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4 Corners Cannabis have been providing high-quality products since 2013. The company was built by two brothers having the best experience in growing Cannabis. They have been passionate about their work and thus, are rising towards the sky with the result-oriented Cannabis products.4 Corner Cannabis is a vertically oriented company with no third parties involved in the manufacturing of the products.

In this article, we are going to discuss what 4 Corner Cannabis has to offer. We will know about the CBD reviews, advantages, limitations, features and benefits of products manufactured by 4 Corners Cannabis.


About Four Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis is a company based out of the U.S. where it provides excellent quality of CBD products for you and your pets as well. There is a wide range of products to choose from, and all the products have come up with astounding effects that have the potential to change lives for users.

The owners of this company, Brian Jasiewicz and Justin Jasiewicz have more than a decade of experience in working with different genetic plants of CBD. At that time, not much information could be found about these plants, so the knowledge and expertise attained by the two brothers is neither artificial nor transferred. It is first-hand knowledge being utilized for the welfare of the people who deserve these benefits.

4 Corners Cannabis is one of the first companies who started to manufacture CBD products and let them out in the market after experimenting on the benefits of the products. This makes them more experienced and expert than any of the new-comers in the market who claim themselves as CBD experts.

What Makes Four Corners Cannabis Unique?

4 Corners Cannabis is unique in its kind due to the following reasons:

1. 4 Corners Cannabis Manage Their Products On Their Own

From seeds to finished plant, 4 Corners Cannabis manage their produce on their own. They have a long list of factors that should be up-to-mark in a plant when it comes to choosing the right plants to clone from. Only organic nutrients are supplied to the plants; chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides are avoided.

2. Unhealthy Solvents Are Never Used For Extraction

There are ample companies out there who use unhealthy solvents like CO2, isopropyl alcohol, hydrocarbons, etc. which can cause serious consequences to the consumer. Some of them include CNS depression, headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, anaesthesia, low blood pressure, hypothermia, shock, respiratory depression and coma.

3. Combination Of The Finest Ingredients

4 Corners Cannabis make their products by combining the finest ingredients with CBD. Thus, natural coconut oil, orange peel extract, organic avocados, and glycerine are added to the CBD oil to make sure that the best product reaches the customers.

4. Design Their Own Product

Many companies prevailing in the market are the ones which get their CBD Products manufactured from a third party and then, sell them in their name by adding their own packaging, labelling and features. This is not the case with 4 Corner Cannabis. If you follow them on their social media handle, you will actually get to know how more than a decade of expertise and experience is blended to make each product perfect from their end.

5. Aim To Create Pre-Eminent CBD Products

4 Corners Cannabis aims to create the most preeminent CBD products in the world. While striving for the best 4CC have improved their quality day-after-day. Thus, providing one of the best and trusted CBD Products in the market.

It is a very big deal for any company to get its products featured on trending magazines. This privilege is enjoyed by 4 Corners Cannabis as it’s products have been featured in one of the leading magazines increasing its reliability ten-folds. The products of 4 Corners Cannabis are featured in the following magazines:

a. Forbes

Forbes is a global media organization which focuses on different global aspects such as business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle. It is an honour for 4 Corner Cannabis to get its products featured in Forbes.

b. Esquire

Esquire is a one-stop destination for the latest news related to culture, Coverage, politics, development, celebrity interviews, fashion etc. The products of 4 Corners Cannabis has got a room is a space full of news and information. This makes 4 Corner Cannabis even more special.

c. NBC

Headquartered in New York, NBC is an American English Language commercial radio and television. The products of 4 Corner Cannabis have been featured on NBC. It must be having something that makes it worthy of the honour.

d. Culture Magazine

Culture Magazine is an American monthly magazine. 4 Corner Cannabis was bestowed of the honour to feature its products in the magazine to inform more and more people about the benefits they can derive from these products.

Four Corners Cannabis Offerings

4 Corners Cannabis offers a vast range of CBD products which are flawless when it comes to delivering results to you, your family and your pet. The broad categories of products include:

1. Tinctures: 4 Corners Cannabis offers an exclusive variety of CBD Tinctures which is made from exceptional hemp extract to fetch an elite experience for you. These tinctures are available in different varieties, but the basic function remains the same. Tinctures are also available in combination with best-selling products of other categories.

