Johnny Apple CBD Reviews

Johnny Apple CBD Reviews

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Johnny Apple CBD Review: Explore The Amazing Benefit Of This Miraculous Oil

What are the chances of relieving joint and muscle pain while combating anxiety without any pain? Not much? Johnny Apple CBD, the one-stop solution for inducing calmness and providing pain relief.

Johnny Apple has a wide assortment of products here to help you find relief from ongoing pain. To help you find the best CBD product from the brand, we have a detailed CBD review, where we talk about the brand and some of its popular products.


The company started its journey in San Francisco. This country’s land is suited for the growth of CBD, and hence you can expect a great quality product.

The company manufactures a wide variety of CBD products like isolates, tinctures, topicals, gummies, and vapes. All these products have the purest quality of CBD without any THC, making it absolutely safe for consumption.

Key Highlights Of Johnny CBD

Some of the key highlights of CBD, which makes it the best product for use are:

1. Premium Quality CBD Product

One of the key factors which make this the best is that it has the purest form of CBD. The products are free from THC to produce CBD under stringent quality procedures.

2. Fair Pricing

Another aspect that makes this brand a popular choice is that it is priced fairly. You can now enjoy the benefits of CBD at affordable pricing.

Let’s first have a quick look at the popular Johnny Apple CBD products.

Top 13 Johnny Apple CBD Products 2021

1. Original CBD Tincture

Original CBD Tincture Johnny Apple CBD

The original tincture product is available in the market at the price of $35 and comes unflavored. It is prepared from 100% MCT oil that has the premium quality of derived coconut. Since it has a dropper bottle, it becomes easier for you to use. It is available in different quantity bottles in the market and is purchased according to the consumer’s needs.


  • Easy to absorb
  • Can be used over skin directly
  • Long-life usage
  • Relieve from stress
  • Helps to get over anxiety


  • It is flavorless

2. CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

If you want to have a palatable taste of CBD, then these gummies are a great choice. The quantity pack with 20mg provides good taste and is available in the market in different lime, orange, and strawberry flavors. One bottle consists of almost 30 gummies. It comes with zero quantity of THC content in it.


  • Inconspicuous
  • Very tasty
  • Dosage is easy
  • Good for the small children


  • No lab test results

3. Pure CBD Crystalline

Pure CBD Crystalline

People who are looking forward to the original cannabis taste should buy pure CBD. You can purchase it both online and offline at not more than $30. With 99% of the product’s pure hemp in the product, the consumers are taking it to feel very lightweight and clearheaded.

It leaves a consumer attentive and can also be used in different activities such as baking eating. People often use it with the vape. It is available mostly in cherry black and an anise flavor.


  • Help in relieving a different kind of pain
  • Inflammation
  • Removes depression as well as anxiety
  • Treats nausea


  • Slow reaction

4. CBD Calm Balm

People looking forward to getting relief from stress, pain, and different anxiety should try calm balm available in 500MG just for $35. It is made with the products like virgin hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and scented terpene blend. People love it because it is best reviewed for effective treatment of pain and relief of stress.


  • Have high inflammatory properties
  • Treats arthritic pain
  • Helps reducing tendon soreness
  • Easy to buy


  • Can have late effects
  • Cause dizziness

5. Vape Cartridges

Vape Cartridges

Vape products are some of the most loved products by the people. The vape cartridges are available for $35, providing the consumer with a quantity of 0.5 ml. It comes with the pre-filled and premium hemp distillate oil. The filled-in distillate is so pure that it feels very smooth to vaporize compared to the other spectrum oil.


  • Available in different flavors
  • Easy to vape
  • Different quantities


  • Should be taken in a limited dose

6. Stem-2 Single CBD Pod

Stem-2 Single CBD Pod

Stem 2 vaporizers are very popular in the market. The product reviews tell that it has different flavors available for the users to buy hat suits them the most. The profiles of the blend flavors have profile zen, bliss, calm.


  • Easily available
  • Different flavors
  • Easily affordable


  • Cannot be consumed without the prescription

7. Stem 2 Vaporizer Starter Kit

Stem 2 Vaporizer Starter Kit

The lovers of the vape are going to get addicted to his kit. The stem two vaporizer starter kit is best if you are a beginner in using the vape kit. These are the improved vape kits that have extended battery life and come in 3 heat setting modes. A user manual provided with this will act as a complete guide to understand how it works.


  • Portable
  • Nice design
  • Airier draw
  • Holds 2ml liquid


  • The pods are inconsistent
  • Comes with nicotine vape juice.

8. Crumble Wax

Crumble Wax

People who love to dab a concentrate in a nice quantity can buy this in the market at $60. It is an extremely new launched product, and its 2gm size is most purchased. Roughly it has a quantity of 1500 mg. and has no THC. Thus, making it safe to consume.


  • Fast to work
  • No THC
  • Provides benefits of CBD


  • Safe to use but must be taken in a limited amount
  • Fatigue

9. Board Spectrum Wax
Board Spectrum Wax

Two grams of the spectrum wax can be purchased at $60 and a perfect product for the consumers looking forward to getting a nice concentrate CBD. The product has not more than 1500 mg of pure hemp. It comes with no THC content, and is safe to use.


