Best CBD Vape Pens 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Relax Vape Pen 2. Focus Vape Pen3.  Disposable Vape Pen
Select CBD Relax Vape Pen Best CBD Vape PenCBD Focus Vape Pen By SelectDisposable NU-X CBD Vape Pen Bundle

If you are looking forward to purchase the best CBD vape pens in the market, then you should certainly read on this article to make a good decision before purchasing.

The CBD vape pens have become extremely popular as consumption of CBD seems to be the best way to find the best CBD vape pen. Eating CBD in the form of edibles like gummies means the human body would require more time to digest the same and put it to work. When you opt to eat CBD, it would take at least an hour to feel the effect.

The CBD topicals like lotions, creams, balms and other skin applications also require a bit longer duration to show its effects. While consuming the CBD oil under the lounge would help you in achieving a quicker effect as the impact is directly transferred into the blood vessels present under the tongue.


Given below is a list of the best vape pens for CBD oil available in the market in the present times. You would be able to access useful information on the buying tips, FAQs, and other useful information regarding the best CBD vape pens.

Top 10 Best CBD Vape Pens 2021

1. Select CBD Relax Vape Pen

Select CBD Relax Best CBD Vape Pen

A CBD Relax Vape Pen is a wonderful thing to adopt if you are looking forward to unwinding & joyfully experiencing the ultimate relaxation during the course of your day.

This best CBD pen features the purest form of CBD extracts, which are available in the market and is enriched with the great choice of Lavender or Cinnamon essential oils. The content of the best vape CBD oils makes it the preferred choice for millions of consumers.

This vape pen for CBD oil is equipped with a draw-regulated battery and delivers 1-2 milligrams of CBD in each 3-seconds puff. This vape pen is designed in such a manner that this distributes the heat consistently and provides joy to the enjoyable draws.

The major ingredients are natural essences, fine CBD extracts and fractionated coconut oil, which is often referred to as MCT. This vape pen for CBD contains 250 mg of CBD and also has a 3-seconds draw-regulated battery. Cold-pressured essential oils are being used for achieving the best flavor.


  • Available in very pleasant Lavender or Cinnamon flavour
  • The best quality cold-pressure essential oils are used
  • The draws are regulated at 3-seconds
  • The high-quality draw-regulated batteries are used


  • The price is on a higher side
  • Some consumers find the Cinnamon flavor artificial

2. Select CBD Focus Vape Pen

CBD Focus Vape Pen By Select

The Focus Vape Pen by Select is a very popular vape pen and is equipped with a regulated draw system, which delivers around 2 milligrams of CBD with a regulated 3-second puff. This is one of the best CBD vape pens, which has a ceramic core and as a result of which the material is uniformly heated. The delivery system of this vape pen is discreet & stylish at the same time. The flavors in which it is available are Spearmint or Peppermint and can contain 250 mg of CBD.

The major ingredients of this best vaporizer for CBD oils are fine CBD extracts, some pleasant natural essences and some amount of fractionated coconut oil (MCT).

This CBD vape pen is highly enriched with very refined peppermint essential oils and this cooling blend will strongly stimulate your senses in order to inspire clarity and peace. The disposable ceramic core technology distributes the heat to the CBD vape oil evenly in an easy and self-contained way.


  • Regulated draws of 3-seconds
  • Available in very pleasant Spearmint and Peppermint flavors
  • Heat distribution in the CBD vape pen is even
  • High-quality cold-pressed essential oils are used
  • No harsh chemicals are used


  • The CBD oil runs out very quickly
  • The price is on a higher side

3. Disposable NU-X CBD Vape Pen Bundle

Disposable NU-X CBD Vape Pen Bundle

When we are talking about Nu-X, it symbolizes a bastion of dependability. They have transparent pricing and the best quality of CBD contents like highest quality tinctures, concentrates, and vape juices.

The Disposable NU-X CBD Vape Pen Bundle is manufactured with the mission of providing superior quality and consistency in their CBD products. When you adopt NU-X, you will be able to enjoy the brand thoroughly and is considered as a hallmark of the best practices in the current industry. They have a prime focus on product accuracy and consumer transparency.

The Disposable NU-X CBD Vape Pen Bundle utilizes a full spectrum of CBD distillate, which has been tested by a third-party and independent laboratory that meets the apex lab’s stringent standards. The list of ingredients used is nothing less than accurate and surpasses all the competition. The line of products used by NU-X as a brand like the concentrates, e-liquids, & tinctures that exceed all the industry’s standards of quality and accuracy.


