Best Fruit Vape Juices 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Twist Pink 2. Tropical Pucker3. Pachamama

Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit Best Fruit Vape Juices

Tropical PuckerStrawberry Guava Jackfruit E-Liquid From Pachamama

The sweet fruity flavors always work from pool parties with friends to home dates with your loved one. Do you want to make the whole ambiance of your party feel fruity? Several companies sell varieties of vape juices, but you need to get the best fruity vape juice to make it the best.


The best fruit vape juice guide will make it more comfortable to choose the trending flavors from the best companies. Here is a complete guide on the best fruity vape juice. In this guide, we have mentioned top ten fruity vape juices available in the market and have listed some essential factors and FAQS in concerning these fruity vape juices. Let’s start with our top ten recommendations.

Top 10 Best Fruit Vape Juices 2021

1. Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit

Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit Best Fruit Vape Juices

This juice comes in four various flavors. The four samplers pack is a complete fruity experience. It is complete package of exciting flavors that enhances your vape experience. It doesn’t contains acetyl propionyl, and Diacetyl.

Researchers have said that acetyl propionyl is harmful to the human body as it affects the lungs and respiratory tract. Element’s best fruit vape juice allows you to vape without damaging your health. Diacetyl is a byproduct of fermentation, which causes respiratory diseases. For example, overdosage of diacetyl causes coughing, breathing problem, etc.

The four flavors in this pack are:

  • Element Pink Lemonade: It is a tangy and refreshing lemonade flavored e-liquid.
  • Element Frost: Like its name, it has an icy freshness of cool menthol in it
  • Element Pink Grapefruit: It is a perfect combination of sweetness and tanginess. The sweet taste of Grapefruit with a tangy surprise of citrus makes it worth a try.
  • Element fresh squeeze: It is an e-liquid with the flavor and aroma of pure orange juice squeezed freshly.


  • It is free of acetyl propionyl.
  •  It does not contain diacetyl.
  • Four variants with four unique and fruity combinations.
  • Comes in affordable price.


  • It contains nicotine.

2. Tropical Pucker

Tropical Pucker

Nothing can beat the taste of tropical fruits, especially when a vape juice that contains flavors of several tropical fruits and their fruity goodness. A mix of four unique flavors with a twist makes tropical pucker one of the most demanding e-liquid in the market.

If you want to try various fruity flavors all at once, then tropical pucker is the ideal pick for you. It has a blend of four different assorted fresh fruits.

The sweety-tangy flavor of ripe strawberries and pineapples mixed with the sweetness of citrus and juicy blueberries, and much more fruit makes every vape user a fan of it.


  • 120 ML pack comes in two bottles of 60ML
  • Does not have any foul taste.
  • It tastes like candy
  • It does not cost a lot


  • It has nicotine that few people may not like.

3. Pachamama Strawberry Guava Jackfruit E-Liquid

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit E-Liquid From Pachamama

A combination of fruits with totally different and bold taste and fragrance hits the taste buds. Imagine getting a different flavor while inhaling, and then it changes to some other flavor, and after you exhale, the after taste becomes something different and unforgettable.

Pachamama strawberry guava jackfruit is precisely the same as the combination of your imagination. The first inhale all about the fresh guava, and then it hits your taste buds with the tanginess of strawberry along with some fresh mango.

While you enjoy the guava, strawberry, and mango, the exhale surprises you with the taste and fragrance of exotic jackfruit. The perfect blend will make you want to replace your favorite vape juice with it and thus it is a best fruity vape juice.


  • Gives you the experience of three different flavors individually in one go.
  • One bottle of 60 mL comes in an affordable price rate.
  • Strong flavor.


  • Few people may find the blend of flavors weird in start.

4. Hawaiian Pog From Naked 100 E-Liquid

Hawaiian Pog From Naked 100 E-Liquid

What is the first thing that you think of when somebody talks about Hawaii and islands? Isn’t it the fruits, the juicy, pulpy freshly picked fruits? What if you could carry the fantastic flavors of freshly picked and squeezed guava, pineapple, and orange with you everywhere?

Yes, you can carry all of these with you because it comes in a bottle of 60mL. If you are a fan of fruity sweetness, then it is your perfect fit. The inhale of pineapple goodness roams around every bud in your tongue and your nostrils, and finally, when you release the smoke, then the exhale suddenly hits with more sweetness of guava and orange.

