Elixinol CBD Oil Reviews 2021

1. Organic Balance Full Spectrum2. Daily Balance Full Spectrum3. Daily Balance Tincture
Organic Balance Full SpectrumDaily Balance Full SpectrumDaily Balance Broad Spectrum Tincture

Elixinol is a renowned company in the CBD industry. It aims to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. The company have succeeded in grabbing various achievements and keeping up with the good work for the last three decades. You are sure to get a full range of products, including tinctures, capsules, pet treats, and skincare from Elixinol.

You should know that CBD oil is a product that is derived from cannabis. It has no involvement in any side effects such as intoxications, which are caused by other cannabinoids known as THC. CBD Oil is also known for its best impact of relieving pains, anxiety, or any daily medical issues. In this CBD oil review of Elixinol; you will be getting to know everything about the CBD oil and the other CBD products. The Elixinol hailed as the king of this CBD industry. Its products are highly appreciated and reliable compared to other companies.

In this buying guide, you will come across some of the best products so that you can choose one for yourself. Many people get an issue in selecting the right one for them, after checking out this Elixinol CBD oil review, you can clear all your doubts. All you need to do is check every detail about the product because your health is real wealth.

Elixinol works with a single goal in its mind to create CBD products, which will not only stand up to the high-quality standards but also it should be beneficial for persons to deal with daily life medical problems. It is suggested not to rush into cheaper products because it can have a risk of backfiring. You should always go thoroughly and do not take a chance for your health conditions. Your health is the most precious thing for you, so do not compromise ever.

Short Glance On The Pros And Cons Of Using Elixinol


  • A unique and impressive variety of CBD products
  • Affordable pricing
  • High quality and natural hemp used in every product
  • Unique and remarkable flavors.
  • Impressive customer service and easy return policy
  • Availability of third-party lab reports
  • Free shipping across the United States


  • The variety of products is less compared to other brands

Review Of Elixinol CBD Oil

The CBD oil extracted from bits of hemp has shot to fame for being healthy. Several people have started thinking that this might be the miracle cure to all of their problems, and this might be a reason for gaining popularity. But “cure-all” is the stage which is yet to achieve. Still, it is no surprise that CBD oil is capable of providing relief to the person. You should not be taken aback to know that all the right sides of CBD oil come with some negative sides, such as overdosing if taken without prescription.

So, in the CBD oil market, one company that has taken the lead from all different companies and became a center stage is Elixinol. This company was established way back in 1991 based on Colorado company. It has become the CBD oil industry’s powerhouse, becoming a famous and trustworthy brand when it comes to manufacturing BD capsules, oils, or any other hemp-based products.

Elixinol is one of those fewest companies which have experienced the mainstream’s attention. It has also been featured in the news outlets for its high-quality brand of CBD extraction. Thanks to its legal extraction process, which is done domestically grown hemp supply.

Are you looking for a variety of high-class hemp extracts or just well made and reliable? If yes, then do not look anywhere else, Elixinol provides CBD oil to ensure wellness in various health issues. Elixinol is also offering free shipping and also has an excellent range of products amongst all existing brands.

About The Elixinol

There is no doubt that Elixinol is the king of the CBD oil market since it is working hard for decades. It is now manufacturing and cultivating high-quality hemp on a vast scale all around the world. This brand-name was established back in 1991 by passionate leaders. Amongst all of the leaders, Paul Benhaim was one of the most renowned names in the hemp industry.

When Elixinol was establishing, leaders have a single goal in their mind to create CBD products, which will not only stand up to the high-quality standards but also it should be beneficial for persons to deal with daily life medical problems.

Over the past years, the team of Elixinol has developed excellent therapeutic CBD products listed in top-selling products. All these products also include the present CBD oil, tinctures, and capsules. Not to mention, this company has also developed its unique CBD tropical hemp balms, which are some great and remarkable reviews for curing skincare, joint pain, and anti-aging.

Short Highlights On Brand Features

Elixinol is such a brand that understands the priority of quality. Most importantly, the company boast of significant resources, time, and money that it has invested in maintaining the high quality. These factors have helped the company to compete with other brands year after year. All products of the Elixinol came from pure organic hemp strains and are also third-party lab tested. Let us take a glance at some highlights which have been listed below.

