Best Vape Cotton 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vaporesso2. Kendo Gold3. Wick ‘N Vape

Vaporesso Vape Coils Best Vape Cotton

Kendo Gold Edition Vape CottonWick 'N Vape Prime Cotton Bacon

Vaping is a skillful endeavor, and that requires much knowledge and patience. You have different wick materials like mesh, rayon, and hemp, but when it comes to the best material for vape wick, then cotton takes the lead. It is a universally accepted which material.

Vaping cotton plays an integral part in vaping, as it can make or break the experience. This is because cotton fills the gap between the heating element and the vape juice.


Finding the best vape cotton can be a little challenging as you have to do thorough research. Cheap quality vaping cotton can ruin your experience even with the best vaping juice. Many people seem to overlook this element’s importance, which leads to a tasteless and underwhelming experience. So we have got this guide that highlights the key factors and best cotton vapes present in the market.

Top 4 Best Vape Cotton 2021

1. Vaporesso Vape Coils

Vaporesso Vape Coils Best Vape Cotton

These cotton replacement vape coils have become one of the most popular coil platforms for most mouth to lung users. This coil is designed in a way that provides the purest of flavors without any adulteration. With this cotton replacement, you will get the best vaping experience, which has been validated by various reviews.

When it comes to vape, the flavor and taste are of utmost importance. Vaporesso has implemented some of the best technologies in order to manufacture a product that will provide the best experience to users. While this brand is quite famous within the vaping community, its tanks are among the most influential products, mostly because of the coil. You’ll also be able to enjoy a plethora of products from this company.

The company blended traditional cotton in a modern structure that lets the user enjoy a flavorful vaping experience. The best part about using this cotton replacement coil is that the flavor hits the throat, which imitates smoking and tobacco products’ feeling and experience.

With the help of this cotton coil, not only will you be able to enjoy a robust array of flavors, a much tighter draw, amazing throat but as well as outstanding production of vapor. It offers 1-ohm resistance and comes in steel packaging.


  • It is made with organic cotton.
  • It comes with a 0.1-ohm resistor that has a rating of 7W to 12W.
  • Get a better throat hit.
  • It has stainless-steel housing.
  • Enjoy a strong, earthy flavor.


  • It is for those who love to have a strong hit on the throat

2. Kendo Gold Edition Vape Cotton

Kendo Gold Edition Vape Cotton

Several factors make the experience of vaping fantastic, and one of them is the cotton wick. The better the cotton wick, the better is the flavor experience.
Many people seem not to understand that vaping cotton is a critical element in your vaping experience. While it does not perform any functions upfront, it has the most secretive role that you will only be able to understand when you find the perfect cotton. When it comes to the best vaping cotton, you have to rely on the ones by Kendo.

This vape cotton is completely unbleached, absolutely organic, and is known for its fantastic wicking abilities. This product is exceptionally absorbent so that it provides you with a vast sense of fever and has short Viking features that make the experience even more enjoyable. With the help of this cotton, which is ultimately heat resistant, you will be able to experience the best vape of your lifetime.

Kendo has been known to rule the vaping cotton market for many years and has taken a significant role in the vaping industry. While many companies come and go, the superior features attached to Kendo’s cotton make it known forever.


  • The cotton is organic and pure.
  • The cotton is unbleached, so it does not have any harmful chemicals.
  • It wicks super fast and is very reliable.
  • The cotton is heat resistant and highly absorbent for a better flavor.
  • This product is affordable.


  • It is a bit expensive

3. Wick ‘N Vape Prime Cotton Bacon

Wick 'N Vape Prime Cotton Bacon

You can only have the best vaping experience when you have the best e-liquid and even better cotton wick that can provide a flavorful experience without dilution. Cotton wicks of the best quality like the Prime Cotton Bacon are considered the best choice amongst the vapers.

Made with premium quality cotton grown in the US, this provides a pure flavor of the e-liquid. While the company has been providing these cotton wicks for years, they always try to upgrade their product to deliver the best experience. With years of innovation, this recent product had indeed become a hit in the market.

This cotton is perfect for all types of vapers and is extremely easy to use. The cotton is devoid of any chemicals, making it pure and clean so you can use it without any fear.

This vaping cotton has shown a 33% better and faster absorption rate, which guarantees getter absorption of the vaping liquids providing you with great flavor and taste. It also separates much quicker and better compared to other cotton products in the market.

