Best Smok Vapes 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Smok Novo 22. Smok Nord 23. Smok Trinity Alpha
Smok Novo 2 Best Smok VapeSmok Nord 2 Starter Kit PodSmok Trinity Alpha Vape Kit

Leaving an addiction is not a simple task, especially the addiction to cigarettes. The rush and the immediate feeling of calm as the nicotine courses through the veins has been a sworn method to get productive. While smoking is a pleasure for many, a section wants to enjoy the flavor and the nicotine more without causing others to breathe in second-hand smoke. This is where vaping comes in and SMOK has created some of the best smok vape. The brand came into existence in 2010 and they were the first with the dual-coil cartomizer, which made them one of the most popular vaping brands in the world.


Whether you are looking for the best smok vape pen or are starting your journey into the world of vaping, this guide will walk you through some of the best products and factors to remember to let your decision be easy and well informed.

Top 20 Best Smok Vapes 2021

1. Smok Novo 2 Pod System

Smok Novo 2 Best Smok VapeWith 30 exciting colors to choose from, the Novo 2 is one of the most popular products from Smok. You will love the new design with its cool upgrades. The reasons to consider the Novo 2 as the best smok vape pen are that you get a bigger battery (800mAh) and a draw-activated dual pod device all packed in the same lightweight body.

The body design is kept curved for a better hold, the components of the body, aka the mouthpiece, the USB charge port, the pod, and the rubber plug are the same but includes the LED indicator for the battery levels and the addition of grooves for air intake on either side has made this one of the best smok vapes.


  • Bigger battery capacity
  • LED battery charge indicator
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 30 colors options available
  • Electrode protection from condensation via grooves
  • Extended warranty period of 12 months


  • Loses charge fast
  • Liquid capacity is not much improved

2. Smok Nord 2 Starter Kit Pod

Smok Nord 2 Starter Kit PodWhether you are a beginner or a pro, a purchase of Smok’s pod starter kit is highly satisfying. Considered being the best smok vape kit, the Nord 2 has decidedly earned the tag because it is definitely a grand upgrade from Nord Pod kit, its predecessor. The best part about this kit is the inclusion of both RPM and cord coils. They can use the RPM coil when you are in a mood for flavor, while nord coil will satisfy your desire for vapor without losing on the flavors. The chipset too got an upgrade that enhances the vaping experience with a more efficient software and hardware performance.


  • More battery capacity with a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • They make the body from the durable zinc alloy
  • Larger OLED screen
  • Single button for adjusting the wattage
  • Easy to assemble and use with the plug and play installation


  • Not ideal for novices
  • Cannot use the device while its charging

3. Smok Trinity Alpha Vape Kit

Smok Trinity Alpha Vape KitIf you are looking for a simple design that houses an all-in-one attitude then the Trinity Alpha from Smok is the right pick. You can get the most out of this vape kit because of 3 modes that allows you to choose between 6 watts to 30 watts. This helps you gain efficiency and choose the strength of the vapor. The desired mode is also indicated by the LED light. You also get a battery levels LED indicator. The design is ergonomic and you can easily refill the e-liquid once you are out of it.


  • Lightweight with an all-in-one design
  • Multicolored and safe resin drip tips
  • Three modes for different moods
  • Sliding top for easy refilling
  • MicroUSB charging port with fast charging feature


  • The level of liquid cannot be accurately judged for the tinted body
  • Unless pod is empty, coil change isn’t possible

4. Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod Kit

Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod KitWhen you are looking for the best smok vape kit, you can consider the RPM40, especially if you are a beginner. It houses an internal IQ-R chipset, which does not drain the internal battery but reduces the firing time to instantaneous. It offers wattage ranging from 1W to 40W that you can adjust as per your needs. It also comes with two pods easy to refill and a rubber plug secures the point of filling. The RPM mesh coil not only helps you get an enhanced flavor but also a good amount of vapor. With 17 stunning colors to choose from, this vape kit can also be a great gift for a fellow vaper.


