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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Vape Pen?

How long does it take to charge a Vape pen? This has always been a question of concern. Vape pens are battery operated devices similar to electronic cigarettes. It is the batteries used in a vape pen that give the device the required energy to perform. Low-quality batteries hinder the performance and hence it is important to watch out for quality.

However, we need to see how long the charge of a vape pen battery can last. This is crucial for the device’s lifespan as well. As we move on, you’ll get to see what vape pens are, how they’re charged, and how long the battery can stay. Let’s dive right in!

What Is A Vape Pen?

Vape pens are battery-operated portable devices used to vaporize substances like marijuana and nicotine. Vape pens, also called vaporizers, are discreet and refillable. They are versatile and customisable, and hence are a popular option among many users. Moreover, they offer several appealing options to both experienced users and first-time smokers.

Vape pens are usually smoke-free. You don’t need a flame or any kind of ignition, giving you a healthier and cleaner experience. Sleek and odorless, these portable vaporizers allow you to smoke without attracting much attention. Additionally, they are simple to assemble and easy to use. They also boast several other features like good temperature regulation, batteries, and the presence of pre-filled cartridges.

How To Charge A Vape Pen?

Similar to electronic cigarettes, vape pens utilise a liquid that is heated and in turn generates vapor. They are powered by batteries that can be either internal or external. In the case of an internal battery, it looks like a tube that is attached to the atomizer. An external battery resembles the standard batteries that you find in remote controls and other electronic devices.

If you use internal batteries, you just have to plug your vape pen into your charger using a USB cable. Ensure that these are designed exclusively for these vape pens. Using a charger or cable that is not made for your Vape pen can cause it to overheat or explode. This happens due to the differences in voltage.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Vape Battery?

This is a common query about Vape pens. In layman’s terms, charging a vape battery depends on the condition of the battery in general. If it is completely drained out, it can take about three hours to get fully charged. However, there are various other factors to be considered as well.

The First Charge

Most manufacturers ship only half-charged batteries. Therefore, the batteries continue to be in decent conditions while they are waiting to be bought. Taking this fact into consideration, a newly-bought battery will only require a few hours to fully charge.

Nevertheless, it does not indicate the exact time for a battery to charge down to its lowest limit as permitted by the vaporizer. Hence, it is always best to plan a few hours beforehand for the first charge.

Daily Charging

When compared to a battery’s first charge, daily charging may require more time. Also, there are several other factors to be kept in mind. First off, the capacity of the battery is measured in milliamp-hour (mAh). So, if the battery’s capacity is bigger, it will need more time to charge.

Further, charging time is related to the type of charger you use. If you are using an external charger, various requirements are to be checked to view the amount of power supplied to the batteries. On the contrary, a charger with a built-in USB has an option for quick-charging. Like two sides of a coin, both methods have their own pros and cons.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An 18650 Battery?

The time taken to charge an 18650 battery will help you to clearly determine a battery’s health. For this, the charging time should be constant. If the battery takes an unusually long time to charge, this indicates that it is about time that you replaced the battery. An 18650 battery charger will get the battery charged in about four hours. On the other hand, a micro USB charger takes about three hours to charge a battery. Remember, new batteries will experience minor differences in the charging time.

Using the battery for a few days will help you get an idea of its charging time. As the battery usage keeps increasing, the time taken to charge will also be more. Once a battery starts taking longer hours, it is advisable to replace your 18650 mod battery. Generally batteries are expected to have a longer life span. However, once they start showing signs of poor performance, they ought to be changed.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Vape Pen?

‘How long does it take to charge a Vape pen?’, is a question that often pops up in the minds of Vape pen users. And we’re here to help you find the answers.

Usually, the time taken to charge a vape pen battery is anywhere between two to four hours. This time depends on several factors like its type, age, etc if it’s being used for the first time. Also, when a Vape pen is fully charged, the LED-lights on the pen will start flashing green.

Further, the charging time will be shorter when the battery is new and is charged for the first time. But when time passes, the battery will start wearing out, and eventually, it may lead to longer hours to charge. Thus, it is best to change or replace such kinds of batteries.

Generally, the battery of a vape pen lasts for about two years. In other words, a battery can undergo 300 charges when used normally. The longevity of a battery depends on the battery type and how much the battery has been used over time. Plus, the type of environment and the type of vape are other important factors that determine a battery’s life.

A decent-quality battery provides a relatively good performance. You won’t have to face any problems when you recharge it. However, it is always essential to be well informed about the basics of charging your battery safely. Now let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of charging a Vape pen.

First and foremost, make sure that your vape battery charger features over-charge protection. If the battery gets overcharged on a regular basis, its lifespan will be affected significantly. Therefore, a lot of problems are likely to arise when too much stress is given to the internal components of a vape pen. Now you know why it is vital to purchase a battery with overcharge protection.

Regardless of this fact, it is always safer to remove the battery from charging as soon as it gets fully charged. This can avert potential problems like overheating and under-performance. Moreover, never leave the battery unattended when it’s charging time, especially during nights. You will not necessarily face any issue if the vape pen battery is of remarkable quality, but always put your safety first.

An important yet often overlooked tip to keep in mind is, never charge your battery in close proximity to flammable materials. Since batteries are made of lithium-ion, they are a safety hazard when they get overheated. Hence, charge them in a place away from heat or direct sunlight. Additionally, the charger should be kept away from combustible materials.

For devices that operate on in-built batteries, it is always best to use a charger that’s recommended. In order to stay safe and secure, it is advisable to use the charger that came along with the device. Generally chargers are given along with devices like vape pens, cigalike, hookah pens, and internal battery mod.

It is true that the output of the original charger is similar to that of the new charger. Nevertheless, it is easier and safer to use the charger provided by the manufacturers. We have a tendency to buy cheap items, but for vape pen battery chargers, it is a strict NO. Ensure that you never buy cheap-quality chargers as they can affect the performance of the vape pen as a whole.

Battery chargers are integral to any device, even though they don’t look that way. Always select a dependable and reliable manufacturer and pick a high-quality charger that will last a long time.

Are You Ready To Charge Your Vape Pen?

We’ve provided you with the best information. From ‘what are vape pens? ‘ to ‘how long does it take to charge a vape pen?’, all your queries have now been answered. Using a vape pen may sound fun, but it is equally important to keep it fully charged for good performance.

You’ve had a sneak peek into the kind of batteries used and the time taken to complete the charging process. Both internal and external batteries are used, and both of them have their own pros and cons. But you need to focus on the quality of the batteries. A good-quality battery lasts longer than one that is cheap. Moreover, look out for batteries with overcharge protection to ensure your safety.

Further, the battery of a vape pen will last for about two years. However, the lifespan of a vape pen battery is determined by a variety of other factors, too. You’re now well informed and ready to go.

Happy smoke-free smoking!