CBDMD Reviews 2021

CBD has been creating a lot of buzz in the health industry. Popping up everywhere in relation to workout, destressing and a plethora of other benefits for consumers, the need to understand CBD and its various products has become a crucial requirement.

The market is saturated with brands that offer not only genuine and tested products, but they also offer competitive priving so that they become the popular ones. One such brand out there is cbdMD and they have made quite a name for themselves. Many well-reputed cbd md reviews has spoken well about this company.

A word of advice, CBD products may not be legal everywhere in the world, which is one potential downside to the use of CBD products. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Benefits Of CBDMD Products

  • A wide array of products with different levels of CBD, especially their pet section.
  • Easy refund policies with guaranteed money back policy.
  • Tested products with lab results made accessible to everyone.
  • Well-sourced hemp for production in the US.

Cons Of CBD products

  • Not enough supporting information for some claims.
  • Customer care services after sales are not too helpful.

Pros Of Choosing The Brand CBDMD

CBD products have been known to elevate many illnesses and offer potential health benefits. The cbdMD products make use of high quality hemp, sourced directly from the USA. The multitude of benefits offered by any cbdMD product include alleviation in anxiety, aid in arthritis, relief from pain, help in dealing with depression, can help in cancer-related problems and much more. As CBD has been studied for years, the benefits are numerous.

In this section we discuss the pros of cbdMD products in detail after extensive research.

  • Quality Comes First

The cdbMD products are made with the highest quality of hemp. The hemp is sourced from the USA and contains slight traces of THC which is legal in USA. That said, cbdMD prefers to use the broad-spectrum oil for manufacturing the products. All products follow a well-structured sourcing plan in order to ensure that the products are made in accordance to quality standards by following a stern process from farming to final product.

As the company is known for innovation, it implements state-of-art manufacturing and processing techniques which ensures the quality of products.

1. Key Takeaway – Better Quality Of CBD Products

  • Tested Products

As cbdMD prides itself with quality products, the company goes to extensive measures to ensure that the consumers get the quality they deserve. Apart from making use of 100% organic materials, the company has gained a reputation for offering only tested products for sale. All of the cbdMD products are tested in third-party labs that ensure the products are completely legal and free of dangerous chemicals.

Furthermore, the company even makes these lab results available to consumers to check the information thereby offering trustworthy products. As there is a chance that CBD products sold online can be inaccurate or counterfeit products, the availability of lab results offers a sign of relief to consumers by ensuring the quality of the products.

2. Key Takeaway – Free Of Harmful Chemicals And Available Lab Results

  • A Wide Array Of Products

As the company ensures the well-being of the consumers, the company has invested deeply in coming up with new products and options. The primary benefit of trusting various cbd md reviews is that they list the range of products offered by the company to their customers. You can find capsules, gummies, oil, bath bombs and even a range for your pets.

The fact that the company offers a detailed product line helps the consumers to sort through these options and choose the ones that they are most comfortable with.

3. Key Takeaway – Many Variants

  • Use  Of Fractionated Coconut Oil As A Base

cbdMD makes use of coconut oil as the base MCT oil for its CBD products. As per general notion, many believe that the use of hemp seed oil would serve best for such products. However, coconut is a better choice as it contains more saturated fat, which helps in carrying more CBD molecules, aids easier breakdown of the CBD molecules and delivers more of these molecules for absorption in the body.

All in all, the use of coconut oil as the base for its products has helped the company to offer better results and makes it more potent than other brands. The use of fractionated coconut oil makes the absorption faster without having any odor or flavor of the oil mingle with that of the other ingredients.

4. Key Takeaway – Coconut Oil Base Helps cbdMD Products Faster Absorption In The Body.

  • Hemp Locally Farmed In The USA

The fact that cbdMD’s hemp is grown, farmed and manufactured into products in the USA is a big deal. Most brands source their hemp from different places, and in certain times, it may be sourced from areas where hemp is still not legal and could lead to quality issues. Which also means that the soil is not suitable for the plant and chemicals that enhances growth is used.

cbdMD’s sourcing of pure hemp grown in the US allows thee customers to understand that they get quality in products. Furthermore, it eliminates the question of legality as well. As the hemp grown in the USA is monitored under the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hence there is no question on its quality and legality.

In addition to growing hemp in the US, the company makes use of CO2 extraction method as well. The extraction process not only yields the most molecules of CBD but also does away with introducing any other chemical or alcoholic nature to the product. In fact brands that uses CO2 method are rated high in terms of product purity.

