Koi CBD Review 2021

1. Koi CBD Peach Iced Tea2. Koi Naturals Spray3. Koi CBD Bath Bomb
Koi CBD Peach Iced Tea Best Koi CBDKoi Naturals SprayKoi CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

CBD products help to cure a number of diseases. CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant. Due to its increasing demand in the market, the different CBD brands are in tough competition with each other. But, there are brands like Koi which have become fairly popular. In this we will be having a comprehensive Koi CBD review.

To showcase oneself as the best brand, they must ensure their credibility to offer the best variety of different types of CBD products at an affordable price. In this article, as you read further you would be able to gaze how the Koi CBD products make a difference. You can also check the Koi product CBD review further on the official website to grab more information.


Pros And Cons Of Koi CBD


  • Availability of a broad range of products
  • Assured high quality checked products through third party lab testing
  • Almost every product is designed with a unique CBD composition
  • Complimentary shipping on high range orders over $35
  • Pure, natural and original CBD oil without frills or fluff
  • No use of toxic pesticide residues or other harmful chemicals
  • Products prepared from organically-grown hemp and CO2 extraction process
  • Innovative and interesting new products consists of wide spectrum CBD
  • Special discounts available
  • Exciting prizes on special offers


  • Reported side effects on taking high doses of some products
  • More expensive as you need to buy individual product
  • No international shipping is available in United Kingdom

One Of The Bestselling Koi CBD Brand

In recent years people have become more aware of the use and effectiveness of CBD. Hence many brands have entered the market. One such brand is Koi. The company is known to manufacture superior quality CBD oil.

CBD has a huge number of advantages to offer in respect to the medical ground. If you are looking forward to buying CBD oil, then you can consider choosing this brand. But before heading to make a purchase, let’s have a quick overview of Koi CBD.

The brand started its journey in the year 2015 and a span of around 5 years, the company has established itself as a popular CBD brand. It offers a wide range of products that can match variegated requirements.

Koi is a Norwalk, California based company formed under the efficient guidance of Brent Brunner, who is also the CMO. The company sells CBD products through a Network Marketing business model.

To ensure the top quality of the brand, every batch maintains its records of transparency right from the beginning of the production till its end. The Koi CBD is a member of the reputed Hemp Council in California, the Hemp Industrial Association and the Round Table in the U.S. This brand falls under the list of one of the reputed companies to produce the best oil for usage.

Koi CBD has enjoyed the top position when it comes to CBD oil manufacturing companies. Its products are known for their effectiveness and purity. Some of the key factors that differentiate Koi fro other brands are:

1. It only makes use of hemp grown in the USA

2. The company is ISO credited

3. It goes for third party testing to provide an unbiased result

4. Complete screening of every batch to ensure a pure product

5. Complete verification pf products and detailed report to ensure that the customer receives the right product

From their CBD oils to their juices to topicals, Koi has one of the most wide-ranging selections CBD products. You will get the entire details about their processing of products followed by the features on the “About Us” page on their respective website. Who does not wish for a CBD product which has a good balance of both taste and scent?

When it comes to consuming CBD products, then you will find a number of brands, but a good product is defined by its taste and color such that customer finds it easy to consume. Koi sticks to this and provides its products which are a blend of good taste and scent while maintaining high-quality and providing absolute purity.

Key Highlights About Best Koi CBD

There are various factors which contribute to the major difference of the Koi CBD products from the other such products which are available in the market.

The brand sells CBD spray, CBD oil and CBD tincture. The main difference lies in the use of each one. With the tincture, you can get oil in the dropper and place the drops underneath the tongue while it is not the same with the spray. You can simply squirt the formula under your tongue.

1. Wide Range Of Products

The Koi CBD website provides a broad range of products of different types to suit the needs of the customers. The products are designed in such a way that it practically fits the tastes of each individual. You can get the products in different forms like bath bombs, edibles, tinctures, lotions and other possible types.

2. A Trustworthy Brand Whom You Can Trust

Koi CBD has been showcased as one of the most successful brands in an array of publications, including the likes of the most eminent Forbes. It has been ruling in the market around for several years. It has proved its credibility which is reflected in the third-party lab reports and reviews of more than thousands of satisfied customers.

