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Incorporated in the year 2015 by Kevin Hagen and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Diamond CBD is a publicly-traded establishment that focusses on natural health and wellness via CBD products that are made with 100% natural ingredients. The company owns brands like Biotech, Chill Plus Gummies, Meds, Relax Liquids, and lots more that focus on a wide variety of CBD products.

Owned by Potnetwork Holdings, Diamond CBD manufactures high-quality products by making use of industrial hemp. Potnetwork is one of the leading companies with diversified interests in the booming cannabis industry. A company that’s committed to the research and development of premium CBD products, Diamond CBD is focused on developing a line of premium-quality CBD products made from natural hemp extracts.

Diamond CBD is leaving no stones unturned to become a leader of this industry by manufacturing quality and effective CBD products. With a dedicated team of scientists and medical professionals, Diamond CBD is committed to producing the purest quality CBD products. Let’s have a look at CBD reviews to find out more about their products and their company details.

Brand Summary: Pros And Cons Of Diamond CBD Products


Outlined below are a few things that you’ll love about Diamond CBD:

1. Sourcing Of Hemp Is From The Best Place

Although Diamond CBD sources their hemp from Kentucky and Colorado, some of the hemps also come from Scandinavia. The hemp produced in Scandinavia is produced using the best agricultural methods. You can rest assured that if the CBD products are manufactured using such hemp, then the quality of the product will be top-notch.

2. Best CBD Pet Products

They have an entire range of CBD pet products specially made for your pets. Diamond CBD manufactures CBD oils for cats and dogs that are available in various potencies to meet the requirements of pets of all sizes.

The CBD oils are manufactured using the highest standards and premium products, the same that’s used to manufacture products for humans. Besides the CBD oil, they also offer CBD pet sprays and CBD pet treats. All the CBD pet products are tested by a third-party lab that verifies the quality of the products.

3. People With A Varied Budget Can Easily Afford Diamond CBD Products

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month to purchase CBD products. But one of the best things about the Diamond CBD products is that they start from as low as $6.49. This is feasible for potential patients to try the products and check if they are effective. Besides this, the wide variety of products gives people a chance to pick the CBD products as per their budget.

4. Great Customer Care Team

The customer care team of Diamond CBD can guide you with any queries you have regarding the product. Questions related to potency, how to use the product, frequency of use, etc. are some questions you’ll have, especially when you are a beginner. So, don’t hesitate, connect with their customer care team and ease out all your confusion.


There are a few things that you won’t like about Diamond CBD. The first thing is that they don’t offer any guarantee on their products. Well they provide a 15 days return policy for the unopened and unused products, but this doesn’t sound like a satisfactory guarantee. This can raise a red flag in the mind of potential customers that they are not confident about the products they are selling. Besides this, a wide range of products offered by Diamond CBD can confuse the new consumers.

Complete Review Of Diamond CBD 2021

To start with, Diamond CBD has an amazing and massive range of products, so there is something for everyone. This also means that people can choose the products based on their budget. This also gives the liberty to the people to explore and try various products.

There’s also a disadvantage associated with the wide range of products, as many people have a suspicion of whether the company spent enough time researching to deliver a perfect product. But, it’s not the case with Diamond CBD, as you’ll appreciate the quality of all their products and all of them are lab tested.

They are not just any company that will bring out any random product and market it as the ‘New and Best CBD’ product. Diamond CBD has a dedicated research team that works extremely hard to bring a product that people will fall in love with. Still, if you want to ascertain the quality of the products, you can check the Diamond CBD reviews by people who have shared their experiences.

1. Hemp Sourcing

The industrial hemp that the company uses is sourced from the farms located in Colorado, Scandinavia, and Kentucky. Diamond CBD is a worthy brand with enormous potential, especially when the farm bill is signed that legalizes the growth of hemp in the United States, especially for industrial use.

2. CBD Type

Diamond CBD is the only company that offers a wide range of CBD products. They manufacture CBD products in all the three different types, i.e. CBD Isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum.

  • CBD Isolate: It contains more than 99% of the purest form of CBD, plus it is completely free from THC.
  • Full-spectrum: It contains CBD along with terpenes, which is a natural compound extracted from the naturally grown hemp plant. This CBD type contains 0.3% of THC, but its non-intoxicating.
  • Broad-spectrum: It is a type of CBD that contains hemp compound that is beneficial. While extracting the compound, it is ensured that the traces of THC are completely removed. This ensures that it is 100% THC-free.

3. Quality Process

Diamond CBD works with the best farms growing cannabis Sativa plants that are organically grown. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing of various products have to pass a stringent quality test. Besides this, Diamond CBD ensures that the plants are extracted through the supercritical CO2 extraction process that takes out the essential terpenes, waxes, and cannabinoids.