5. Key Takeaway – Good Quality Hemp Sourced And Farmed Locally In The USA

  • Other Pros Of Using CbdMD Products

There are some other pros of choosing cbdMD products, which are listed below

  • Shipping: There are variants for shipping with a fast delivery option. Furthermore, the brand offers free shipping to all orders in the US.
  • 30-Day guarantee: Knowing that you can have your money back is a great way to trust and try a new product. The cbdMD products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which helps the customer in trusting the brand.
  • The brand has won awards: The brand and its products have won many awards and have been noted for its benefits to health.
  • CBD for pets: The brand makes products for pets as well. These oils and products can help in relieving pain in your pets or help them calm down.

The Downsides Of Using CbdMD Products – The Cons

Although the products by cbdMD come with many benefits, our study of various CBD MD reviews points to some cons of using the products as well. Although the brand enjoys a high reputation in the market for its high-quality products, there are just some parts that do not sit right with us and the customers.

  • Some Bad Reviews

Let’s start with the obvious and the easiest problem. There are some reviews of the cbdMD products that make it extremely hard to understand if the brand offers any benefits. Some customers do not like the taste, while others feel that the products did not do anything for them. As it is with any consumer product, there will always be some bad reviews for the particular brand or products.

  • Customer Support Not Helpful

For any brand to make a lasting effect on its consumers, it is especially crucial to ensure that customer support is well-structured and good. However, while studying the reviews on cbdMD products we found that some customers reported bad experiences with the customer support staff. They found the staff to be rude and unhelpful, which made it harder for them to communicate with the support staff.

Customer support should not be a luxury, when a brand deals in premium and high-quality product line, the customer support should be ensured for the benefit of the customers.

  • Too Low Of A Price, Is It Possible?

Another con about the cbdMD products are the mixed reviews when it comes to the price of the product. Some reviews point towards the price of the products being too high in comparison to other products in the market, while other consumers do not buy the fact that the product can be priced so low.

Basically, after some digging around we found that cbdMD can offer a really good deal on its products because it does not source its products from some other place or country. As everything is farmed and source from the US, the cost of the raw ingredients for the products goes down sustainably.

  • Third-Party Testing Labs Do Not Seem To Cut It For Everyone

Alright, so remember when we spoke about third-part testing of the products and how great that was earlier in the post? Well, we still believe that third-party testing is a good thing and helps many customers to be sure of the quality of the product they purchase from the brand.

However, there is a small problem with this settlement. A question about the authenticity of the lab testing results and the possibility of being altered a bit is a concern. Since the FDA is not involved, and no other regulatory body is involved in the testing, it becomes harder for the consumers to understand whether the results are correct or not.

The authenticity as well as the trustworthiness of the products and their lists are somewhat questionable. However, the over reviews on cbdMD products has been good and reliable.

  • Public Information Of The Company Is Unavailable

Another thing that we found out when we were looking for information is that very little information about the company was available for the public. We noted that there was no availability of a physical address to the company as well.

There is a lack of transparency. The company does not reveal many genuine aspects of its business operations, which makes it hard for certain consumers to trust it. In our opinion, the company should display the details of its company properly for the public to check and view as it comes under transparency.

  • The Full-Spectrum Option

There is a product that has been gaining some hype. The brand’s broad and full-spectrum oil option has been noted for no THC in the make-up of the product. However, there remain questions that demand answers, all of which need proper lab-results as it is not that common to find CBD oil without a trace of THC.

The problem here is that except isolate, both the spectrum will have traces of THC, even though it will be negligible and not turn up easily on drug tests. Hence the company’s claim of THC free spectrum oils seems dubious and misleading. While this not technically a deal-breaker, the level of transparency is put to question.

  • The Lab Results Are Not Consistent Enough

The reported lab results which are available for the public to view are not properly structured either. Considering the reports and the products tested, there are inconsistencies that cannot be denied. In certain tests, analysis of heavy metal testing has been non-existent, which is a troubling aspect of the lab results.

We believe that consumers should purchase the cbdMD products after they see the results properly, and consider the analysis and other reports of the product you purchase. The brand has been recognized for its good work and impressive quality, so it would be better if you check out the information before you make the purchase.

  • Other Cons To Pay Attention To

The cbdMD products have been highly spoken of, but there are some cons that we found during our research that add an additional punch to the existing cons.

  • International Shipping: The aspect of international shipping is fleeting. Although the official website of cbdMD products may not offer any international shipping, other sellers might. You can check out the policies and the shipping variants if you wish to purchase cbdMD online.
  • Shipping in the US: Although the brand does offer free shipping, it only happens if you are willing to wait 7 working days. There are two other variants for shipping, which are paid, and are much faster.

Our Take On CbdMD Products – Worth It Or Not?

Before we go in deep in the aspect of various products offered by cbdMD, let’s consider whether the company is worth your money or not. Considering the above-mentioned pros and cons, it is quite easy to see that benefits are more in comparison to the cons. The products have been noted to offer benefits to health and are all sourced locally from the US.