  • Impressive 1500 mAh battery with great capacity
  • Ergonomic design that allows one-hand operation
  • Easy to fill pods with secured rubber stop corks
  • Easy button operation
  • Flavor and vapor production is of superior quality


  • Does not feature a mouth-to-lung (MTL) coil
  • Airflow is not dictated manually

5. Mico Vape Pod System

If you are looking for a lightweight and really portable vaping system, you can consider choosing Smok’s Mico. One of the best smok vapes, this 700 mAh battery-powered device is stylish, can be attached to a lanyard, and friendly for first-time users. Even though it is a lightweight and compact system, it packs a good battery time within its zinc alloy body.

With a smart battery indicator and fast charging, you can easily expect a 5 hour vaping. The two pods – mesh and regular that come packed with the kit have been labeled clearly to help you decide which type you want to inhale. The regular is on the average side in terms of flavor and vapor. The mesh is ideal for salts, but excess of it can lead to throat burn.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to fill pods makes a perfect gift for novice
  • Fast charging with a decent battery life
  • Can be altered between three types of pods: regular, mesh, or ceramic
  • It comes in 7 colorful designs


  • Being draw activated, needs really strong suction
  • USB port can be difficult to find since it’s at the base

6. Pack of 3 TFV12 Replacement Coils

Pack of 3 TFV12 Replacement CoilsThe sub-ohm tank of Smok Tvf lives up to its name of being the Cloud Beast King. You will get 12 coils at the core, wrapped to provide you an insane 300 watts. Made from stainless steel and glass, the sleek design with eye-catching colors, this replacement coil will get the party started.


  • Large capacity
  • Can reach up to 300 watts
  • Great for cloud production
  • Improved atomization
  • Compatible with various mods


  • Not suitable for novice vapers

7. Smok 25W Novo X Pod Starter Kit

Smok 25W Novo X Pod Starter KitIf you are looking for a mid-budget MTL vaping kit, then the Novo X starter kit should be in your list of considerations. It is chosen by many as the best smok vape, the stylish colors and sleek design with a rounded body makes it a great travel companion.

Whether you want to enjoy a flavor or want the vapors to accompany, you can make the adjustments for the pod has a range of 1 watt to 25 watts. Packed with a 800 mAh battery, you can enjoy vaping, without looking for a charging socket. For new users, this is an ideal kit that produces smooth vapor without causing irritation to the throat.


  • Sleek design and lightweight
  • Long-lasting 800 mAh battery
  • Wattage can be increased or decreased as per the need
  • MTL coil that enhances every flavor
  • Mesh coil pod for denser vapors


  • Draw activated system requires a stronger lung capacity
  • Pod removal might be a task for some

8. Smok 80W RPM2 Pod Mod System

Smok 80W RPM2 Pod Mod SystemFor people looking for higher nicotine with a great flavor-vapor ration, then the pod mod system from Smok is a great buy for them. Sitting at the mid-budget category, it is ideal for beginners. The best part about this updated RPM2 is that you get an internal 2000 mAh battery, which really packs some great battery juice to compete the vapor production.

They magnetize the pod locking system using 4 magnets which, while taking some strength to lock, ensure zero leaks. Being a direct-to-lung (DTL) system, you may need some time getting used to inhaling from the device.


  • Large battery capacity that lasts throughout the day
  • Adjustable wattage ranging from 1W to 80W
  • Dual pod system – mesh and regular
  • Great on flavor and vapor production without consuming much battery
  • Large 7ml pod capacity
  • Great finish and extremely durable body


  • Direct-to-lung may not be ideal for beginners
  • Regular 0.4 ohm coil doesn’t work well with VG based liquids

9. Smok Pod Starter Kit

Smok Pod Starter KitSeven stunning colors to choose from and an internal 3000 mAh battery to boast, the RPM80 pod starter kit is one of the most long-lasting and best smok vape currently in the mid-budget category. Whether you prefer using mesh coils or conical ones, they design the pod system to support both kinds.