1. Safety

In Elixinol, all the products get tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides. There is no point in doubting the qualification because the company even post quality testing results on its official website.

2. Quality

The advanced techniques of Elixinol’s CO2 extractions do maintain all of the cannabinoids, terpenoids, and every essential oil and other compounds of the primary plant material into the full spectrum product.

3. Innovation Verified

Elixinol has innovated one of the bet oral applicators for the concentrated CBD oil products in the industry. The oral applicators of this company safeguard against the unwanted air pockets and UV related decomposition. These two are known as the typical source of CBD oil breakdown and waste.

4. No Synthetic Ingredients

Unlike the other hemp-extracted products, the Elixinol CBD oils have been removed from the purest strain of cannabidiol rich loops of hemp. It means that there are no synthetic additives are included.

Below are provided Elixinol CBD oil reviews that will give you most of the understanding to you about the products available in the Elixinol.

CBD Oil Hemp Tinctures by Elixinol

These hemp CBD oil tinctures are prepared by using a chemical-free CO2 extraction procedure, which ensures that tinctures are 100 percent organic. Elixinol brings itself the best oil possible to their customers. These oil tinctures are known to be perfect for those interested in vaping their CBD dose. This product is full-spectrum and also uses several beneficial cannabinoids in their final recipe.

The best thing about the product you must notify is that these products are non-psychoactive and will not render the user “high.” This CBD oil is specially made to pinpoint and also relieve the specific number of various health conditions.

Highlighting The CBD Products Range Of Elixinol

The Elixinol Company is producing and manufacturing high-quality CBD products from three decades. The amount of time invested by this company in the CBD industry is unbeatable and remarkable. It is the reason which explains everything why this company is more trustworthy and always in the eye of news outlets across the country.

This company has an excellent range of various products and unarguably has much more variety than most of the CBD extracts company. Some products of Elixinol boasts of capsules, tinctures, balms, protein powder, applicators, liposomes, and some other hemp products specially made for your beloved furry partner. Different things need an honorable mention, which is the Sativa skincare line.

Plenty of caution and time has been taken to create each product. The merchandise consists of fully 100 percent organic, pure hemp, extract, and full spectrum. The official website of this company also offers you the educational area, so if you are interested in learning about loops of hemp, then you can go there are learn thoroughly and adequately in Elixinol. It might be the best news for buyers that you will be provided with coupon codes if someone wants any cut off in their overall price.

The Elixinol CBD tinctures also came available in eight various flavors, milligrams, and the concentrates. The Respira Hemp oil is also even available in two flavors known as Grape mint flavors and mint flavors. It comes with 300mg and 600mg where 300mg comes in $39.99 and 600mg comes in $74.99.

The Elixinol hemp extract tinctures are also available the two flavors, such as Cinnamint flavor and natural flavor. They are available with a 300mg bottle of $29.99, and 3600mg bottle is $249.99. The 3600mg might seem excessive, but if you are a regular user, you can opt for this tincture. By choosing this, you can save your pocket and especially then if you get a coupon code.

It is time for you to check out the CBD oil reviews below for better understanding and take a glance at the products and its features.

1. Organic Balance Full Spectrum

Organic Balance Full SpectrumUSDA has certified these organic tinctures. The tinctures are crafted with the whole hemp extract by the hemp for assuring the delivery of benefits of CBD. You will also notice the complementary components range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, which can define the entourage effect. The Pro-Cert certifies this product, which only a handful of companies have achieved. No doubt Elixinol is one of them; it is the only company to boasts of USDA certification. This organic balance full spectrum comes with various benefits and features. Have a look at it.

  • It comes with natural flavor.
  • No toxic chemicals and harsh solvents are used in it.
  • It is full-spectrum hemp-extracted oil.
  • Isolated cannabinoids are not used as the ingredient base.
  • It is easy to use the marked dropper for accuracy.

