Best CBD Dog Treats 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Do you own a pet dog? If your pet is in pain due to arthritis, or if it is overly-excited all the time? If yes, then you have just arrived at the most useful page.

Seeing your dog in pain is one of the most devastating things to experience for a pet lover. But CBD is one possible solution that can help your pet lead a happy and active life for long. If you don’t want to give CBD to your pet like a medicine or oil, you can give them other cbd for pets products like the best CBD dog treats that they like.


In the following article, you will find a list of the top 10 CBD dog treats, some factors you must consider while choosing treats for your dog, and other useful information you would need while making a selection. So, use this guide to make a wise selection and see your dog come alive.

Top 10 Best CBD Dog Treats 2021

1. cbdMD Peanut Butter Treats

cbdMD Peanut Butter Treats Best CBD Dog Treats

These cbdMD dog treats come in three types of packages, specially designed for medium, small and large size dogs. cbdMD formulates the CBD dog treats in a unique way exclusive of all additives and made from all-natural, pure, and fresh only ingredients.

These dog treats do not contain any GMO substance, which is generally not suitable for all dogs’ health and the environment.

The treats are exclusive of meats and poultry by-products, soy additives, and corn additives, and are made of pure, puppy approved peanut butter for the safety of your dog. The product is available in 150mg, 300mg and 600mg potencies.

The peanut butter treats come in biscuit form. They are baked in a professional way while maintaining all the safety measures so that they are even safe for human consumption. CBD has got a lot of health benefits, as it works efficiently in the same way in dogs, as it does in human health.

If your dog is ageing or is suffering from anxiety from a very young age, then you can add these dog treats to its diet and keep it healthy and fit for long. It reduces body pain in your dogs and reduces aggression in a safe manner. Such dog treats in a diet can turn out to be the best CBD solution for your dogs.

The serving size you give to your dog depends on various factors, including its weight, nutrition needs, metabolism, genetics, environment and health issues. If you get confused regarding the serving size of the dog treats, then you can research on the condition of your dog or take medical advice to set the dosage.

CBD might beneficially affect your dog if you start off with a low dose, and then increase the serving size in every 3-4 weeks.


  • Made up of all-natural ingredients
  • The treats contain fresh ingredients only
  • Help in improving the health of your dogs
  • Reduces body pain, anxiety and aggressiveness in dogs
  • Non-GMO product
  • No meat and poultry by-products, soy or corn additives
  • Available in 3 potencies for small, medium and large dogs


  • Some dogs may have allergy to peanut butter

2. PureKana Blueberry And Chicken Treats

PureKana Blueberry And Chicken Treats

If you are looking for CBD treats for dogs, then PureKana Hemp Dog Treats in Blueberry and chicken flavors might be an ideal choice for you. The pure formulated high-quality Hemp extracts in these dog treats make your pet more active than usual.

Available separately for small and large dogs, the mouthwatering dog treats from PureKana come with the consistency of pure hemp extracts.

The dog treats are organic in form, made without any kind of additives or adulteration. They are gluten-free, soy and dairy ingredients free, and any such substances. You can notice many positive changes in your dog after the use of PureKana dog treats within weeks.

The mouthwatering taste and smell of the dog treats enhance your dog’s appetite in the best way possible. The ingredients include oat flour which keeps your dog slim and fit, blueberries for flavor, and organic chicken stock for protein content.

Other ingredients include organic coconut oil, honey, organic cinnamon, baking powder, pure hemp extracts, mixed salt tocopherols, natural preservatives, and many more for keeping your dog healthy and active.


  • Comes with pure hemp extracts
  • Blueberries add flavor
  • Free of all the additives
  • Contains all fresh ingredients only


  • Sometimes end up increasing anxiety in dogs

3. cbdMD Baked Cheese Dog Treats

cbdMD Baked Cheese Dog Treats

Available in cheese baked flavor, these cbdMD dog treats biscuits can turn out to be your dog’s favorite in no time. Formulated separately for small, medium and large, these treats consist of all the natural ingredients for the safety and well-being of your dog.