You can also use this kit with a RGC pods. You can adjust the wattage to choose between flavor and those accompanied by dense vapors. Whatever be your style, this kit will satisfy your needs. The adjustable airflow transforms you from a novice to a pro vaper.


  • It comes with an 8sec power cutoff security feature
  • Adjustable airflow akin to an atomizer for better vaping experience
  • 3000 mAh battery that lasts through the day on a single charge
  • 80W coupled with advanced IQ-80 chipset for remarkable efficiency
  • Comes with overheating protection


  • Battery drains fast once it falls below 40% charge
  • Some had problems with leaking pods

10. Smok G-Priv Series

Smok G-Priv SeriesG-Priv series from Smok is an excellent choice for vapers. Considered being one of the best smok vapes, the latest addition to the series boasts of an impressive 230 watts that can be achieved at a lightning speed of 0.001s. The device is powered by dual batteries, each with a charge of 18650 mAh.

The impressive IQ-G chipset takes intelligent setting and functionality to a whole new level. Whether you want to change the wattage, the strength of the flavor/vapor via mode change, or ensure security with a passcode, the chipset delivers all. Pro vapers are sure to find the device worth the price.


  • Colorful design with a large display
  • Passcode protection enabled
  • Massive 230W for dense clouds
  • Comes with an intelligent atomization recognizer
  • Comes with touchscreen functionality


  • They do not include batteries in the kit
  • It is a bit expensive

11. Smok Morph 219 Vape Starter Kit

This vaper kit has a great aesthetic appeal and this device takes two 18650 batteries that will last for a day. With a range between 6W to 220W, the SMOK Morph can really rock any tank, but the TF Sub-Ohm comes with the kit. It has a stocked capacity of standard 2ml to 6ml. Smok company offers the best-selling product that comprises BF-Mesh coil that last for long.


  • TF Sub Ohm Tank offers greater vaper
  • Three output vaping modes
  • It has a capacity of 2ml to 6ml
  • It has 18650 batteries power
  • Easy Squeeze-firing mechanism
  • BF-Mesh coils lasts longer


  • Lack of advanced vaping outputs

12. Smok Novo 2 IML

Smok Novo 2 IMLNew vapers who are looking for a stylish yet functional vaping device can definitely consider the Novo 2 IML as their first vape kit. The pod system ensures that they can begin using the device immediately after unpacking it. It is draw activated device and comes with an internal 800 mAh battery that can be recharged.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • 800 mAh battery provides good capacity and battery life
  • Includes a dual coil perfect for MTL vaping
  • Mesh coil provides a great balance between flavor and vapor


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Does not have any display screen

13. Smok Pod-Mod Starter Kit Alike

Smok Pod-Mod Starter Kit AlikeThe Alike pod-mod kit from the house of Smok is the most durable vape. The rugged design with tri-proofing not only provides a robust device but combines the best features of a pod and a mod in a single streamlined device. The ergonomic design includes a contoured body that offers a great grip.

Packed with RPM coils known for their superior performance and 1600 mAh rechargeable battery, the mod-pod kit will help you sail through the day with ease. With a 40w output power, you can enjoy the entire vapor you want.


  • For beginners and experience vapers
  • Contoured body for better grip
  • RPM coils, DC and Mesh, to switch between flavor and flavor-vapor
  • Comes with a 5.5 ml juice holding capacity
  • Comes with 510 drip tip that can be replaced


  • Leaks at time from the sides
  • Battery life drains faster

14. Smok Pen 22 Vape Starter Kit

Smok Pen 22 Vape Starter KitIf you are looking for the best smok vape pen to help you ease into the world of vaping, then this is your right pick. Enjoy great flavor and taste without having to worry about adjusting the levels to find the correct balance between flavor and vapor.

With a battery capacity of 1650 mAh, you can last an entire day with a single charge. Being detachable, cleaning and maintenance of the pen is easy. These pens focus mainly on the flavor, being an ideal choice for people looking to quit smoking or wanting to avoid vapors.


