Best Vape Tanks For Flavors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Smok TFV12 2. Uwell Crown3. Horizon Falcon
Smok TFV12 Best Vape Tank For FlavorUwell Crown Horizon Falcon King Size

Daily vape users are always seeking new flavors that are easy to inhale as well as that provide pleasurable experience.. The vapes tanks provide the variations with changes of temperature along with few additional beneficial features.


You can find various vape tanks that have different shape, size and other features. So many vairities can sometimes leave you overwhelmed. Therefore, In this article we have reviewed top ten vape tanks and we have also mentioned some essential factors and FAQS to choose them. Few of the best vape tanks for flavor are as follows.

Top 10 Best Vape Tanks For Flavor 2021

1. Smok TFV12 

SMOK TFV12 Best Vape Tank

This is first in our list as it offers unrivaled performance, excellent vapor production and great flavor recreation. It is a value pack as it is sold in a pack of three. It is durable, long lasting and has received many positive reviews due to its performance and pricr.


  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Comes with power range of 50 to 120 watts.


  • Users should assemble it carefully.

2. Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown 

The Uwell crown 3iii Ohm, the best vape tank for flavor has a convenient and faster way of top filling. Its
anti-leakage feature has increased the durability of the new series 3iii sub-ohm vape tank. Additional
replacement of the coil headed system with the three ways of vapor or airflows are present in advanced series.


  • Spare parts available so less needs to worry.
  • Single time replacement of glass tank provided in the 3iii crown series.


  • Chances of lock ring may loosen after a few years of use.

3. Horizon Falcon King Size

Horizon Falcon King Size

Easy and quick to use with the colorful design of the Horizon Falcon King sub. It has a single set of O-rings
and drip tip to control leakage. Another exceptional feature is that bamboo fiber coils are present that are
easy to attach. Using it is simple all you have to do is to simply open fill the tank and close it with the kind of
flavor poured inside the vape tank. I1t is one of the best vape tanks for flavor and clouds.


  • Resin wide bore drip tip present
  • Extra M1 0.16 ohm mesh coil present


  • May cause damages; like burns if not handled properly.

4. Freemax Mesh 

Freemax Mesh 

This vape from freemax has a unique with vibrant appearance an The tanks can be filled with various flavors
with trials so that no time it feels repetitive or monotonous. Thick glass without leakages and Fireluke Mesh Pro
coil family, easy to slide the top, and fill the vape tank makes it durable. Clouds forming from the vapes are
formed using different flavors and has metallic finishing.


  • Duo- channels for airflow
  • E-liquid capacity with bubble glass


  • Color may vary

5. Geekvape’s Ammit

Geekvape’s Ammit

Each time the Geekvape has some potential that inspires the users to buy regularly the best vape for
flavor such as the ammit 25 3d that has the efficient airflow in the RTA vape. The convenient part of the vape
tank is two posts designed to connect with the single coil configurations; installation becomes fast and hassles
free. Airflow is possible through the dual channels and consists of silica glass which has the capacity of
withstanding high temperature.


  • Stable atomizer ability observed.
  • True flavors possible with strong clouds


  • Users should be aware of the Ohm law.
  • Slight changes in the color of the objects may be possible.

6. Horizon Falcon

Horizon Falcon

Apart from the resin wide bore drip tip of 8mm, it has the 11mm bore 510 drip tip. It is a best tasting vape
tank made of strong glass, pyrex, and stainless steel body. Horizon Falcon has natural flax fiber, it is a unique
feature along with the flax fiber & flax paper.

Easy filling from the top is possible with the tank width of 55mm.
Cherishing the different flavors is not limited to clouds but also to possess a natural-appearing Sub Ohm Vape


  • Innovative top opening for filling
  • Easy to operate
  • Good to enjoy different flavors


  • Precautions should be taken while handling and charging.
  • It may cause issues with the flat 510 hybrid connection if not handled properly.

7. Smok Tfv16 

Smok Tfv16 

No doubt, this vape is comparatively greater in size to other vape tanks. Moreover, it has a strong glass which
can hold larger quantity, it measures 32 mm. The airflow capacity is highly convenient to form a large amount
of clouds formation. Child safety locking mechanism with explosion-proof features apart from best vape tank
for taste makes it unique.


