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While a majority of organizations that offer CBD oils today allow you to purchase their products online. With such a large number of individuals interested in using CBD oils and gaining their advantage, and who who just want to find out about the properties of this compound, it is critical to consider what level of data an organization can offer to its clients. This carries us to Kannaway, an organization that centers around giving its clients 100% specific items.

This organization was founded not just for offering high quality CBD oils and other CBD items, it also aimed at furnishing their clients with instructive assets that clarify precisely about CBD, its use and benefits, and other details they want to find out.

We will investigate Kannaway in this article, including their research center reports, CBD items offered by the organization, and what clients have to say about the brand via Kannaway CBD oil reviews. Here, you will learn about the different products and unique things about this company, along with other useful details you deserve to know.


About Kannaway

If you are looking for CBD products and if you know something about their efficacy and demand, then you must have heard about the brand name of Kannaway. It is one of the well-known multi-level CBD companies in the industry that became the first company involved in direct sales of CBD products in the US and Europe. Founded in the year 2009, it is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Apart from offering CBD products to its customers, it also has a brand ambassadors in international locations where they create their own business of hemp products distribution, so that people across the globe can benefit from this wonderful ingredient.

It has established itself as a preeminent CBD products company expanding its business in domestic as well as international destinations. In the year 2018, the company recorded $50 million of revenue, which is almost double the revenue they gathered in 2017.

With focus on healthy and sustainable CBD products, like CBD oils, essential oils, skin care products, pet products, hemp clothing, and others, the company has an international network of brand ambassadors across 30 different countries, through which they distribute their product range. In 2019, the company made entry in the Direct Selling News Global 100, which is the list of top direct selling companies across the globe.

Made up of all-natural botanical ingredients, they also offer the Bi-Bong herbal blends that were earlier accessible by East Asian royal families only. In 2018, the company launched the Sports Initiative, through which they promoted use of CBD by athletes by partnering with many of them. Some of their partners include Gold Medal Olympians, Hall of Fame baseball players, Superbowl NFL winners, global champion boxers, etc.

Over time, Kannaway is also enrolling more and more brand ambassadors to expand their reach. So, whether you want more information about their CBD products or you want to become their brand ambassador, visit their website today and know your options.

As far as Kannaway CBD products are concerned, all of them are made up of pure and natural ingredients that are very beneficial for us without giving any side effects. Their entire range of CBD products vary from CBD oils and capsules to CBD edibles, topicals, and salves.

Apart from these, you will also find CBD bath soaks, soft gels, mints, and lip balms. Not only this, Kannaway makes CBD accessible not only to humans, but to pets as well through their CBD oils and chews for pets. All the products are made up of non- GMO hemp, and these products are well-tested.

Currently, Kannaway has over near about 10,000 brand ambassadors who promote and distribute their products across the globe.

As discussed earlier, Kannaway is a well-known multi-level marketing company, and so many people promote this brand and also use their products. Here we will discuss some of the best-selling products of the company.

Best-Selling Products Of Kannaway CBD Oil

1. Hemp Oils

Kannaway CBD Oil Hemp OilsHemp oils offered by Kannaway are available in the form of topicals or liquids that can be applied on skin or added to food or drinks for administration. Among all the hemp oil products available for sale, Pure Gold 1500mg is one of the best-selling hemp oils offered by the brand.

It is a full-spectrum CBD oil that has managed to receive a lot of attention from the buyers as well as clients. This is a golden colored oil rich in CBD, which serves as an excellent source of CBD with only trace amounts of THC. This means that it does not make you high and does not interfere in your everyday activities.

Available in 4oz bottle, it contains 1500mg of CBD, with 50mg of CBD in each serving. It also contains MCT oil and can prove to be a great addition to foods and drinks.