The best thing is that these dog treats are exclusive of any type of additives, meat ingredients, or poultry by-products, and soy or corn additives.

The non-GMO food is prepared in a hygienic atmosphere and professional manner that makes it even safe for human consumption. The product is puppy-approved, and their shape is most suitable for dog consumption. cbdMD dog treats come in varying potencies of 150mg, 300mg and 600mg, which you can choose as per your dog’s specific needs.

You can add these baked cheese flavored biscuits to your dog’s regular diet for relieving a lot of problems in dogs, like anxiety, stress, body pain and aggressiveness. Even if your dog does not face any such issues, you can give them these CBD dog treats for enhancing their immunity system.

The dosage highly varies from dog to dog, and it largely depends on its body weight, breed and age. The same amount of CBD dog treats might not affect each one in equally positive ways. So, it is best to start with a small amount and increase it eventually in every four weeks.


  • Mouthwatering cheese-baked flavor
  • Made with all pure and natural ingredients
  • Does not contain any harmful additives and ingredients


  • Biscuit size is too big for small puppies

4. PureKana Peanut Butter And Pumpkin

PureKana Peanut Butter And Pumpkin

The CBD oil treats for dogs might be enough to bring out the best in your dogs. Cannabidiol works similarly in dogs as it does in human beings. These dog treats from PureKana come in a perfect blend of peanut butter and pumpkin, and the pure hemp extracts present in them can bring about ultra-high performance in your dog.

The pure formulation of these dog treats can increase the activity speed of your dog, and their fresh ingredients help in enhancing the effects of the pure hemp extracts. PureKana formulates the dog treats while keeping in mind the vulnerability of your furry friends. The unique, freshly prepared food in peanut butter and pumpkin flavor can increase your dog’s appetite in a safe manner.

The dog treats are separately available for small, medium and large dogs. The best thing is that they are made up of all-natural and organic ingredients, which have only beneficial effects on your dog.

Since they are gluten-free, they are successful in avoiding any sudden increase in the autoimmune cells of your dog’s intestine. They are also exclusive of all soy, dairy and corn additives.


  • The peanut butter and pumpkin flavor can make your dog hungry
  • Exclusive of any kind of additives
  • All-natural and organic


  • These dog treats are known to significantly increase anxiety levels in some dogs

5. PureKana Steak And Sweet Potato Flavors

PureKana Steak And Sweet Potato Flavors

Who can even stop themselves from falling in love with the flavor of steak and sweet potatoes? Most of the dogs under CBD dog treats love the flavor of steak and sweet potatoes from PureKana. The brand is known to make their dog treats in the safest way possible, while keeping in mind the health effects of your furry babies.

The dog treats from PureKana bring out ultra-high performances in your furry friends at ease. The high-quality pure hemp extracts in these CBD dog treats are intended to improve the health condition of your dog in a safe and natural way.

You can include such mouthwatering dog treats in your pet’s healthy balanced diet and reduce aggressiveness that is a common problem with aging dogs.

You can offer ultimate body pain relief to your dog with the help of these best CBD dog treats from PureKana. These treats not only improve their health condition, but also increase their appetite due to their delicious smell and taste.

The product from PureKana is made with organic and all-natural ingredients in professional grade and hygienic packaging. The dog treats are available separately for small and large size dogs. These are gluten-free, soy free, and additives free for the safety of your dog.

The corn-free dog treats from PureKana can make your dog stay healthy and active for long. The honey, organic cinnamon, organic beef stock, oat flour, sweet potato and pure hemp extracts in these CBD dog treats brings out the fittest dogs of all time.

You can add this food to your dog’s diet with a lot of fresh water. Start with a little amount of CBD dog treats to observe their body and activity changes properly. On seeing progressive results in your dogs, you can increase the amount in every 3-4 weeks.