3. Point Of Concern

Even though Koi is a popular brand that has garnered a lot of attention and acclaims, but at the same time, there are some areas of concern which the company needs to work upon, here are a few of them.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

This guarantee is only valid if you don’t open the pack; but that’s difficult, how can you know about the product which you haven’t used.

5. Price

Another area of concern is the pricing of the products, which is on the higher side. Koi’s CBD products are a boy expensive as compared to others.

6. Average Customer Service

One of the points of concerns is that Koi’s customer’s service is not that great. It doesn’t stand at par with other competing brands.

Product Range Of Koi CBD

The brand is known for a wide spectrum of product ranges that varies from the tincture, edibles to creams. In this section, we will be having a detailed Koi CBD oil review along with other products of the brands.

1. Koi CBD Tincture

As we have mentioned above that Koi sells a wide range of CBD products, so the first product that makes to our Koi CBD oil reviews is tincture and sprays. Well, the way we use each of them vary, and that creates a point of difference.

You can use consume oil with the help of dropper and place it under the tongue and allow it to work while using the spray is easier. You can directly spray it under the tongue. You can get these tinctures in the following flavors.

  • Strawberry
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon-lime
  • Natural
  • Orange

The tincture and spray concentrations KOI CBD tinctures have a minimal level of THC, so you don’t have to worry about its aftermath. Koi makes use of the best CBD extraction method, which ensures that the product is pure and free from any additives.

You can get the spray in 1500 mg and 3000 mg bottles. The liquid spray is available in 60 ml bottle, and it contains terpenes and phytocannabinoids and very less amount of THC. Koi recommends not to use it if the person is under drug screening.

There is a unique offering by Koi CBD. They have come up with a 25mg or CBD shot. You can drink it like a liquor shot. And that’s not all. You will get this shot in different flavors like watermelon, peached ice-tea, raspberry punch.

2. Gummies

Are you looking for edible CBD, so the next product that makes to our list is Koi CBD gummies. These are soft jelly-like munchies which are chewable, and if you want to give them to your kids, then it’s an easy way out.

These gummies come in regular fruity flavor. It includes a combinational of natural and artificial flavoring and corn syrup. Koi CBD gummies are available in the pack of 6 or 20 which contain s 10mg of CBD. You can enjoy the flavor of tangerine and lime.

These gummies come with some extra ingredients like MCT oil, emulsifiers, glycerine. These are easy to swallow, and Koi recommends consuming up to 2 gummies a day.

3. CBD Balm

The next in our Koi CBD 1000mg review is the CBD balm. It consists of broad-spectrum hemp extract and a few other natural oils. This balm offers smooth sensation and easily gives relief from pain. All you need to do is apply this balm on the affected area, and you will soon see the effect. This balm is available in three sizes.

  • 150mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg

4. CBD Inhaler

The next product that we are covering in Koi CBD reviews of a product is the CBD inhaler. This is an innovative product from Koi, and there is a very limited product in this range. This is more effective and works faster as you directly inhale the CBD.

The inhaler is efficient to give you 200 puffs. Koi brings you two different flavors in this category: Mojito mint and Dreamsicle. So, based on your liking and preferences, you can choose the one that you like.

5. CBD Bath & Body

Koi has gone a step ahead and has introduced this new range of products under the bath and body. You can choose CBD lotion by Koi which is similar to a regular CBD cream, but it is a full-spectrum lotion and not for a specific area. This cream is available in the size of 200 mg.

This cream is filled with ingredients like organic aloe juice, jojoba seed oil. All these ingredients are going to keep you nourished and moisturized leaving a tint of freshness all day long. This cream is available in three scents: lavender, citrus burst, pink grapefruit.

6. CBD Bath Bombs

If you love using bath bombs, then CBD brings you this unique product. Koi CBD bath bombs will take into a luxury spa experience at the comfort of your home. Each CBD bath bomb is 100mg and is available in the following scents.

