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Why grow your own tobacco instead of using commercial cigarettes?

Now before anyone flies off the handle and emails or phones us because they are upset about this article... please let me say this first. I am in no way glorifying tobacco smoking/chewing, nor, am I condemning those who choose to use tobacco. The entire BotanicalSpirit project is based on the idea that every human being possesses the freedom to use any plant for self medication, whether that be to improve ones physical, mentel or spiritual existance and like it or not people enjoy the way nicotine makes them feel; it has been used since the beginning of mankind and I believe it will be appreciated until the end of mankind. Nicotine is the single most addictive natural chemicals on Earth. There are severe dangers to smoking and chewing tobacco that most of us already know about, but, there is also a way to make it much safer, healthier and cheaper for those who decide to use their human rights and indulge in tobacco use.

Government action taken to help the situation?
None! Most people nowadays are aware that there are extremely dangerous chemicals added to cigarettes to cause the nicotine to absorb into the smoker's body quicker and more effectively and these chemicals themselves cause cancer, heart disease and an aray of other illness', but most people aren't aware that the tobacco industry uses some of the most naturally mild Nicotiana species and the levels of nicotine have been laboratory reduced so that a smoker requires using an incredible amount of tobacco just to obtain a decent nicotine "buzz". Why do they do this? The answer is obvious, MONEY. The amount of tar, carcinogenics and other chemicals the body is being exposed to is hugely increased just so the government can sell more cigarettes. Here's something to ponder... If one were to grow their own Nicotiana (tobacco plant) they have the ability to grow a variety that has a very low nicotine level if they are not interested in a strong cigarette, or did you know there are varieties of tobacco that are up to 100 times the nicotine content of commercial cigarettes? At this point I'm sure many people are thinking "oh thats horrible!" but is it? Think about this, if tobacco user were to be able to take only 2 or 3 puffs of an organic homemade cigarette and their nicotine craving is completely satisfied for a longer amount of time than smoking a whole commercial cigarette, what does this mean? Less tar, less carcinogenics, no added chemicals, and A LOT less money in the pockets of the government! Which brings me to my next point, taxation. The incredible amount of tax dollars added to cigarettes is not even invested into the health treatment of people suffering from tobacco related illness', which to me is so incredibly wrong as it exploits smoker's by getting them addicted to nicotine and literally kill them so that they can buy things they can't afford otherwise! May I impose, that as long as they insist upon the tactics of "over-addicting" people, poisoning and murdering them with chemicals that possibly it would be a fantastic idea to put every single dollar earned from cigarette taxes towards the treatment of ones suffering from the illness directly caused by their addiction to commercial cigarettes?

Until the greed-ridden government ends their demented tactics to earn money by the poisoning of mankind, may i strongly suggest growing your own Nicotiana plants and hopefully we can reduce the death count that our 'oh so caring government' lays before us but i'm sure there is a strong possibility that they will add Nicotiana plants to the Controlled Substances list as they begin to lose money at the hands of people like us.

If you are already a tobacco user and wish to continue:
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