  • The incredible quality of CBD contents is used
  • A major focus of the brand on quality and accuracy
  • Strength of product is 150 mg


  • The price is on a higher side
  • The flavor profile of forbidden fruit is not liked by few consumers

4. CBDfx Vape Pen Kit 30 Mg

Vape Pen Kit By CBDfx – 30 Mg

This is considered as one of the convenient and best CBD vape pen, which tastes really very good. The CBDfx Vape Pen Kit has the capability of holding 30mg of organic and broad-spectrum CBD in each vape pen.

With the blend of fresh flavors like strawberry lemonade and garden spearmint, enjoying CBD is delicious and super easy. There is no requirement of charging the battery or even the prime vape coils. These vape pens are ready to use and are high in demand amongst the consumers of the highest quality of CBD contents.

When you consume this product, it adds a kick of refreshing, smooth spearmint with every single puff. This allows you to enjoy the highest quality and organically farmed hemp oil, which is nothing less than spectacularly refreshing experience. The best part is that every CBD Vape pen containing fresh mint is draw-activated and disposable.

Thus, there are no buttons to push and operate the device. This arrives in a fully charged manner and allows you to simply remove the box and the vape away. This is absolutely easy as well as a discreet method of receiving a completely invigorating and minty serving of a wide spectrum of high-quality CBD contents required by you at any point of time.


  • The flavor is minty and fresh
  • Tastes good
  • Functions perfectly
  • Compact & sleek
  • Helps in relieving pain
  • Helps in relieving horrible menstrual cramps


  • The cost is on a higher side

5. CBDfx Disposable Vape Pen Kit 50 Mg

CBDfx Disposable Vape Pen Kit 50 Mg

This Pineapple Express Terpenes CBD disposable vape pen kit is developed with an impressive Vape Pen Kit. These terpenes are natural compounds which are extracted from the plants and are a wide number of flavors, which are found in them. This is expertly combined terpenes for creating a profile that is similar to the Pineapple Express hemp strain. Needless to say, the flavor is exhilarating and tantalizing.

When you inhale this one of the best vaporizers for CBD oil, you will receive the complete effects of the oil extracts from the organic hemp plants. The major ingredients of this vape pen for CBD oil are a broad spectrum of hemp oils, terpenes, and propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerin. You can easily vape this particular pen straight out of the box as there is no need to charge it. Once the 50 mg liquid inside the vape pen is over, you can conveniently dispose it off and move on to use a new one.


  • Richness of terpenes
  • No charging is required
  • Disposable and convenient to use.
  • A broad spectrum of high-quality organically produced CBD is used as main component
  • Travel-friendly


  • Cost is high

6. Melon Cooler 30 Mg CBDfx Disposable

Melon Cooler CBD Vape Pen 30 Mg

This disposable melon cooler CBD vape pen is an ultimate thing to use. This is the only thing, which is more refreshing as compared to the much-in-demand CBD break in between or after a long day at work. This indulgence tastes very delicious and you can enjoy the flavor of the juiciest and delicious melons as well as other tropical fruits with this best vape pen for CBD.

All you should do is trying using it for once and you would surely be a loyal customer of this product. The thought and care the makers put in the disposable vape pens is quite indicative of the highest quality parameters and supreme taste and flavour.

The major ingredients of this CBDfx Melon cooler vape pens are a proprietary blend of CBD, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. To top it up, natural flavors are being added for taste. 30 mg of CBD oil is being filled in this vape pen for CBD oil and once this amount of CBD oil is consumed, this can be disposed of.


  • Enjoy premium portable CBD product
  • A good and balanced blend of CBD, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol for best taste and flavor


  • Price is on a higher side
  • Sometimes out of stock due to high demand

7. CBDfx Vape Pen Kit Bundle – Disposable

Melon Cooler CBD Vape Pen 30 Mg

This best CBD vape kit features 30 mg of absolutely broad-spectrum CBD. In case you are often travelling and is a frequent vaper on the go, this best CBD disposable vape pen is a perfect product for you.

This high-quality CBD is featured in this particular vape pen, which is of supreme quality and organically farmed using the CO2 method of extraction. There is no trace of harmful additive, toxins, or GMOs. The CBD is used, which is naturally rich in amino acids, Cannabinoid, and fatty acids.

The absolutely pleasant tropic breeze flavor is optimally experienced on the beach, but no matter how sleek is the design, you can ideally receive the perfect taste of the tropics anywhere you carry this particular pen. The strawberry lemonade flavor is also very delicious and refreshing.