  • Orange, citrus, lavender
  • Lemon lime and lavender
  • Peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender

7. Koi Pet Products

Koi is a renowned brand that not only manufactures products for health and wellness of human being but also for the pets. CBD oil has been found to be effective in treating various issues in pets, especially pain, and anxiety.

If you are a pet parent and are looking for a good quality CBD oil that will ease your pet’s pain, then you must invest in buying Koi pet products. This is available in the form of spray and soft chews.

The Koi CBD for pets are available in the form of chews and sprays, based on your pet’s requirement, you can choose the one. In a packet of Koi CBD chews for pets you will 25 chews that contain 2mg of CBD. This special formula is prepared in consultation with veterinarians. SO, you can give them to your pets without worrying.

Purchasing Koi CBD Products

After going through all the products of CBD, you would definitely want t buy them. Well, Koi has ensured that their products are easily available to their buyers.

You can buy the products from the official website of the company and buy the desired products. The company also gives you a 30-day money-back policy. However, you can only buy the product if it is returned in original packaging.

A broad range of product is available on the official page of the Koi website. The reviews of the different products like the Koi CBD 1000mg review given by the satisfied customers speak in volume for the company.

They are so confident with the quality of their product that they readily provide a money-back policy for a month. You can get a refund of it if the products are maintained with the prominent packaging and no tear or damage is the cost to it.

The added benefit is the free shipping facility on orders above a range of $35. The order is duly placed and delivered quickly within two business days.

However, you need to spare them on the holidays and weekends as they do not ship the deliverables on those days. Also, you need to keep in mind that the high volume of order can increase the span of delivery a bit.

The loyal customers are rewarded with high discounts on the price and for referrals. Affiliation and veteran programs are well organized for their valuable clients. You can check the official website of Koi CBD to look for the range of products and their pricing as well.

These were some of the popular products of Koi CBD and have become very popular owing to its effectiveness. We have also got some of the popular buys of Koi CBD.

You can select the desired product from the sea of options which are made available. Here is a prompt checklist of a wide variety with an extensive range of products.

Top 6 Best Koi CBD Products 2021

1. Koi CBD Peach Iced Tea Flavored Wellness Shots

Koi CBD Peach Iced Tea Best Koi CBDYou may have a common query about why leaving all the other brands you will try this variant of peach iced tea?

This product is made up of effective hemp extraction process with a soothing blend which delivers near about 25mg of CBD per 2.5-ounce bottle. Presence of melatonin in it will help you to have some good sleep with a sensation of relaxation and calmness.


  • Peaceful night slumber
  • No side effects


  • Expensive

2. Koi Naturals Spray

Koi Naturals SprayThe Koi PRIZM™ full-spectrum CBD is blended with the Koi Naturals Orange provides the invigorating benefits of the highest quality CBD available with a diminutive taste of sunshine. The flavouring is done by the bare essentials of orange.

The most demanded product is the availability of a 60mL Spray bottle includes a full array of different compounds being the Koi’s most effective CBD tincture. Process of its usage is described in the website.


  • Tasty 100 % natural orange flavor
  • No artificial flavors
  • Spray available for the right proportion of usage


  • High doses can be injurious

3. Koi CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

Koi CBD Bath Bomb 100mgKoi CBD bath bombs are the next footstep in luxury! Add a bit of it to the running warm water, and step into the comfortable bath. The brand recommends remaining in the water for up to thirty minutes.

Koi provides the best balance of the relaxing and cooling CBD bath bombs in different scents that will leave you refreshed. After the tiring days, the CBD bath bombs can provide you with the best relaxation with high-quality ingredients and hemp extraction.

These bath bombs are great for use at home as these come filled with naturally occurring CBD. You can find them in four different scents of peppermint, orange citrus and lavender, lemon-lime and lavender, and eucalyptus and lavender. So, you can choose the variant that you like the most and indulge in luxury spa experience.


  • Different variants are available


  • Some individuals could be allergic to certain variants
  • Expensive

4. Koi CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Soft Gel

Koi CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Soft GelKoi Night time Soft gels work like wonders and are perfect for anyone who is looking for an easy way to set up a healthy and restful evening routine. Each capsule delivers 1 mg of melatonin and 25 mg of Koi’s premium quality CBD. It can give you relaxation at the end of each busy day.