There are certain problems regarding the quality of the products, the customer support and lack of transparency as per our study of the CBD MD reviews. However, those reviews are few in the count especially when people who have used the products have nothing bad to say about the products itself. As per our study of the cbdMD brand and its products, we understand that there are a variety of options to choose from and all of them are affordable.

The two things that stood out during our research on the reviews were.

1. The company sources the hemp from the US, which reduces production costs thereby making it easy to purchase.

2. Lastly, the company makes the test lab results public for the consumers to read and check.

Primarily, the biggest benefit of using cbdMD products is that the company has made considerable efforts in order to ensure that the consumers are happy with their purchases and the products. All of the products are developed and made with utmost care to the US guidelines and the products are shipped in all of the states in the US.

Checking Out The Product Line – Reviews On Good Products

This section compiles the reviews of various products offered by cbdMD and its review. The prices are mentioned as well, but those could change with time. Furthermore, we have studied a variety of reviews in detail to consider what the products listed below should be used for in order to help you out on choosing which product to make use of for your needs.

1. CbdMD Gummies ($29.99 – $99.9)

cbdMD gummies are a good option for those who need to have CBD oil on the go with them. In a situation with people around, it will be difficult to administer your dose with a dropper and could make keeping a count of the dosage problematic. This is ideal for those who work in an office or are traveling most of the times.

The pros of using this product are that you do not have to carry a kit for your regular dose. All you have to do is chew on a gummy when you need the dose. It is the perfect solution!

About the Product: The product is available in three variants; 300mg, 750mg and 1500mg. Each gummy contains between 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg depending on the strength you are choosing..

Benefits Of Use

  • Aids the immune system
  • Helps in relieving stress
  • Offers a good night’s sleep.

2. CbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops ($29.99 – $149.99)

Like most of the other CBD oil product brands, cbdMD’s flagship product is the oral tincture drops. These are available in different sizes and strengths. There are four unique flavors for the product, natural, mint, orange and berry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, the potency of the product will not disappoint you.

Our research shows that berry was a unique flavor and tastes pretty good compared to the others. Plus, all the flavors are all natural so that you don’t have a weird aftertaste lingering in your mouth. The quality of these oral CBD oil products is unquestioned and these enjoy good reviews.

About the product: The CBD oil tincture comes in two sizes, 30ml and 60ml. The variations in strength are 300mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg and 7500mg.


  • Helps in relieving stress and anxiety
  • Helps with pain
  • Relieves muscle soreness

3. CbdMD CBD Oil Capsules ($75.99 – $149.99)

As it was with the gummies, the CBD oil capsules make getting your daily dose easier. CBD oil capsules are easier to carry around and are easier to take. Furthermore, the cbdMD Oil capsules have a dosage assigned to each capsule, which allows you to calculate the doses easily. If you want to sleep faster, you can also opt for the capsules that come enriched with melatonin.

Additionally, these are easy to swallow and are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan certified. You get a 30 count bottle and a 60 count bottle. The varied strengths eliminate the guesswork involved.

About the product: The capsules can be chosen from 1000mg, 1500mg or 3000mg variants. The dose of CBD per capsule will vary as per the strength of the capsule chosen. Also, these have the same formula as the oil and the same benefits.


  • The dosage of CBD oil becomes easier for you
  • Easy to swallow and digest
  • Different count bottles makes storage and carrying easier

4. CbdMD CBD Inflammation Formula ($29.99 – $99.99)

This product is one of the best sellers in the company and is perfect for those who have pain management problems. The different variations of the product come with high levels of CBD oil concentration amalgamated with vitamin B6, arnica and MSM. If you are working hard towards building a better body, keeping this pain relief formula at hand will help you get rid of after-gym soreness. Additionally, aloe juice and chamomile extracts are added that provides a soothing sensation when applied over affected areas.

All the ingredients are carefully selected for they aid in not only pain management but also helps quick recovery from inflammation. It can be used simply by applying it to the affected area and you can rest assured that the fractionated coconut oil will hasten the CBD absorption to provide instant relief.

About the product: The product is available in tubs and squeezes variants, of 2oz and 4oz. It comes in three variants for strength 300mg, 750mg, and 1000mg.


  • Offers good pain management
  • Helps in inflammation of nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Helps in arthritic damage and offers better flexibility

5. CbdMD CBD Freeze Pain Relief Gel

With the goodness of aloe vera, Vitamin E, tea tree oil, and menthol infused with broad-spectrum CBD oil, the relief gel offers a similar touch to the body. This product was developed with the idea of helping recreational athletes in the US as well as to help the professional athletes.

The pain relief gel has stellar reviews and offers a good way to deal with pain issues. The menthol in the gel has a good kick to it and helps the pain in the muscles. However, it is quite strong and should not be used on a regular basis. Whether it is to be relieved of backaches or not feel the extra run in the evening, this formula is the ideal companion for any pain-related situation.