Every batch of hemp is tested for quality that includes the absence of GMO’s and pesticides before they are processed for the manufacturing of various products. You can personally check the widespread list of lab reports conducted by third-party on their official website. Many products offered by Diamond CBD are free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The products that contain THC have a concentration of 0.3% or even less as per the prescribed standards of the law.

Medical Benefits Of Diamond CBD Products

CBD is a type of cannabinoid that is extracted from marijuana plants. However, the consumption of products made from cannabinoids doesn’t give a ‘high’ feeling to the user. This is because such products are free from THC that is responsible for creating the high effect.

The presence of natural molecules like terpenes along with cannabinoids offers a wide range of benefits. Diamond CBD manufactures CBD products that can provide numerous health benefits to the consumers, and some of them are outlined below:

1. Reduce Anxiety

CBD helps the users to alleviate the problems of anxiety. As per the researches, CBD plays a crucial role by helping the receptors that are found in the brain to respond to serotonin in a better way. Serotonin is a chemical that facilitates mental health. The cells present in the brain contain tiny proteins i.e. receptors that receive the chemical message, which therefore facilitates the cell to react to various stimuli. As per the researches conducted on animals, it is noticed that CBD products can help to reduce anxiety by:

  • Reducing the level of stress
  • Decreasing the increased heart rate (a common symptom of anxiety)
  • Relaxing the symptoms that can cause PTSD i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Providing a better sleep for users suffering from insomnia

2. Pain Relief

As CBD helps the brain receptors to respond well, it also helps to reduce chronic pain. As per the researches, it is noticed that CBD products help to reduce the pain of those people who are taking chemotherapy treatments. Besides this, the CBD products can also alleviate the symptoms that can cause muscle pain, arthritis or chronic pain.

3. Neuroprotective

The consumption of CBD products could help people who are suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. As per the researches, it is noticed that it reduces the deterioration of the nerves and brains over age. Various researches are being conducted on the receptors that present in the brain to ascertain whether the conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. can be treated with the CBD products. It is believed that the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by CBD can prevent the neurodegenerative from getting worse.

Besides this, CBD products from Diamond CBD can also be helpful in treating epilepsy, acne and other such conditions. However, it is advisable to consult your physician if you are planning to use CBD products, as if you are using CBD for the first time, you would need help in adjusting the dosage.

What Does Diamond CBD Have To Offer?

Diamond CBD boasts of a massive product range. You can find an extensive list of as many as 607 products that are sold on their official website. But one noticeable thing is that they also sell products of different brands on their website, besides the products manufactured by Diamond CBD themselves.

Outlined below is a brief overview of the types of products manufactured by Diamond CBD.

They manufacture eight different types of CBD oils that include a flavored terpene oil, two signature label CBD oils from retired NFL players Tommy Chong and L.T. Taylor, a standard hemp oil, a full-spectrum oil, two different types of ‘Extreme Drops’ CBD oils, and a ‘Blue CBD Isolate Oil’.

The price range of diamond CBD oils is between $19.99 – $219.99. Diamond CBD also manufactures oil made with hemp seeds and many of their CBD oil products are THC-free, as they are made from CBD isolate. There are various potency options available ranging from 25mg to 3500mg. Let’s start with Diamond CBD oil reviews:

Diamond CBD Oils

1. Diamond CBD Strawberry Flavored CBD Oil

Diamond CBD Strawberry Flavored CBD Oil Diamond CBD

The strawberry-flavored CBD oil by Diamond CBD has a wonderful and tempting flavor. The taste will remind you of the juicy and best strawberries you have ever had. The flavor will tickle your taste buds for good. The strawberry-flavored CBD oil is made up of 100% organic ingredients and contains natural flavoring which makes it safe for topical use as well.

You can take the oil drops orally, and for optimum results, keep them under your tongue for sixty seconds and then swallow. The easy on pocket flavored Diamond CBD oil is effective for managing daily pain and soreness. There are various other classic and wonderful flavors of CBD oil, like watermelon, peppermint, cotton candy, peach, sweet raspberry, lemonade, jungle juice flavor, mary jane flavor, mint, blueberry, etc. that are manufactured by Diamond CBD. All the flavored CBD oils by Diamond CBD are available in various strengths:

  • 25mg – $12.99
  • 50mg – $19.40
  • 100mg – $25.99
  • 150mg – $32.49
  • 250mg – $38.99
  • 350mg – $45.49
  • 450mg – $51.99
  • 550mg – $59.49
  • 1000mg – $110.49
  • 1500mg – $142.99
  • The flavored Diamond CBD oil is a premium quality Tincture oil that is made with high-end hemp oil.