  • User friendly
  • Induces calmness
  • Small and flexible soft gels are easy to swallow
  • Airtight capsules provide maximum freshness
  • Constancy of the active ingredients


  • Must not be taken in high dosage

5. Koi CBD Watermelon Flavored Wellness Shots

Koi CBD Watermelon Flavored Wellness ShotsYour key to a healthy life could be the tasty, refreshing supplements hot of Watermelon or Raspberry Punch. This product provides the utmost quality hemp extract available, with each delivering the dosage of 25mg of CBD per 2.5-ounce bottle.


  • Healthy and tasty


  • Variant might not be liked by all

6. Koi CBD Citrus Burst Body Lotion

Koi CBD Citrus Burst Body LotionThis 200mg of body lotion by Koi CBD offers a blend of organic ingredients like aloe and coconut that are going to leave your skin moisturized and nourished. The restorative power of the CBD product heals the skin.


  • Skin healing power induced
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Completely organic


  • Can be allergic to some individuals


1. Do Koi CBD Products Contain THC?

One of the key concern amongst people while using CBD product is whether it contains THC or not. Well, Koi CBD has ensured that its products are absolutely safe for the users. It makes sure that products are free from THC. It ensures that the level of THC is lesser than .001%. Moreover, the company goes for a third-party lab tested, and ISO accredited company which is again a guarantee that the product is safe to use and consume.

2. Koi CBD Uses Which Method For CBD Extraction?

There are different methods of CBD extraction, but when it comes to the best method of extraction, then the CO2 extraction process is recognized to be the best. Koi CDB makes use of CO2 extraction to extract CBD.

3. Which Is The Best Way To Store Koi CBD Product Such That It Lasts Longer?

Undoubtedly, Koi provides the best product, but at the same time, it is important that you must store the product in a right manner. Make sure that while storing Koi CBD you keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Exposure to heat and cold may lead to degradation of CBD. Also, don’t leave the CBD products in refrigeration for long. You must know that Koi CBD had a shelf life of one year.

4. How To Return CBD Products?

Koi CBD is a customer-centric company that has a very fast response rate. For any assistance on Koi CBD products, you can drop them an email at customerservice@koicbd or call them at (877) 774-4779 or. But you must know that Koi CBD accepts the return of product only in its original packaging.

5. What Is The Right Way To Consumer Koi CBD?

The company specifies the recommended dose on its packaging. You can take once or twice a day. But in case you are unsure about the dosage, you can also seek the advice of your healthcare provider.

Concluding Opinion On Koi CBD

Cannabinoids, CBD oil, is found in the cannabis plant. In recent years we have seen a rise in the demand for CBD products. This is primarily because of the wide spectrum of health benefits that this compound offers.

To discover the different therapeutic uses of this oil, many research studies have been done. Essentially, this oil is made up of the concentrated form of CBD. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the concentrations of CBD and their uses vary significantly.

CBD has been found to be effective in treating many health issues like pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, diabetes and some autoimmune diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s etc. There have been several studies that show the positive effect of CDB.

This has led to the surge in the number of brands, but Koi CBD is a brand that you can completely trust. The company makes use of CO2 extraction and ensures that their final product is free of THC. Koi CBD well fits among the top list of companies selling CBD products in the global market.

It has been able to hold on to its soaring reputation in many ways. It is frequently mounting to elevate the quality of the products to another higher level. The company is ISO accredited and also comes with third-party lab tests reports which show that their products are good to use and safe.

It offers a premium-quality broad range of products like chews, tincture, gummies and you will also get CBD for pets. All these products are available online on their website. You can get discounts as well as free shipping when you spend a certain range of amount.

So, if you are looking for good quality CBD products that are also effective, then you must start investing Koi CBD products. These are available in different flavours and sizes, so you can pick the one that matches your need and requirement. Moreover, Koi CBD has come up with bath bombs, creams etc. All-in-all it’s a great brand that you are surely going to love.