Plain Jane CBD Reviews

Plain Jane CBD Reviews

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Give Your Mind The Relaxation It Needs: All-in-one Plain Jane CBD Review With FAQs

Have you been feeling a little tired lately? Are you constantly in the mood of dozing off but are never able to sleep? This lethargy is not only a threat to your peace of mind but can also harm your physical health. If you tend to feel sleep-deprived or just too tired even after a good night’s sleep, it is the time to take help of a natural wellness remedy with the Plain Jane CBD review.

CBD is the abbreviated form of Cannabidiol, which is also commonly known as Cannabidiolum. As the name suggests, phytocannabinoid is derived from cannabis or hemp plants. Up to 40% of the extract is utilized for oil, cigarettes and medicinal marijuana.


The United States laws are not enforced on CBD consumption for health benefits and trials, but there are still some grey areas. However, this CBD review will ensure you that the products are of premium quality and the company based at South Oregon adheres to the industry standards.

Here you will get a thorough idea about the CBD products from Plain Jane that will be helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, drowsiness and skin inflammation, to name a few. You will also get all your questions answered in the FAQ section –

Top 4 Best Plain Jane CBD Products 2021

1. Plain Jane Hemp PreRolls

Plain Jane Hemp PreRolls Plain Jane CBD

Containing 72 milligrams of CBD in each cigarette, the hemp rolls from Plain Jane is one of the highest-rated products on the Plain Jane CBD review. It is odorless unlike smelly marijuana and nicotine cigarettes. It is primarily available in a pack of twenty cigarettes. It is also available in a pack of 10 and 20 in cartons, a pack of two cigarettes, and a pack of two hemp tubes.

These are sourced from the 100% natural and super smooth Oregon hemp flowers. These low-smelling prerolls are different from the Full Flavor PreProlls as these are thoroughly processed wherein the hemp smell is removed. So, if you want to have that smoke in the middle of work at your office or while waiting at a public place, you can be assured of totally discreet smoke without worrying about any nicotine smell.

The Plain Jane CBD review suggests that its flavors are hand-selected and those are Sour Space Candy, Lifter, and Elektra. Sour Space Candy is for those preferring a fruity taste –it has the taste of hybrid’s parent strains of Sour Tsunami hemp with Early Resin Berry.

The lifter can be used as a mouth-freshener with its herbal notes coming from mints, menthol, and pepper, as well as Early Resin and Suver Haze hemp. Elektra, on the other hand, is the cross hybrid of ACDC hemp strains and Early Resin Berry with the taste of pine, pepper, and herbs.

The organic hemp compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes will help you in getting good sleep and stay energized throughout the day. They are also effective in reducing stress and anxiety. While offering a calming vibe, the hemp cigarettes will balance and soothe your body.

The prerolls will last for over five minutes instead of burning up quickly. They will also not drop ashes like other cheap quality cigarettes. These are rolled with filtered rice paper tightly.


  • Three flavors available – Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy
  • Does not burn up quickly
  • Does not drop ashes
  • Hardly any odor
  • Free from nicotine
  • Natural hemp compounds offering calmness
  • Contains about 72 mg of CBD


  • Not very strong in flavor
  • Effect of CBD can be stronger

2. Plain Jane Small CBD Buds

Plain Jane Small CBD Buds

Coming inside a secured and hardy black container, the small CBD buds from Plain Jane CBD review are available in the 28 grams variant. If you are looking for affordable hemp products, these can be the most economical buds. They are low in price and do the job. All you need to do is to collect the flower strains and grind them up properly to roll them into joints. It contains 11% to 21.5% CBD.

Experienced hemp users will be familiar with the term “shake” and as a matter of fact, this 1 Oz CBD bud has the same value as a shake. If you get a full-priced flower, the seeds and stems might seem less but in terms of cost, these buds will be the most suitable choice.

They are available in several different flavors, namely Spur Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, Suver Haze, Charlotte’s Web, Rogue, T-1, Bubba Kush, Wife, Kush, Lifter, CBG, Mongo, and Special Sauce. You can try out all the flavors and then settle for one which turns out to be your favorite.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for experienced CBD users
  • Fresh buds without much seed, leaves, and stems
  • Available in 14 different flavors
  • Grown locally in Southern Oregon


  • Not suitable for inexperienced hemp consumers
  • Can be tricky to grind the buds up

3. Plain Jane Sour Space Candy

Plain Jane Sour Space Candy 

Containing 21.1% CBD, this hemp flower is available in standard packing and in glass jars. There are different weight variants to choose from, such as 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams, 56 grams, 224 grams, and 454 grams or 1 pound. According to your consumption frequency, you can choose the weight variants. If you are planning to store them for a longer time, it is better to go for the ones with a glass jar.

The flower buds having a sticky texture and leave a fruity flavor. Burning this will result in significant smoke and if you do not prefer it, you can use the flowers for vaping. Regardless of whether it is daytime or night, you will get proper sleep with reduced stress, anxiety and body ache with its mellow effect and fruity flavor.