  • Stylish king size tank
  • Several times use to form clouds
  • Explosion-proof


  • Need to be careful while attaching new coil

8. Wotofo Profile Unity NexMesh 

Wotofo Profile Unity NexMesh 

The vape tank is constructed with a cotton strip of 6mm of thickness. The Clapton coil with an extra 810 drip tip
creates a dynamic sensation for the users. Forming clouds are much larger in amount but it is also one of
the best vape tanks for taste that can be used many times a day.

Easy to attach with the help of the user
manual and setup tool, also it consists of a bag of O-Rings and screws to complete the setup.


  • It consists of 10 packs OFRF nexMESH Coil
  • German PEEK as heat resistant material
  • Airflow can be adjustable


  • Wicking may not be much convenient for certain users

9. Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Vape Tank

Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Vape Tank

It is one of the highly upgraded version of the vape tans.. Opening the top of the best vape coils for
flavor and filling is easy with the good functioning to forming of the cloud with the mesh design of the vape
tank. Airflow is faster with the large bottom divided into two in numbers. It is a long-lasting and durable product
on which you can spend your money without any worries.


  • Designed with 8.5mm by 2.8mm with the fill port
  • Resists pressure build-up with the Fill Port Vent Hole.


  • It may be difficult for a pregnant woman to use.

10. Sub Ohm Tank from Smok V9 Max

Sub Ohm Tank from Smok V9 Max
Rechargeable batteries of this one are similar to the other vape tanks but the longevity of the charges in Smok
V9 Max is greater. Best flavor vape tank for trying different flavors as it consists of the single mesh coil and
the 0.15 Ohm Baby V2 S2 Quad Coil, accessible to try in many or little counts of cloud forming throughout the


  • It has Stainless steel constructed battery with a Micro USB charging port.
  • Consists of antibacterial medical cotton


  • Takes greater time to charge than others

Factors To Check While Buying Best Vape Tank For Flavor

It might feel that purchasing the best vape tank for taste may be at your fingertips, but it is important to look
into the following factors properly before choosing vape tank:

1. Capacity And Heat Resistance

Check the capacity of the tank, as it varies from one to another. Higher clouding formers will need
larger volumes through the minimum starts from 8ml to King size glass tanks. Also, learning about
Ohm’s law is necessary for the better use of the tanks related to pressure. Glass made heat insulators
should be of strong quality that will help in increased durability.

2. Price

The expenses will be different for all the best vape tanks for flavor and clouds. Choose the product
according to the requirement and the features of tanks for the clouds. It ranges from 19 $ approximately
to 31 $ of high quality.

3. Refilling

Refilling is a regular task and has to be done many times.So it is important to find the features of opening
the tank easier and faster.

4. Design

The designs, shape and colors of the vape tanks, are available in various forms. Choose any one according to
the type of design and color will be suitable for y Apart from it, the features of the coils, rechargeable
batteries and the size of the product should be kept in mind.

FAQs on Vape Tanks For Flavors

Q1. What Is The Best Vape Tank To Purchase?

There are many from different brands but you should select the best tasting vape tank before purchasing.
Select it, depending on the number of times of uses, a user can select the king-size vape tank or normal
size. King size is one of the best vape tank to purchase.

Q2. How To Find The Best Suitable Flavor?

To get the best suitable flavor it is necessary to check the various PG/VG ratio. Changing the temperature of
the e-liquids will provide different tastes. After the proper experiment of e-liquid, increasing or decreasing
temperature will enable us to get a suitable flavor.

Q3. What Can Be The Low Wattage Vape Flavor?

Look for 1.2ohm to 1.8ohm coil, they are considered as the low wattage vape flavor.

Q4. Is An Unbreakable Vape Tank Available?

Yes, unbreakable vape tanks are available in the market they are made of stainless steel. But such vapes are


E-liquids are of different flavors but to cherish the clouds it is the performance of the vape tanks that play the
main role. It helps in enhancing the flavor and makes your vaping experience enjoyable. Therefore, purchase
the best flavor vape tank available in sleek designs.  Using our simple guide will help you in making a right