor. She makes sure that all the products being manufactured for the pets are safe and effective. She analyses the products carefully to avoid even a small mistake.

Talking about the team of Prime My Body, Paul Rogers is the CEO of the company and Brain Cummings is the co-founder and Chief Marketing officer of the brand. They also have Buddy Byington as their Chief Operations Officer.

But, there is nothing about the main founder of the company. They have kept the name of the founder as a secret. The site has only mentioned the co-founder and the other team members.

As we know that the CBD products are to be made carefully in order to avoid any negative effects, here is a manufacturing process that is followed by the brand to make most of its products:

1. CBD Sourcing

The company has not mentioned much about the sourcing of CBD for the products. But, the one thing they have mostly said about it is that they go for domestic sourcing.

All of the CBD they are using is from the hemp grown in the United States. They have cleared that they are sourcing CBD according to the guidelines of federal regulations. Also, the practices they are using are compliant with instructions from the concerned authorities.

You can say that whatever method they are using for the sourcing of CBD is safe for its customers. You don’t have to worry about the quality of their work.

2. Extraction Process

To talk about its extraction process, the company generally uses the ethanol process to extract the resins, oil, and cannabinoids from the best quality hemp plant.

Once they have successfully extracted these contents from the plant, they make them pass through a high-end extraction method. They do so to make sure that there is not even a tiny quantity of THC in the extracted content. The process is called Simulated Moving Bin Chromatography.

The reason that they need to omit THC is that it is a component in a hemp plant that makes you psychoactive. It makes you feel dizzy sometimes. If you consume THC, you will feel a little high just like you feel after consuming alcohol.

3. Manufacturing Products

After the contents extracted from the plant have gone through the THC omission method, they are tested for residues, pesticides, solvent, and microbes. This is done to ensure that the product to be made with these ingredients is safe for consumption.

And once, all this is done, the product is made using all the ingredients mentioned on the label. Following which, it goes through several other tests for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Some of these tests are called microbe testing, hard metal, and potency. You will also see some of the important certificates along with the products on their site to ensure that the product is safe for your consumption.

This is usually a process that every company is required to follow for the making of CBD products. It is not an easy task to go through each process successfully. You have to keep a check on each step properly to avoid mistakes and make it one of the best products in the market.

One good thing about the brand is that it has offered all the necessary information about its main products on the website. You can know everything about a product you want to know. Their FAQ section is filled with all the required information to help you.

It is not only the products that have offered this brand a huge success, but it is also the rewards and different offers it lets the clients enjoy. You can get the products at the best prices. It is not a much expensive brand.

The company is also offering an affiliate program. In this, you basically become a small member of the company. You will serve as a network for the company to sell its products and reach out to as many people as possible.

It allows the affiliates to bring more and more people to join their company and earn some percentage of the profits through this job. This way, the company not only sells the CBD products but also become a source of income for most of the people.

Currently, the company is having more than 50,000 affiliated network marketers. Gradually, the brand is focusing on increasing this number and achieve its aim of becoming successful along with giving others some opportunity to earn.

Now, moving on to the customer support service of the company, they have a very efficient and helping team. You can call them anytime you want. You can have a live chat with them to get a solution for their problems.

You can also leave them a mail through their website to ask your queries. They try to get back to you as soon as possible. With these facilities, you can see that the brand never leaves a chance of connecting with the clients when they need them.

They also have a good shipping service that makes sure that you are getting your ordered products on time. The shipping team remains careful with your products to prevent them from getting damaged or suffer leakage.

In the end, to achieve its aim, the company is offering all the necessary services and products to impress its customers and is even succeeding in it.

This is what the brand is offering

As we have talked about the aim, hard-work, and working style of the brand, the time has come to discuss its offerings. The Prime My Body CBD oil reviews are incomplete without discussing the useful products, the brand is selling.

Hemp Oil

Though there are various companies that are producing hemp oil for the health of humans, there is no one better than Prime My Body. It has a range of the best hemp oils in the market. You are going to find the oils coming from them effectively.

They have made sure that during the process of manufacturing there is no compromise with the quality of the oil. They are offering both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils. Both these types of oils have their own benefits.

Also, they are offering these oils in different flavors that are going to please your taste buds. The ingredients to make these oils are picked carefully keeping the purpose of the oil in mind. They are selling hemp oils for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Here is one of its highly rated hemp oil product.

1. Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

Now, Nano-enhanced hemp oil is a GMO-free and gluten-free product. It is one of the highly-rated products coming from the brand. According to the brand, this is the oil is better than most of the tinctures because it is made with a liquid liposomal delivery system.