2. Pet Products: Experience top-quality CBD pet products for your pets designed to enhance your experience with them as these products would push its mood up, and it will be happy. A pet can’t speak for itself; it’s your duty to understand the things that can’t be spoken and act according to the need of the hour.

3. CBD Topical: Take a look at the CBD Topical range by 4 Corners Cannabis which act a perfect miniaturization to impaired skin and would heal sore muscles too. Winters welcome dryness, irritation and sensitive skin. You won’t have to face chapped winters kin as different varieties of CBD Topicals are specially designed to keep your skin happy.

4. Edible CBD: Edible CBD includes CDB Honey which can be consumed in a sweet way, and you don’t have to alter your eating habits. All you need to do is replace your regular honey with CBD Honey and enjoy the benefits of both. You can eat this edible honey with bread, in the morning with a glass of warm water or any other way you want.

5. Apparel: An exquisite, stylish and slang type of clothes with the logo of 4 Corners Cannabis. The fabric of this range is very soft to the skin to prevent any kind of irritation that usually happens with local clothes.

Let’s know about the most popular and featured products by 4 Corners Cannabis. These products are offered under different pricing and packages. Check all these CBD products by 4 Corners Cannabis and get the ultimate benefits of CBD:

Top 7 4 Corners CBD Popular Products: You May Consider To Buy in 2021

1. CBD Salve

CBD Salve 4 Corners CBD

With velvety touch and feel, this CBD Salve would be your companion throughout the year acting as an ointment to your impaired skin and would soften your lips. It is quite helpful in winters when your skin and lips ask for moisture. It has a soothing fragrance of coconut oil. It is a fine mixture of coconut oil, CBD and beeswax.

4 Corners CBD Salve helps you get relief from strained muscles within a few moments. It works wonders on muscle pain and soreness. This would also help you with muscle cramps within minutes where everything else fails! It has huge demand in the market due to its pain relief properties like none other product.


2. Oral Tincture

Oral Tincture

Do you get stress out often? 4CC Oral Tincture is designed just for you to help you experience life without stress. This oral tincture with a pinch of coconut oil and orange is prepared with a blend of high-end quality materials to offer stress relief and pain relief. These days lives are led more by anxiety and less by relaxation. Let’s make this principle work otherwise with Oral Tincture.

To get the best results, hold the dose underneath your tongue for approximately 30-60 seconds. Also, it is suggested to go through the recommended guidelines before use.

A lot of students, teachers, businessmen and people with different professions rely upon it for their stress control and relaxation.


3. Pet & Me Bundle

Pet & Me Bundle

The 4 Corners Cannabis Pet & Me Bundle is a perfect choice for you and your furry friend to stay active and away from ailments. It is a package of 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture and 4 Corners Cannabis Pet Tincture to make sure you and your pet are relaxed, free from any kind of pain and stress. You can use this before your day starts to make every minute of your day count.

4CC Oral Tincture: A lot of students, teachers, businessmen and people with different professions rely upon it for their stress control and pain relief.

4CC Pet Tincture: Pets can’t speak! So, 4 Corners Cannabis have created a product that can listen to your pets unspoken words and relieve it from numerous kinds of pain and illness.


4. Tincture And Salve Bundle

Tincture And Salve Bundle

Get rid of your mental pain and physical pain altogether. A very thoughtful combination of your overall physical and mental fitness. 4CC care for you! So, they take all your pain by offering you a powerful combination that you would never regret buying. People usually go for pain-killers with a lot of side-effects, these are natural pain-suppressors.

  • 4CC Oral Tincture: Oral tincture with a pinch of coconut oil and orange is prepared with a blend of high-end quality materials to offer stress relief and pain relief.
  • 4 CC CBD Salve: 4 CC CBD Salve helps you get relief from anguish muscles within a few moments. It works wonders on muscle pain and soreness.

5. Glycerine Tincture

Glycerine Tincture

4CC Glycerine Tincture offers a pleasantly tangy flavour. Like 4CC Oral Tincture, it also has great stress-relieving properties. It soothes your body, mind and soul, creating a happy and pleasant vibe around you. It works best for people allergic to coconut and avocados.

