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CBD BioCare Reviews 2021

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With CBD products gaining popularity, there are many companies coming up with tinctures, gummies, and topicals that claims to relieve pain and improve your overall quality of life. As such it can be difficult to figure out which brand to trust.

CBD BioCare is a company that has been a major player in the CBD industry for quite some time now, and it has managed to secure a dedicated customer base. If you check the CBD reviews online, they are mostly positive, and that is a good indicator of the brand’s product quality.


What sets CBD BioCare apart from other CBD companies is that it educates its consumers about the benefits of CBD products and how to use them. It also shares details about how they manufacture their products. When other companies are aggressively marketing their products, CBD BioCare aims to bring positive changes to people’s lives through effective and safe products.

About The CBD Biocare Brand

In 2016, Matthew Pitts and his wife Stacy founded CBD BioCare. Matthew Pitts once visited an old friend in the hospital who had cancer, and he saw how CBD relieved his pain and helped him maintain his appetite. At the time, any cannabis related plant was deemed illegal but it was this very plant’s form that provided relief to a person who was walking slowly and painfully towards death.

So he wanted to spread the goodness of CBD to as many people as he could and help them find a natural solution to their health issues. The company stands by the worldwide medical data that advocates using CBD for relieving anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

The company has come a long way since then, becoming one of the major CBD brands in the USA, and today they have an approximate annual turnout of $7-14.2 million. They also specialize in skincare products that are made using full-spectrum CBD.

CBD BioCare Highlights

The company sources it’s CBD for organically-farmed hemp grown in the Kentucky, USA, utilizing the entire plant including its flowers, stalks, and leaves for making its full-spectrum products. They use the latest CO2 extraction technique that leads to maximum potency yields and they are quite transparent about the entire manufacturing process.

On the company website, you can find a page that contains certificates of analysis for each product. This contains the detailed list of ingredients used for making the products, as well as safety concerns. Every product of CBD BioCare has a QR code, and you can scan this to directly land on the laboratory testing page.

The company follows all GMP norms during the manufacturing process, and they strive to make the best quality products for its customers. They partner with lab technicians, researchers, scientists, and agronomists to ensure the potency and quality of their CBD products.

Besides ensuring the safety and effectiveness of their products, CBD BioCare also ensures the entire production funnel is cruelty-free. They do not carry out any animal testing and their facility is PETA-registered.

CBD BioCare also runs a Direct Sales Affiliate Program that helps other people attain self-reliance by selling company products on a direct platform and earn some commission along the way. These sales representatives help promote the products of CBD BioCare while helping more individuals. This business is carried out online.

For CBD BioCare, the business it more about the mission than the profit. Besides bringing the benefits of CBD to several communities, they have tie-ups with a Christian ministry in Nicaragua. This ministry, known as Youth For Christ, helps the young people in Nicaragua through leadership training, education, and being better human beings. It is to these charities that CBD BioCare contributes 10% of their profits.

The brand’s official website has a clean and easy to navigate look. The Reviews page on their official website features several positive reviews from users, many of them giving the brand 5 stars. Many people describe their products as excellent and talk about their positive experiences with the same.

1. Ingredients Used By The Brand

CBD BioCare uses full-spectrum hemp oil to manufacture their products. This contains no THC and results in quality products containing more than 80% CBD. While this may be a debatable point for full-spectrum will contain traces of THC, but till date nobody complained of getting high after using their products. That said, clarification about the spectrum and THC relation is required.

They use apple stem extracts in their CBD cell rejuvenation cream which revitalizes the skin by making new tissues. It also contains niacinamide vitamin that removes pigmentations and scars, Vitamin E that slows down the aging process with the help of CBD, and Vitamin A that promotes the firmness and growth of skin tissue.

They also have an anti-aging moisturizer cream that is rich in Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7 and Vitamin C that stimulates the regeneration of collagen fiber and reduces skin inflammation. The ingredients present in this cream are all organically grown and they keep the skin soft and hydrated. On their official website, CBD BioCare lists all the ingredients used for making their products and you can find this information on the individual product pages.

2. Drug Test

CBD BioCare always uses full-spectrum CBD for manufacturing their products. Although the whole plant is used for production, the products do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Such a negligible amount of THC should not cause any problems with drug tests, but if you have a test within 6 hours of taking the product, it might detect some THC in your system.

The brand also takes pride in having their products tested externally for more authenticity. These lab reports are put up on their official website for people to see and decide before they buy. This move highlights the transparency and honesty the company claims to abide by.

That said, there are dome inconsistencies with their third-party lab testing for many criteria are not tested for or listed, especially the presence of heave metals. Again, going through various cbd biocare reviews, we have not read people reporting any heavy side effects after using any of the products.

