Best Vape Mods For Clouds 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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GeekVape Aegis X Best Vape Mod For CloudSmok R200 TC MOD Starter Kit BundleGeekVape Aegis Legend Limited Edition Box Mod

Do you want to quit smoking but not able to get rid of it so easily? Do you crave for nicotine? No worries. There is a solution for this in the form of vape mode. This is the best and effective way to kick off the smoking habit. It is healthier and, at the same time, is pocket-friendly. The best thing is that it is available in a wide range of flavors that if you get bored with one, you can happily switch to the other one.


There is a huge variety of best vape mod for clouds available for heavy to medium smokers. The uniqueness of the cloud chase is that it allows you to exhale the biggest vapor out. It feels good to see vapor coming out from the mouth. Few do it as a hobby, but there are people who are professional cloud chasers.

Here is the list of top 10 best vape mods for clouds with pros and cons. You can go through the pros and cons of each and choose the best one that suits your vaping needs.

Top 10 Best Vape Mods For Clouds 2021

1. GeekVape Aegis X Box Mod

GeekVape Aegis X Best Vape Mod For Cloud

Geekvape is one of the best vape mod for clouds that is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. The impressive design would garner the eye of the vapers to buy this one to blow bigger clouds. It is durable yet powerful and gorgeous in design. If things often fall off from your hands then this one is good for you as it is made from a solid zinc-alloy frame that offers durability and long-lasting feature.

The 200 W mode has a dual 18650 battery setup, so you can use this for a longer time without having to charge multiple times in a day. The LED display is of reasonable size so that you can keep an eye on the wattage that you are using, the life of the battery, and the amperage.

It is equipped with advanced AS 2.0 chipset that offers temperature control and power adjustment features which are responsible to attain the big clouds. There are plus and minus buttons on this device to fire up the vape liquid.


  • Quick to fire up the liquid and produce vapors
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Excellent design, durable enough


  • Bit heavier
  • The display is not so impressive
  • Battery doors are really annoying

2. Smok R200 TC Mod Starter Kit Bundle

Smok R200 TC MOD Starter Kit Bundle

The first thing that grabs the attention of vapers to buy this vape mod device is its sleek design and rich performance. You can get maximum amped up wattage and control the temperature at which you would like to vape.

You can fill the tank with your favorite flavor that you want to enjoy and enjoy itspleasure when it hits the throat. There is a vent for the proper flow of air and is engineered to offer coolness. The device is constructed with superior zinc-aluminum alloy that offers durability. Layout offers anti-slip and soft-touch paint coat for better grip. Micro USB port is used for charging and upgrading firmware.

The tank is versatile, and so the machine performs without failing. The OLED display would let you see the battery levels of the device. If the battery is low, you get the warning signal. It protects the device from overheat and short-circuits. There are three buttons that you can use to operate the device with ease. There is also intelligent atomizer recognition. The device incorporates all safety protection features for safe and reliable vaping.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Ergonomic
  • Offer amazing performance
  • Easy to control the temperature


  • Expensive

3. GeekVape Aegis Legend Limited Edition Box Mod

GeekVape Aegis Legend Limited Edition Box Mod

It is one of the best vape mod for clouds from Geek Vape Aegis. It has been constructed with top-grade components to offer water proof, dust proof and shock proof features. This latest model is able to house dual user replaceable 18650 batteries to offer an output power of 200 watts. It is made using an aluminum alloy frame and uses LSR injection molding technology.

It also comes with a leather grip that is ergonomic for you to hold and vape for a long time. There is also a battery door cover that is made of carbon steel. It supports nickel, titanium and stainless steel heating elements. The temperature control feature is highly functional. The display is bright and easy to use.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Made of leather and rubber exterior
  • Best mod series from GeekVape


  • Bulky and big
  • The ornate design is not suitable for all

4. Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit

Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit

It is the best and latest mechanical vape mod for clouds that gives a unique look and has a ceramic tank that is going to be the game-changer in the vape industry. The first thing that attracts everyone is the design. It makes you feel like holding a joystick in hands. It is highly comfortable for you to hold on for a long time.

The fire button facing towards the front resembles the trigger of a joystick to fire using the index finger or a thumb. The VTC mode has a hard case, and body of the device is made using superior quality zinc-aluminum alloy.

With the amalgamation of different metals, the body of the device would last longer despite extreme wear and tear. It is lightweight and non-corrosive. The tank capacity is 2.5ml and is fueled by a ceramic coil for the long use of delicious e-juice.
The 510 thread connector is made using stainless steel to stay strong when you are removing the screw of the tank and fixing the screw. The device is powered by a single 18650 battery that is easy to remove when not in use. You can also recharge the battery. If the battery is low in the device, you can replace it with another one that has a full charge to start your vape.