2. Diamond CBD Full-Spectrum Unflavored Oil

Diamond CBD Full-Spectrum Unflavored Oil

The unflavored CBD oil is one of their highest selling products. If you are facing chronic pain or are suffering from arthritis, then the consumption of this oil can help you relieve the pain. You can consume this oil by adding it to your food or mixing it up with your drinks. Besides this, you can also place the drops below your tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow.

The unflavored diamond CBD oil is made up of 100% natural CBD, GMO-free hemp, and natural ingredients, thus making it safe to consume as a dietary supplement. Besides this, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are also used to manufacture the Diamond CBD oil. The CBD oil comes in a 30 ml bottle, but is available in various CBD concentrations: 25mg, 250 mg, 350mg, 450mg, 550mg, 750mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg.

The price range of the unflavored CBD oil is between $19.99-$219.99, whereas the cost of a 550mg CBD oil is $58.49. The CBD liquid used by Diamond CBD is of premium quality and boasts of a higher concentration that’s several times more than the competitor’s product.


Diamond CBD Edibles

They manufacture an extensive range of CBD edible treats that include different types of products. Diamond CBD gummies, CBD honey sticks, CBD Lollipops (Cake Pops), peach rings, gummy worms, rainbow bites, gummy frogs, and mini fruits are some of the best selling products of the company. The price range of the Diamond CBD edibles is between $6.49 – $169.99.

The Diamond CBD gummies are available in various flavors and numerous shapes. Many people are opting for CBD edibles, as they are tastier than the CBD oils and also because they are more affordable. The Diamond CBD gummies are available in potency ranging from 5.5mg to 30mg, and that too at an affordable price.


1. Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

You can find various CBD infused edible products on the company’s website. The brand sells various CBD infused edible treats like watermelon slices, cake pops, gummy bears, rainbow bites, and lots more. The natural CBD infused gummy bears are one of their best selling CBD edibles.

The CBD infused gummy bears are made from 100% organic industrial hemp oil and are free from THC. The CBD infused gummy bear are edible treats that are ideal for people suffering from anxiety and chronic pain. They come in 40-gram packets and contain 10 different types of candies.

They are available in 75mg concentrate while each gummy contains 5.5mg of CBD. This product is ideal for those who are just starting with CBD products, as the strength is pretty low.

They are made with a proprietary blend of gelatin, hemp oil, corn syrup, carnauba wax, artificial flavors, artificial colors, sorbitol, white grape juice, and citric acid. Note that this product is made in a facility that manufactures products that contains ingredients like nuts, soy products, dairy, eggs, gluten, and wheat. At $6.49 per packet, this is one of the most affordable CBD products available in the market.


Diamond CBD Creams

The company manufactures a collection of creams and topicals that can help the users to reduce inflammation of the muscles and alleviate muscle soreness. The creams are manufactured using 100% natural hemp oil. There are various options when it comes to the selection of creams. Pain relief cream, vitamin C cream, nourishing lips and eye cream, antioxidant cream, undereye cream, etc. are some of the best options made with various natural products in different potencies.

The CBD creams are available in strengths from 250mg to 1500mg that allows the users to select the strength that’s apt for them. The CBD creams provide efficient results, as they are directly absorbed by the skin. The natural aroma that is diffused by the cream is mesmerizing, which therefore makes them eligible to be used a luxury massage cream.


1. Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream

Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream

The pain relief CBD cream by Diamond CBD is one of the best topical pain relief creams available in the market. The non-psychoactive cream gives you a soothing result every time you apply it on the painful area. For optimum results, it is advisable to apply this cream at least four times a day to alleviate the pain in the joints and muscles by reducing the soreness.

This pain relief cream soothes the pain related to backaches, minor aches, sprains, arthritis, and lots more. The cream is made up of full-spectrum CBD that is 100% organic and is extracted from naturally grown industrial hemp plants.
The Diamond CBD pain relief cream of 120ml comes in two different potencies i.e. 500mg and 1000mg, that cost $51.99 and $97.49 respectively.


Diamond CBD Pet Products

They also manufacture a variety of CBD oils for your dogs and cats. There are two different variations of CBD oils, i.e. a regular oil drop and a bacon-flavored oil for dogs of small, medium, and large size. Similarly, they have two different variations of CBD oil for cats.

The full spectrum CBD pet products are available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 550mg. The CBD pet sprays and CBD pet treats are two other products that Diamond CBD offers. The pet sprays are a wonderful way to give a dose of health benefits to your pets if they are choosy eaters.

