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Best CBD Balm For Pain 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm Best CBD Balm For PainCharlotte’s Web CBD BalmLazarus Naturals Soothing Mint CBD Balm

Cannabidiol, which is generally referred to as CBD, is a compound which is found in cannabis or marijuana. Although cannabis or marijuana is infamous for intoxicating properties, it is actually a substance with medicinal properties.

This substance Cannabidiol can cause relief from anxiety, provide mental and physical relaxation, can also be used to treat severe pains. Due to these effective properties of Cannabidiol or CBD, it is widely being used for production of pain relief medicines as a result of which there is a plethora of CBD oil and CBD balm for pain available in the market.


This article will investigate some of the well-known and widely regarded CBD balm available in the market. Product attributes, as well as their pros and cons, will also be discussed over here. This brief and in-depth information will help the consumers to find the effective CBD balm in the market in order to relieve their pain.

Top 10 Best CBD Balm For Pain 2021

1. Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm

Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm Best CBD Balm For Pain

Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balms are tailored for topical use and are created with organic mango butter, coconut oil, and organic white beeswax. This CBD balm also gives a refreshing floral aroma during its application.

This balm also contains soothing mint, which gives a cool sensation when applied to the skin. Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm is undoubtedly the best CBD Balm for Pain available in the market because of these additional product attributes. This is an excellent pain relief balm which consists of organic materials, and 50mg is enough for each individual for topical use.


  • Contains organic materials such as organic lavender oil, organic mango butter, organic white beeswax, which is comparatively good as the use of organic ingredients makes this balm less harmful for the skin.
  • Presence of cedar citrus and coconut oil makes this balm an easy absorbent material into the skin resulting in swift action against the pain.
  • Refreshing floral aroma is an added benefit while the balm is being applied.


  • Presence of Oleic acid and hemp extract harms the organic properties and can cause skin rashes.
  • Comparatively, it is a costlier CBD balm.

2. Charlotte’s Web CBD Balm

Charlotte’s Web CBD Balm

Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Infused Balm Soothing Scent comes with a soothing fragrance along with the medicinal properties. However, the scent is natural as ingredients such as cinnamon and menthol are used instead of any synthetic fragrance. This product consists of ingredients such as hemp extract, Apricot kernel oil, Camphor, Shea butter, oleic and linoleic acids. Presence of apricot oil provides a moisturizing attribute to the balm.

Therefore, while you are applying this balm, it would require less amount of effort. For the best result, it is recommended that you apply this balm throughout the day and night as needed. This is one of the best CBD balms for pain available in the market as it helps with the relief from everyday stresses, reduces exercise-induced inflammation as well as provides a sense of calmness through its scent or natural fragrance.


  • Not only helps in reducing pain but also allows the users to relieve everyday stresses and provides calmness.
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Infused Balm Soothing Scent is a very inexpensive product which, as a result, makes this an excellent pain relief balm for the masses.
  • Includes high-quality hemp extract


  • Test results are conducted in-house and not by third-party tests for authentic results.

3. Lazarus Naturals Soothing Mint CBD Balm

Lazarus Naturals Soothing Mint CBD Balm

Lazarus Naturals Soothing Mint CBD Balm has almost similar or identical properties of the Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm. However, this product has a soothing fragrance of peppermint rather than the floral aroma of lavender. This CBD balm is also produced using the luxurious mixture of organic ingredients such as the organic mango butter, organic white beeswax and fractionated coconut oil.

Presence of these organic and natural ingredients makes this CBD balm one of the best topical CBD products for pain relief. This balm comes in various sizes such as 20mg, 50mg, 300mg, and 1200mg in the market. You can go for the 20mg size at first and if you find it beneficial, then you go for the higher size packs of 300mg or 1200mg ones.


  • Contains organic materials such as organic lavender oil, organic mango butter, and organic white beeswax, which is good as the use of organic ingredients makes this balm less harmful for the skin.
  • Availability in various scent or fragrance options makes this balm an excellent CBD product for pain relief.
  • Contains full-spectrum formula


  • Helpful for only muscle and joint pains
  • It is expensive compared to others CBD balm variants available in the market.

