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Unplugd - Relaxation Shot (2oz)


Turn Off the On!

Why did we make the decision to carry a branded product after all these years? Well, its simple, because Unplugd is something beyond the normal. So often, we’ve heard people say “I think I feel something” when it comes to relaxation aids, but with Unplugd there will be no doubts! This pleasant-tasting 2oz liquid shot will allow you to reach a level of relaxation that you have probably not felt in a very long time. So, find a comfortable place to relax for 3-4 hours and enjoy the incredible soothing flavor of Unplugd. You won’t be disappointed.

The Unplugd ingredients are 100% natural and crafted to enhance the actives, enabling them to work synergistically which will bring you to a deep state of relaxation and feeling of well-being that goes on and on. That makes Unplugd the perfect supplement for a healthier life.

Getting away from the stress of today will help you with any challenges of tomorrow.

Shrink-wrapped with top seal for freshness.
Contains:  Pukatea Extract, Croton lechleri Extract, Kanna Leaf Extract, Cacao Bean Extract

Enjoy your relaxation experience!

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