1. MediPets CBD Dog Treats

MediPets CBD Dog Treats

These are high quality dog biscuits made from USA grown industrial hemp. Each biscuit contains more than 3mg of CBD and is highly effective in controlling anxiety in dogs. They have natural flavor that your pet will soon fall in love with. Priced at just $25.99, you can supplement your pet’s food with these dog treats.


Diamond CBD Bath And Body Products

The company has a marvelous range of bath and body products, including CBD items like bath salt, bath bombs, body butter, bath oil, bath scrubs, and lots more. The bath time accompaniments like bath bombs and salts are made with CBD isolate, which makes them 100% THC-free. Such products are available in various fragrances like almond coconut, rose, satsuma orange, lavender mint, sandalwood, and lots more. The bath bombs are available in 100mg potency, but the bath salts are available in various potencies i.e., 100mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

1. Diamond CBD Bath Salt

Diamond CBD Bath Salt

The almond coconut bath salt by Diamond CBD is made using the formulation of natural essential oils and 100% natural CBD. The bath salts are especially designed to give a stress-free and relaxing bathing experience to the users. The natural fragrance of the almond coconut is mesmerizing and the presence of phytocannabinoids allows you to get rid of the tensions of life and rejuvenate your body to tackle the day to day activities. The bath salt is THC free, as it is made up of CBD isolate.


Diamond CBD Skincare Products

Diamond CBD also offers a comprehensive range of skincare products, that include toners, face masks, shampoo, beard oil, serums, hair oil, scrubs and lots more. The full-spectrum CBD skincare products are available in potencies ranging between 500mg to 1000mg.

1. Diamond CBD Vitamin C Cream

Diamond CBD Vitamin C Cream

Diamond CBD Vitamin C cream is a rejuvenating and natural body cream that comes in a 30ml bottle. You can apply this cream to your entire body, while making sure to apply on areas that need special attention. The CBD vitamin C cream helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and reduces the skin irritation drastically. It nourishes the skin and leaves it silky smooth.

The aroma of the cream is invigorating and it makes a wonderful luxury massage cream. The 1000mg cream is non-psychoactive, as it is made with a formulation of organic products and 100% natural industrial hemp cannabidiol. Though it’s costly, the results provided are exceptionally good.


2. Diamond CBD Herbal Aloe And Shea Cream

Diamond CBD Herbal Aloe And Shea Cream

The herbal aloe and shea cream by Diamond CBD comes in a 120ml jar. This cream can rejuvenate your skin, as it not only helps to heal the dry skin but also gives a soothing feel by cooling your skin. The herbal aloe and shea cream also help to get rid of the stress and worry from your face. Diamond CBD is 100% committed to providing the best products that facilitate health and wellness naturally. For optimum effect, clean your face and wipe it dry with a towel, and apply an adequate quantity of the cream on the face and neck.

Use your fingertips in a circular motion to gently massage your skin. This cream not only moisturizes your face and neck, but also helps you to have healthy-looking skin. Apply this cream twice a day for optimum results. This Diamond CBD herbal aloe and shea cream is also available in 1000mg potency.


3. Diamond CBD Aloe And Jojoba Body Lotion

Diamond CBD Aloe And Jojoba Body Lotion

The aloe and jojoba body lotion by Diamond CBD is a full-spectrum CBD product made up of organic ingredients. The body lotion boasts of an amazing natural fragrance that you’ll love to use every day. This ultra-luxury body lotion comes in a 30ml bottle that contains 500mg of CBD. For optimum results, use this body lotion twice a day i.e. morning and night, as it will help you look and feel the very best.

The lotion moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It not only alleviates the problem of dry skin, but it will also make it silky smooth. The quality of the body lotion is exceptional as you can witness visible results within a few uses.


Diamond CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules are proving to be one of the best ways to add CBD to your regular healthcare routine. This is because the capsules are made from CBD isolate that contains 99% of CBD and is THC-free. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, which therefore allows the users to infuse CBD in their wellness routine. There are Diamond CBD capsules that come in formulations that contain components like collagen, melatonin, flaxseed, ginger root, turmeric, etc. that provide enhanced effects of CBD.

1. Diamond CBD Capsules 200mg

Diamond CBD Capsules 200mg

The 200mg CBD capsules by Diamond CBD facilitates a convenient way to consume and ingest a CBD product to achieve optimum results. As the capsules dilute in the bloodstream almost instantly, the effects are exceptional. The potency level of each capsule is 10mg, which is apt for people who are looking to introduce CBD products in their daily wellness regime.