4. Papa & Barkley CBD Hemp Infused Balm

Papa & Barkley CBD Hemp Infused Balm

Papa & Barkley CBD Hemp Infused Balm is made with the cannabis and other ingredients grown in Colorado farms. This CBD balm was first homegrown as it was first created to treat immobilizing back pain of elderly father for his son, thus named as Papa & Barkley. Presence of essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender oil provides the herbaceous scent as well as retains moisture to keep the skin hydrated while the balm is applied on the pain area.

This CBD balm is best known for the activated warmth feeling at the applied area followed by a cooling sensation, which provides additional relief and calmness to you. Such attributes rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul while it helps you to recover from the pains and aches you have experienced for years.


  • Fast action properties relieve pain within 30 minutes of application of this CBD balm.
  • Presence of essential oils provides relaxation from daily stress and pains.
  • Provides a natural herbaceous aroma
  • Warmth and cooling sensation treat the sense of pain immediately.


  • Customers complained about the unavailability of customer service when required.
  • Very expensive product

5. Koi CBD Healing Balm

Koi CBD Healing Balm

Koi CBD Healing Balm is an all-purpose balm which smoothens and restores the skin as well as helps with the reduction of pain and inflammation. Koi CBD Healing Balm is a relatively new product to the market; however, it has proved to have best pain relief properties.

This product is infused with a proprietary ingredient named True Spectrum oil Koi PRIZM, Phytocannabinoids, and also is THC free. In-house research and developments have allowed Koi to produce this effect as one of the best CBD balm, which can relieve you from old pains and can provide you a healthy skin.


  • Reduces pain and calms inflammation, also provides natural and healthy skin.
  • Infused with proprietary full-spectrum cannabinoids, which enhances the potency of the CBD balm
  • Koi also has a good and responsive customer service, which provides guidance to the customers about product usage.


  • Koi CBD Healing Balm is not that cheaper compared to other CBD balm products in the market. Therefore, pricing is the biggest con of this product.

6. PlusCBD Oil Balm

PlusCBD Oil Balm

Established in 2012, PlusCBD provides a wide range of CBD solution for pain relief. PlusCBD Oil™ Gold Formula CBD Balm by them is one of the best CBD pain relief balm available in the market. This CBD balm is lightly scented with refreshing peppermint, and it allows you to calm yourself and relieves you from any pain when applied on the pain area.

The gold formula prepared by PlusCBD allows fast absorption of the balm into your skin layer, as a result of which it provides faster relief from pain. This product is also gluten-free and free from any artificial dyes, which provides you a natural treatment.


  • This product contains more bio-available CBD extract than any other brands available in the market, which makes it one of the natural and sustainability-focused product
  • Product feature of Gluten-free helps with the minimization of any chronic inflammation while application as the presence of gluten can cause inflammation.
  • Rejuvenates the skin because of the presence of essential oils and vitamins


  • PlusCBD Oil™ Gold Formula CBD Balm uses Non-American hemp, or in other words, they use hemp cultivated in Europe.
  • Therefore, the people who are habituated with CBD balm based on American hemp may find it ineffective or may cause skin rashes during initial usage

7. Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm

Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm

This is the newest CBD Hemp Balm from Elixinol which is uses enhanced topical CBD formula in this product. This CBD balm uses 100% organic industrial-grade hemp and targets the athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This CBD balm is excellent for instant pain relief and this is why the company is targeting the athletes, MMA fighters, physically active people with this balm as it can soothe any muscle discomfort temporarily.

This feature, as a result, makes this CBD balm unique and one of the best in this CBD based pain relief market segment. This balm contains ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil, Virgin Ucuuba Butter, Candelilla Wax, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil, and so on. Moreover, this CBD balm is non-addictive as well as non-intoxicating, which makes it an incredible pain relief solution for you.


  • 100% plant-based with no synthetic ingredients
  • Very fast absorbing and deep-penetrating attribute makes it an excellent and quick pain relief product.
  • It has the ability to temporarily reduce any muscle pain during workouts, which is also a great feature to avail painless primary treatment
  • Refreshing scent of natural ingredients


  • The lab-testing of this product for side effects are conducted in-house and not by the third party for authentic results.
  • Shipping takes time hence this CBD balm requires supply chain improvements

8. Solari Hemp CBD Arnica Balm

Solari Hemp CBD Arnica Balm

Solari Hemp CBD Arnica Balm helps with the revival of tired joints and reduces joint pains using the collective medicinal attributes of Arnica and CBD. There are other ingredients in this CBD balm as well, such as peppermint oil, menthol, rosemary oil and other healing ingredients. Presence of peppermint and menthol provides you cooling sensation after the application of this balm over the area of pain.