The Plain Jane CBD review states that the multicolored stems of the hemp flower are dense enough with shades of orange, green, and purple. Although you might find some seeds in the flower, it is worth every penny with a high amount of CBD and sticky buds with a resinous effect.

It contains delta-9-THC at below 0.3% level and the pain-relieving properties are due to the high amount of terpene myrcene that reduces inflammation. What makes the Sour Space Candy so popular in terms of taste is its parent strains of the Sour Tsunami hemp and ERB or Early Resin Berry.

The citrus aromas of the Sour Tsunami fruit are contrasted by the strong and sweet Early Resin Berry that gives this flower a fruity, herbal and sweet strain. Some customers from the Plain Jane CBD review also compared the aroma of the hemp flower with sweet and sour candies.


  • Different weight variants available
  • Can be stored in glass containers
  • Affordable
  • Rich in flavor
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and body ache
  • Ensures a sound sleep


  • Storing large amounts gets difficult without containers
  • Can be less steamy

4. Plain Jane CBD Oil

Plain Jane CBD Oil

This CBD oil is termed as the purest, smoothest, and clearest of all CBD oils in Plain Jane CBD Review. The Isolate oil variants are available in weight variants of 1000 grams, 2000 grams, and 5000 grams. On the other hand, the Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD Oils are available in 1000 grams each. Both the Isolate and Broad or Full Spectrum oils are manufactured with the use of the ethanol extraction method.

Ethanol is used while the hemp flower is extracted from the farm. Sometimes it is also used to refine the carbon dioxide in the CBD extraction process. In various food products, as well as in the food processing industry, ethanol extraction is a common practice and this is why the CBD oil from Plain Jane is so widely accepted.

The oils come with a dropper and one fully filled dropper will contain around 66 milligrams of CBD. Although the Isolate oils are devoid of THC, the full spectrum variants contain a minimal amount of it i.e. below 0.3%. Consumers use the tinctures by dripping a half or full dropper of oil under the tongue. It is meant to be consumed in a sublingual manner. They hold the tongue like that for around thirty to sixty seconds and then swallow it.

The Plain Jane CBD review oil is available in 1 Oz. It contains two ingredients, namely Medium-chain triglycerides oil or MCT oil that is extracted from the coconut oil and CBD extract. The entire range of terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant is used in the manufacturing process of CBD oil.

CBD oil can be beneficial to help you with eliminating psychotic issues like schizophrenia and other mental disorders. In substance abuse therapy, the oil has proven to be helpful for drug addicts. While reducing inflammation, it can result in developed interaction with neurotransmitters and receptor activity. Those suffering from chronic pain or arthritis will find the full-spectrum CBD oils of Plain Jane CBD review helpful as it reduces pain during rest and movement.

The sleep cycle and quality are significantly enhanced if you take CBD oil regularly. In anxiety or depression, certain medications show side effects like agitation, headache, drowsiness, insomnia, and even sexual dysfunctions. The CBD oil will treat these issues in a natural therapeutic approach without any side effects.

In many cases, CBD oil has helped in alleviating tumors and other cancer-related issues. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD reduces the production of sebum and helps to treat acne to give you clear skin. Besides, it has neuroprotective properties to treat multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, dravet syndrome, etc.


  • Available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate variants
  • Intake is easy with the use of a dropper
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Does not have a strong taste
  • Effective for good emotional health, especially during pregnancy
  • Can be taken with water for pain relief


  • CBD strength might seem weak
  • Might change appetite and cause fatigue

Factors To Look For When Buying Plain Jane CBD Review Products

No matter if you are looking for a pack of hemp prerolls or hemp flower, a small hemp bud, or CBD oil while buying the products from Plain Jane CBD review, you have to consider the following factors –

1. Experience With CBD

As the small CBD buds and hemp flowers are available in raw form, you have to grind them properly to remove seeds and stems. If you do not have prior experience, this can be a little difficult. You will need to have patience. However, it will be better to settle for hemp cigarettes than flowers and buds for inexperienced consumers.

2. Amount Of THC

As per the Plain Jane CBD review¸ the products have an almost undetectable amount of THC. The CBD oil is available in isolated variants i.e. without THC. Choose the isolate oils if you are intolerant to THC.

3. Weight

Consider your requirement of CBD oil, hemp cigarettes, or flowers before buying a particular amount. All the products are available in different weight variants. For example, the Pre-Rolls are available from packs of two cigarettes to twenty cigarettes and cartons of 10 and 20 packets while the oil is available in 1000 to 5000ml variants.

4. Flavor

Check the Plain Jane CB review to understand more about the flavors available for the hemp cigarettes and small CBD buds. There are sweet, minty, and fruity flavors available in cigarettes and fourteen flavors for buds. Choose what suits your preference.

Plain Jane CBD – Conclusion

With satisfied customers throughout the United States exceeding 75,000 in number, the Plain Jane CBD review shows that the hemp flowers and extracted products like the prerolls and hemp oil are safe to use. The authentic hemp flowers from Arizona are affordable and accessible. Their quality is evaluated by third-party laboratories in terms of effectiveness and safety from any harmful contaminant.