2. Daily Balance Full Spectrum

Daily Balance Full SpectrumThese CBD vibrant tinctures are thoroughly blended with the full spectrum hemp along with the MCT oil for creating the foundation of reliable, easy to use, and clean tinctures. You will also find added beta-caryophyllene, which is a critical terpene and located in the hemp plant naturally for enhancing the overall formulae. In daily balance full spectrum tinctures, simpler substances are used to create something impressive. Here are some benefits or features mentioned below, shot a glance at it.

  • This tincture is available in Natural and Cinnamint flavors.
  • Isolated cannabinoids have not been used as an ingredient base.
  • No toxic chemicals and harsh solvents are being used.
  • The usage of a marked dropper for the accuracy is straightforward.
  • BCP for absorption and efficiency.
  • The product is available in different quantities such as 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 4000 mg of CBD tinctures per bottle.

3. Daily Balance Broad Spectrum Tincture

Daily Balance Broad Spectrum TinctureCBD is derived from the hemp plant. The full spectrum also contains flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes, which is naturally found in the hemp plant. It always creates an entourage effect, but there is no involvement of THC. No doubt, it is an excellent option for that who cannot even have traces of THC is their system. This full-spectrum, rich CBD oil is perfectly blended with the MCT oil to create easy-to-use and reliable tinctures. The MCT oil is the liquid from the coconut, which works as the carrier of lipid-soluble cannabinoids like CBD. Here are some listed features and benefits of these products.

  • This broad-spectrum tincture comes in refreshing winter mint flavor.
  • The product is available in different quantities such as 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 4000 mg of CBD tinctures per bottle.
  • No toxic chemicals and harsh solvents are being used.
  • Isolated cannabinoids have not been used as an ingredient base.

CBD Capsules By Elixinol

CBD capsules are known as one of the most convenient ways of taking your daily dose of CBD. You will just have to pop up a capsule from the bottle for the start of the day. Also, you can just take it when you are going to bed at night. It is also a proper way to get the assurance of getting an appropriate dose, which will be needed. These capsules consist of similar to the fashion of sister tinctures through the chemical-free process of CO2 extraction, which also guarantees clean products without any involvement of chemicals solvents.

The Elixinol CBD capsules are also available in 450, 900, and 1350mg. The 450mg comes in $44.99, 900mg comes in $79.99, and the super strength 1350mg comes in $99. There is no inclusion of synthetic products. The hemp used in this product is 100percent pure and tested clearly. The official website of Elixinol offers a page of education where you can learn about hemp and its benefits. In a nutshell, you can get an idea of what you are buying and how they are beneficial to you. If you have some interest in learning more about hemp, this would be very beneficial for you.

1. Daily Balance Capsules

Daily Balance CapsulesThe full spectrum capsules are expertly blended hemp extract along with the coconut oil for finding out the reliable and clean capsules. These vegan capsules of Elixinol are straightforward to maintain each day. Simple ingredients are mixed up to create something well-amazed product. Here are detailed features of these capsules. Shot a glance at it.

  • Vegan Capsules cannabinoids like CBD.
  • Encapsulated Liquid for absorption.
  • No harsh solvents or toxic chemical used.
  • No isolated cannabinoids.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Supercritical CO2-extracted full-spectrum hemp oil.
  • It has no synthetic chemicals, colors or fragrances.

2. Omega Turmeric Capsules

Omega Turmeric CapsulesThese Omega turmeric capsules have been made with the busy daily schedule keeping in mind. It features a unique combination of CBD oil full-spectrum along with algae-based DHA and turmeric for supporting the optimal antioxidant action. This capsule will help you to keep yourself at best. With the usage of Full-spectrum oil, the capsules offer not only the benefits of CBD but also the complete choice of the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids found in hemp plant helps to create an entourage effect.

  • The full spectrum capsules have all the benefits of CBD and have a range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Turmeric is shown in having antioxidant properties.
  • The turmeric added in this capsule will help you to absorption of the DHA.
  • It has been made with the organic hemp.

3. Stressless Capsules

Stressless CapsulesWe all know that stress is a part of everyone’s life. But we should also know how to manage it effectively. So these capsules are meant to deliver the appropriate relief naturally. It consists of a full spectrum along with the Ashwagandha because the occasional stress also needs to take regular care. These capsules come with various benefits, let us take a glance on them.

