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Infinite CBD Review 2021

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Infinite CBD is a company based in Colorado, USA, which makes CBD isolate products containing zero THC. When it comes to CBD it is relatively a new brand that wad launched in the year 2016. As per company claims, the products help you fight fatigue and provide relief from anxiety and stress.

These contain potent concentrations of CBD(99%) and are made using 100% natural ingredients in order to provide you with the purest, cleanest, and healthiest CBD products on the market.


All though there are many products in market but what sets Infinite CBD apart are its unique easy to use and high quality products. This company offers large number of products from asteroid gummies to hair plasma.

The company extracts the CBD isolate from organically farmed hemp plants, grown in optimum weather conditions. This CBD isolate, according to the company, is much more potent than CBD oil. They don’t use artificial flavoring or ingredients with their products, only coconut oil for drops and capsules and terpenes for enhancing the flavor of some products. In this CBD review, we shall discuss the company values, and the various products they are offering.

A Quick Summary Of Infinite CBD

Let us take a quick look at the positives and negatives of the brand:


  • A wide range of products
  • Free from Gluten and GMO
  • No animals are harmed during the manufacturing of products
  • Colorado-grown high-quality hemp
  • Terpene added fro flavoring
  • Unpleasant cannabis aftertaste not present in tinctures
  • Non-greasy and lightweight topicals
  • Discounts offered on products
  • Nano CBD range available
  • Large number of products
  • Stylish and modern packaging
  • Lab tested


  • The coconut oil present in the topicals may clog pores
  • Company origin is not entirely clear
  • Absence of full-spectrum CBD products

A Full Review Of Infinite CBD

The CBD industry is a highly competitive, and there are many companies trying to increase their presence . If you visit a retail store, you can find some products containing low amounts of cannabidiol, but when you will check online retailers, you’ll be surprised to find high-quality oils at affordable rates. But there are so many of them these days that it’s difficult to pick one without having used their products beforehand. Once you’ve gone through some websites, they look all the same.

A company needs to offer fun and unique products to its customers, in order to carve out a niche for itself. This is the area where Infinite CBD truly excels. This Colorado-based company has unique branding based on outer space and offers some unique products which include hair plasma and asteroid gummies.

The most striking feature of the company is high-quality products, manufactured using CBD isolate. This is CBD in its purest form, and no other cannabinoids are mixed with it. There are several cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, and out of them, CBD is the most potent one. Thus, while buying CBD products from Infinite CBD, you can be ensured of its quality.

Apart from CBD isolate, Infinite CBD also offers nano CBD products. These products are used when our body is not able to absorb most of the CBD. Most of the CBD is converted to waste because the body is unable to break it down. With nano CBD products, a nano-emulsification process is carried out which breaks down the chemicals and particles of CBD, which allows the body to absorb most of it, and use it immediately, creating less waste.

With so many companies available on the market, and so many products to choose from, it can be a daunting task to buy the best product from the best company. So in this review, we shall cover all the details about this unique and creative company from Colorado.

Infinite CBD: Who Are They?

Infinite CBD was established by Stephen Ryan in the year 2016. There is a peculiar story behind how the business started. Ryan had a son, whose best friend’s dad was in a critical condition and suffering from extreme pain due to Lyme disease. For him, taking opioids and painkillers wasn’t an option, as he was a truck driver, and taking such medicines could impair his driving abilities. This also meant that he was not able to consume cannabis.

Stephen Ryan managed to procure some CBD and gave it to the ailing truck driver. This Truck driver sent a text to him the following day saying that he hadn’t felt this good and pain-free for many years. This gave Ryan the idea to start a CBD company. He, along with his associates wished to make the best CBD version, and eventually managed to create a CBD isolate that was extremely potent as it did not contains any other cannabinoids.

Infinite CBD’s company vision is to spread education and knowledge about CBD while manufacturing the best CBD products from which the customers can benefit. They wish to provide industries like mental health, doctor, chiropractor, massage, and fitness with knowledge regarding CBD and CBD products. The company believes in isolate products and is fully committed to them.

While most companies in the CBD industry swear by full-spectrum products, Infinite CBD sticks with CBD isolate, although they have stated that they are aware of the entourage effect and the benefits of utilizing the whole plant. Their stand is supported by studies which have revealed that CBD isolates work better than CBD used in combination with THC.