  • Broad-spectrum hemp oil: There are two different types of spectrum hemp oil. One is broad, and the other is full-spectrum hemp oil. But the widespread spectrum hemp oil is used in the preparation of Kannaway oral applicators. Broad-spectrum hemp oils have all the terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids the plant brings to the table, less the THC. Full range oils are made by either taking the THC from the oil or beginning with a CBD segregate and reintroducing all mixes aside from the THC.
  • Hemp Oil extract: Hemp extract is explicitly revoked from those pieces of the hemp plant known to have significant levels of cannabidiol, which gives all the mitigating and pain-relieving benefits.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is laden with vitamin E, and it might be connected to some likely advantages for skin, including diminishing aggravation, keeping skin hydrated, and healing wounds.
  • Vitamin E and D: Vitamin E is the best remedy for cancer prevention, as it may help decrease free radical damage and slow down the maturing procedure of your cells. Getting an adequate amount of Vitamin D is significant for typical development and advancement of bones and teeth, and also obstructs the growth of specific ailments.

2. Oral Applicators

Oral ApplicatorsOral applicators manufactured by Kannaway are enriched with gold, blue or green, and are available in different potencies ranging from 1500mg and 2250mg to 3600mg. You can choose the one as per your dosage requirements and the type of benefits you want to achieve.

One of their best-selling oral applicators is the Blue Enriched Hemp Oil 2250mg. It is a full-spectrum hemp oil offering 75mg of CBD in each serving. It contains linalool, pinene, borneol, beta-caryphyllene, mint, geranium, and other strong terpenes and cannabinoids.

Beta-Caryophyllene is a natural bicyclic sesquiterpene that is a constituent of many essential oils, particularly clove oil, the oil from the stems, and blossoms of Syzygium aromaticum, the organic oil of Cannabis sativa, rosemary, and bounces.

The oral applicators come with a special device that you can use for administration. You have to twist the ring to measure the desired amount of oil, and put it take into a spoon. It also comes with capsules in which also you can take the oil. Place this oil under your tongue, let it liquify and swallow. If you are using capsules, take them as and when needed.


3. Capsules

CapsulesIf you are looking to take CBD in capsule form, then Kannaway has come up with an entire range of CBD capsules and soft gels. These are easy to take and deliver fast results by entering into your bloodstream within seconds. Premium Hemp Oil Capsules are the most popular Kannaway CBD products in capsule form.

Each of these capsules contain 25mg of CBD. Apart from that, they are also a good source of cannabinoids, minerals, omega fatty acids and vitamins. Made with 200mg of calcium, these capsules also contain sodium bicarbonate, cellulose, silicon dioxide, white willow bark extract, and turmeric root powder. Ideal dosage is one capsule every day, however it may vary as per your condition and results.


4. Salve

SalveKannaway makes CBD available in the form of salve as well. These products work like an ointment and deliver beneficial results for the skin. Salve 500mg is the most popular CBD salve offered by the company. Made with BiBong herbal formula, it benefits your skin by making it healthier and more youthful. The combination of CBD and East Asian botanicals works wonders to nourish and hydrate your skin and keeps it young and spotless for long.

Some of its primary ingredients include almond oil, beeswax, candelilla/jojoba/rice bran and polglycryl-3 esters. It also contains cetearyl alcohol, which is utilized to help mollify the skin and hair and to thicken and balance out restorative items, for example, salves and hair.

As emollient, Cetearyl alcohol is viewed as a compelling element for mitigating and mending dry skin. Another ingredient is radix salviae militiorrhizae, which is effective in elevating blood flow to expel blood balance and soothe inflammation.

Other ingredients include folium mori albae, radix ginseng, cortex lycii radicis, radix ledebourielae divarcatae, zingiberis officinale (ginger) root, cinnamomum, and camphora essential oil.

You can use this to heal your dry skin, dried out lips, and even diaper rash. It also works wonders to help relieve burn from the sun, dermatitis, and cuts and scratches. Just massage onto your skin and see it work.