They have manufactured this oil keeping the hectic life of the people in mind. Their aim with this oil was to optimize and calm the body and mind of humans. They have made this oil with all the high-quality and necessary ingredients to make it effective.

It has hemp extracts, Glycerin, Phospholipids, Ethanol, Water, Vitamin E, and Natural Citrus Oils in it to give you the desired results. After you have consumed it, it soon starts working to calm down your body and mind.

The bottle is coming with a pump to help you keeping the track of dosage you are taking. You should decide the servings after consulting your doctor. It is good to take it according to your health conditions.

Also, it is advised to take the oil when the stomach is empty to get the best results. Or, you should take it before having your meals. And, prefer taking 1 to 4 pumps a day only.


  • The oil is made with the best quality ingredients.
  • They have used the safest manufacturing method to make oil.
  • It has passed the lab-test successfully.
  • It offers a full-spectrum effect.
  • You are going to find it really effective.
  • The oil is having a good taste.
  • The oil is made to offer efficient bioavailability.


  • Some of the buyers can find this product a little expensive.
  • You can get this product in a single strength.
  • So, you can consider buying this one from the brand. There are various other options as well, but you are going to find it the best.

2. Topical

Topical is another category under which the brand is selling the best CBD products. It has a moisturizer to offer and a muscle and joint pain cream along with various other products. It has made each of the products in this category cautiously.

People have appreciated the brand for its topical products. The ingredients it has used to make the products are extracted carefully. Each of the ingredients is offering an effect to help you get rid of the problems you are going through.

The products it is offering under this category are made available to the people only after getting tested by the third-party. You don’t have to worry about the safety and quality of the topicals products as they have been made according to the standards set by the concerned authorities.

Prime My Body is widely known for its.

3. Hemp-Infused Moisturizer Hydrate Pure

PMB knows that people are very concerned about their skins. They want the best for their skin to be healthy. And so, it is offering this amazing moisturizer. There is no doubt that it is one of the purest topicals in the market.

You can use this product for rough skin, dry skin, damaged skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Those who have used this product have found it to be effective. You too are going to love the end results of the cream.

It is made with hemp oil isolate, caramel, vegetable glycerin, and lavender oil along with the other components. It will make your skin perfect and free of imperfections. You can use it whenever you want.

Just take a little portion of the moisturizer on your hand and apply it wherever you want. You will have a relaxed feeling on your skin. Just make sure that it is used on external parts of the body only.


  • You can use it for dry and rough skin.
  • It can also be used for wrinkles.
  • It is one of the high-quality products in the market.
  • It is very easy to use this cream.
  • You will be impressed with its usefulness.
  • It is made with pure hemp isolate.
  • You will also like the fragrance of the cream.


  • You can say that the product is a little costly.
  • Also, you will find no variations in this product.

You can definitely give this moisturizer a try and get its numerous benefits. You can buy its Body Therapy as well for the pain in joints and muscles. It works to give you instant relief. After applying it, you will feel the pain to be gone forever. Just take a little portion in your hand and gently massage on the affected areas.

Oil For Pets

Prime My Body is one of the brands that not only want to help humans but also want the best for pets. To keep the pets in good shape all the time, it has launched the best pet oils. The oil is really helpful in dealing with various health problems the pets go through.

The brand has been equally careful with the manufacturing of the products for pets as they have been for humans. These are the products that can be used for dogs and cats. But you need to make sure that the oil you are buying should fulfill your requirements.

There are oils for mental issues and health issues. You can make a decision keeping this in mind. The best thing about these oils is that they are made with the best ingredients that give you good results.

Here is one of the best pet oils the brand is offering.

1. Paws

You are not the only one who wants the best for your pets, Prime My Body wants the same. “They are more than pets, they are family,” says the brand. Keeping their agenda in mind, the brand has launched this great oil for your pets.

It includes 300 mg of organic cannabinoids and other useful ingredients. It is one of the advanced products for pets. It helps in keeping your pet calm and offers enhanced cognition.

The oil is made to offer as much comfort as possible to your cat or dog. It also enhances their immune system and offers energy. It helps them to stay away from stress all the time. Also, it keeps their blood pressure stable.

The oil is good for their skin and coat. It is made with all the necessary ingredients like organic hemp extract. It is a full-spectrum oil that is very beneficial.


  • Your pet will love the flavor of the oil.
  • It will offer them all the strength they want.
  • It is made with all the organic ingredients.
  • It is a full-spectrum product.
  • It keeps your pet comfortable and calm.
  • The oil is completely safe for consumption.