  • It helps the mind and body to cope up with the occasional stress.
  • It also promotes a balanced mood and vitality.
  • No toxic chemicals and harsh solvents are used.
  • The full spectrum includes the benefits of CBD oil, and the ranges of complementary components are found in the hemp.
  • There is no usage of isolated cannabinoids like the ingredient base.
  • Vegan capsules.

4. Body Comfort Capsules

Body Comfort CapsulesDiscomfort is nothing abnormal for anyone. Each of you might face this problem every day, but finding a solution to this problem should not be something significant to do. This body comfort capsule has come to your rescue. These capsules have been created by pairing out the full spectrum hemp rich with CBD oil along with the Boswellia.

These capsules have been designed for those who cannot find body comfort. The ingredients are chosen very carefully and able to provide support to the standard motion for everyday relief and ease. Here are some benefits and features offered by these capsules.

  • It supports the normal range of motions and healthy joints.
  • Vegan capsules.
  • The full spectrum comes with the benefits of CBD oil along with the range of complementary components found in hemp.
  • No colours, synthetic chemicals, and fragrances have been used.
  • There is no usage of isolated cannabinoids as the ingredient base.
  • Boswellia has been proven to reduce the inflammation by lowering the leukotrienes throughout the whole body.

CBD Liposomes By Elixinol

We are eager to discuss this product. Liposomes are such a product which you will barely find in any of the websites of other companies. This product has been specially made for delivering the CBD into your body at a very faster rate than any other product. Liposomes can carry out the hemp oil body’s membranes along with steady ease.

If you have no issue in taste, then you can simply put the dose under the tongue. If you have a thing for flavor, then you can simply mix up the dose in water or any other drinks to have it. You will be surprised to know Liposomes are only available in one single flavour name Citrus Twist, but available in various quantities, such as 300mg and 1000mg. The 300mg is priced at $59.99, and the 1000mg is priced at $129.99.

The cutting edge technology of the Nano-diversion has been used for strengthening and capturing the CBD and bioavailability for making it more efficient. This product is also quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body and easily metabolized. It allows the CBD and many other cannabinoids to get delivered directly into the cells. Here is the liposomes product by Elixinol. Have a look at the features and benefits of these products.

1. Daily balance CBD blend Liposome

Daily balance CBD blend LiposomeAs the lipid-soluble molecule, the CBD needs the lipids to access the endocannabinoid system effectively. It cocoons CBD in the lipid solution along with its liposomes, which will allow your body to access cannabinoids as it can be easy as water. CBD needs both water-soluble and fat molecule for accessing the endocannabinoid system effectively. That is why the daily balance of CBD blend liposomes has been created.

At the Elixinol, the manufacturer infuses CBD into naturally occurring phospholipids, which contains both water and fat characteristics. It creates an excellent power combination. These liposomes have been paired with natural extracts of the orange and lemon for the high refreshing Citrus Twist, which will be loved by your taste buds. Here are some features and benefits mentioned below, take a glance at it.

  • Full-spectrum hemp.
  • It is CO2 extracted, and there is no addition of other chemical substances.
  • It is naturally flavoured along with citrus extracts and oil.
  • It comes in 2 sizes 300mg and 1000mg.

Topical Balms By Elixinol

The topical balms by the Elixinol are generally skincare lines where the CBD is applied directly to the skin, which is known as a comfortable, direct, and clean substitute. The balms are available in the 4fl. Oz Hemp CBD balm for $29.99, 250mg balms comes for $49.99, and 5mg lip balms come for $7.99. The balms are not founded in many of the companies, and lip balms are not even seen in any company’s website. Elixinol is here to provide you with the best service and will not let go of any chance to surprise you. These balms can provide calming relief and also been made to give the skin rejuvenate. It is perfect for aging, irritated and dry skin. Here are some products mentioned, shot a glance at the benefits and features.

