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Pithecellobium flexicaule "Texas Ebony" Organic Well-Established Plant

Pithecellobium flexicaule

We offer these organic well-established plants as 6-10" specimens.

P. flexicaule is native to a relatively small area on either side of the Rio Grande in Texas and Mexico.  This arid region member of the Fabacea (Leguminosea) family is rather rare and in high demand when it is available.  It is considered to be one of the finest native plants for use in Xeriscape plantings as a feature and is also highly esteemed by Bonsai enthusiasts.  In nature this small tree can grow from 15-25 feet tall and wide.  It has a most beautiful form with undulating, gnarled branches which grow out in all directions.  The trunk is a silvery grey with a smooth texture. 
The small compound leaves form mainly toward the ends of the branches.  It’s these small leaves that really give an excellent sense of proportion when the plant is trained as a bonsai specimen.  In summer a multitude of light yellow to white flowers are borne at the branch tips.  The flowers are highly fragrant and can be smelled at great distances. 
It is reported that many indigenous people used the seeds as a foodcrop and that early settlers used the seed shells as a coffee substitute.  The seeds have also been employed as rosary beads.

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