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Just CBD Reviews 2021

The world of medicine is chasing the idea of a miracle cure. The idea of the miracle cure is to find one substance that can help to recuperate from different types of medical conditions and at the same time won’t have side-effects. A miracle cure is a dream that’s really difficult to achieve.

The fact is finding a cure is a difficult thing. However, there is a natural medicine that can treat different health conditions, and there is a chance of curing some severe health conditions as well.

CBD is a medicine that can cope with several medical conditions and cure a few of them also. Amongst the several brands selling CBD products, Just is a new entrant and this Just CBD review will give you a better understanding of the product.

Just CBD is a US-based company, and they supply the best products around the world. According to the independent lab results, it works perfectly. By using their direct link, you can visit their online store and read about its products.

Highlights Of Just CBD Oil


  • It is an all-natural alternative for chemical painkillers and medications
  • It is a premium quality CBD oil.
  • It is available in edible tablets, creams, oils, and other forms as well.
  • Good customer care services for helping the customers have all information about the CBD oil and other products.
  • CBD oil is proven to help in several health issues
  • It plays an important role in fighting against acne, anxiety, depression, and heart diseases.
  • CBD oils are used for easing pains in cancer patients and also helps to fight against cancer symptoms.
  • CBD oils help decrease appetite and support weight loss.
  • Though CBD oils don’t make you feel drowsy in the day time it can help relax your mind and diminish anxiety which results in peaceful sleeping.
  • The presence of terpene in CBD oil helps in determining any strain in the body and can cure it by providing an energizing effect or sometimes the combination of both.
  • According to researches, the high doses of CBD oil can control the level of adenosine pathways in the brain.
  • Its products are 100% effective.


  • Just is a new brand that entered the market in 2017. In such a case, it becomes difficult for customers to trust this brand.

A Little History Of The Company

Before going ahead with the CBD reviews, lets have a quick learning about the company. There are several big brands available in the market, whereas Just CBD is comparatively new. Despite being a newcomer, the company is doing well in the market. It has garnered the attention of the customers owing to its wide range of pure CBD products.

The brand was launched in the year 2017. This brand belongs to Boca Raton and Florida, so you will be glad to know that this is a USA based innovation. As it is a homegrown brand, local people of the USA have immense faith in the products. The sole purpose of launching this brand was to let people across the world know the real value of CBD oils.

From their official website, you can get brief information about the brand and its products. The company has covered comprehensive details about its product, manufacturing process, and other relevant information related to CBD. All this will help the customer formulate firm division regarding the purchase of CBD products.

From their website, you can also easily understand the importance of using their products and how they produce their products. In addition, you can find all the insights about the making of their products are mentioned on their website so that customers can have a much clearer perspective of their brand.

The details mentioned in the website, help people believe in their products so that they can purchase the products with confidence. However, a lot of offers are there on the official website of the brand, so if you decide to purchase, you can make use of these offers and purchase the product that you want and that too at affordable pricing.

To resolve customer’s queries, Just CBD has introduced a section where you can find all the relevant information and answers to your queries. You can also read informative blogs related to their products on the official website as well.

There are a lot of CBD products available in the market, but when it comes to choosing that one brand which can assure you with the right product, then there are only a handful of names. Just is one such company that has become a popular choice and trusted purchase for all the CBD users.

This detailed information about Just CBD is going to help you know this brand better and also make the right purchase decision. The company also does third-party lab tests which will guarantee you with the right product and assure you that it is free from any contaminant or additives which can have an adverse health effect.

Availability And Range Of Products

The company’s products are available in the 56 states of the USA and also worldwide. On their website, you can find a different section where you will have more information about their CBD oil. On their official site, you can see that they have three different types of just CBD oil tinctures.

The variation of just CBD oil includes Coconut oil tinctures, hempseed oil tinctures and liquid honey tinctures. If you are thinking about buying the bestselling product, then opt for the liquid honey variant.