Arnica is well known product for its effective healing properties for muscle spasm, joint pain relief, and reduces busting, presence of arnica and on the other hand Cannabidiol also provides with similar properties, which as a result makes this product very effective and one of the best CBD balm in the market right now.


  • Helps with faster recovery of muscle pain and spasm
  • This is a very high quality yet highly affordable wellness product currently available in the market
  • While reducing the pain and spasm, this balm also smoothens the skin because of the effective healing properties


  • Presence of both arnica and cannabidiol makes it sensitive for skins for certain people
  • Availability of this product is slightly lower than other similar CBD balm in the market

9. Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick

Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick

CBD balm by Social is produced by using ingredients, such as shea butter, safflower oil, coconut oil, grape oil, peppermint oil, and others. Usage of a wide range of natural ingredients makes this CBD balm an excellent organic pain relief product for users. This CBD balm is widely available around the US as a result of which people have demonstrated the appreciation for this product among a wide customer base.

Presence of various essential oils and cooling sensation due to the presence of mint provides a tailored experience to you, while you apply this balm for pain reduction. This CBD balm is 100% plant-based and the company claims through this product as they promote purity in order to attain customer satisfaction.


  • Recognized as one of the top CBD based product company in 2018 by the Oregon Business Magazine
  • This CBD balm is 100% plant-based and phytonutrient rich
  • This CBD balm is also tested by the third party, which guarantees the authencity and satisfaction of this product.


  • Expensiveness of this balm is the biggest drawback for this product.

10. Irwin Naturals CBD Balm

Irwin Naturals CBD Balm

Irwin naturals have brought new CBD balm in the market as the brand believes that health and wellbeing are fundamental. This CBD balm is made with high-quality full-spectrum hemp-extract from the hemp plants grown in the US farms. The presence of high-quality hemp in the balm makes this product one of the best CBD balm currently available in the US.

This balm also contains essential oil such as tansy essential oil, which provides a very pleasant non-medicinal aroma to this product. There are also other organic and natural extracts such as Aloe, rosemary, sunflower seed oil which also nourishes the skin while reducing the pain. Therefore, this balm can also be used for skin nourishment as well.


  • No presence of artificial preservatives or fragrances
  • Produced using high-quality full-spectrum hemp extracts


  • Expensive CBD balm when compared to other variantsin the market.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best CBD Pain Balm

In recent years, CBD has become one of the common medicines that people ingest or apply because of being organic instead of synthetic drugs. Due to these organic attributes, the CBD pain balm has very little side-effects on the individuals who are using them.

Furthermore, the presence of essential oils in these products also helps with the nourishment and moisturizing of the skin. However, the main requirement for these CBD balms is for the pain relief or pain management attributes as they are very effective for the reduction of new or old pain.

As there are a plethora of such products available in the market, previous discussion of such top 10 CBD balm also illustrates that every product has certain benefits; however, there are some cons to them as well.

Hence, it is important to know which factors the customers should emphasize while purchasing CBD balms for pain in order to ensure that they are actually buying the best ones that the market has to offer.

1. Read The Ingredients

While buying a CBD balm, you should keep in mind that you read the ingredients before making the ultimate buying decision. This is because every CBD product adds various ingredients in order to enhance the medicinal value or aroma to their products, such as essential oils or other ingredients like melatonin. Now, melatonin is good for health as it helps with sleep-related problems. This, in return, proves to be effective if you are struggling with certain pain.

These balms not only reduce the pain, but also help in falling asleep quickly. However, there are other ingredients that are also used, such as propylene, glycol, or glycerin. These ingredients, however, may harm some individuals as the application of glycerin or propylene can affect their skin adversely. Hence, you have to make sure that you know about the ingredients before finalizing it.

2. Check For THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) Content

It is important to check the amount of THC content in the CBD balm you intend to buy. This is because while some of the US states allow the purchase and sell of Cannabidiol based products, some other states do not allow the usage of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol because they are considered illegal as per the regional laws.