1. Sports Gel

Sports GelThis sports gel of Elixinol is a combination of high-quality hemp extract along with the arnica, abundant CBD, camphor, and capsaicin. This gel has been made with the actual broad-spectrum hemp extract. You are sure to get the full benefits of hemp without any involvement of risk THC. This signature gel gets absorbed quickly in any of the skin types without any trace. Along with the addition of complementary ingredients, the sports gel is a CBD topical that can help you keep healthy and ready to tackle the day ahead. Here are some benefits and facts of this product, take a glance at it.

  • It is a non-greasy gel which generally absorbs in any type of skin.
  • It is entirely 100 percent plant-based, and there is no involvement of petrochemicals and parabens.
  • There is no involvement of toxic chemicals and harsh solvents.
  • It is a unique blend of essential oils which includes basil, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, grapefruit, cassia bark and chamomile extract for improving the skin quality.
  • There is no usage of fragrances and colours.

2. Hemp Balm

Hemp BalmThe largest organ of your body gets often neglected. You will have to give your little protection and TLC. The custom-formulated hemp balms of Elixinol are being infused along with full-spectrum hemp extract. It has been crafted along with the blend of ucuuba butter and the essential oils such as grapeseed, calendula, copaiba, and rosemary extract. The hemp balm of the Elixinol is fully 100 percent plant-based, so this is the reason you get the results that you want without any involvement of harsh chemicals. Here are mentioned benefits and features of this product, take a glance of it.

  • The product has a smooth application, along with the hydrating feel and excellent skin penetration.
  • Fully 100 percent based formulae.
  • There is no involvement of toxic chemicals and harsh solvents.
  • It is a remarkable and ideal choice for all types of skin.
  • It is entirely free from fragrances or synthetic chemicals.

3. Lip Balm

Lip BalmOur lips are exposed to the harsh effects of wind, sun, and dry air. This lip balm of Elixinol is much more than a moisturizing lip balm. The CBD balm of the Elixinol protects with the nourishing CBD oil. This lip blame is made up of very high-quality production standards for which your lips will thank you. The chapped lips are in particular need of the Omega oils and Vitamin E, which are found in the CBD lip balm. Make sure you always give your lips to stay healthy, smooth and regenerate. With the help of hemp oil, you will notice the perfect dose of CBD is taken with every application. So the lip balm will give you extra nourishment and care. Here are some benefits and features of the product which you can take a glance.

  • Ease for applying.
  • Natural taste.
  • Highly nourishing for your lips.
  • It rejuvenates and protects your lips.
  • It contains full-spectrum hemp extracts.

How To Purchase The Elixinol Oil

The most convenient way to purchase Elixinol products is to order online. The company itself has created a very user-friendly official website. The best part about the website is that if you know what to purchase beforehand, then the purchase will not take longer than 5 minutes. After reading out the full Elixinol CBD reviews, you can assume that you have a great idea about each product to find the best product for yourself. Once you selected the best product, the process for ordering is as follows.

  • Firstly, you will have to browse the Elixinol online store and find out the products you want to purchase.
  • After finding the products, you will have to add them to the cart and checkout for the payment processing.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you can make the payment through various options.

Once you have placed the order, you will be getting an email immediately, for notifying your successful purchase. After a few days, you will be receiving the physical products at your doorstep. As mentioned before, Elixinol presents you with free shipping in order to provide worldwide shipping. You can always check for coupon code for getting an extra discount on your products. Last but not least, Elixinol offers a return policy on damaged products. So there is no need to worry; if you are facing any issues with your products, you can simply contact customer care service.

Elixinol CBD Oil – Final Words

If you carefully read these Elixinol CBD oil reviews, you are sure to conclude that Elixinol is one of the best companies in the CBD industry. The company has been not only striving hard to offer high-quality CBD oil but present you with the top-notch effect of the tinctures, which are highly rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3, along with full-spectrum phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Elixinol CBD products are a natural replacement for addictive drugs and painkillers. You are sure to enjoy a healthy and natural lifestyle. Make sure you check out the world’s best class line of Elixinol products. We hope this buying will come in handy to get the best one as per your preference. We have left no stones unturned to provide you with the best products. Take your time to think and make an informed choice.