Whereas other big companies stay away from adding sweeteners in their oil, but Just CBD oil chose to use honey as their primary ingredient for that extra dose of sweetness.

Another reason for adding honey is to give customers the natural benefits of real honey.

The Measurements

The tincture oils of this brand are available in three different sizes. In the smallest of the tincture oil, you will be getting 50mg of product. Whereas, in the largest bottle you will be getting 1500mg of product. If you are taking the 2000mg bottle, then you will get the same quantity of a product in every serving. As this 2000 mg of the bottle comes with a dropper.

What’s Inside The Box?

The company also offers a complete box of CBD products. This box has different variants of CBD. If you purchase the whole box, then the first thing you will see is six different flavors of CBD infused edible gummies. In this box, you will get a bottle of CBD tincture oil of 550mg.

A2oz bottle of CBD pain relief cream you are getting this in this quantity of 100mg. You can compare the prices of the products from other brands available in the market.

The next is CBD gummies. These come in 250mg of packaging which delivers 20 pieces of gummy in each jar. You have to pay $23 for a single jar. In this box, you are getting another product, and that is CBD dried fruit pineapple chunks. This CBD dried fruit contains 250mg of product and 20 pieces per jar. The price of the jar is $ 23.99.

Inside the box, you are getting CBD dried fruit diced mango of 250mg, and the weight is approx 130g. You have to pay $23.00 for this product. The next product you are getting is CBD sour gummy bear. The weight of the product is around 250mg, and you are getting 20 pieces per jar. The actual price of the product is $23.00.

The next product is CBD Gummy ribbons, and the weight is around 250mg, and the price rate is similar to other products. Next, you are getting the watermelon ring gummy. Price and quantity-wise it’s the same as other products mentioned above.

Another option that you have is priced at $79.99. In this box, you will find CBD Honey tincture. The weight of this product is 30ml. The quantity you are getting is 550mg. Another product is just CBD Signature hemp doobie. In this, you get 100mg of quantity. The size of the product is 1g. Also, it is the cheaper one at $15.99.

There comes another product that is CBD infused pain cream. The quantity of the product is 100mg and the size of the product 20z. The price rate of the product is $20.00. You can find CBD loaded dog treats. The quantity of this product is 100mg. You are getting 100pieces of this dog treats in 25 dollars.

Product Range Of Just CBD

1. Just CBDs Honey Tincture

It has a sweet flavor in it. It will solve a lot of purposes altogether. Though there are a lot of things and purposes that the CBD tincture can solve. It solely targets in removing pain, anxiety, and insomnia from your life. You can choose the products according to your needs.

If you have a meagre problem, then you can go ahead and invest in smaller packaging, whereas if you think your concern will take longer to cure or if there is more than one person to use then invest in the bigger bottles. The price range differs from bottle to bottle.

2. The Coconut Oil Tincture

It bears a light color, and the texture is also very lightweight. This one comes in a coconut flavor. All of the CBD oils and tinctures are fast-absorbing and has a slight fragrance that can improve your mood instantly.

The price range starts from $14.99 to $119.99 depending on the size. If you are wondering how to use the CBD coconut tincture oil, then you must know the proper steps. Take a dropper full of CBD oil put the liquid under your tongue, and hold the CBD coconut oil tincture there for some time and then swallow it.

If you are wondering what would be the best time for taking it, then you can have them after your meal. Don’t consume it just before your sleep time as it can sabotage your sleep cycle that way. Also, if you practice yoga regularly then avoid taking it just before you start, because that way it can cause you sleepiness which will interrupt your yoga.

Besides, if you have time to rest after a meal, then you can take this CBD oils that time so that, it will help you take rest by providing relaxation.

3. The MCT Coconut Oil Tincture

This contains less fat so by consuming it, you can have better digestion. So, if you are in search of an easily digestible product, then MCT coconut oil tincture should be your topmost priority. If you want to lose weight, then take this as it helps in making you stay full for a longer period.