4CC Glycerine Tincture cannot be underestimated by it’s sweet and tangy flavour. According to the reviews of various people who trust 4CC, Glycerine Tincture has helped people with ADHD, Arthritis, High-Functioning Autism, Anxiety and much more.


6. Avocado Oil Tincture

Avocado Oil Tincture

4CC Avocado Oil Tincture is the one created to connect you to the taste of earth. It is a flavourful combination with all the benefits of 4CC Oral Tincture. It creates a fresh, soothing vibe as it helps you with various ailments, pain relief and stress relief. You will love it if you like natural flavours.

It is best suited for the people who want to reap the benefits of 4CC Oral Tincture along with nature’s goodness and they would fall in love with it. The people who are allergic to coconut and citrus food can go for it.


7. Honey & Cinnamon Bundle

Honey & Cinnamon Bundle

4CC Honey and Cinnamon Bundle is a combination of 4CC CBD Honey and Cinnamon Tincture. This is perfect for people who are obsessed with natural ingredients as cinnamon and honey are both very beneficial. This is a sweet and spicy combo with the sweetness of honey and spiciness of cinnamon.

4CC CBD Honey: With the sweetness of honey, you can reap the benefits of CBD. All you need to do is, replace your regular honey with the new 4CC CBD Honey to soothe your day and create a happy, relaxed aura around you.

4CC Cinnamon Oral Tincture: This Cinnamon Oral Tincture has a natural flavour of cinnamon and a great option for those who are allergic to coconuts and avocados. This would also give you all the benefits that 4CC Oral Tincture is equipped with.


Company Reviews – Positives And Negatives

The company reviews and the product reviews have been positive majorly. There are some minor limitations that could be eliminated if paid attention to. People are really happy with the services provided by 4 Corners Cannabis for their own welfare and for their pets also. Noticeable benefits have been observed after the use of these amazing products in the pets. The products manufactured by 4 Corners Cannabis is not only suited to your pets, but you can also choose a wide variety of CBD products for yourself.

What Do We Like?

1. 100% Quality Products

4 Corners Cannabis quality is not at all sacrificed; it is made sure that every product marketed is full of benefits. The products are manufactured using high-quality ingredients, and no harmful elements are added.

2. No Third Party Involved

There are many companies out there who claim to offer CBD products but do not have enough knowledge and expertise so; they get manufactured goods from the third party which do not guarantee purity.
But this is not the case with four corners Cannabis as the owners of this company have observed the minutest of details of CBD and carry out all operations from growth to extraction themselves thus, promising purity.

3. Result-Oriented

The products totally result-oriented and focused on providing maximum benefit to those who use it. With a lot of satisfied customers who have reaped the results of these great products making their lives easier.

4. Tested Products

All the products that are provided to you are well-tested by the owner of 4 Corner Cannabis, and they observed the changes that products had brought to their lives and then, these products would reach you. So, you need not worry about side-effects. Just make sure that you go through the usage guide properly while following instructions.

5. Shipping Within The U.S

4 Corners Cannabis promises an estimated delivery within 2-3 business days if the weather conditions allow.

6. Refund Policy

The company has quite a clear and fair refund policy. You can get a 100% refund of the product price (shipping not included) if the product is unopened within 30 days. Also, if you are not satisfied with the product, a refund can be generated.

7. Special Shipping Request

You can visit 4 Corners Cannabis website and request them for special shipping. Usually, they accept the requests within normal circumstances.

8. Treatment Of Certain Major Problems

Although the company doesn’t claim or guarantee the treatment of any ailments nor are their products medications. But many people have received surprising benefits like cure of certain major problems like ADHD, Depression, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Disc Pain etc.

9. Happy Customers

There are lots of happy and contented customers to verify the authenticity of products from. There are people who believe these products to be good due to the wonders they showed on them.

10. No Alteration In Quality

Most companies start lowering the quality of their products as they are on an uprise. They start cutting on costs, quality, customer satisfaction etc. But over so many years of service, the products of 4 Corners Cannabis have always got better with time.

11. Good Customer Service

Customer Care services by 4 Corner Cannabis is great. They are very helpful, understanding and clear with their words. This company wants its operations to be transparent with customers so that customers can know what is served on their plate and does not underestimate the importance of the product offered.

What Do We Not Like?

