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Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) Well-Established Plant

Passiflora incarnata

These are organically grown and well established plants. They bloom gorgeous and highly medicinal purple flowers that light up any garden! We offer them between the sizes of 7-20". They grow very quickly but if you prefer a specific size please contact us with your request.

Traditional & Modern Use:
The Passion Flower, also known as Maypop has been implemented into many cultures as both a medicine and tonic. Mostly, the plant has served a distinct purpose in the Americas; North, Central and South. The Houma tribe used P. incarnate flowers as a tonic to soothe and calm the spirit while some others such as the Yukatan favored it as a cure for insomnia. Passion Flowers finally earned recognition in North America in the early 1900s. Scientific studies became more and more intense, proving the incredible potential for this plant as an aid for headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, tension caused by menstruation or menopause and many other nervous disorders. Maypop has shown to be completely safe because it is non addictive or habit forming. The sedating and tranquilizing effects gently guide one into peaceful sensations, soothing and calming mental state and complete relaxation.Passion Flower contains the alkaloid Harmaline which is why it has been added to the famous religious brew known as Ayahuasca. It contains many other flavonoids as well.

CHARCOAL TABLETS Release the Essence of this Plant
PRESERVE & DISPLAY Enjoy the Beauty & History of this Plant
NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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