  • Rich OLED screen
  • Joystick design
  • Variable voltage as well as the wattage
  • Show the battery level indicator on the LED screen
  • Made of quality material
  • Construction is strong


  • Expensive

5. VooPoo Drag 2 Box Mod

VooPoo DRAG 2 Box Mod

The latest model of vape mod for clouds from VooPoo is loved by the vapers. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries and looks stylish while holding in hands. It supports the power and temperature control system. There are different memory modes in which you can operate the device.

There is a 0.91 inch LED display on which you can see the battery life. The design of this model is similar to that of the original drag. It is in the shape of a box and has straight corners. The edges would make you feel nice when you hold in the hands.

The front panel looks soft and smooth. It gives a sophisticated look. The back panel of the device has a battery cover with a dragon logo and is less noticeable. The cover is attached by two strong magnets.

The battery compartment is spring-loaded. You can adjust the brightness of the LED screen based on the lighting conditions, which display you the resistance, puff time, voltage, and temperature. The tank has a 24.6mm base diameter.

You can slide off the top cape for easy filling up the liquid. You can use 10 different coils ranging from 0.13 ohm to 0.60 ohms. You can lock the fire and adjustment buttons with ease on this best vape box for clouds.


  • Easy to fire up to 177 watts
  • Comfortable and excellent design
  • High battery efficiency
  • Different power and temperature control modes
  • The tank is leak-free


  • The door of the battery wiggles sometimes
  • FIT mode and wattage mode look similar

6. Innokin MVP5 Box Mod


The best part of this vape mod for clouds is that it comes with a large 5200 mAh integrated battery that lets you use the device multiple times with a single full charge. Besides the battery, the manufacturer has incorporated many other features too into this device.

It looks like a child’s toy. It is sleek in design and is stylish to carry and show off your bigger clouds to friends. The device lasts longer and has an excellent battery life. The TC mode present in the device would show you the temperature readings. You can also use this device as a barometer, compass, and flashlight.

The construction of the vape mod is made sturdy by using zinc alloy, so that it is able to withstand extreme wear and tear.

The best thing is that you can equip this device with different atomizers, coils, and tanks. The intuitive nature of the best vape setup for cloud chasing would pair up with the tank and recognizes the coils besides setting the tone for the e-juice.


  • Compatible to use with different coils and e-liquids
  • Operate in different modes
  • Excellent battery life


  • Wattage output

7. Geek Vape Aegis Solo Box Mod

Geek Vape Aegis Solo Box Mod

If you are planning to buy the vape mod for clouds, always look for Greek Vape Aegis. It is build using quality material that lasts longer and is also resistant to water, dust, and shock. It uses only one 18650 battery but can fire up the liquid up to 100 watts.

It also fires at a brisk pace. There is an AS-100 chipset that offers high protection to keep the vaper at a safe place while using the device. There are different modes from which you can choose the right one to enjoy the vaping experience.

The modes that you can choose include TCR suite, bypass mode, power mode, and different power curves that would give you a personalized vaping experience.

People who like to enjoy a big vape can use this product happily. It hits the throat with different flavors. It is lightweight and makes you feel gripped when you hold in hand. It also gives protection against short circuit, overheat, and over-discharge.


  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to shock
  • Highly durable
  • Construction is strong
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use buttons


  • Not the perfect mod for all the vapers
  • You must fiddle with the battery latch

8. GeekVape Aegis X Box Mod

GeekVape Aegis X Box Mod

If you want to enjoy stylish vaping, then these best vapes for the cloud are best to buy for and are quite compact in size too. The device is equipped with advanced AS 2.0 chipset, which is powered by two 18650 batteries and gives you immense power to fire up the vapor.

There are many features that are built-in this device to offer protection from water and dust. The temperature control button with the atomizer detection would allow you to have a personalized vaping experience.

The chassis of the device is made of zinc alloy, and it protects the inside components despite extreme wear and tear. There is a big OLED screen where you can keep track of all the critical data on the best vape to buy for clouds.


  • Rich LED screen to view the data
  • Durable construction
  • Shock resistant
  • Offer high protection from clumsy grips
  • Powerful battery
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy
  • Battery door may be annoying at times

9. Vaporesso GEN Box Mod

Vaporesso GEN Box Mod

If you want to enjoy the best vaping experience, then without any thought, buy this best vape for clouds. It is sleek in design and looks stylish when you hold and vape with it. You can get a unique vaping experience every time you vape with this device.

The chassis of this is made of zinc alloy and is designed ergonomically to hold it in the hands. There are no sharp edges or corners that would cause you discomfort.