This vape will surely satisfy your deep cravings for CBD. You can try this in place of dessert and you would surely be surprised by the rich flavor that it has.

The fresh mint flavor is also very sought after as it tingles your taste buds and fills you with a buzz of energy. If you will try the flavour of blue Raspberry, this will give you an icy treat.

The major ingredients of this best CBD vape kit are a proprietary blend of high-class CBD, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycerine. The natural flavours are also added for rich taste.


  • User-friendly and can be used while travelling
  • Great Taste
  • Choices of rich tropical flavors
  • Smooth
  • Creates subtle effects


  • Seems a bit costly to some consumers
  • Some consumers find the flavors to be faint

8. CBDfx Sour Diesel 50 Mg With CBD Terpenes

Sour Diesel – CBDfx – 50 Mg

The Sour Diesel CBD Terpenes Vape Pen features a disposable pen that is fully charged and boasts of an absolutely delicious sour diesel flavor. This best CBD pen is very rich in sour diesel flavor and also terpene-rich as the full-spectrum CBD is being used in this CBD pen.

The best part is that it is very user-friendly and comes in a ready-to-use state. The lemony pine-like flavor is high in demand amongst the vapers. It is made up of full spectrum CBD and is very user-friendly. They are also disposable and portable in feature.


  • This has a delicious taste and flavor
  • They are disposable and portable
  • It has a terpene-rich blend
  • This is user-friendly and can be disposed of after the use


  • The cost is on a higher side
  • The flavor seems to be timid to some consumers

9. CBDfx Pineapple Express Terpenes Disposable Kit

Pineapple Express Terpenes CBD By CBDfx

If you are looking for delicious flavors while consuming CBD, then Pineapple Express Terpenes CBD by CBDfx is one of the great choices. This best CBD Vape pen kit is absolutely portable and gives you a completely hassle-free experience.

This pen has 30 mg of broad-spectrum and organic CBD blended with fresh flavors like blue raspberry and garden spearmint. No new pods for attaching and no charging, this is just straightforward CBD vaping, which can potentially be the best choice for your CBD goals. They are deliciously delightful and you would really be enjoying a great taste and flavor if you try this best CBD pen.

There is 50 mg of CBD content per pen. The CBD contents which are being used in this disposable vape pen are organically farmed and broad-spectrum CBD is being used in this.

Being a disposable vape pen, there is no charging required in this. They are absolutely travel-friendly and are preferred by several vapers on the move.


  • Travel-friendly & disposable
  • User-friendly
  • Organically farmed CBD of broad-spectrum is being used
  • 50 mg of CBD contents is being used
  • Considered as one of the best recreational products for the adults


  • Costly product
  • Could have been available in more flavors

10. WA Citrus 250 Mg

Citrus CBD Vape Pen By WA – 250 Mg

If you are a sophisticated vaper, the Citrus CBD Vape Pen by WA is one of the top quality and best vape pen for CBD oil that embodies the meaning of ‘WA’ – the Japanese term which indicates Serenity, Harmony, and Balance. The Citrus CBD Vape Pen by WA offers the right equilibrium in a combination of CBD & sweet citrus’s delicate flavor.

This is a real portable one and can potentially satisfy the passionate vapers anywhere in the go. When you adopt this product, you can very potentially satisfy your CBD goals in the best possible manner. When you opt to enjoy an excellent CBD experience with the WA Citrus CBD Vape pen, you should surely try out this product.

The major contents of this best CBD vape pen include CBD isolate, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and terpene complex. The total contents in each of this vape pen are 250 mg and are disposable after a single-use.


  • The citrus flavor is liked by several CBD consumers.
  • The consumption of this uplifts the consumers’ senses for a big time
  • Can be used on the go
  • Easy to use and disposable


  • Not cost-effective
  • Many consumers demand more flavor options

Factors To Look For When Buying Best CBD Vape Pen

Just a few years ago, if someone used to suffer from anxiety, chronic pain or any form of mental illness, the doctors used to prescribe nothing else but chemical drugs. In today’s world, modern medicine is considerably morphing with a series of holistic medicine and the physicians are now open to treat their patients using this holistic medicine.

Cannabis oil or CBD is not only consumed for recreation but a go-to alternative for the treatment of anxiety, chronic pain, and several mental illnesses. The CBD vape pens for anxiety & CBD vape pens for pain are being widely used in modern time as a holistic solution for treating mental disorders and pain.

Here are the factors that should be considered while buying the best CBD vape pens:

1. The Brand/Manufacturer Matters

When you are shopping online, the web can prove to be a double-edged sword. You can find all kinds of products and deals as options. But, you should always keep in mind that not all manufacturers are of commendable and high quality.