When you visit any retailer website, you are going to find some common information on your screen regarding the origin of their company, what are the benefits of using their oil and topicals, and their most popular product. The ‘About Me’ section is an important one because it tells you about what kind of company you are dealing with. Most companies are either focused on maintaining their image or marketing their products to the best of their abilities. Very few companies look forward to spread education and awareness.

But Infinite CBD is one of those rare companies that aim to educate its customers regarding CBD and CBD products. Their website contains extensive information about cannabidiol as well as the products offered by the company. However, it doesn’t say much regarding the origin of the website and the company. In spite of this, their branding is superior to its competition. Their space-themed aesthetics are extremely popular, and the packaging in trendy and cool, featuring white and jet black colors.

Some of the most popular products of Infinite CBD include ‘Absolute Zero’, ‘Hair Plasma’, and ‘Dark Matter’. You can find several articles on their website related to cannabidiol and its chemistry, and that is not all. The education section has extensive information about the products so that you know what you are paying for. You can check out the myriad collection of articles after you’re done exploring the education section.

Highlights Of Infinite CBD

Apart from the vast amount of articles, information, educational material, and Infinite CBD reviews available on the website, there are a few more things about the company, that are equally impressive.

1. Laboratory Test Results

For every single product, you can find the details of the lab test results provided below the product description section. This way, you know exactly where the product is sourced from and can rest easy knowing it has been quality-tested by a laboratory.

2. Global Impact Of Infinite CBD

There is a separate ‘Impact’ section on the Infinite CBD website where there is some information regarding how the company is impacting people’s lives across the world. Here you will find stories from customers who have benefited from the company’s products.

3. Free Shipping On A Particular Order Amount

With this company, you don’t have to pay any shipping charges for orders amounting over $99. So if you are a regular customer, you can save a lot of money in the long-term.

4. Variety Of Products

You can buy the products of this company in various potencies and sizes. For example, you can buy the CBD oil in concentrations of 5000 mg, 2500 mg, 1000 mg, 500 mg, and 250 mg.

5. Single-Source Hemp

All of the hemp from which the CBD is sourced are grown in Colorado. The company does not source its CBD from dubious farms with no information about the farming and treatment of hemp, so you can rest easy knowing you are receiving a genuine and pure plant product.

6. No Harmful Chemicals

Infinite CBD’s products are completely free from harmful herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals. They always use the purest CBD isolate derived from the cleanest hemp, which has been found to contain 99% pure CBD.

7. Creative And Innovative Products

This brand is known to create new innovative CBD products. Hair plasma, bright and juicy asteroid gummies, and CBD lip balm are some of the most interesting products of Infinite CBD.

8. Positive Customer Reviews

While you are looking for company reviews online, you’ll either come across third-party or individual reviewers. Although third-party reviews for Infinite CBD are little and few, the majority of them are on the positive side. They praise the website as well as the quality of the products. You will also find reviews from their new and old customers on the official website of Infinite CBD. While some of the reviews are pretty generic, there are a few which offer in-depth analysis of the products. The evaluations are mostly positive.

Infinite CBD offers a wide range of products sure to impress the pickiest CBD enthusiasts. But there is one thing common in all of their products that they are all based on CBD isolate. So rather than containing a whole bunch of terpenes and cannabinoids, it only contains pure cannabidiol. There is much debate regarding which is better; full-spectrum or isolate, but this company firmly believes that CBD isolate is the future.

Apart from CBD oil, Infinite CBD also offers cream, gummies, and capsules. In this Infinite CBD review, we will take a look at the different products in detail.

Top 5 Products by Infinite CBD

1. Infinite CBD Gummies

Infinite CBD Gummies Infinite CBD

For many people, gummies are the most convenient way of taking CBD. They are tasty, portable, discreet, and easy to dose whenever you need it. Their gummies, also known as Asteroid Gummies and they are sourced from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado. These are some of the best gummies you can find on the online market because of their high potency, reliable source, and the absence of any animal products. Each of the gummies content 25 mg of CBD isolate and are vegan-friendly. Compared to the gummies sold by other brands, these have higher doses of CBD which makes them ideal for daily intake.