5. CBD Edibles

CBD EdiblesAs far as edibles are concerned, Kannaway makes them available to you in the form of mint, tea and coffee. However, CBD mints are an all-time favorite among all. Delivered in a travel-friendly package, they are easy to carry around and you can pop one to get a minty fresh breath instantly. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD, offering highest quality of CBD in its natural form. Each packet contains 60 mints, containing 300mg of CBD in total.

Ingredients used in their making include xylitol, sorbitol, silica dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate and natural flavors. These mints are highly effective in keeping your breath fresh. Place one mint in your mouth at a time, and you are advised not to exceed 3 mints in a day.


Kannaway French Roast Coffee

The French Roast Coffee is another product that falls under the category of CBD edibles from Kannaway. It has a bold flavor made from 100% arabica coffee beans blended with 10mg CBD, along with notes of caramel and fruit.



If you are a tea lover, don’t forget give a try to the Red Rooibos Herbal Tea. A combination of Rooibos tea and hemp, it has a natural sweet taste with citrus notes and floral flavors. It is caffeine free and is rich in antioxidants.


6. Skin Care Products

Skin Care ProductsCBD is found to be highly effective in improving your skin health too, and that is why Kannaway has come up with an entire range of skin care products infused with the benefits of CBD. Available in the form of bath soaks, moisturizers, lip balms, masks, exfoliators, cleansers, and serums, these products can be included in your skin care routine to have a youthful skin for long.

Some of their most popular skin care products with CBD is Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer. This is a hydrating moisturizer that contains natural herbal ingredients to make your skin wrinkle-free and rejuvenate your skin cells.

Developed with BiBong formula, it includes ingredients like ginseng, goji berry, almond oil, jojoba seed oil, xanthum gum and many others to nourish your skin and add a degree of radiance and suppleness to it.


7. Pet Products

Pet ProductsWell, Kannaway makes CBD products not just for humans, but for our beloved pets too. CBD pet products from the brand are available in the form of hemp oil and baked chews. Kannaway Pets: Pure Hemp Oil is especially designed CBD supplement for improving health and well-being of cats, dogs, horses and other pets.]

It has negligible amounts of THC, and it is an all-natural product blended with MCT oil. Available in 120ml bottle, it contains 1000mg of CBD in total. You can mix certain amount of this oil in your pet’s food, depending on its size, breed and condition.



Apart from that, Baked Chews for Cats are special CBD cat treats that are delicious to taste with flavors of roasted seafood and smoked salmon. With 1mg of CBD in each treat, it is known to improve cardiovascular, neurological and emotional health of your cat, and also support its joints. If you have a small cat, you can give 3-4 treats to her, but you may need to increase the dosage if it is large in size.


Kannaway CBD products are created with the highest security and consistency norms — and are third-party lab tested for quality confirmation. One can take it and can check the differences. There are different products which are made with hemp oil, like oils, capsules, tea, coffee, salve, and more.

Many people use these products for skin treatment and pain relief, as they are known to give best results as needed. All in all, the CBD products from KANNAWAY give you more options to buy different products at affordable prices. Some offers and discounts are also offered by the brand from time to time.

Company Review

1. Kannaway Product Pricing 

Apart from being a producer of high quality CBD and other products, the company aims at keeping its products affordable and pocket friendly for the customers. With this objective, the company has priced its products extremely reasonable. For instance, its travel salve is priced at mere $4, and you can save even more money by buying packs of 10 at $38.77.

CBD mints cost just $35.94, while Pure Gold Soft Gels are priced at only $110.99. But depending on the quality, potency and ingredients of the product, the company has some premium-grade hemp products as well.

For example, the most expensive CBD product from the brand is Gold Enriched Hemp Oil 3600mg priced at $479.98. Even then, you can compare similar products from other brands and you will find that Kannaway products are much cheaper than them.

2. Dosage Administration

CBD products from Kannaway are easy to administer as per Kannaway CBD oil reviews. If you are taking your CBD product in hemp oil form, then you will get a dropper with it. You have to shake the bottle well before use to guarantee perfect consistency.