About the product: The product comes in a squeeze bottle and a roller-on gel bottle. The strength variants available are 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg.


  • Squeeze and roll-on variants are easy to use
  • Alleviates joint pain, muscular tenderness and stiffness
  • Come with a reavel-friendly roll-on version

6. CbdMD CBD Bath Bomb ($9.99 – $44.99)

cbdMD bath bombs are incredibly easy to use and have made bathing more fun and relaxing. Bath bombs are soothing for the body and give you a good dose of CBD oils you need for your body. In fact, each bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD. These bath bombs have been noted to offer a spa-like soothing and calming effect.

The bath bombs are also blended with essential oils, which make these bombs more powerful. The scents of the bath bombs are enough to penetrate the skin to provide healthy skin and not be overpowering. Resist, and Relax are popular choices and both of them are lavender scents.

About the product: These are available in six scents and a variety pack.


  • This product does not use any artificial dyes or preservatives.
  • These are easily dissolvable in water.
  • Relaxing and soothing.

7. CbdMD Dog Treats

For your pawed friend, the brand offers the ultimate solution, cbdMD dog treats! Made with wholesome and organic ingredients, these products help your dog to be healthy and happy. These are formulated with special recipes, which contain fresh ingredients, have no additives, and are made with non-GMO materials!

These are bite-sized biscuits for your dog, which helps your dog to relax and be soothed. The peanut butter flavor is quite popular.

About the product: The dog treats are available in 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg variants. There are three flavors, Peanut Butter, Baked Cheese and Sweet Potato.


  • Reduces aggression
  • Helps in easing anxiety
  • Offers relief to age-related pain

Word Of Advice

As we come towards the end of our post on CBD MD reviews and its understanding, there are some crucial points for any consumer of the CBD oil products to have an idea about. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  • Medical Consultation: It is advised that whenever you begin to take doses of CBD oils, ensure that you get thumbs up from your doctor or a medical consultant. Although these are harmless and cbdMD products are made with organic materials, you could be allergic to some substances which would lead to undesired side effects. Furthermore, consulting a doctor will help you in understanding how to calculate your doses.
  • On Increasing Your Dose: Be it your pet dog treats, or your doses, it is recommended that you take it one step at a time. cbdMD advises its consumers to ensure that they wait 3 to 4 weeks before upping their doses. Furthermore, upping your doses suddenly could harm your body and create many problems for your health.  For the gels and relief ointment, it is crucial to apply a little on the affected areas. As these are strong in their make-up, these should not be used daily. Furthermore, the CBD oil treats for dogs should be given from 5 to 20mg in dose, twice a day. If you feel that your dog is not taking that well, you should speak to the vet about the same.
  • Side Effects: As CBD oils do not suit everyone, you could have some side effects, such as changes in weight or in your appetite, fatigue or diarrhea. If you start to note any of these side effects in your body, you should consult a doctor for help as soon as possible.
  • How To Use: If you are not certain on how to use the cbdMD products, you can always look it up the label or on the website you purchase it from. Most of the websites selling such products offer directions on how to use them.

Uncommon Facts About CBD Products

Before we conclude, here are some things you must know about CBD oil products

  • Most of the CBD oil products offer a great many benefits but majorly help in relieving pain in your body. It could be due to diseases or due to aging, CBD oil can help you reduce those.
  • None of the CBD oil products will ever get you high for psychoactive compounds like THC is generally very low in hemp plants, and the extraction process further reduces the quantity.
  • Not only does CBD help you fall asleep, but it also helps you sleep better and wake up energized.
  • These products can be used to help PTSD problems and patients as well.
  • There is a lack of clarity in terms of claims and benefits of cbdMD products.

Conclusion – What Is The Verdict?

After a thorough consideration of various reviews on cbdMD products, it is clear that the company takes extensive measures in order to provide better quality products to the consumers. With that being said, the reviews were mixed but majorly inclined towards the usefulness of the CBD oil products for the consumers. The wide range of products, such as gummies, gels and tubs with capsules and oil has helped the consumers to choose whatever they are most comfortable with.

We went through reviews on various products have picked out three of our favorites:

  • The CBD Oil Bath Bombs
  • cbdMD dog treat and
  • cdbMD Oil gummies.

These three products have good reviews and in our opinion offer the best results. cbdMD has been awarded in the past few years for its good quality products. Furthermore, the US-based farming and processing of hemp have won over hearts. Although there are some downsides to CBD oil-based products, there is still enough evidence to trust the benefits of cbdMD products.

There are many positive reviews for the CBD Oil products by cbdMD products, and that alone is evidence enough to trust the brand.