These individual products are heavy-bodied, 4 inches in length, and do not require any break-in time. This means that these wicks are tasteless. The number of features attached to this fluffy vaping cotton has made it significantly crucial in the vaping market. It has been made heat resistance with the help of dual fibers that make it ideal for vaping.

The large fibers in the vaping cotton provide a low ohm build, which provides the ability to reduce dry hits. It comes in a travel size bag, and each pack contains ten strips of cotton. The bag is resealable for easier use and storage.


  • It comes in a very useful, reasonable, and travel-size package.
  • It is perfect for rebuilding, tanks, and squonking.
  • The large fibers help in reducing dry hits and resistance build.
  • It has a better absorption rate compared to other pieces of cotton.
  • It separates easily.
  • This cotton is tasteless.


  • It is a bit heavy

4. Wick ‘N Vape V2 Cotton Bacon

Wick 'N Vape V2 Cotton Bacon

There is no comparison to Wick ‘N Vape when it comes to vaping cotton. The world of vaping has been dominated by this brand when finding the perfect cotton for all. While Vaping is not an easy exercise and requires much knowledge and persistence to get it right, with the help of these cotton bacon, you will be able to get the job done in no time at all.

While Wick ‘N Vape has been providing cotton for vaping over many years, they have continued to upgrade their product for delivering the best experience. However, this cotton bacon is part of the original series and has some exceptional features that truly set it apart.

This cotton Bacon does not taste anything, providing you with an enjoyable experience and a full-bodied experience of the taste of your preference. This cotton has been grown organically without harmful pesticides or chemicals, making it reliable. When it comes to Cotton bacon by Wick ‘N Vape, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as these are free from odd chemicals and oils and are clean.

Every bag comes with ten pieces of this cotton Bacon that can Wick as many as 80 attys. So this is much like a one-time investment that will help you to still light for quite some days. Not only does this cotton have much better absorbency, but it is also completely heat resistant.

Another significant aspect of this cotton bacon is that they come in travel-sized resealable packets so you can carry them around and store them properly.


  • Completely tasteless, providing you with the best experience.
  • These pieces of cotton are absorbent.
  • The heat resistance makes them even better.
  • Cotton has been grown without the use of any pesticides, oils, and chemicals.
  • They come in a cute resealable bag.


  • Initially, you might get the flavor of cotton, but then it goes off

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Vape Cotton

While vape cotton is a crucial element to enhance your vape experience, it is not one that you can buy without research. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing vape cotton:

1. The Flavor Of The E-Juice

There is absolutely no doubt that the flavor aspect of a vape is what makes it so inspirational. However, if you do not get a robust sense of flavor, there is no point in vaping at all. When you choose the vape cotton, you must keep in mind the kind of flavors you are more inclined toward.

While it is always vital for vape cotton to have maximum absorbency when you have an E-Juice is not very potent flavor-wise, you need to make sure that the vaping Cotton is tasteless and of the best quality. When you have good vape cotton, you will be able to get the taste of your e juice even if it is incredibly subtle.There are different types of vaping cotton available in the market, each of these come with their set of features and you must know about it before choosing the one:

  • Japanese Organic Cotton- If you want to enjoy the purest flavor while vaping, you would need a wick to aid this. Japanese organic cotton is considered to be the best one.
  • Cotton Bacon- This is yet another popular choice. It is flavorless, and hence it doesn’t impact the flavor of e-juice.
  • Drago Egyptian Cotton- For the vapers who want to slow-burning cotton wick can choose this option.

2. Purity

The next important factor that you must take into account is the purity of the vaping cotton. Make sure that every part of the vape machine is as clean as possible. This includes not only the tank but also the vape cotton. When you have vape cotton that has been grown using pesticides and other nasty chemicals, not only can it alter the flavor profile, it can even make the experience even worse.

When you are looking for vape cotton, it is imperative to make sure that these are organic and have been grown following best practices. At the same time, you also need to make sure that this cotton is perfectly unbleached. When cotton is bleached, it is exposed to several chemicals, which is not good for your vaping. The use of any oil, chemical, or pesticides during production and manufacturing cannot be entertained when it comes to vape cotton.