1. Shipping In U.S. Only

Good things take time. It would take a lot of time and patience for the company to start providing its amazing products and services all over the world. Right now, it is limited to the U.S. only. I am waiting for 4 Corners Cannabis to open its wings into various countries.

2. Expensive Range Of Products

Although the products by 4 Corner Cannabis are quite serviceable, there are many people who find them expensive as compared to others in the market. But quality comes with a price. In order to reap the benefits of these surprising products, you will have to bear the price. The companies who charge less often compromise with the quality of product offered.

3. Allergic People Need To Be Extra Cautious

There are people allergic to one ingredient or the other. These types of people need to be extra cautious with the ingredients of the products they are going to order; otherwise, they might have to suffer from consequences. If allergic people make sure that the ingredients used in the product are not allergic to them, they’ll be really happy with the products.

4. Controversial Taste Of Some Products

There are certain products in which the tastes are controversial. Every person has their own tastes and preferences, and accordingly they decide whether the taste was good or not. So, if you want to know the same, you’ll have to taste. For example, the earthy taste of Avocado Oral Tincture is loved by some people due to a natural taste while some people felt it was not so good at the taste.

FAQs on 4 Corners CBD

Here We have listed the most asked questions about CBD by people. This will clear almost all your doubts and questions regarding the use of CBD products. Also, after going through these questions, you might be able to decide if you want to buy CBD products or not.

1. Should I Take CBD Products With On-Going Medications?

It depends upon the type of medications you are on. If you are on medications, you should consider asking your healthcare professional.

Certain medications that may cause problems with CBD products include:

  • HIV Antivirals
  • Macrolide Antibiotics
  • Fentanyl
  • Steroids
  • Calcium Channel Blockers

2. What Do I Feel After Taking CBD Products? Would I Feel Dizziness?

CBD Products are not psychoactive so, you won’t feel suppression of CNS, headache or dizziness etc. Now, when it comes to how you would feel after consuming CBD is a relief. If there is a pain in any part of your body, you won’t feel it anymore. At the mental level, you won’t feel stress and anxiety. Many studies have shown that after consumption of CBD Products, people feel happier due to their suppressed stress levels and thus, related thoughts.

3. Is CBD Oil Good For My Dog?

Absolutely! CBD is known for its healing properties, not for just dogs but all the pets. CBD heals psychological as well as medical issues in pets like arthritis, pain due to cancer, neurological issues, stress, anxiety etc. In fact, during the end of life, CBD makes it easier for dogs to pass out to the great infinity. 4 Corners CBD for dogs is one of the best CBD products for dogs and 4 Corners CBD oils for dogs is also well-known for its surprising results.

4. How Much Time Does CBD Oil Take To Start Working In Pets?

Usually, CBD oil takes 10-12 minutes to lower the stress levels and relax the mind of your pet, easing up the pain, if there is any. For proper working, it might also take 15-20 minutes. If it doesn’t work till then, you should go for another dose of CBD oil.

Different pets react differently to CBD oil, so it is essential to understand your pet’s reaction and work accordingly in future. If you want the best CBD oil for your pet, 4 Corners CBD for dogs are one of the best CBD products for dogs and pets, and 4 Corners CBD oils for dogs and other pets are also well-known for its surprising results.

4 Corners CBD – The Conclusion

These were some of the most popular products offered 4 Corners Cannabis. if you want to check out on more products for yourself, your family or your pets, you can visit the official website of 4 Corners Cannabis. Do visit the range for pets as they have the best CBD for dogs and best CBD oils for dogs.

4 Corners Cannabis is a well-established company since 2013, offering quality products that are closely monitored to their minutest details and effects to make them seamless and world’s best CBD products for you and your pets. They aim towards perfection, but still there is a room for improvement no matter how superior you are. There are certain limitations, but the quality and expertise overweigh those negligible cons. You can adapt an altogether new way of living with these CBD products that are offered by 4 Corners Cannabis.

Make sure to consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or diseases, like heart diseases, liver disorder etc. Also when choosing your CBF product ensure that you don’t have any allergies to any ingredient used in the product. It is always better to start the doses with low quantity and observe their effects and gradually increase the dose. Whether it is for you or your pets you must always take care of these precautionary steps.