  • Budget-friendly vape pens
  • 1650 mAh battery lasts for a long time
  • Smart battery level indicator
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Comes with low voltage protection


  • Coil burns faster than other products
  • Becomes too hot while using specific juices

15. Smok All-in-One Vape Pen Starter Kit Stick

Smok All-in-One Vape Pen Starter Kit StickThe Stick series from Smok promises an exquisite vaping experience at a little expense. A stylish design with a glass body that boasts of a leak-proof design, rotating top for easy refilling, and a 1600 mAh battery. This vape pen is for beginners and experienced users alike who want to carry something light and fuss free.


  • Elegant design with smooth body and stylish colors
  • Packs a 1600 mAh battery to last for a long time
  • Lightweight and easy to operate single button on-off
  • Made to enhance flavor without losing on vapors


  • Battery life is not as expected from a 1600 mAh
  • Drip tip can become lose making liquid to flow in your mouth

16. Smok Mag Grip 100W Starter Vaping Kit

Smok Mag Grip 100W Starter Vaping KitMag Grip starter vape kit is an ideal kit for vape lovers. Shaped like the handle of a gun, the ergonomic design is easy to hold and feels comfortable in your grip. This kit comes loaded with TFV8 baby vape tank that is known for its superior performance.

With 100W output, you can opt for any 18650 mAh or 20700 mAh battery to get the most out of the best smok vape. The tweaked design incorporates additional features like OLED screen that allows you to read and adjust the data and wattage to enjoy your downtime with friends.


  • It comes with the TFV8 vape tank
  • Easy to use and refill
  • It has a wattage output that goes up to 100W
  • Custom coils gives great flavor-vapor balance


  • Battery bot included

17. Smok Pack Of 5 AiO Replacement Coils For Stick/Priv

Smok Pack Of 5 AiO Replacement Coils For Stick PrivIf you are starting out with the Stick pens and have already gotten a hang of the device, make an upgrade with the AiO replacement coils compatible with both the Stick and the Priv series. The AiO or all-in-one can be used for vaping liquids or juices and the large wicking holes that enables faster juice absorption. This upgrade is the best next step to take with your vaping pen.


  • Stainless steel shell offers great durability
  • Truly all-in-one with wicking cotton and coils to switch between e-liquids and juices
  • Ideal for beginners and pros alike


  • Switching between the forms will take some time

18. Smok RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Starter Kit

Smok RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Starter KitThe SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod is similar to original RPM 40. It is a pod-mod combination, stylish and sleek design, and a great balance between flavor and vapor production. The SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod is made from good quality zinc alloy and feels quite durable. The front face features a large fire button that’s lightning-fast and two adjustment buttons. It also has a crystal clear 1.14″ inch OLED display screen.


  • It has USB-C Charging and powerful
  • Premium quality material & finish
  • Intelligent chipset
  • Excellent flavor & clouds
  • Available in various colors


  • A bit expensive

19. Smok 40W Fetch Mini Pod Kit

Smok 40W Fetch Mini Pod KitIt is considered being one of the best smok vape, the Fetch Mini packs a whopping 40W in a dimension of 76mm by 42.8mm by 18.4mm. The firing speed is a remarkable 0.0015 seconds and 1100 mAh rechargeable battery to go, this is a great kit to carry around with you. Two pods and two coils are provided, which you can choose as per your convenience.


  • Affordable and powerful vape kit
  • Glass body that is hardened to offer durability along with style
  • Extended lifespan of coils to avoid frequent need to change
  • 40W output offers great vapor while retaining the flavor


  • Some find the sealing rubber flap hard to open or seal tightly

20. Smok Pack Of 2 Replacement Pod For Fetch Mini

Smok Pack Of 2 Replacement Pod For Fetch MiniThe integrated series combines best of Nord and RPM to give you the best vaping experience. The coils for Fetch Mini come with an extended lifespan. Each change lasts for a really long time letting you vape with an easy mind. The magnetized design ensures that leakages are never an issue. The bottom filling option with a silicone stopper is easy to operate.