There is a rubber coating that would give you ample comfort to hold and vape for a long time. There is a total of 4 buttons, including the fire button that would let you switch between the modes. You can trigger the fire between 0.03 and 200 watts using the dual batteries.

It is the device that every vaper dreams of having. You can control the temperature and power as per your requirements using the best vape for clouds. The chipset would enable you to have a customized vaping experience.


  • Looks amazing
  • Feels good when you hold in hands
  • Simple to use
  • The chipset allows you to operate in multiple modes
  • Come with many safety features


  • USB-C is better compared to the Micro-USB

10. Uwell Hypercar Vape Mod

Uwell Hypercar Vape Mod

Two things that define this best vape mods for clouds are excellent performance and stylish looks. You do not have to burn holes in your pockets. The ergonomically designed device would let you hold this to vape in hands comfortably for a long time.

The chassis of the device is built with zinc-alloy. The slim profile and firing button would make this highly comfortable to enjoy the vape. There is a single 18650 battery that would supply up to 80 watts of power required to generate the output.
You can control the temperature in different modes as per requirement. You can set the temperature that lets you have the best vaping experience. This is the perfect conjunction of technology and beauty.


  • Looks rich
  • Produce big vapor
  • Can enjoy different flavors


  • OLED screen is smaller

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Vape Kit For Cloud

If you want to buy the best vape to enjoy big clouds, there are endless options available in the market. There are many factors you must consider while choosing the best vape setup for clouds that lets you enjoy bigger clouds and rich flavor when it hits the throat.

However, cloud chasing is not for the ones who are new to the vaping world. You have to learn how to inhale and exhale the vapor to attain high output using the best vapes for big clouds. If you are inhaling nicotine, you get a euphoric feeling.
Few factors to consider while choosing the best vape mod include:

1. Batteries

The first thing you must consider is to check the battery power of the best vape pen for clouds while buying the one. Bigger and impressive clouds are attained when battery power is high. However, ensure to choose the device that uses good quality batteries that do not get overheated after use for a few hours.

2. Airflow

Another critical factor to consider while choosing the best vape mod for cloud chasing is the amount of airflow that is essential to produce the vapors. The best vape mod would be the one that lets you adjust and enjoy the airflow. This will allow you to take a long drag. With better airflow, you will enjoy an improved vaping experience.

3. Rebuildable

When buying the best vape for cloud chasing, ensure to buy the one with the Rebuildable mod game. If the rebuildable you bought for the device is not strong enough, then it is best to buy the mode that is capable enough to offer sub-ohm vaping.

4. Mechanical Mods

The mechanical mod would offer you enough power but does not come with the required safety features in the best cloud vapes. However, this mod is much preferred by the experienced vapers.

5. Price

It is another factor you must consider while buying the best vape box mod for clouds. However, if you want to just enjoy the vape and bigger clouds, go for the basic model. They are sold at pocket-friendly prices.

If you want the vape cloud device with bells and whistles, you may have to pay a huge amount from the pockets.

Best Vape Mods For Clouds – Conclusion

Best clouds vape has brought a sea of changes in the vaping experience of smokers. Now, people are quitting the traditional way of smoking and are hanging to the vape mods to enjoy the same kind of experience but with much fewer side effects on the health. We have listed out the top 10 vape mods for clouds with pros and cons. You can read the pros and cons of each model and choose the vape mod that suits your vaping experience the most.


Q1. Are Vape Mods For Cloud And Pens Different?

The purpose of both the best cloud vape kits is the same, but the capacity and strength that is offered by vape mode make it highly popular among experienced vapers. Mods are bulky and stronger as compared to the pens.
The seasoned vape lovers would always prefer to go for the vape mod over pens to enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience. The vape mods are for the ones who want to enjoy bigger clouds and take their vaping experience to the next level.

Q2. How Can You Select The Battery For The Vape Mod?

The best vape for huge clouds is sold by different brands and in different models. Each model would offer a different battery capacity.
You have to check the battery life and capacity of the model before you buy the one. The battery you are going to buy must fit in the battery slot of the device. If the batteries have higher mAH, it will let you use the device for a long time. Before buying any battery for the vape mod, just make sure that the device is capable enough to accommodate the powerful battery.

Q3. Can You Recharge The Batteries In The Vape Mod?

Yes, you can recharge the batteries in the best vape for smoke tricks without having to dispose of them after every usage. You can plug in the charging cable to recharge the battery.

Q4. How Long Does The E-Juice Will Last In The Device?

The e-juice needs to be refilled based on the usage of the best vape cloud setup. If you are a heavy user, then you have to refill the e-liquid frequently. The beginners can use the e-juice of a 10 ml bottle that would last for a couple of days.