3. Absorbency

The cotton wick of the vape is the only part of the vaping device that has both contacts with the heating element as well as the e-liquid. The e-liquid is where all the flavor resides, and its use has to be done properly. Hence, you need always make sure that vape cotton is hugely absorbent to provide you with the best flavor profile.

When looking for cheap cotton, it is advised to look for the absorbency rate, which the manufacturers often provide. In case an exact number has not been indicated, you can always check out the reviews that have been provided by the people who have already bought the product. You will be able to find a good idea about how absorbent the vape cotton is from here.

4. Element Of Taste

The best vape wicking material will impact the flavor and will provide you with the best vape experience. The reason why cotton is used as a wicking agent is that it is tasteless. However, some manufacturers treat it with chemicals and other enhancers. These treatments tend to leave a flavor on the cotton that may come in the way of the actual taste of the e-liquid.

This is something that is not tolerable, and this will ruin your entire experience. If you are looking for the best vape cotton, you have to make sure that it is tasteless. This is the only way you will enjoy the pure flavor profile of the e-liquid that you so love and want.

5. Budget

Vaping is quite an expensive hobby and requires the accumulation of such equipment to get the best experience. When it comes to investing in these equipments that will help you get the best way to experience, you need to be extremely careful about the budget because there are many lucrative products available in the market that will catch your attention from time to time.

When it comes to these vape cotton, you need to keep in mind that these are available at various price points, and the price is not the only indication of the quality of the cotton. Make sure to keep in budget and look thoroughly before you make a purchase—the number of products available in the market from various brands. Do your research before.


Q1. Can I Use Any Cotton For Vaping?

The regular cotton balls that you get in the market are not wicking material. Most of those cotton balls have various chemical traces from the treatments received at the product stage.

They often have bleaching substances of chlorine residues from the purification process that makes them unfit for wicking. For this reason, you need to find organic and unbleached cotton balls to make your vape better. The purer the cotton, the better it is.

Q2. Why Does My Cotton Keep Burning So Fast?

This is a problem that is faced by many people. When you do not have enough liquid to vaporize in the tank, the coil starts to burn the wick itself. At this stage, you will be inhaling bond cotton, which is not suitable for your health.

So cotton keeps burning very fast when there is not enough liquid. The reason why you get a frequently burnt hit and the e-liquid vaporizes too quickly may be associated with vaping at a wattage that well exceeds the coil limit.

Q3. Is It Necessary To Boil The Cotton Before Vaping?

While some people often boil the Cotton when wicking, this is not a practice that you compulsorily have to perform. It all depends on the person you are asking and the kind of cotton you are using. When there was no vape cotton available in the market, vapers used standard Cotton pads, which needed boiling.

Since the cotton pads were untreated, it might impact the flavor of e-liquid, or you may not absorb the juice well. But with the treated cotton, you don’t have to worry about that. With the introduction of unbleached, organic, and clean options available in the market now, you can easily use them without boiling them.

However, if you are using non-organic cotton, boiling is an essential step that will help you to reduce any leftover or unwanted chemicals from the Cotton. Some vapers find it necessary to boil organic vape cotton to be extra sure. However, if you want to boil your cotton, it is important to do this with distilled water or filtered water.

If you use tap water, you will be introducing more harmful substances than there was before. You need to bring the water to a rolling boil and then place the Cotton in it for around 10 minutes. Make sure to dry the Cotton before using it completely.

Q4. When Should I Change My Cotton In A Vape?

Many people want to know how frequently we should change the cotton in the vape. This depends on a number of factors such as the frequency with which you use the device, the kind of liquid you are using, the temperature at which you vape, the type of cotton you are using, and much more. Some of the most compelling signs that indicate the need to change the cotton wick are:

  • Very low vapor production.
  • An enormous buildup of the coil.
  • The vapor tastes unusual or burnt.
  • Discoloration in the wicks.
  • Burnt ends on the wicks.

Best Vape Cotton – Conclusion

Finding the best vape wick is very important for the best experience. There is much you need to understand before you invest in one. You will be able to understand the difference once you start using excellent vape cotton.

The various factors that you must keep in mind have been listed to be prepared before investing in vape cotton. It is easy to make mistakes, especially with a number of options in the market. However, keeping these pieces of information and tips in mind, you will be able to get your hands on the best products.

The cottons vapes mentioned in this guide are of the best quality and guarantee pure flavor. You can also choose the one a different product, make sure that you check the quality and then make a purchase.