  • Mouthwatering flavor of steak and sweet potato
  • Amazing flavors that increase your dog’s appetite
  • Made up of organic and all-natural ingredients
  • Contains pure hemp extracts


  • Works differently for different dogs, so setting the dosage may take some time and observation

6. cbdMD Sweet Potato Dog Treats

cbdMD Sweet Potato Dog Treats

If you have been looking for the best CBD treats for dogs, then your dog might fall in love with these cbdMD CBD dog treats at once. The product comes separately formulated for small, medium, and large size dogs. The dog treats have a sweet potato flavor, which is enough to lure your dog and increase its hunger.

These biscuits can turn out to be your dog’s favorite in no time. The non-GMO product consists of all-natural ingredients for the well-being of your dog. They are also exclusive of any type of additives and impure hemp extracts. The product is puppy-approved, as it does not contain any meat ingredients, poultry by-products, soy or corn additives.

cbdMD dog treats come in 150mg, 300mg and 600mg potencies, and they are most suitable for dog’s consumption at ease.

You can add cbdMD’s dog treats sweet potato flavored biscuits to your dog’s regular diet for relieving a variety of problems like anxiety, stress, body pain and aggressiveness. You can also give these biscuits to your dog to improves its immunity, even if it is in perfectly healthy condition.


  • Sweet potato flavor
  • Pure form of dog biscuits that is even safe for human consumption
  • Free from any type of additives
  • Can bring out the best in your dogs in no time


  • Only 30 pieces are present in a packet

7. Joy Organics Dog Chews

Joy Organics Dog Chews

Have you been looking for the best CBD chews for dogs? If yes, then the time has come for you to choose Joy Organics for bringing out the best in your dogs. You can offer your fur buddies these soft dog chews for improvement in their health.

Each of these tasty beef flavored dog chews contains 2mg of CBD hemp oil. It is a pack of 30 chews for the dogs, and they are made with utmost quality ingredients to treat your dog most efficiently. The dog chews are not only super soft, but also have got delicious flavors and unusual textures for attracting your dog.

These mouthwatering chews can succeed to win your dog’s heart in no time. The best way you can help your dog to grow and develop is by giving them the best CBD dog treats. Joy Organics’ CBD dog treats are made withy pure extracts of Hemp and other useful ingredients.

The Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extracts are highly soluble in water. They come in water-soluble powder form for the easy absorption in your dogs. You can notice surprising changes in your dog’s increased energy level and body fitness after the intake of these dog chews from Joy Organics.


  • Joy Organics use high-quality premium Phytocannabinoid bits of Hemp for the betterment of the dogs
  • Beef flavor
  • THC free
  • The chews are readily absorbable in dogs
  • Super-soft form for easy digestion
  • Hemp in the chews comes in pure powder formulation for easy absorption


  • Price is a bit high as compared to other CBD dog treats

8. Blue Moon Hemp Salmon & Sweet Potato

Blue Moon Hemp Salmon & Sweet Potato

These CBD cookies for dogs from the house of Blue Moon might end up winning yours as well as your dog’s heart forever. Manufactured with your dog’s health in mind, these dog treats come in savory salmon and sweet potato flavor for making your dog’s snacks delicious. So, your pet dog can have a balanced diet with the help of such mouthwatering nutritious food.

These CBD dog treats are efficient enough to increase your dog’s appetite and also protect their skin with the Omega-3 fatty acids present in the savory salmon flavor. The sweet potato is rich in vitamins and fibers, which take care of your dog’s digestive system in the best way possible.

The combination of sweet potato and savory salmon with pure extracts of CBD hemp along with their beneficial properties makes a perfect snack for your dog. It helps in nourishing your canine companions with all the necessary health supplements.

You can serve the meal to your dog in any way you want along with some freshwater. Initially, you can start with low amounts of dog treats, but eventually, you can increase the dosage in a gap of every 3-4 weeks.


  • Full of fatty acids that protect the dog’s coat
  • The sweet potato adds to the vitamins and dietary fibers to your dog’s health
  • Made of pure hemp extracts for benefitting your dog
  • The dog treats can reduce anxiety and stress in dogs


The dog treats could have been softer in texture


9. Koi Naturals Soft Chews

Koi Naturals Soft Chews

If you have been in search of the best CBD dog treats, then Koi CBD Pet treat chews might be an ideal choice for your dog. These treats come in delicious chicken flavor, and they have easily digestible ingredients for the well being of your canine companions.