The after taste gives you a refreshing breath, and it seems as if you ate an orange guava tart. Do you already feel the goodness? Get this e-liquid to carry Hawaii wherever you go.


  • You get one bottle of 60ML at an affordable price
  • Consistent flavor profile
  • Light and sweet flavor profile


  • Contains nicotine
  • Comes in one size

5. Strawberry POM From Naked 100 E-Liquid

Strawberry POM From Naked 100 E-Liquid

How does it feel when you take the first sip from the fresh mixed fruit juice with ice? The frozen juice is going down your throat that gives a chilling freshness to your entire internal system.

Now you can carry the experience mixed with the goodness of fruits and cooling freshness of menthol altogether in a bottle of 60mL. Strawberry POM starts the draw with a creamy strawberry flavor followed by the greatness of kiwi and pomegranates.

But the experience does not end with fruity expertise; the real kick is when you get that icy cool to explode in your mouth because of the cool menthol used as an ingredient of POM. A fresh start anytime, anywhere with this e-liquid, is possible.


  • Leaves a great after taste and refreshing breathe
  • Has a candy kind of taste
  • It is not too sweet
  • Good consumer service


  • Contains nicotine
  • Shipping is slow

6. The One Strawberry From Beard Vape

The One Strawberry From Beard Vape

Are you a strawberry kind of a person? Even if you are not, there is no chance that you don’t like to get a bowl of strawberry and cornflakes with creamy milk. Isn’t it?

The one strawberry contains the taste of a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess with a handful of strawberries. Nothing more or nothing less but a balanced taste with a catchy aroma makes it too good to draw the vape repeatedly.

One strawberry not only comes in the list of best fruity vape juice, but it is a unique match that has a balance of taste and everything you would like to have. The inspiration behind this vape juice is the strawberry breakfast that we all love.


  • Tastes like a breakfast filled with the goodness of strawberry
  • Has a creamy flavor in it


  • There are no small sizes available

7. Iced Watermelon Limeade From Baton Vapor

Iced Watermelon Limeade From Baton Vapor

If you are on the less sweet and more refreshing side, nothing can be more appropriate for you than the iced watermelon limeade Nic salts vape juice.

The e-liquid is a blend of watermelon, refreshing fruit and the invigorating lime with salt makes it more refreshing. However, the punch of icy methol will give you chills. What else can you ask for a house party?

The combination satisfies people and helps them escape the heat that comes from their bodies. Is it already giving you chills while reading about it? Make this fruity, chilling experience yours, and carry it wherever you go.


  • Tastes like watermelon lime juice
  • Refreshing draws and exhales


  • Size of the bottle is small

8. Mint Honeydew Berry Kiwi E-Liquid

Mint Honeydew Berry Kiwi E-Liquid

We all love the fruity essence of islands. Who doesn’t like the freshly picked fruits on an exotic island, then squeezing all the juice out of it? The blend with the richness of kiwi and freshness of berries makes everyone go crazy over it.

Not only the fruit tart kind of a feeling, but the real twist is when the mint explodes its coolness in your mouth. That icy menthol experience makes you want to keep drawing the vape.

The first draw will start your experience with a mild flavor of honeydew and sweetness of fruits, then the surprise when the mint hits your tastebuds. It’s a fantastic experience that you can get whenever and wherever you want.


  • Mild inhale but refreshing exhale
  • A combination of unique flavors
  • Honeydew and fruits make a balanced sweet e-liquid


  • There is no other size of bottles

9. Fruity E-Liquid Bundle From Mr. Salt-E

Fruity E-Liquid Bundle From Mr. Salt-E

Yet again, it is one vape juice that contains three different combinations in three different bottles. Just like the bundle of joy, it’s a bundle of fruity salty goodness. If you haven’t already tried Mr.Salt-E salts, then try it now, and it will never disappoint you.

It comes in pack of three different flavor, you can choose any flavor as per your mood during the day. It has received many positive reviews due to its flavor profile and competitive price. The bottles are 30 ml in size and the three different flavors are as follows:

  • Orange Mango Guava: Nothing can beat the combination of a fruity vape juice, especially when it combines the three most demanding fruity essences. The tanginess from orange with the sweetness of mango pulp and guava balance makes it worth a try.
  • Punch E-Liquid: Guess the flavors that catch the heart and mind? No doubt it is the punch. That pleasing sensation from the first draw of tha vape with punch e-liquid will make you stick to it for the longest time.
  • Strawberry E-Liquid: Is there anything enough to explain the mind-blasting flavors of strawberry that attract everyone? Mr. Salt-E Salts Strawberry e-liquid is the best strawberry one can ever get.