When you are purchasing a vape pen, which vaporizes CBD oil, you should always make it a point to purchase the best quality. It is always tempting to go for a cheaper Chinese vape pen variety and the price that you pay is for a low quality which is not worth it.

2. There Are Several Flavors Available

What makes a CBD oil vape pen a great choice is the flavor that you opt for. This is not like cigarettes and cigars as they have a much larger collection. You can avail flavors like wild mint, peach, and strawberry. Some of the brands also offer sample boxes of e-juice of several varieties.

3. Some Flavors Are Susceptible To Turn Stale

Some of the CBD vape pens lack in flavor; so, you should try to steep it for a couple of weeks. You should ideally place them in a dark room and help in bringing out a richer flavor. In case you shake it occasionally, it will ensure a richer flavor.

4. Ratio Ff VG Determines Your Experience

This is crucial to know about the vegetable glycerin ratios in the CBD vape pens. The overall amount of vegetable glycerin in your chosen CBD oil vape pen is good for determining the overall experience of vaping. When the VG content in the CBD vape pen is high, the clouds of smoke forms are higher and the flavor is deeper and richer. A lot of smokers prefer this particular option.

5. Some Coils Require Changing

Like any vehicle, the vape pens eventually require some parts to be replaced. This is true for vape pens. The coils inside the vapes require to be replaced at regular intervals. While cleaning the same, you need to make sure to prime the wicks or cotton first.

6. Oils Of Vaper Leak Sometimes

This is always wise to carry a cloth which can be used while travelling to wipe up the juice leaks, which happen sometimes. You can use the same for wrapping up your CBD oil vape pen for protecting the same from damage. So, you should look for the best CBD vape pens, which have got the least chances of leaking.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best CBD Vape Pens

Several consumers who are keen on consuming CBD are new to vaping with the CBD contents. You can enjoy a fun lifestyle when you opt to vape CBD oils. There are several flavors that you can enjoy and the best amongst are jotted down here. You have all the reasons to test the following best CBD vape pens with different flavors:

  • CBD Vape Pen with fresh mint flavor
  • CBD Vape Pen with strawberry lemonade flavor
  • CBD Vape Pen with blue raspberry flavor
  • CBD Vape Pen with Tropic breeze flavor
  • OG Kush CBD Terpenes Vape Pen
  • Pineapple Express CBD Terpenes Vape Pen
  • Platinum Rose CBD Terpenes Vape Pen

FAQs on CBD Vape Pens

Q1. Can CBD Vaping Be Harmful For Your Health?

The previous researches have proved that CBD vaping is less harmful as compared to smoking. One must keep this in mind that inhale anything apart from pure air is not at all healthy. The vaping devices are battery operated and that to in a safely mode.

Q2. Are CBD Vape Pens Legal?

The laws which govern the legality of vaping are different in all parts of the world and you can check with your local law enforcement agencies about the legal status of the vape pens usage. There are some restrictions on vaping in the US and other nations.

Q3. Can You Carry CBD Vape Pens On Airplanes?

In the US, you cannot carry vape pens in your luggage, but you can carry them in your carry bags. You will not be allowed to use CBD vape pens in the flight and they are treated in the same way as the cigarettes.

Q4. How Much Of CBD Should I Vape?

The amount of vape to be used by the user is totally up to the user. Depending on what they use it for insomnia, pain relief, and stress relief, the users should use them that quantity which satisfies them.

Q5. How To Use CBD Oil In A Vape Pen?

You have to load CBD oil for vape mods into any non-disposable and refillable vape pen like with any e-cigarette. The pen should work with waxes and concentrates, which also utilize the vape oils. The users should never vape oil in dry herb pens.

The Best CBD Vape Pens Are Certainly Important

The best CBD vape pens, whether reusable or disposable, offer simple and easy ways to use hemp oil. The disposable pens have no buttons and are self-contained and draw-activated. The reusable pens can vape CBD oils as well as other CBD concentrates.

The disposable pens can prove to be costly as they range around in between $20 to $50. CBD oils are completely versatile and do not come in vape pens. The CBD oil-infused products would include creams, edibles, and tinctures for the purpose of direct ingestion.

This would be crucial to remember the physical effects that the CBD oils usually cause. CBD oil for vape mods is extremely popular for several reasons, which include anxiety and stress relief as well as pain relief. It has no psychoactive effects, and the users vape the best CBD oil for therapeutic and medicinal purposes as well as recreational purposes.