The chews are rich in Phytocannabinoid extracts of pure Hemp, all of which are veterinary approved with high-quality ingredient values.

You can add CBD extracts to your dog’s daily diet by giving them the sweet chew dog treats as training gifts, daily snacks, supplementary items, etc. It can be beneficial for your dog’s health in various ways, as it can relieve inflammation and reduce pain efficiently.

You can even give these treats to dogs having age-related issues, like stress and anxiety problems. You should serve these CBD treats to your dogs with a lot of water for proper hydration and safety.


  • The Koi dog treats come in mouthwatering chicken flavor
  • Soft chews
  • Help in increasing appetite
  • Phytocannabinoid hemp extracts for bringing out the best in your dogs


  • Only one product for all dog sizes and breeds

10. Treatibles Pack Of Turkey Hard Chews

Treatibles Pack Of Turkey Hard Chews

If you are looking for CBD dog treats for anxiety, then this Treatibles turkey grain free hard chews might be the answer to your search. The introductory pack that comes in proper hygienic packing has got seven hard chews perfect for a trial. The CBD full-spectrum hemp oil chews are appropriate for pets weighing more than 40lbs.

The packet has got seven chews with 4mg of hemp oil in each chew. The product contains a few active as well as inactive ingredients like chickpea flour, sweet potato with vitamins and dietary fibers, turkey with a lot of protein, coconut oil and hemp seed oil with improving health factors, tapioca, molasses and many more.

The hard chews come with a lot of health effects, as they are safe and non-toxic for the consumption of dogs of any breed.

You should have a keen observation of your dog’s health before and after taking Treatibles CBD hard chews, so that you can alternate their use in a suitable manner as per your dog’s health. You can serve the food as snacks with a lot of water which would keep your pet hydrated throughout the CBD diet.


  • Contains high-quality hemp extracts
  • Help your dog get over anxiety and stay calm
  • Perfect combination of active and inactive ingredients
  • Non-toxic and safe for pets


  • The treats are only meant for pets weighing more than 40lbs

Factors To Look For When Buying Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD is an essential ingredient that is very much needed in the daily diet of a dog suffering from arthritis, body pain, overanxiety or other such problems. Best CBD dog treats can help them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. There are several CBD dog treats available in the market, but what you need to choose the one as per your dog’s specific requirements.

While looking for CBD treats for dogs, make sure you check all these factors before buying one:

1. Type Of CBD Extract

The first thing you should keep in mind before purchasing a CBD treat for your dog is the type of hemp extract used in it, its extraction process, and its quality.

2. Nutrient Content

Good quality hemp extract in the dog’s CBD food is the primary source of CBD for the dogs. The nutrient needs of your dog largely depend on its size, breed, health condition, activity level, etc.

Help extract should be the top ingredient on the label of the product. So, before you buy dog treats from any dog food brand, kindly check the content and source of CBD of the product.

3. Ingredients Used

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is the type of ingredients used in the product. Along with hemp extract, look at a detailed list of ingredients present in the product. Read the label carefully and make sure that it is free from any corn or soy products, meat or poultry by products, etc. It should also be non-GMO and THC free for the safety and health of your beloved pet.

4. Age Of The Dog

The age of your dog matters a lot while selecting the right CBD dog treats for them. For instance, dogs below the age of one will require softer CBD gummies for dogs than adult ones. But as the dog ages, the strength of teeth increases and its nutritional needs also change.

It becomes important for you to search for foods that provide a rich source of fiber and other nutrients required to maintain the overall health of your dog.

5. Breed And Size

Different breeds of dogs have different growth and developmental needs. For instance, small breed dogs will have an altogether different food requirement than larger breed dogs. This is because the metabolism of a small breed dog is comparatively higher than a larger breed dog.

Apart from that, smaller breed dogs require more frequent meals, because they digest their food faster. On the other hand, you’ll have to feed a larger dog only once a day with fuller meals. You can consult a professional veterinarian to know the dosage and amount of CBD treats suitable for your dog size and breed.