  • There are chances that you can find this product costly.
  • You might get it in single strength only.
  • Without giving it a second thought, you can buy this oil for your pet and present them with good health and long life.

Skincare Products

Skin is one thing we all want to pamper the most. We always want our skin to be soft, clear, and attractive. And guess what? A good CBD skincare product can give you all this.

Prime My Body has been working in this market for a long time now and knows what a customer needs the most. So, it decided to come up with the best range of skincare products. As it was making the products for the skin, it made sure that they are capable of giving the desired result and they succeeded as well.

During the manufacturing of the skincare products, the brand was clear that they want to use as many organic ingredients as possible so that the product is safe for use. They paid all their attention to make quality products.

They followed the best methods and came up with the best products in the market that are appreciated well by the customers.

In this one of the best Prime My Body CBD oil reviews, here is one of the highly recommended product by PMB under this category.

1. NOX

NOX is a serum that is made carefully for your skin. The whole purpose of this serum is to rejuvenate your skin and give you a glow you have been dying for. The brand has made this product with full-spectrum hemp so that it can offer all the benefits you deserve.

The serum works to clear out all the impurities in your skin. It offers the antioxidant-rich CBD. This is not it, the serum also offers Vitamin C and E that your skin needs the most to flourish and breathe.

It is the only product in the world that uses advanced technology to give you skin that naturally purifies and revives itself. Though the product is expensive, no other product can give you the results apart from this one.

You need to apply it day and night, every day. Make sure that the skin is dry and clean before you apply it. Apply it in a circular pattern and just wait for a week or so to see a completely different skin.


  • You will notice a change in the skin tone.
  • It will purify your skin deeply.
  • It is the only product that can offer you beautiful skin naturally.
  • The serum will help you in restoring the pigmentation.
  • It is made with nitric oxide, which is very beneficial for your skin.
  • All the ingredients used are of high-quality.
  • It is made with full-spectrum hemp.


  • Undoubtedly the serum is expensive than the other products.
  • With this serum, one thing is sure and that is, you will have flawless skin in no time.


There are very few brands that are offering the best quality CBD edible products and Prime My Body is one of them. The brand wants to offer you good health in every way possible. So, apart from the oils, creams, and serums, the brand is offering a nice range of edible products.

The products under this category have been made with every ingredient that can help to improve your mental and physical health both. It is a brand that never forgets to focus on your mental health along with physical health.

And, this is the reason why it is coming up with the most effective products in the market. You can see the ingredients the brand uses. Each one of them is of the best quality and useful. Also, the flavors of the products are pleasing to the taste buds.

There are no chances that you are going to dislike their edible products.

One edible product that you can buy from this brand with any doubts is.

1. PMB Protein Superfood

Coming at a good price, the Protein Superfood is actually a super product being offered by the brand. They have made this product in order to make your body optimize. You can have this product if you want a lean body.

You can have this product for reducing extra weight. It works to improve your health in total. It makes sure that your body is fit to deal with everyday tasks smoothly. The manufacturers have made it with wholesome ingredients.

They have tried to keep this Superfood as much organic as possible. They have made it without filler, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. And, even after avoiding these things in the product, they have made it a yummy one.

It dissolves in the water easily. So, you can have it with 8-16oz water, shake, Almond milk, or any beverage you want. Try not to take more than 1-2 scoops and enjoy its taste and benefits.


  • The Protein Superfood is made with all the natural ingredients.
  • It dissolves easily in the water.
  • You will feel the changes in your body after taking it for some time.
  • It will help you in reducing some weight as well.
  • The taste of the product is really good.
  • It is a high-quality product you can rely on.
  • They have made it to be durable.


  • You might not get it in different flavors.
  • You can include it in your routine and experience the changes you have never felt before.

So, these are some of the categories under which the brand is dealing. Along with the categories, some of the best products have also been mentioned. You can buy any of the products from the brand and see how effective they are.

You can also try its newly launched CALM to make your body and mind relaxed and calm. Apart from it, you can even try its FOCUS to give some of the best benefits to your body. Not only this, but the brand is also having some other products that are very useful for different purposes.

As you are buying the products from the brand, it is good to be careful during the purchase. You need to make sure that you are buying the right product according to your needs. Go through the product descriptions first and then make the purchase.

And, consider these Prime My Body CBD oil reviews to help yourself to buy exactly what you want.