So it is important for you to check for the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol and make sure the presentation is less than 0.3%, which is the legal permitted limit for usage . Therefore, you should check if your states allow Tetrahydrocannabinol or not, and if yes then check for the percentage to stay safe from any legal complications.

3. Check For The Source Of Hemp

Cannabidiol or CBD is extracted from the hemp plants. However, it is important that these hemp plants are grown by following the agricultural guidelines. There is a valid argument behind this claim because plants absorb the air, water, and soil from the surrounding area.

Therefore, if a hemp plant was farmed in a dirty or harmful environment, it is obvious that the extracted Cannabidiol will include the same harmful properties, which makes the CBD balm rather harmful for you than being helpful for your pains. Therefore, you should always look for organic hemp usage as it will minimize any harmful effects from the usage of chemical pesticides or other substances used during farming.

4. It Is Important To Understand Your Health Issue

Even though recent studies have found that Cannabidiol or CBD has the medicinal properties which help with the pain management, reduction of anxiety, stress, depression, skin problems, and so on, there are adverse effects of products based on CBD as well.

Exposure to an increased amount of CBD products can cause intoxication and also can make an individual resistant to the CBD’s medicinal properties. Hence, it is important for you to consult a doctor before you start using CBD balm in order to understand the safe amount that you will be using.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best CBD Balm

Now that you know about the factors to look while making a purchase decision, you should also know the top reasons why you might consider CBD balm:

  • Cannabidiol or CBD is known as the best product for its pain-relieving capabilities
  • CBD can also help with the reduction of anxiety and depression
  • They can also act as skin care products, which is why CBD balm can be used for nourishment and miniaturization of skin as well
  • CBD balm can also be used for their anti-bacterial properties
  • Cannabidiol based products also help with sleep quality


Now let’s talk about some frequently asked questions that are still required to be answered to eradicate any confusion about the CBD balm.

1. How Do You Know Which CBD Balm Is The Best For Me?

We have already talked about this earlier as you should look for the ingredients used, if the product is organic or not and also seek consultation from your physician. Do not just blindly buy a CBD balm but rather consult a physician and see which CBD balm they suggest and you must use them accordingly to treat your pain in an organic manner.

2. Are There Any Harmful Properties Or Effect Of CBD Balm?

In short, the answer is yes; however, every beneficial product has certain adverse attributes associated with them. Similarly, CBD balm or CBD based products has seen criticism for the intoxicating attributes of them as well as there are other arguments which state that CBD products are actually not helpful for any health conditions.

As the usage of Cannabidiol for medicinal purpose, it is still in its early days. Hence, it is normal that there will be criticism. However, it is up to you to decide whether you need it or not. Hence, check a CBD balm yourself and see if it is benefiting you and then you can decide to buy it or not.

3. How Long Does It Take For The CBD Balm To Have An Effect or Relieve The Pain?

This is entirely dependent on the ingredients or technology used by the manufacturer as some of the top 10 available CBD balms in the market has claimed action within 30 minutes, whereas some other have also claimed instant action.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that after the application of this CBD balm, you should experience a reduction of pain within 30 minutes to an hour time duration. You should also check for the product specification and see what time they are claiming yourself. If they take more than 30 minutes to an hour, then you should consult your physician for a more effective remedy.

Q4. How Many Balms Should I Use And How Many Times In A Day?

Again, the quantity related information cannot be applicable to everyone, and you should consult with your physician to know the correct information. As already stated, that excessive amount CBD balm usage can harm your wellbeing rather benefiting you; hence, you should consult your physician or use the suggested dosage by the manufacturer only.

Most of the manufacturers suggest to consult a physician for liability issue. Hence it is best to refer to your physician for such critical information.

Q5. Other Than CBD Balm, There Are Edible And Inhalable CBD Available In The Market, Which One Should I Use? Are They Different?

No, they are not different and share the same medicinal properties. However, it is up to you and your physician to determine which one will be more beneficial and effortless for you according to your health ailments.

Best CBD Balm For Pain – Conclusion

To summarize, this article has investigated the CBD balm product market and based on the user and physician reviews has suggested the top 10 products, which you can currently buy in the market. The findings suggest that there is a wide range of benefits available for these CBD pain relief balms. As a result of this, the factors should be looked after by the customers, which are discussed in order to minimize the prevalence of any confusion related to these medicinal products.