Then use the dropper to measure your dosage accurately, fill it up with the oil, place it under your tongue and press. Hold the oil under your month for near about 30 seconds and then swallow. The dosage you need to take depends on your condition to be treated, the results you want to achieve, or your doctor’s prescription.

If you are taking CBD without a physician’s consultation, it is advised to start with a small dosage first, and then increase or decrease it depending on your response to the medication. Make sure that there is a gap of at least 4-6 hours between the doses.

You can take your dosage at any time of the day, but if you are taking it for rest and relaxation, then prefer taking it half an hour before bed time. You will start seeing effects around half an hour after taking your dose, however this may depend on your body weight, dosage, digestion, and health condition.

Oral applicators come with an applicator that you have to twist to fill the dose and release to administer. Oral capsules are gulped down with water, and CBD liquids may be mixed with food and beverages for easy administration. However, consult your doctor if they cause any problem with your digestive system. Topical products are applied on the skin, and edibles are consumed the way you want.

Always store your CBD oils and other products in a dry, cool spot away from direct warmth and daylight. Ensure the cap is closed firmly after each utilization. It isn’t essential to refrigerate the item, but it may help in lengthening out the durability of the product.

3. Kannaway Shipping Policy

Clients can purchase CBD items from Kannaway’s official online store. Delivery system and shipping costs rely upon the client’s area, and the organization offers transportation to universal clients across the globe through their brand ambassadors.

4. Kannaway Return Policy 

The company offers 30 days money back guarantee on any unopened products. Kannaway won’t acknowledge the returns of items that have been opened or that are not in resaleable condition. It is also important to note that the organization doesn’t give any discount on any delivery charges. If the returned item is in resaleable condition, the amount will be refunded to the payment source where it came from.

5. Kannaway Laboratory Tests And Certificates 

Kannaway claims that each and every item offered by them goes through extensive tests in the laboratories, and they guarantee that none of its items contain any GMOs or pesticides. Besides that, the company says that all hemp used in the creation of its products are developed without the use of any herbicides.

Since hemp contains THC which may make you high, the THC amount present in Kannaway products depends on the place where you live in. Different countries have different amounts of THC that can be allowed in their CBD products. The company adheres to these restrictions and manufactures its products according to the norms.

Reasons Why People Prefer Kannaway CBD Products

Most of the people use these products to improve their health and get rid of any pain and other physical or mental issues. CBD oil is utilized for various medical problems, including nervousness, depression, irritation, etc. Apart from that, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has also referred to cannabidiol as a great antiemetic, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, calming, antitumoral, anxiolytic, and stimulant agent.

This implies that CBD oil can be highly effective in managing a wide range of medical problems, such as queasiness, seizures, schizophrenia, aggravation, free radical damage, etc. It is known to battle with malignant growth cells and tumor cells, and helps with tension, gloom, and PTSD.

Here are some health-related issues that can be solved by using CBD products by Kannaway.

  • Pain – If you are facing any type of body pain, like pain in the head, legs, shoulders, and so on, then Kannaway CBD oil reviews claim that Kannaway products help to remove the pain and make you healthy and fit.
  • Stress and Depression – You must consult a therapist or a doctor for the treatment if you have any problems related to your mental health. Mental stress is a hazardous and challenging problem, and itis a very critical issue to be solved. Many people go to the counselor, but many people claimed that depression and stress can be removed easily and you become mentally fit by using the company’s CBD products.
  • Cancer Treatment Side Effects – If you are going through cancer treatment, then you must be experiencing many side effects like hair loss, nausea, depression, etc. There have been claims that Kannaway items have been effective in mitigating such side effects.
  • Acne – If you have acne or any other skin inflammation, then Kannaway’s skin care products can significantly relieve them and even improve your skin condition.
  • Heart Health – Improving cardiovascular issues and heart wellbeing is likewise another helpful zone where Kannaway items have been connected.

Apart from these, CBD oil has also been used to treat conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, mental instability, etc.