3. Promo Codes And Deals

CBD BioCare sometimes offers discounts on its products and you can get up to 15% off on them. They also have a Deals page on their official website where you can buy several combo packs at affordable rates and save some money along the way.

4. CBD BioCare Shipping Policies

The company ships its products throughout the USA and to other countries as well. If you buy more than one product, you wouldn’t be charged any shipping fee in the USA. For a single product, the shipping fee is $5.99. If you live outside the USA and wish to buy a CBD BioCare product, it will cost you a minimum of $13.30 in shipping fees. This will increase according to the location and the weight of the shipment.

If you want to change the delivery address, you will be charged an additional fee of $15. There are no refunds with the shipping charges and you will be charged actual shipping rates upon delivery of the undeliverable shipments. It takes the company a couple of days to process your order and prepare it for shipping.

While shipping to other countries, the company cannot be held accountable if the product is held at customs, as the rules regarding the legality of CBD are not the same everywhere. Moreover, the customer has to bear any duties or additional taxes which are common if you are purchasing a product from another country.

5. CBD BioCare Return Policy

While the company guarantees customer satisfaction for its product, in case you are not satisfied, you will need to return the unused product within a period of 14 days. If you used the product and didn’t like it, you’ll receive a refund amount based on how much quantity you returned.

6. Contact Information

If you wish to reach out to CBD BioCare, you can do so by writing to them at CBD BioCare, 7381 114th Avenue, Suite #406, Largo, Florida 33773. You can also give them a call on their landline number which is (727) 205-1638. Or, you can visit their website, click on ‘Email Us’ at the bottom, and send an email. They also have social media handles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where you can check out their content and leave a comment.

CBD BioCare CBD Reviews

The CBD BioCare online store has a wide variety of products that have become extremely popular among the CBD community. You can always find a product from this company that will suit your needs and that you can add to anything, be it smoothies or morning oatmeal. In CBD BioCare reviews, you will find people praising their products like CBD BioSkinCare, CBD BioPetCare, CBD BioCare Oil, etc.

Their most popular products are the CBD oil featuring full-spectrum CBD and the CBD Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cream. They also offer products like edibles, gummies, facial cleansers, pain balms, lotions, and anti-aging creams. They also have products specially made for pets. Let us discuss a few of them in detail.

Top 3 CBD Biocare Products 2021

1. CBD BioCare Oil

CBD BioCare Oil CBD BioCare CBD

The full-spectrum CBD oil is made using all-natural ingredients and it gives you the awesome perks of medical marijuana minus the undesirable psychoactive effects since it does not contain enough THC to do so. The US facility from which this product is distributed is federally registered. The hemp plants are organically farmed without using any harmful chemicals and pesticides, and every batch is tested for purity and quality before packaging. There are two flavors available for this oil, one being peppermint, the other being the natural hemp flavor.

Since this is full-spectrum oil, all the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids are present here, which enhances its usefulness. The usage of hemp seed oil as a carrier makes this product a good source of omega fatty acids. This product is legal in 40 countries over the globe and in all the states in the USA. Furthermore, its purity level exceeds 80%. The company also conducts third-party lab testing on this product, the information related to which you can find on their website. This ensures the potency and safety of the CBD oil.

a. How To Administer?

The CBD oil comes with a dropper that you can use to put the oil under your tongue. This allows the oil to be absorbed quickly and enter your bloodstream so that you start feeling the effects immediately. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with smoothies and edibles. It is available in five different concentrations: 500 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 300 mg and the capacity if the dropper depends on the concentration, being 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, and 60 mg respectively.

b. Effects Of The Product

People who suffer from chronic aches which resulted in insomnia have good thigs to say about the product. They said that upon administering the oil sublingually, they felt calmer instantly. For some, this effect might take time to be registered especially if you are a beginner and your body has never felt the effect of the oil. Giving the product a 7 day try will help you decide better.

It is always better to keep this oil the only source of pain relief for adding other medications will dull the effect of the oil and may induce unwanted side effects.

c. How Much Should You Take?

Everyone’s body is not the same and CBD affects everyone differently. So finding the right dosage is a bit of a trial and error process. You should start off by micro-dosing and monitor the effects it has on your body. You can then increase the dose as required.

Basically, the dosage depends on your pain level and your body weight, and also on the brand of the CBD oil, for every oil, the bioavailability and effectiveness are different.

d. How Much Does It Cost?

CBD BioCare Oil is quite affordable compared to the other similar products on the market. If you buy a stronger concentration, the price per mg will be lesser. The 500 mg concentration costs $64.99, 750 mg costs $79.99, 1000 mg is $99, 1500 mg is $129, and the 3500 mg concentration costs $159.