6. Certificate Analysis

Some companies sell CBD dog treats illegally. If you buy the products from such sources, you might get into trouble and make your dog sick. Look for proper certificate analysis before purchasing a product.

7. Soft Or Hard Treats

Feeding your dog with hard or soft treats depends on your dog’s dental health and its personal preferences. If your dog likes soft and wet food, then you should feed your dog with a soft treat, but on the other hand, if your dog is used to dry food, then go for hard treats.

If your dog is comfortable with both, you can even decide to keep shuffling between hard and soft, as per the mood of your dog. Give attention to what your dog likes the most, and include more of that in their diet.

8. Any Allergies

Before you try out a new dog treat, it is important that you keep your dog’s allergies in mind. If your dog is allergic to any ingredient in the dog treat, it can lead to diarrhea, ear infections, bald patches, dry itchy skin, vomiting, etc. So, feed a nutritious and hypoallergenic dog treat that is safe for your pet.

9. Flavor

There are varieties of flavors available when it comes to choosing the best CBD dog treats. Some of the most popular ones include meat, salmon, sweet potato, peanut butter, etc. You have to carefully choose the flavor, as you may not know what your pet will actually like. If you are buying for the first time, you will have to experiment a bit considering the taste and eating habits of your dog.

10. Size And Taste Of The Treats

Size and taste of the treats is surely an important factor that you should consider before buying the best CBD treats for dogs. If you have a puppy, consider buying a product that has small size treats, but medium-size or big size treats should be considered for dogs above two years of age. Today, there are lots of flavors available in dog treats as well, which you can try as per the preference of your dog.

11. Expiry Date

Before purchasing a pack of dog treats, don’t forget to check its expiry date and shelf life. Giving expired food to your dog can lead to serious problems with their health and appearance. So, make sure that the food you are buying will be edible for long.

Even if the treats have an expiry date of a year from now, give attention to a period within which the food should be consumed after opening the packet. Prefer a food pack that comes with an air-tight or zip-lock packet that keeps the treats fresh for long.

12. Price

Before buying dog treats, give attention to its price tag too. There are cheap as well as expensive varieties available in the market. Find the one according to your budget and keep your pet healthy and happy.

FAQs on CBD Dog Treats

Q1. How To Introduce CBD In A Dog’s Diet?

The best way you can introduce CBD in your dog’s diet is by giving them CBD dog treats. These treats are easy to eat, delicious in taste, and your dog will look forward to it every day.

Q2. Is It Safe To Give CBD Treats To Pet Dogs?

Yes, it is always safe to introduce CBD in your dog’s diet. In case of any negative impact on your dog’s health, you should check the ingredients of the package and see if your dog is allergic to any of them. If you are not able to figure out the issue, you should see a veterinarian for guidance.

Q3. Are Vegetarian Dog Treats Helpful In Your Dog’s Growth?

Yes, vegetarian treats can be good for your dog’s growth. You will find many dog treats that are made up of vegetarian ingredients only.

Q4. Do Dogs Get Bored Eating The Same Dog Treats?

No, the taste buds of dogs are less active than the humans. So, practically they don’t get bored eating the same treats again and again. However, dogs certainly have a sweet tooth, because sugar is considered as the highest sense of taste for them, and some dogs have few taste preferences as well.

Give A Happy And Safe Life To Your Pet With The Best CBD Dog Treats

Dogs need just the right CDB dog treats to lead a healthy and active life. A good quality package of dog treats would give them several health benefits and solve many of their problems. The best CBD dog treats will ensure quality of life for your pet and peace of mind for you, as the number of visits to the veterinarians will drastically reduce.

Buying the right pet treats largely depends on your pet’s age and breed. Therefore, consulting a vet before selecting the treats for your pet is recommended to avoid any side effects or health concerns. You can choose any one of the above products for introducing CBD in your canine companions’ daily diet. It not only improves health conditions in your buddies, but also cures the health issues they face with growing age.