From raw flowers to small buds, low-smelling cigarettes to extracted oil –the CBD products from this Medford-based brand contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So, if you want to enjoy a puff without smelling of marijuana or therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects from THC, Plain Jane products are there for you.

The Plain Jane CBD review article will give you an insight into these CBD products while you learn about their benefits. The FAQs might have cleared all your doubts regarding the brand, the products, and the benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Get high on therapeutic benefits!


Q1. Can CBD Help In Curing Seizures And Epilepsy?

Although CBD is not popularly used in antiepileptic medicinal practices, there have been various instances where it has given significant results in reducing seizures and even eliminate them completely. In cases of LGS or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome among kids, CBD has been proven helpful. FDA even approved the first CBD-based medicine named Epidiolex. However, you should still consult with a physician before consuming any CBD products to be on the safer side.

Q2. Will CBD Oil Treat Arthritis And Other Chronic Pain?

Judging by the Plain Jane CBD review, it can be said that CBD oil will help reduce inflammations and pain from arthritis and other neuropathic pains. According to your requirement, you can use half or a full dropper of the oil and consume it orally. Keep a track of results for a better understanding of the effect.

Q3. Is There Any Side Effect From Cannabidiol Products?

If you consume the CBD oil more than what is prescribed or smoke more frequently, the Plain Jane CBD review has shown that there can be side effects like fatigue, irritation, and nausea. You should know that all the products are sold as supplements and not clinically tested and approved medications. An excess amount of CBD in the blood can increase the Coumadin level, making it thinner. Limit the consumption as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Q4. Can I Get Products Without THC?

Yes, Plain Jane offers CBD isolates for those who want products without any THC content. There are also other products that contain THC below 0.3%.

Q5. What Are The Wellness Benefits Of Hemp Products And CBD Oil?

The therapeutic benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, drowsiness, chronic pain, and seizures. There is hardly any THC and the brand uses the terpenes and cannabinoids from the entire hemp plant. The products, according to Plain Jane CBD review will help you manage stress and negative emotions while alleviating any feelings of euphoria or high.

Q6. Where Are The Hemp Plants For Plain Jane CBD Products Sourced From?

The hemp products are mostly derived from Arizona and southern Oregon, where the brand is based. The flowers and other parts of the plants are sourced locally from over fifteen small farms that follow sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Q7. What Are The Products Sold By Plain Jane?

The products from Plain Jane CBD review include processed CBD oil, isolate and full spectrum CBG oil, raw hemp flower, pre-rolled cigarettes, and joints. Hemp cigarettes are most popular due to low smelling properties. The Sour Space Candy hemp flower is also popular for its rich CBD aroma, high concentration of CBD, and flavor. Apart from the full spectrum products, Plain Jane also offers zero THC products like isolate crystals, CBD oil, and distillates.

Q8. Which Extraction Method Is Used By Plain Jane To Get CBD?

The ethanol extraction process is used to obtain CBD from the hemp plants. This process helps Plain Jane to extract other phytonutrients that are useful for health. This is a completely natural process and no harmful chemical is added.

Q9. What Is The Concentration And Potency Of CBD In Plain Jane Products?

The concentration of CBD in each low-smell preroll per gram is 69.4 grams while the percentage of THC as per the lab results is undetectable and only about 0.256% i.e. not psychoactive. The cannabinoid potency ranges in milligrams per gram and for the hemp cigarette, the CBD isolate or full-spectrum potency is 69.4 milligrams.

Q10. How Much CBD Is There In Each Hemp Cigarette?

Each hemp cigarette from Plain Jane CBD review contains approximately 69.4 to 72 milligrams per gram of CBD. The brand uses hemp material with 8% CBD. Each low-smell CBD cigarette weighs around 0.9 grams. Plain Jane does not change the CBD levels artificially or process them. Therefore, cigarettes have a completely natural variance.

Q11. How Many Flavors Are Available For Plain Jane Products?

Currently, there are three flavors available for Plain Jane cigarettes namely Lifter, sour Space Candy and Elektra. The hemp rolls with menthol flavor are very popular. However, the CBD oils or other products are free of any flavoring agent.

Q12. Can Hemp Prerolls Help You Quit Tobacco?

Although thorough research is still going on, hemp cigarettes show an early indication of nicotine addiction. While CBD cigarettes lack the amount of physically addictive properties found in nicotine, these have helped many customers quit smoking nicotine cigarettes as the Plain Jane CBD review results suggest.

Q13. Do Plain Jane Prerolls Contain Nicotine?

The Plain Jane CBD review suggests that there is no nicotine in the prerolls. The cigarettes contain 100% hemp and no filler, substitute, or additive. Make sure you check the package and brand name of Plain Jane before buying the cigarettes as many similar packaging are available in the market.

Q14. Is There Any Discount Available For Plain Jane Products?

Plain Jane offers permanent discounts on the products for consumers having a long-term disability, those who have suffered from prohibition to cannabis previously, and to military veterans.