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The unbelievable yet incredible true story of the Gatekeeper:

The Gatekeeper is the 3-dimensional image of a male stone face that appears to some during entry into a Salvia divinorum experience. This face seems to appear more often to women then men. Historically, it is said that women who see the Gatekeeper are "true shaman" with the power of visionary healing. This entity appears as a greeter to the experience, not scary, yet far from friendly... it is a neutral entity welcoming or preventing your journey to the other realm. After years of research it is becoming more apparent that this figure is truly something special, why? Well, it turns out that people from our modern civilization traveled great distances to speak to indiginous peoples, such as the Aztec Indian tribes and others all over the planet. It turns out, a many spoke of this figure, in great detail, discribing him exactly as others have seen him. Now, keep in mind these are people that have never seen a television, newspaper, novel or have any idea what an internet connection is, yet they have stood face to face with this exact same entity. We know a woman personally who was experiencing Salvia for her first time and knew nothing about the actual experience or the Gatekeeper - to her dismay as she exhaled she was instantly greeted by this face behind a cage that rattled. She felt a "force" pulling her back as he stared at her, then quickly returned to reality once again; it seems the Gatekeeper did not feel she was ready. When she was told by our Cherokee medicine man what she had seen, she was shocked by the explanation, description and concept that others have seen this same figure. She states the image is burned in her brain and she will never forget it! When people say Salvia divinorum and other visionary plants have nothing to offer except hallucinations that aren't real... this frame of mind always gets us ranting about the Gatekeeper. We have incorporated this amazing occurance into the essence of our shop and each one of our staff review every email and chat session so that we know each of our customers as well as possible, this reduces miscommunication and ensures you get the best service out of any company you will ever deal with, guaranteed! You can always count on the Gatekeeper.


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