If the dose is too high for you, you can simply divide the gummies. Some of the gummies sold by other companies contain gelatin, derived from animals, which is a big no-no for vegans. But these are completely free from gluten and animal products. Moreover, the flavors are available in a multi-pack, so you can experience delicious flavors like orange, lemon, blue raspberry, grape, strawberry, and green apple.

This product offers value for money, being cheaper than many other similar products. They are also tested by third-party laboratories for potency and quality. You will find very CBD products on the market that are 100% vegan and contains only natural flavors, and this is one of them. Buying these would cost you $0.09 or less per mg, which is an excellent deal.

Coming to the potency, the 25 mg cannabidiol concentration for each gummy puts this product on the mid to high range potency spectrum. Of course, you can find some gummies that are exceptionally strong, containing 50 mg each, but they are quite uncommon, and might not be suitable for lightweight people who require lower doses of CBD. 25 mg is an optimum potency which is suitable for people of all weight categories.

You can also check out the lab results for the CBD extracts which will ensure you about the quality and potency of these gummies. The company tests this product for mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals so you always know what you are taking. This transparency is well-appreciated by the customers.

The product is currently available in packs of 5, 10, and 20, with the same potency mentioned before. So you can choose the number of gummies to buy, based on your budget. The formula for these gummies is quite simple, consisting of CBD isolate, and vegan gummy mix. The company does issue any claim stating the gummies cure any diseases or ailments, and these are meant to be used as health supplements. You should consult your doctor before taking these and use it with other medications and supplements for the best results.


2. Infinite CBD Oil

Infinite CBD OilInfinite CBD sells this oil as Isolate Droppers, which offers a convenient way of adding CBD to your cooking pan, smoothie, and coffee. This product comes in 30ml bottles with different concentrations like 5000 mg, 25000 mg, 1000 mg, 500 mg, and 250 mg. This is the most popular product of Infinite CBD. It is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

It is recommended that you put a few drops under your tongue and keep them there. The oil quickly gets absorbed into the body and starts acting immediately. There are no artificial additives in this product and Infinite CBD uses only CBD oil and coconut oil for making these. You can use this product alongside CBD capsules for complete pain relief. The product is completely free from THC and causes no psychoactive effects.

Different flavors are available for this product, namely Tangi, Super Silver Haze, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Mango Kush, Harcore OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Charlotte’s Web, Cheese, Bubba Kush, and Blue Dream. One thing that makes this company unique is that you can buy additional terpenes. This product does not contain terpenes but you can get the terpene oils separately. So you can enjoy the flavor of your marijuana strain of choice without experiencing the undesirable psychoactive effects.

The potency for 5000 mg concentration, it is around 166.67 mg/mL. There are very few companies that offer oils with such high potency. Lower potency options are also available, so you can find the concentration that works best for you. These oils are pretty useful for conditions like insomnia, stress, anxiety, inflammation, and general pain.

Condition-specific varieties are not available for this product, for the high potency makes up for it. With its unique terpenes and five different concentrations, you can get 50 different options when it comes to these droppers.


3. Infinite CBD Nano Products

Infinite CBD Nano Products

If you want your body to fully utilize the amount of CBD you’re taking, Nano CBD might be the best choice for you. The Nano CBD crystals measure at 1 nanometer and are thus much smaller than the crystals of regular CBD which measure around 4440 nanometers. This enhances the bioavailability of the product, as it can easily be broken down by your body. Thus, you need to use less amount of cannabidiol and it also gets absorbed faster.

These products are also less likely to cause allergies, just like animal proteins that have been hydrolyzed. This way, you can save more money and enjoy greater benefits. You dissolve this product in water and have it, as it is water-soluble, due to its bioavailability. Moreover, you can better experience the therapeutic effects of this product due to the fast absorption. It is available in concentrations of 6000 mg, 3000 mg, and 900 mg.

The different products from Infinite CBD that feature Nano CBD include Freezing Point which is a topical cream for pain relief that has a cooling effect on the affected area, CBD Shots which are herbal formulas and superfoods utilizing Nano CBD, Enhancer, which is a dropper using which you can add Nano CBD to drinks and food, and finally, the Non-dairy Creamer containing MCT oil and Nano CBD which comes in 2 different flavors.