Prime My Body Review

The company was started a few years back and has got great success in its journey until now. Prime My Body is a multi-level marketing company that not only wants to work in selling the best CBD products, but also want to work to offer some good job opportunities to others.

The brand gained popularity for selling the best Nano-enhanced CBD oil. People liked the brand for selling products like PAWS, NOX, Protein Superfood, and various many others. They have found their products to be useful.

There are so many things people have liked and disliked about the brand. So, given below are some positive and negative things about the brand.


  • The brand is using the best manufacturing process to make all of its products. They know that it is important for a product to be safe and be of high-quality. It makes sure that the manufacturing is done according to the federal restrictions. They work carefully to avoid every chance of mistake.
  • They have a variety of products that are fulfilling the different needs of the buyers. Some of the products are for mental health, while others are for physical health. You can buy any of its products according to your requirement and you will see how effective the product is.
  • Each of its products is launched only after getting tested in the lab. The company has partnered with some of the best medical advisors so that the chances of launching a harmful or less effective product are less. You can see the details about their advisory team on their site. The brand is always concerned about the safety of its buyers and doesn’t launch a product until it has been approved by the medical team and cleared the lab-tests.
  • Another best thing about this brand is that it is offering the CBD products under different categories. It is not necessary that everyone is comfortable consuming CBD as oil, so it has launched products under the edible category as well. You can also find some of its best products under topical and health care products. Each of its products is effective and safe to use. The brand never compromises with the quality of the products.
  • The brand is not only impressing humans with its range of products, but it is also impressing the pets of your house with the best pet oils. Even during the manufacturing of products for pets, all the safety standards have been considered. You won’t get a chance to complain about the quality of the products it is offering for your pet. The brand is as much concerned about your cat or dog as you are. So, you can rely on their products for your pet.
  • During the manufacturing of the CBD products, the brand not only focused on the quality, but also on the flavors of oil and edibles. They made sure that whatever they are offering to their target audience is tasting good. They know that products can sometimes fail to impress a customer if the flavor is not good. So, they made sure that all of their products are capable of impressing the customers in every aspect including the taste.
  • The shipping service is also good. The products generally reach on time to the customers. So, if you are thinking that the product will reach you late, the chances of this are really less. But, it is always better to order the products well-before the requirement to avoid unusual situations.
  • People are also impressed with their customer service. The brand has made available most of the methods for contacting them easily for the customers. You can have a live chat with the customer support team.

You can call them whenever there is an issue. You can even drop them an email if you have any queries. The team generally gets backs to the customers as soon as possible. You can also go through their FAQ section if there are general questions about the products.

All of these things are the strengths of the brand. Customers have really appreciated these things about the brand. But, this is a review and we want to be unbiased while offering Prime My Body CBD oil reviews. So, here are some negative things as well about the brand.


  • Most of the people have said that the brand is offering the products at a little high price. The brand can work on bringing some changes in its price list. But, even after the prices are high, people are liking it for the effectiveness of the products.
  • The products are not available in different quantities. You have to buy them in a fixed size. Those who want the products in lesser quantities are unable to get it as per their need. The brand can try to offer products of different sizes.
  • One thing that can affect the trust of the people a little bit is the absence of information about the main founder of the company on the website. The site has informed about all the important members of the company expect the main founder.
  • According to the return policy of the company, a person might face difficulty in returning a product once it has reached the headquarters. So, the customers have to be careful while placing the order because returning is not going to be an easy task.

These are just a few things people have complained about. But, you can see that the strengths of the company have outnumbered the weaknesses. You can any of the products from the brand you want without worrying about durability and reliability. The company very well knows who to attract the audience with quality products.

Now, to talk about the achievements of the company, it has won no awards yet. But that doesn’t mean the company is needed to be trusted less. People have already appreciated the range of products it is offering. Also, the time is not so far, when the brand will bag awards for its services and products.

So, keep buying your favorite CBD products from the brand and gain as many benefits as you can. As you are going to continue using its products, you are going to feel the changes in your life and body both. Don’t let anything stop yourself from using its products and have a healthy and peaceful life.


1. How To Buy Effective Products From Prime My Body?

As you are willing to buy some of the best CBD products from the company, you can simply visit their website and place your order. The process of placing the order on the site is simple and smooth. You may even get a chance to benefit from its different offers and save some money for something else.

2. What Factors Are Important To Be Considered Before Buying A PMB Product?

Well, if you are buying a CBD product from Prime My Body, you should first consider for what purpose you need a CBD product. Then, decide the category from which you need the product. Along with this consider the size, price, flavor, quality, manufacturing process, lab-test, and various other things if you want to buy the right product.