That way, you will end up eating less, which will result in weight loss. So, without any hesitation, people with obesity should start using coconut MCT oil immediately. As these things take time to show the results, you have to be patient while using it.

4. Hempseed Oil

Looking for syringe packaging? Well, then choose the daily dose of anything. The daily dose of hempseed oil is also known as broad-spectrum CBD oil, which has 65 mg of CBD in it. Also, it comes with a unique syringe packaging.

Packaging like this is very easy to use as compared to the other products available in the market. The syringe packaging makes the application smoother and quicker.

This daily dose of hempseed oil is an affordable option, and you can find this product in the online market very easily. It is filled with kosher grade vegetable glycerin. There are a lot of other nutrients, fatty acids, and bio-active compounds are there in this daily dose of hemp seed oil.

However, if you are taking any other medications along with it, then you must take it in small doses. Though it will not give you any harmful side-effects.

5. Gummies

Just CBD has a variety range of gummies. They are available in various flavors, and that attracts the attention of people from every age group. Whether you are thinking about where you can get all the flavors, then you must visit their official website. This product is available on both the online and offline market.

Each variant of just CBD gummies comes with delicious flavors as well as unique and exciting names. It will be a great option to gifting your little ones. When you are treating your children, then do not use the high dosages.

Hence, giving a mild dose would be the best for your kid. Just CBD gummies reviews have been positive when it comes to effectiveness of the same while it being safe for kids.

6. Dried Fruit Pineapple Junks

Every jar of CBD dried fruit pineapple junk holds the goodness of natural dried fruits. Each piece holds almost 12mg of CBD and also pure cane sugar. Along with terpenes and cannabinoids, consumers will also get the goodness of vitamin C and vitamin B6 with each serving. This product is also easily available around the world. This product has a mild fragrance and a beautiful color.

7. The CBD Dried Fruit Diced Mango

It is filled with the original flavor of mangoes. It contains 20mg of CDB per serving. One serving means five pieces of CBD dried fruit diced mangos. Being filled with potassium, vitamin C, and a small quantity of iron and magnesium makes it a healthy treat for your children.

Besides, the CBD dried fruit diced mangos are available in different sizes. So, you can select anyone according to your needs. This is also very reasonable in comparison to other products available in the market. It has a delicious mango taste in it.

In case you are a fruit lover and want to taste all delicious flavors in one, then you must purchase the CBD gummy ribbons. It comes in rainbow color. Available in different sizes so that you can choose anyone which suits your need the best. Each piece contains 12.5 mg of product.

In this CBD infused gummy ribbons you will have different sorts of antioxidants which helps against aging. This one is the most favorite among children as it comes in colorful packaging. Availability and affordable price make it favorite among adults as well.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

It can cure pain. Scientists around the world discovered that CBD has some specific components just like marijuana, which helps in numbing the pain. According to studies, it is also proven that CBD can eliminate chronic pain from the body by providing endocannabinoid receptor activity.

Studies have also found that CBD helps in eliminating surgical pain. Besides, it can significantly treat sciatic nerve pain. It also helps in reducing pain regarding arthritis.

It also helps reduce the size of active acne present on your face. Acne is the most common skin problem that people are concerned about all around the world. CBD oil controls the excessive sebum production on your face.

CBD has been in use for a lot of health issues for a very long time now. CBD can treat the early signs of epilepsy in children, and science has the strongest evidence for it. The strong components present in CBD can help you to fall asleep and staying asleep.

CBD has various uses and not to mention every single one of them is equally important. You already know about how effective it is in insomnia, pain relief, and stuffs like that. But what you might not have any idea about is that it is also very helpful in curing motion sickness and general nausea.

It also can fight against some early signs of cancer. Consuming this CBD oil regularly helps in clearing vision and indigestions. People who have been using this since for a long time say that they feel much energetic, and fit after they start consuming this oil.

Basic Thought On The Products

When you think about the products, the first thing that comes to your mind is how good the product tastes. As long as the taste is concerned, they make no mistake in this context. There are different flavors available which will be loved by children, adults and older adults.

