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Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) Seeds

Peganum harmala

These 100% organic viable seeds allow our customers a chance to grow and experience the wonders of the Syrian Rue plant; to be in its presence is an absolute delight.  By growing your own rue plant you have an opportunity to follow the paths of history to smile at the visions of the Peganum harmala.

Traditional & Modern Use:
This famous medicinal shrub often labeled "herb of grace" has been marveled throughout history. It is often refered to as one of the many "Teacher Plants" for its ability to help communicate with other realms. Rue has been mentioned in the Bible as well as in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

These viable seeds are sold to grow in remembrance of a long lasting and respected culture, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! All information provided above is for educational purposes only and is not intended to instruct on the use of this product.

CHARCOAL TABLETS Release the Essence of this Plant
PRESERVE & DISPLAY Enjoy the Beauty & History of this Plant
NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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