3. What Are Some Of The Best Products From PMB To Try?

Prime My Body is offering so many amazing products that mentioning a few is tough. But, if you want, you can try its Nano-enhanced hemp oil, CALM, SHIELD, FOCUS, and NOX. All of these are some of the best products of the brand. You can get them at good prices if you are an affiliate.

4. Is PMD Selling A Lip Balm?

Yes, the brand is selling a great lip balm in Vanilla flavor. As you are going to apply it, your lips will instantly get hydrated. The manufacturers have made the balm with hemp oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. You are absolutely going to like the product if you want your lips to be soft forever.

5. Do The Affiliates Of The Company Get A Commission?

Yes, if you want to be an affiliate of the company, you are absolutely going to enjoy the commission. It offers enough profits to its affiliates. You just need to follow a few steps and you will be with the company in achieving its aim of becoming the best brand.

6. What Is The Timing For Getting In Touch With Prime My Body’s Support Team?

Well, if you are having any issues with its product or having any queries, you can contact the customer service team between 9:00 AM CST to 6:00 PM CST. And, the team tries its best to respond to your queries within 24 hours during the working days. You can leave them a message through live chat or email.

7. What Is SHIELD The Company Is Selling?

SHIELD is a product that is made by the company to support your immune system. They have made this product with 18 essential and high-quality ingredients to make it an effective product. You can consume it every day to get the best results. It has also passed the lab-testes to prove itself a safe product for the consumers.

8. Are Prime My Body Products Durable?

Yes, whatever product you are buying from the brand is durable. It can last for months without causing harm to you. You can use its products for around 6-8 months, depending on what you are buying. Also, make sure that whatever product you are buying you are checking the manufacturing and expiry date carefully.

9. Are The Ingredients In PAWS Are Organic?

Yes, all the ingredients used for the manufacturing of PAWS are organic. The brand has made sure that the oil your pet is going to consume is safe and effective. They have extracted all the main ingredients from the hemp plant carefully to be assured of its quality and safety. If you want to buy this for your pet, you can buy it undoubtedly.

10. Is CALM From PMB THC Free?

Yes, Prime My Body has made its product, CALM, to be 100% THC free. You are going to find even a tiny quantity of THC in the product. The brand knows what effects can THC leave on your body, so when the extraction is done, they make sure that it is done carefully. They go through different steps to make sure the components from the hemp plant are THC free.

Prime My Body CBD – Conclusion

It is not easy for companies with big dreams to stay in a market that is competitive. They have to compete with all the companies, who are aiming big and thriving to be the best. But, Prime My Body is a brand that fought a good fight and became one of the best companies to be selling CBD products.

The brand was clear with its agenda of helping and healing people. It focused not only on humans but also on the pets. The brand’s concern for humans and pets made them capable of launching some of the best and effective products for both of them.

The brains behind the company gained as much knowledge as possible on CBD and succeeded in offering some of the useful CBD products. They are offering products under different categories. You can have CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD topical, CBD oil for pets, and CBD Skincare products as well.

There is nothing that the brand has not tried in order to give the customers what they are seeking. The company used its experience and research to bring different products for different issues. And today, they are having products for both mental and health issues.

You can buy their products if you are suffering from stress and anxiety. You can even buy their products if you are suffering from muscles or joints pain. They are having products to boost your immune system as well.

They even partnered with some of the best doctors in the world to be assured that the products they are going to launch are safe and of high-quality. During the manufacturing of the products, they wanted to use the organic ingredients, and this is what they did as well. They did everything to lessen the chances of complaints from the customers and get the best Prime My Body CBD oil reviews.

It is true that the company is offering some of the products at high prices, but that is not going to change the fact that those products are way effective than any other product available in the market.

Apart from focusing on the CBD products, the brand, also focused on giving some business to those in need or who want to be a part of the company. They launched their affiliate program, due to which they were able to sell their products more than their expectations.

Just like its products, the affiliate program is also appreciated by the people because due to this program, they actually got a chance to earn some money. The company gives a commission to those who are bringing more people to join the brand. And with this, the brand did everything to help people.

We hope that you have found this review useful. We have offered every information about the brand and the people behind its success. There are also details about the products the brand is selling to its valuable customers.

We have tried to cover every angle of the brand. You have even come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. Along with this, the piece has also offered a fair review to help you in judging the company honestly.

You need to go through each section carefully so that you can decide if the brand is worth spending your money on. And if you have judged it to be a good brand, you are all set to choose the best product and bag it for all the benefits.