The product is tested by a third-party lab to ensure its quality, potency, and purity, which therefore ensures that you are using the purest CBD product. The capsule doesn’t contain any type of artificial additives, chemicals, and preservatives, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of 100% organic industrial hemp.


Diamond CBD Drinks

You’ll be mesmerized with the collection of CBD drink products offered by Diamond CBD. It includes items like CBD-infused tea, coffee, flavored beverages, gels, and syrups. The syrups can be used to make smoothies, can be topped on the snow-cones, or can be used to make milkshakes. Besides this, they also produce CBD infused shots that come in a 60ml packing and is available in flavors like jungle juice and grape. The shots contain low sugar and low-calorie level and offer 20mg of full-spectrum CBD.

One product that you’ll fall in love with is the CBD tea and coffee pods. Such pods easily fit into coffee makers that allow the users to enjoy a significant dose of CBD while they are rejuvenating with a cup of hot coffee or tea. You can select from options like black tea, green tea, decaf coffee, and other varieties that are made from CBD isolate.

The CBD infused syrups are available in a 1-liter bottle and you can select from a range of flavors that include lemonade, cherry, cola, grape, etc. There are two different potency ranges, i.e. 800mg and 1600mg, which you can choose as per your needs and requirements.

1. Diamond CBD 350mg Double Shot 

Diamond CBD 350mg Double Shot 

The 350mg double shot by Diamond CBD is made up of 100% organic industrial hemp, cannabidiol and is free from THC. The CBD shots are one of the best alternatives to CBD products like edibles, capsules, tinctures, oils, etc. The one-time-use shots are packed in easy to squeeze pouch, all you have to do is open the packet, squeeze it in your mouth, and swallow it.

Now carry the dose of relaxation in your pockets conveniently. The high-quality ingredients used to make the diamond CBD shots include food-grade vegetable oil as per Kosher USP, organic natural flavoring, and exceptionally effective cannabidiol.

As the purpose of this content is to make you aware of the Diamond CBD reviews, we dug into the products manufactured by them and outline some of their most popular products.


The Surrounding Controversy

Diamond CBD has emerged as a better brand since its inception and has revamped the manufacturing process to deliver quality products, especially after the controversy that surrounded some of their products. In 2018, research was carried out by the Virginia Commonwealth University researchers to test the quality and purity of the top seven products produced by Diamond CBD.

The test revealed some facts that Diamond CBD hid from their customers. Some of their products contained chemical dextromethorphan, also known as DXM, that is frequently used in cough syrups and is a recreationally misused product. This chemical component can hamper human health in many ways. Besides this, the research also revealed that the products also contained K2 or Spice 5F-ADB synthetic cannabinoid.

On further investigation, it was also found that the products contained melatonin. It is a supplement that makes people fall asleep quickly. Though Diamond CBD had already mentioned the presence of such a supplement in some of their products, the researches revealed that almost all their products contained melatonin.

Now Diamond CBD has come up with a new formulation for its products and also provides a third-party lab report. The reports can be found on their official website on the product page. This has encouraged the customers to rebuild their faith in the brand, and ever since they have emerged as a strong brand foraying into the CBD product market. Those people who still have any suspicion can also check out the Diamond CBD reviews online written by people who have already used the product.

Purchasing Diamond CBD Products

1. Promotional Offers

Diamond CBD runs various promotional offers on their website throughout the year. So, keep on checking the various sales and promotional offers to get the best deal. You can find offers ranging from 35% to 50% off, so make the most of it and continue enjoying your favorite CBD products at affordable rates.

2. Order And Shipping Process

You can shop your favorite Diamond CBD product from the comforts of your home, as their official website contains a detailed list of all the offered products. Diamond CBD ships products above $100 absolutely free of cost and to all the 50 states in the USA. If you opt for a recurring subscription of the CBD products, you are entitled to get a free shipment for orders below $100 as well.

Once you place your order, it generally takes 1-2 business days to dispatch your order. All the products are dispatched through UPS and normally takes around two to five days to reach your doorstep.

3. Customer Care Service

If you have any questions regarding the Diamond CBD products, you can contact their customer care team on their hotline number from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm est. You can also email them or fill the contact form that’s available on their official website. They will respond within a few hours.

The Final Verdict

As per the Diamond CBD review, it is a budding high-quality brand with a wonderful future. Well, the products are not the affordable ones around, but the exceptional quality of the products is making people fall in love with it. The effectiveness of the products and the range of potency options available are spot on. Diamond CBD products are safe to use daily and can be included in your daily health and wellness routine.

Get rid of the chronic pain and enjoy the life you deserve. Try the different Diamond CBD products and you won’t regret using them. As Diamond CBD uses the most premium ingredients to manufacture their products, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of quality.