  • Various combinations of flavors
  • Maximum flavors in minimum costing
  • Three different bottles to ensure three types of fruity goodness


  • Has nicotine in it.

10. Watermelon Madness E-Liquid

Watermelon Madness E-Liquid

Imagine resting on a poolside on a hot summer day, and someone gets you a plate full of freshly cut watermelons. You bite into it and the balanced sweetness and the juice slowly going down your throat, giving you a relaxed feeling inside.

While you enjoy the coolness inside you suddenly, a hint of tanginess hits the corner of your tongue, and you cannot resist yourself but keep eating those slices. Watermelon Madness is precisely the same.

With the first draw from the vape, you will get a refreshing watermelon taste, and then it will get you a seductive tanginess, and the nic salt will make you crave the natural freshness again and again.


  • One flavor profile
  • Balanced taste
  • Refreshing inhale and exhale


  • Use of nicotine will make you crave for it.

Factors To Look For Before Buying Best Fruit Vape Juice

Mentioned below are few essential factors that will help you buy best fruity vape juice:

1. Nicotine Level

Nicotine is a drug that makes the person addicted to it. If a non-smoker wants vape without nicotine, they might buy the product with 0mg, which means you will get your favorite flavored vape juice without nicotine. Even people wanting to quit smoking can try this. There are several strengths of nicotine level but make sure to buy the lowest power possible. Nicotine is not at all suitable for health.

2. Acetyl Propionyl And Diacetyl

It will help if you buy the best fruity vape juice, free of acetyl propenyl because it damages lungs and respiratory tracts in the human body. Diacetyl, on the other hand, causes several diseases such as coughing, wheezing, breathing problem, etc.

3. Manufacturer Dates

The Life shell of a vape juice is a maximum of two years. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer date so that you know how long you can keep it. Especially for people who do not smoke that often it is essential to check the dates.

FAQs on Fruit Vape Juices

Q1. Is There Any Option For People Who Don’t Qant Nicotine?

Yes. There are vape juices that do not contain any nicotine. It is the 0mg vape juice. If non-smokers or people want to try vapes for the first time, 0mg is the best option. Since it does not contain any nicotine, there is no chance of addiction or craving towards the vape again. You can get another if you wish to, but you will not go insane if you don’t. It is less harmless. You will get your favorite flavor with no nicotine in it.

Q2. Can We Select The Nicotine Level For The Best Fruit Vape Juice?

Most of the vape juices come with a customizable option to select the nicotine level you want. Mostly the nicotine level companies offer are – Omg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg,36 mg. But it will help not to take a higher dosage of nicotine. 36mg is the highest nicotine level that most companies provide, but it is not at all good. Even if you are a long term smoker, it will always be better to take the 18mg instead of 36mg.

  • What is the strength level of nicotine levels? What happens when somebody takes a higher dosage of nicotine?
  • Zero strength nicotine is the 0mg nicotine level, low strength nicotine level is between 6mg and 11mg. Medium strength nicotine level is between the range of 12mg to 17mg, and the highest strength nicotine level is in the strength range of 18 mg to 36mg.

Nicotine is not something that you should take, but if you smoke, then you must know the nicotine habit yourself. It is always better to get the lowest nicotine level Inhaling a high dosage of nicotine makes the person unwell. As symptoms, they might feel dizzy and light-headed.

Q3. Which Is The Best Fruity Flavor Of Vape Juice?

The best fruity vape juice flavor depends on you and your taste. But strawberry is a trending fruity flavor that almost every vape user loves. There are variants in strawberry flavors; various combinations of several fruits and other ingredients make the best fruity vape juice. Apart from strawberry, there are thousands of flavors with fruity flavors such as watermelon, orange, kiwi, mango, blueberries, pineapple, exotic jackfruit, citrus, etc.

Best Fruit Vape Juices – Conclusion

Vape juices are extremely great way to get rid of cigarettes addiction. Moreover, they are also great item to enhance party mood. You can enjoy them with your friends and girlfriend without worrying about addiction and negative effects. but take help of our to buy the best fruity vape juice and enjoy it. In this guide we have listed top ten best fruit vape juices that are high quality. You can choose the fruity flavor and size as per your choice. It is best to buy the small bottles if you are trying the flavor for first time and if you like it you can the order in bulk.