2. CBD BioSkinCare Apple Stem Cell Cream

CBD BioSkinCare Apple Stem Cell Cream

This skincare cream is rich in apple stem cells, which is hugely beneficial for our skin cells, promoting longevity and vitality. It promotes the formation of new skin cells and increases their longevity. It slows down the aging of the skin and improves its firmness and elasticity. If you use this cream twice a day on a regular basis, you will receive great results.

Stem cells are made up of two vital components, proteins like elastin and collagen that controls the division of stem cells, and growth factors, which help in cell growth, and cell division. Every person has stem cells in their skin which gets stimulated by the apple stem cells present in this cream. As a result of this, the skin regains its ability to protect itself and regenerate.

Up to a certain age, the skin is able to heal itself, but as we grow older the number of skin cells dwindles thus reducing the healing abilities. This results in signs of aging such as wrinkles. These apple stems cells will reduce wrinkle formation and prevent new lines from appearing. They also contain metabolites and epigenetic factors that enhance the skin’s longevity.

a. How To Administer?

You have to use this product just like anti-aging cream, applying it externally around pigmentation, creases, and scars.

b. Effects Of The Product

After going through some CBD BioCare reviews, we have realized that the product actually works and wonderfully. People have noticed whitening of tanned skin and reduction of pigmentation with continuous usage. How much should you use?

You can apply this cream to your face two times each day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. While making your skin soft, it does not result in oily skin, due to the lack of excessive moisturisation.

c. How Much Does It Cost?

This skin cream comes in a 6 mg concentration and it is priced at $49.99 so for each mg you end up paying 33 cents. Although some people may consider this expensive, the product gives you good value for money.


3. CBD BioCare Pain Balm

CBD BioCare Pain Balm

This pain balm is an acclaimed product from CBD BioCare that is quite effective for relieving pain and inflammation. And the best part is that this balm can also be used to be relieved from burns. It has herbal additives and fatty acid rich emu oil which works together to repair damaged tissues and fight inflammation. This pain balm also solves various skin problems and helps in the healing of wounds.

CBD is known to have natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The balm gets absorbed in your skin and CB2 receptors react with CBD, activating its properties. There are studies to suggest that CBD products may also reduce pain caused by arthritis.

This pain balm does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% natural and non-greasy. Arnica montana has been an essential part of herbal medicine for years now, and is a key ingredient of this product. Emu oil protects your skin against the sun, soothes and moisturizes your skin, and relieves inflammation. It contains only trace amounts of THC and does not have any undesirable side-effects.

a. How To Administer?

You can use this palm several times each day without any side-effects. Rub it well on and around the affected area so that it can get absorbed by the skin faster.

b. Effects Of The Product

People suffering from joint inflammation and backaches have felt the beneficial effects of this product. They also have claimed that their skin felt better and it will for the balm contains glycerin which is known to help skin retain elasticity while working to reduce scars.

c. How Much Should You Use?

Generally, you can use this pain balm as needed. The dosage is different for different people as it is based on several physiological factors. You can get in touch with your doctor for more details.

d. How Much Does It Cost?

A 60 mg pack of CBD BioCare costs $44.99. It is a product that is worth every penny spent.


Other Products From CBD Biocare

CBD BioCare has several other products to suit the needs of different customers. Gummies are a popular way of taking CBD and the full-spectrum CBD gummies from CBD BioCare offers you just what you need in the form of tasty treats. They are discreet and you can carry them along with you and pop one in whenever you feel like it.

They come in packs of 10 and each gummy contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. Research has shown CBD to be effective in reducing muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, stress, seizures, and promoting relaxation.

Another popular product from CBD BioCare is the All Natural Ageless Cream. It is made from natural ingredients like arnica, CBD, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, and vitamins E, A, and D. Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that is non-oily and has a thick, buttery consistency. It is good for skin penetration. It has all the essential nutrients and fatty acids that are good for the skin and it also offers protection against the sun.

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and this product contain 25 mg of this extract which can reduce skin irritation, redness, and puffiness. Pomegranate seed oil contains vitamin C which is good for healthy skin. It has anti-oxidants that inhibit free radicals and slows down the skin’s aging process.

Apart from these, CBD BioCare also has a line of products for pets which include CBD Oil, Pet Spray, and CBD Chews. These products are a great way of providing your pet dog with essential nutrients and the goodness of CBD. Pet CBD oil is a popular product known to help with conditions such as stress, seizures, and anxiety.

Final Thoughts On CBD Biocare

With several people across the country benefiting from its products, CBD BioCare has quickly become a reliable brand among CBD enthusiasts. They offer natural, safe, and effective products while maintaining transparency. They also have decent customer service and are eager to help out their customers with any issues they might face with the products.