  • The purest form of CBD
  • More potent
  • Entourage effect


  • High dosage required

10. CBD Honey Oil

CBD Honey Oil

CBD honey oil is enriched with the honey constituents and is rich and smooth, making it a perfect dabbing one. With no THC content, this product is safe to use and is available at a price of $60.


  • Reduces anxiety
  • Relives depression
  • Increases appetite
  • Fight psychosis


  • Causes low blood pressure

11. Live Resin

Live Resin

Live resins are a great product from CBD. These resins are extracted from cannabis plants. The plants used for the live resins have not been cut, dried, and cured.


  • It is considered very rich in terpenes.
  • High-quality hemp is used.


  • Only uses high-quality hemp, which is not very easily found

12. CBD Vanilla Tincture

CBD Vanilla Tincture

The product is very organic and is made using the premium quality coconut MCT oil, and the vanilla flavor added to this is very natural and organic.


  • Helps in better sleep
  • Pain reliever
  • Helps in anxiety


  • Overdose can have a side effect

13. Strawberry Tincture CBD

Strawberry Tincture CBD

The strawberry tincture CBD is blended with the natural flavor oil. The strawberry tincture flavor made it stand out of the crowd and helps people take it easy.


  • Good for dealing with anxiety
  • Easy to use with the dropper
  • Smooth flavor


  • It takes time to react

Things To Consider While Buying CBD Oil

1. Safety

One of the first parameters that you must consider while buying CBD oil is that it must be safe to use. Johnny Apple provides high-quality CBD products, but they do not display the laboratory testing for each product. The only standing reason being that the FDA does not regulate CBD/hemp.

The company uses the most premium quality organic hemp plants, which speaks volumes about its quality. In any issue or controversies based on the product contents or general information, you could reach the Johnny Apple email. They could send you all the information in full detail.

2. Dosage

You must check the dosage before consuming the CBD products. With every Johnny Apple CBD product, you get the dosage information. Make sure that you don’t overconsume the same.

The strength and the potent value of the CBD are restricted, yet it could be harmful to those who take it in excess.
The products’ right dosage delivers good and accurate results without causing too many side effects and standing its ground for its worth.

3. Mixing With Other Medications And Supplements

People shouldn’t take over the counter or prescription medicine along with supplements like CBD oil. CBD products sold on Johnny Apple do not have side effects but taken along with the other medicines, could worsen the side effects of the other medicines, causing harm altogether.

CBD oil, a natural acquired substance, and alcohol, a manufactured substance, could create a synergistic effect that could worsen the person’s condition. It is highly advised to consult a specialist before trying anything new, along with the CBD products.

The effects might not be visible immediately, but it could cause long term damage and intense precautions in this aspect. It is suggested that the mixing of supplements should be avoided as much as possible to facilitate the proper use of CBD products.

4. Health

CBD oil is formulated to have been researched over the years to have therapeutic effects. In small doses, the side effects are extremely subdued. But while consumed in large doses, the kidneys could flush the excess out, and the less, the better.

Therapeutic doses have a narrow window of effective doses. CBD is taken through the absorption, and the inhaled form reaches the bloodstream faster, and effects are seen faster.

This detail Johnny Apple CBD review discusses in detail the CBD uses and its impact on curing anxiety and pain. CBD oil is also a point of research for cancer treatment. Anything overly taken will reverse the good effects and could cause long-lasting harm.

Johnny Apple CBD – Conclusion

While buying CBD products, make sure you know the working and the effects of each. Many varieties are available, and most of them are 100% THC-free and derived from organic hemp. While going through this detailed Johnny Apple CBD review, you would have now understood the various products offered by the brand and its pros and cons.
While there are certain points of concern, most consumers have talked about shared positive Johnny Apple CBD reviews. If you are starting your CBD journey and are looking for the best quality CBD oil, this is the right brand to start.


Q1. What Is The Recommended Dosage Of CBD Oil In A Day?

The sensitivity of the oil depends on the person. The only way you would know the right dosage for yourself is through experimentation, if trying by self. If consumed under prescription, the dosage recommended should be followed for unforeseen reasons.

Q2. How Is Marijuana Different From Hemp?

Hemp is one of the most common ingredients used in various products like denim, fabrics, and handbags. It is useful in printing and packaging as well. It has proven its effectiveness by building material and in oil paints, acrylics, and coatings.

Q3. Will CBD Make You Sleepy?

Yes, CBD is said to reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

Q4. What Are The Different CBD Products Offered By Jhonny Apple?

Tincture: Most popular comes with a dropper, which makes it easy to intake.
Capsules: Portable and easy to intake
Wax: can be used for cooking, dabbing.
Edibles: CBD has a strong, sometimes unpleasant taste; the sweetness of the edibles counteracts it.
Topical CBD: great for joint pains; a simple rub could do the magic.
Vape: fast-acting, reaches the bloodstream the fastest in all products.