It is a fact that CBD oil is portrayed as a dietary supplement only, and it has not yet been approved by FDA, but still, various people have left Kannaway CBD oil reviews on multiple online websites, blogs and forums that authenticate their effectiveness for the above-mentioned conditions.

In general, individuals appeared to be satisfied particularly with the Kannaway CBD products and trust their items. Most of them are happy with their customer care service as well. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of using Kannaway CBD products:

Advantages Of Kannaway

  • There is a huge assortment of hemp items in the company’s products portfolio.
  • Kannaway products may range from $40 to $500, but when you compare an item with another similar item in the market from another brand, you will find that Kannaway has priced its products as reasonably as possible.
  • Kannaway has been in existence since 2009, which means that it is involved in the industry much before than CBD approval, which is much earlier than many other brands.
  • The ingredients used in their products are sourced from Europe, where the plants are cultivated without the use of any herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Disadvantages Of Kannaway

As of now, there isn’t any approval or research that can prove the efficacy of the products. But still they are quite popular among the users for their benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CBD Consumption Legal? 

CBD is cannabis Sativa and is widely used for improving a variety of ailments. Hemp extract is legal to be added to medicines, provided that it is free from THC, or has THC less than 0.03%. Use of CBD oil is legitimate in all the 50 states of the US, where the government has ordered cannabis as a legal product to be used in limited amounts.

2. Can Kannaway Products Improve Or Control Health Issues?

Although they are not scientifically proved to have such effects, many Kannaway products have been known to improve many health conditions, including pain relief, anxiety, depression, cancer-related symptoms, acne, heart health, etc.

3. Are Kannaway Products Safe For Use?

Yes, Kannaway products are absolutely safe to use, as they are made up of natural ingredients sourced from organic farms of Europe. Many people use them for different purposes and gain positive results.

4. Does CBD Oil Work? 

Yes, CBD oils work. Many people have shown positive signs in their condition and have posted reviews to show that they are happy using it. CBD oil has benefited the health and wellbeing of many people.

5. What Factors Should I Consider While Buying CBD Oil?

There are several factors that you must consider while buying CBD oil, and brand reputation is one of the most important among them. Other points to consider include the source of hemp, quality of hemp, extraction process, lab testing, potency of CBD in the product, its reviews, etc. With all this information, you will be able to make the best choice of CBD oil.

6. What If My Kannaway Products Are Not Delivered On Time?

Kannaway delivers your products within 2-3 days of receiving your order, but depending on your location, the product may take time to reach your doorstep. If you do not receive your order within 10 days, you can call their customer care center and know the status of your order.

7. What If I Receive Any Damaged Or Faulty Products?

This is very unlikely to happen, as Kannaway takes complete care to deliver its products in a safe package. But still, if you receive any defective product, the company take full responsibility of it and send you a replacement.

8. What Kind Of CBD Is Used In Kannaway CBD Oils? 

There are three different types of CBD available. Isolate contains just CBD, without any cannabinoids. Full-spectrum contains all cannabinoids usually found in the cannabis plant, including THC. Broadspectrum includes different cannabinoids traditionally found in the cannabis plant, yet doesn’t contain THC. Kannaway uses the type of CBD as needed by the product and to serve the intended purpose.

9. Have Kannaway Products Been Lab-Tested By Third Party Labs? 

Since CBD items are not yet managed by the FDA, it may be challenging to tell what you’re purchasing just by looking at it’s package. That is why third-party lab test reports are provided to show the authenticity of the product.

Kannaway provides its lab reports with each and every product it delivers, through which you can be sure that you are getting the best product in terms of quality and originality. However, results of a particular may be different for you and your friends. So, if you do not get the desired results from a particular product, you may try an item with higher potency.

Kannaway CBD Oil – Conclusion

Here, we have given you all the information about Kannaway, along with the description of all its products, including CBD oils and their benefits.

These products have been popular among the masses for resolving a variety of mental as well as physical health issues. You can quickly go through this review and order your products to stay healthy and safe. For more information about the Kannaway CBD oil, visit their official website and collect all the necessary information.