Albizia julibrissin whole flowers organic

Albizia Julibrissin is a tree that is highly regarded and valuable in Chinese medicine. Its bark and flowers are known for their powerful medicinal and healing properties.

Like every other psychedelic plant, the effect that you get through it matters on its quality. The better the quality, the better the effect. 

Many shops sell this magical plant for dust rates, and that should warn you about their quality. 

Buying a bad quality of these flowers will be just a waste of money and will produce little to no results. 

You can rely on us for providing freshly harvested, organic Whole Albizia flowers. They are carefully dried and stored for peak potency. 

Before you make your mind to buy these magical flowers, you should better acquaint yourself with more information about them. 

There is a lot to know about what effects these flowers produce, and you will find a brief summary of it below.

Why Should You Consume Albizia Flowers?

A number of reasons make Organic Whole Albizia flowers worth consuming. 

They are more than your regular psychedelic plants and affects your perception, dreams and more while giving you a euphoric sensation. 

Given below are some of the effects that you can experience upon consuming Albizia Julibrissin organic whole flowers.

The Herbal Prozac 

The Albizia Julibrissin tree is also popular by the names “Herbal Prozac” and “Happiness Herb”.

It is because the bark and the flower of this tree enhances mood and makes you jolly. 

Treat Your Stress/Anxiety

This plant is also known for its healing effects on people dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. 

Many people turn to consuming other products like CBD oils to help them deal with their anxiety or stress. Now you know that CBD is not the only product that will help you deal with it. 

This plant on the other hand, is known for helping people calm down and get into a relaxed state when they experience stress or anxiety.

Relax Your Way Into Euphoria

Upon consuming just a small amount of this plant, you will feel a mild wave of euphoria and relaxation. 

This plant does not cause any drowsiness upon consumption. 

It will not put you to sleep, but if you deal with sleep-related issues like insomnia, you will find this medicinal plant helpful. 

Vivid and Introspective Dreaming

All our volunteers reported that they experienced vivid and introspective dreams after consuming this plant. 

Consuming it around 30 minutes before going to bed allowed them to sleep more peacefully than usual.  

How to Consume Albizia Organic Whole Flowers?

The Albizia whole flowers can be consumed per day as tea or extracted in alcohol. 

They can also be rolled into a cigarette and smoked through a pipe. 

The quantity to be consumed is as little as 3 to 5grams per day. 


This is how Albizia Julibrissin flowers can help you deal with your anxiety, stress or insomnia better. 

The organic, whole flower that we provide on sale is worth giving a try. Its effects will certainly leave you fully satisfied and relaxed.