  • Long-lasting coils
  • Bottom refilling hole
  • Silicone stopper makes opening and securing the hole easy
  • Ideal for beginners to master the art of pairing and changing coils


  • Some find the base refilling option to be more challenging

Reasons To Buy Vape From Smok

SMOK vape is a Shenzen-based vaping company that has achieved a name in the vaping industry in a short time. The SMOK brand is known for being the pioneer of the first dual-coil cartomizer to the industry. The company offers an array of products including vape kits, pod systems, vape pens, mods, tanks, coils & more. Whenever you think of the most innovative company in vape industry, SMOK company is a right way winner.

While pro vapers have the advantage to learning from experience and trials, many newbies prefer to do their research before investing in any vaping product. However, one should know that the research and development team of SMOK consistently delivers new innovations to drive the industry forwards.

When you are looking to buy the best smok vapes, you can often get distracted by the brand and end up making a purchase that does not suit your needs. If you intend to begin your journey, here are a few reasons to help you make the correct purchase of the best smok vape. SMOK manufacturers innovative vaping devices and unbeatable quality.

1. Budget

The very first thing you need to determine is how much you will spend on vaping products and the vaporizer itself. You can have a vaporizer starting as low as below $20 to going as high as $200, if not crossing it. While the pricing is determined on the features the vape pen/system will have, you need to understand if those added features are what you need. You can buy Smok RPM160 Pod Mod of $38.95. Another product by SMOK, popular amongst customers is SMOK Scar-18 Vape Mod is $69.95. If you are a beginner, stick to the low budget kit to get a hang on the device.

2. Pod or Mod

With the oversaturation of vaping instruments, it can be difficult for beginners to decide which is better in terms of usage and features. One difficulty faced by users is whether to choose the vape pod or vape mod. The primary difference between the two lies in their sizes and usability. Pods are smaller and more convenient to carry when compared to mods. If you are looking to combine forms of liquid or add more flavors, mods are what you should opt for. SMOK devices and tanks, regardless of coil life and product quality is the first choice for consumers interested in Pod or Mod.

3. Type Of Vaporizer

There are several devices to choose from for vaporizers and vaping. Whether you are looking for the best smok vape kit or find the e-nails better to share, you need to understand your needs and the number of people you want to share the device with. The vaporizer you choose also depends on the concoction and liquid form you prefer. It is best to opt for cheaper and one user portable vape pods, you need not worry about configuring the device. SMOK is offering Halloween sale of 20% from 31st October to 8th November.

4. Power Source

The vaporizer or vape pen you wish to buy is an electronic device which can be recharged or be used by changing the batteries. SMOK manufactured products offer premium quality and innovative technology and can be easily power sourced. There are units which can be plugged in to a wall socket and there are units which can be used even when they are recharging. The frequency of your usage, the efficiency and portability option, and your surrounding will help you determine the unit you will require. When talking about battery level, the efficiency of the device is the most important factor and depends on the user,

5. Form Of Nicotine

SMOK provides the best vaping experience; they are the most popular on the market. Some prefer nicotine salts, some prefer liquids, and some like to mix other herbal products with the liquid or salt they get with the vaping device. Whichever form you prefer will help you decide the device you should buy. If you are a beginner, definitely opt for salts and vape pens. Salts are less harsh and easy to inhale.

Best Smok Vapes – Conclusion

When you opt for the best smok vape, you commit yourself to a better nicotine intake option. But, nicotine intake is addictive by itself. People looking to quit smoking can opt for vape mods, which can be used without the nicotine liquid, but any form of vaping can be as addictive as cigarettes. While many have claimed that nicotine-free vape pens have helped them deal with their addiction and eased their journey of quitting, many are addicted to the whole process of smoking, for it is psychological rather than inhaling of chemicals. How you control your addiction is completely up to you and its better you avoid vaping until you are confident.