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Funky Farm CBD Reviews 2021

Funky Farm CBD products popularity have grown phenomenonaly. Cannabidiol infused products presently are storming the alternative wellness market. Thus, making it one of the most popular products in foreign countries. CBD is legal in 50 states and 40 countries today, wherein you will find CBD at.

  • Online stores
  • Cannabis dispensaries

Funky Farms offers a wide range of CBD products. It is a full-spectrum CBD company that has sets the gold standards for offering purest, potent “NO THC” CBD products to the customers. The product range comprises edibles, topicals, oil, soft gels, beverages, capsules, and more that are tailored to fit your preferences, needs, and lifestyle.

The company deals in CBD products categorized in three strengths.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD products: These products are made from cannabinoids compounds along with other stronger elements found from the hemp plant. It has less than 0.0mg THC
  • Full-spectrum CBD products: These products are made from the full range of Cannabinoids and other wellness compounds present in the hemp plant. It has less than 0.3% THC in it.
  • Isolate products: These products are made from CBD with No THC or other phytocompounds in it.

About The Brand

The company’s primary aim is to help every person to find their healthiest version through the power of plants. What makes the company stand exclusive from the rest is the value it brings to its customers and a commitment to deliver nothing but quality.

While doing the CBD review, we happen to compare other CBD product brands, the company deals in a wide range of wellness products that you will find made from mild to the strongest form of hemp extract. The CBD products are tested, available in cute bright colored packaging.

The brand is known for maintaining the quality of the product that enhances people’s life ensuring they are delivered with immense care to the customers. The brand offers some exclusive flavors like blueberry gelato and Alaskan ice.

There are no added flavors or artificial colors mixed with the ingredients to the products. The brand is committed to their customer well-being, hence, ensures that the entire product range is natural this includes their CBD gummies.

Moreover, the brand offers discounted deals to teachers, military professionals, dependents, and first respondents. Also, if you are a college student you too can avail discount by verifying your email address.

Brand Offerings

People consume CBD products for a variety of reasons. This includes improving and enhancing their overall health, while others have specific wellness goals to meet. CBD ingredient works with a set of receptors which binds to ligands and causes a response in your immune system.

Thus, CBD has proved to regulate the mood swings, inflammation problems, synchronizes your stress levels, improvise your sleep schedule, and host of your well-being. Hence, CBD products today have become part of the daily wellness routine of people worldwide.

The brand ensures to stay true to the taste of the hemp plant from which they derive the oil. This means that flavonoids and terpenes that enhances the smell and taste of the plant is retained in the full- and broad- spectrum products.

The company offers a wide range of CBD products and some of the top-selling products include.

1. Best Tasting Edible Gummies

CBD gummies are available in a variety of flavors that are delicious. These amazing sweet and sour chewable are packed with the goodness of CBD ingredients. The gummies carry the greatest health benefits of CBD with no melatonin inside.

Support your wellness with CBD gummies available in two flavors – sweet and citrus tastes and another is watermelon that has sweet flavor. The gummies have said to be extremely helpful in easing out depression and anxiety and completely free from corn syrup. It also gives relief from everyday stress, offering peace and relaxation.

2. CBD Drink Packs

These are CBD power-packed powdered energy drink. Available in two varieties of flavors, it has to be mixed with water. Made from high-grade CBD ingredients, each of the drink pack has 25 mg of CBD. The drink pack comprises nutritional ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc. to relieve you from everyday stress. The product is naturally-flavored and available in Berry Mix and Citrus Blend.

3. CBD Tinctures

Nothing beats the good old tinctures when it comes to adding CBD to the diet. The potency offered by Funky Farms ranges between 250mg to 1500mg making choosing the suitable potency easy for individuals. The full spectrum CBD comes with MCT oil added to enhance the effects of the oil.

The much hyped Alaskan Ice tincture not only provides you with all the goodness of CBD but its minty infusion sends chills through your body helping you relax immediately. The tinctures comes with graduated dropper for easy administration.

4. CBD Cartridge

To drift off in the state of relaxation, the brand offers four flavors of broad- and full-spectrum high-quality cartridge that has the best hemp extracts. The cartridge gives you a truly relaxing experience, dropping all your excess baggage of stress.

Apart from above mentioned there are CBD gel caps, and daily dose packs are also available that you can shop and have a relaxing stress-free experience.

Funky Farm CBD Brand Review

After reviewing a couple of CBD products, we have lined up the pros and cons of the products the company offers:


  • The products have no THC which is a major pro that people expect in CBD products. THC is the ingredient that gives you the high feeling when consumed and the good news is the products are free from it, even the full-spectrum ones. Thereby you can use it without any doubts.
  • To serve the desired purpose, some CBD products are made from raw hemp and other relevant ingredients such as terpenes, fatty acid, and MCT oil are added that enhances the benefits of the product. The company insists only uses natural and pure ingredients which enhances the efficiency of the products.
  • The company develops CBD products with the right amount of ingredients in correct proportions. Each of the product comes with the ingredients and CBD potency that makes them work as they should. The tinctures are made with full-spectrum CBD, the gummies are made with isolates and do are the gel caps.
  • The product does not have any artificial flavor or colors added to it. The brand is committed to offering only high-grade valued products to the people that do nothing but enhances their well-being.


  • The products are not recommended to consume during pregnancy. Consuming CBD can bring serious health issues to the mother and unborn child. The brand has already mentioned this in their disclaimer.
  • Some of the flavors are not the usual ones, hence not all customers happen to develop a liking to the taste.
  • There is a slight possibility to get addicted to these CBD products. Hence it is recommended that if you are taking it on a daily basis, let your doctor recommend proper dose before starting.


1. Why You Should Consider CBD Products?

The brand is known for offering high-grade CBD products that are made from the purest form of hemp extracts. These products can enhance your well-being which includes easing joint pains, normalizes mood swings, improves sleep issues as well as inflammation problems. The oil is also known to help you control appetite and lose weight in a safe way when incorporated with proper diet and workouts.

2. What Is So Special About Funky Farm Products?

The products are made from natural flavors with pure hemp extract. The customers are praising the products for being effective and serving the purpose.

3. How Much Dosage I Should Take?

Before buying CBD products for your daily regime, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that it is the right thing for your health. Pregnant women are strictly forbidden from consuming CBD.

4. Are There Any Side Effects Of Consuming These Products?

Overall Funky farms CBD review suggests that the brand is committed to offering only high-quality CBD products. Hence, there are no such side effects registered by the customers. However, if you are suffering from some specific medical condition it is always suggested that you check with your doctor before ingesting any CBD products.

5. Can You Get “High” From Consuming CBD Products?

Unless the product is made from full-spectrum CBD with THC present in full form, you are not likely to get high. These CBD products are made after the CBD is completely freed from even traces of THC. Funky Farms boasts of such THC free products, thus you will not get high by consuming any of their products.

Funky Farm – Conclusion

The CBD market is huge, and there are literally hundreds and thousands of products to explore. You may decide to try the full-spectrum CBD product or a milder one perhaps with no THC, but are unsure which to opt for first.

Unless you do not experience it you will never come to know which is most suitable to you. Whether you like to consume a stronger dose or prefer no THC, the brand comprises a wide range of amazing CBD products to satisfy every CBD user.

No matter what CBD product you choose it is recommended that to check the reviews and testimonials before you buy them. There is a vast majority of CBD products are sold online, you can try soft gels, topicals, energy drink packs, capsules, gummies, and much more without any hesitation.