Amanita Muscaria Spore Prints

Amanita Muscaria Spore Prints are collected from the var. Perscinia strain. With these spore prints, you could inoculate your host tree effectively.

The smallest spore prints can inoculate 1-5 hosts, the medium can do 6-10 hosts, and the larger prints will do 12 or more hosts. You can pretty much inoculate any evergreen tree. Our spore prints provide efficient inoculation.

If you do not want to inoculate immediately, you can store them on paper for years, and they will still be active. 

Amanita Muscaria – a Fungi

Amanita Muscaria, popularly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is a mushroom from the kingdom of Fungi. It was initially found through the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere but is now found in the Southern Hemisphere countries as well.

Amanita can be associated with various trees and comes in varieties and subspecies. The fly agarics have noticeable white spots.

Amanita is classified as poisonous, however, death reports from its consumption are quite rare. Water draining twice weakens its toxicity which is eaten in parts of Europe, North America, and Asia.

The A. Muscaira has psychoactive effects such as depressant, psychedelic, dissociative, sedative-hypnotic, and paradoxical effects. The effects of the fly agaric may also cause Alice in Wonderland syndrome. There have been reports of lucid dreaming amongst its users.

Uses of Amanita Muscaria

There has been a significant amount of traditional use of the fly agaric. The people of Siberia have used A. Muscaria as an entheogen. They also used it to achieve a trance state for prolonged drumming and dancing.

There have also been reports of A. muscaria uses in Native American tribes. Even Vikings may have consumed the mushroom to produce berserker rages.

Various Christmas traditions originated in Siberia are linked with the A. muscaria. The fly agaric grows under pine trees that are brought into our houses and decorated. They used to dry freshly picked A. muscaria in a sock placed above the fireplace.

Muscaria has also been spotted in various cultural references. The Smurfs, a children’s movie depicting gnomes and fairies, contained garden ornaments of the fly agaric. Renaissance paintings also portrayed the mushroom.

The fly amanita also was found in the popular video game Super Mario and even in the dancing mushroom sequence in the 1940 Disney film Fantasia.

The mushroom is considered to have formed the hallucinations in the famous story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

A 1973 novel, Gravity’s Rainbow written by Thomas Pynchon, depicts the character making a cookie bake mixture from harvested A. muscaria.

We offer the spore prints only for ornamental value to display and cherish. However, you should not consume them.

There have been various cases of A. Muscaria poisoning in children and adults consuming the mushroom, thinking it is edible. Due to modern medicine, death from severe poisoning is quite rare.

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