Based on the taste preferences, you can choose the type of product. Just makes use of CBD, which is extracted from organic hemp. According to the newly passed bill hemp is now the important crop of the USA. Many of the CBD products are inspired by the glorified olive oils.

The other CBD oils of Just CBD is enriched with therapeutic goodness. Compared to other products of other brands, it provides more satisfaction while eating because of the sweet honey flavors it has. This is another highlight of the product. It gained popularity in a very short time because of its good taste and affordability.

If you want to know about all of the products, you should check the reviews on the website rather than trying then individually.

These CBD products contain pure oil which is free from additives. Thus you are assured that the product that you are buying is going to be highly effective. But there is a point of caution; it is about the consumption of CBD. You must be assured that the product should be safe and easy for the consumer.

Just CBD products are lab-tested and free from THC. Thus they are safe to consume.

However, you might feel sleepiness. Do not take CBD gummies more than 25 mg because it can give you drowsiness when you are trying to keep yourself awake. Hence, consuming CBD gummies in working hours is not a good idea. However, if you are trying to reduce your stress, anxiety, and trouble while sleeping then these CBD gummies will provide you with very good results.

Is It Worth Trying?

Just like CBD gummies, the CBD oral tincture can give you effective results by relaxing your body. However, this just CBD oral tincture does not reduce your pain completely, but it can eliminate your mild soreness. This experience would be pleasing, as well. Describing your feeling can be a little daunting, but it can calm down your entire body. So, it is filled with positive feedback.

CBD infused pain relief cream can be used for mild pain relief purposes. People who have used this product for pain relief purposes they reviewed that it has good effects on mild pains or soreness. If you have severe pain, then you must try the other products from this range.

If the product is taking too much time to show the effect on you, then there is a probability that it is not as effective on you as on others. Though these products are effective and start their action shortly after using. For getting better results for your pain using 200 mg product of just CBD. If you want to get faster results to reduce your joint pain, then prefer using the 200mg product.

It is not proved if they make any good impact on dogs but what you can be sure that your dog will love to have it. If you still think what you should buy for your dog as treats, then choose the steak bite CBD infused treats to give your dog.

Afterwards, you will notice how much your dog will love and enjoy eating the CBD infused dog treats. As a good result, you will notice that your dog will become more energetic and playful after consuming the CBD infused steak bites. Don’t expect immediate results after feeding your dog the CBD infused treats.

If you were still confused about trying it or not, I hope this description is convincing enough to make you try the CBD infused products.

Just CBD Brand Review: Parting Shot

These CBD products usually impress everyone with their effective results. The CBD products surely do provide positive therapeutic results which any other product available in the market rarely provide. If someone is suffering from mild stress, anxiety, and insomnia, then without any hesitation, purchase the products and start using them.

These CBD products have been found useful in treating mild to chronic pain. However, its effectiveness may vary. On some, the results might be quickly achieved while on others, it might take some time. If you want to get the best results out of the CBD oils, then you must choose them according to the intensity and severity of your pain.

It’s a fact that there are several brands selling CBD products, but not all brands are affordable. A few of them are priced highly, but if you are looking for a brand which is well-priced and at the same time provide the best results, then you must trust Just CBD. You should visit their official site to get a huge discount.

You can ask for an expert opinion from people who have used it, read the reviews on the official website, or buy sample size products to test them, before investing in the big bottles. No other brands will provide you with sample size products for trying out purposes.

Hence, it’s a great advantage of this brand. If you are from the USA then, you can easily get these products, but now it’s almost available everywhere around the globe. The most attractive part of this brand is it comes with an extraordinary 30-days return policy.

The official site of the brand is very helpful for its customers. After purchasing them if you face any kind of issue, then you can return the product within 30 days. This feature is the major highlight of this brand.

Overall, Just CBD is a great product that you can use to combat various health issues. You can easily purchase this product from their official website.