4. Infinite CBD Topicals

Infinite CBD Topicals

This topical healing oil, also known as Afterglow, is intended to help with various skin issues like inflammation caused after getting a tattoo and burns. It also helps revitalize and heal your skin. It comes in a 1.6 ounces bottle containing 100 mg of CBD. If you are looking to buy a skincare product that makes make your skin look younger and healthier, then you should give Afterglow a shot.

The potency of this topical oil is quite low, with 2 mg/mL. But this potency is enough to give your relief from inflammation and pain and to moisturize your skin. All of the hemp used for making this product comes from a farm in Colorado that uses organic farming techniques. There are third party laboratory test results provided on Infinite CBD’s website that support this. The CBD extracts do not contain any harmful substances like solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Right now, you can get this topical healing oil in one potency and one size only. Apart from CBD, Afterglow also contains ingredients like Vitamin E, manuka honey, lanolin, and coconut oil. These promote cell regeneration, moisturize dry spots, and protect your skin from the elements of nature.


5. Infinite CBD Capsules

Infinite CBD Capsules

Infinite CBD offers three different CBD capsules that are beneficial or everyone, whatever their daily routine, schedule, and metabolism are like. You have the option to choose between AM Capsules, PM Capsules, and Isolate Capsules.

The Isolate Capsules are perfect for those who require a higher dosage. It is also well-suited for those individuals who have a tight schedule. Crystal clear, and clean, these CBD isolate capsules are made using the best industrial hemp plants. It comes in packs of 10 or 30, with concentrations of 10 mg, 25 mg, and 100 mg. You can take these capsules any time you wish. They are 100% gluten-free, contain coconut oil, and cause no side-effects.

The AM Capsules are meant for morning use and is a much better alternative to coffee. It is specially made for those who have a busy lifestyle. These capsules contain 100 mg caffeine mixed with 25 mg/100 mg of CBD. To ensure the safety of its consumers, the company extracts the caffeine from organic coffee beans, while the CBD is sourced from pure organic hemp of the highest quality.

You don’t have to worry about your work-life getting hampered after taking these capsules, as there are no psychoactive effects. If you are a late riser who has to cover long distances while traveling to school or work, you might miss out on your morning coffee, in which case, the AM Capsules can give you the boost you need to get your day started.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, the PM capsules are perfect for you. It takes away all your worries and makes you drift off to sleep, peacefully. These capsules are aimed at enhancing your melatonin levels, which results in a night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Melatonin, in combination with CBD, helps regulate both NREM and REM sleep. It is also beneficial for reducing the symptoms of menopause, boosting the immune system, and relieving the symptoms of chronic pain.


Other Products From Infinite CBD

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are a few others that need to be discussed in this Infinite CBD review. The company also has a Beard Oil, which is beneficial for itchy and dry beard, and also protects against dandruff. This product contains hemp seed oil and jojoba oil which keep your facial hair healthy and moisturized.

Another product called Hair Plasma is also available, which uses the goodness of cannabidiol to revitalize your hair. It promotes healthy scalp and hair and comes in three different varieties for different hair types. There is the Dry Scalp variety for those with itchy scalp, Extra Volume to enhance the hair volume, and Growth and Thickening, which returns your hair to its natural state.

There is another type of oil available, known as Pet Droppers which helps your pet with digestion, and reduces the effects of pain, inflammation, and arthritis. It is a mixture of coconut oil and CBD isolate and is made using natural ingredients. This oil is non-psychoactive, non-GMO, and easy to use. This allows your dog to relax and bring about a sense of calm. It also increases their appetite and soothes their senses.

The Prices Of Infinite CBD Products

We have already seen that Infinite CBD has a wide range of products. Lets have a look at their prices:

  • Asteroid Gummies: 5 pack – $9.53, 10 pack – $15.86, 20 pack – $27.38
  • Isolate Droppers: $12 to $128 depending on strength and size
  • CBD Capsules: Isolate – $20.64 to $370.08, AM Capsules – $38.76 to $385.29, PM Capsules – $38.76 to $385.29
  • CBD Topicals: Afterglow – $18.10, Freezing Point cream – $14.00 to $35.99, Freezing Point salve – $28.20 for stick and $49.08 for tin

Final Thoughts On Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD has introduced some unique products into the market. The purity and potency of their CBD isolate are unmatched. They have also launched nano-products that offer great value for money. It is advisable that you buy the products from the official website because you will get to know the exact price, the delivery time, and where the products are sourced from.