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Mahonia aquifolium "Oregon Grape" Organic Well-Established Plant

Mahonia aquifolium

We offer these organic well-established plants in a standard 4-8" but we also can ship much larger ones. Please contact us size/price quotes. M. aquifolium is native to the Pacific North Western United States and is related to the barberry. It grows to heights of 10ft tall and is very tough and adaptable, it can handle hard freeze, drought and poor soil. The foliage on this evergreen shrub is very glossy and quite beautfiul; resembling the leaves of hollies. In late Winter to early Spring the bright yellow flowers are borne on racimes held above the foliage.  The flowers are extremely attractive. The flowers are usually the first to appear each year, often while snow is still present. The beautiful purple berries soon follow making this plant a very beautiful ornamental food source.

Traditional & Modern Use:
The roots are used medicinally much like those of the rarer and overharvested Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis).  Both species' roots contain berberine in significant quantity. The roots are also often used as a flourasent yellow dye. The small purple berries are commonly used for making jellies and jams. They have a unique tart flavor that is loved by many! Much like the indigenous use of the barberry, these berries make an exquisite wine!

CHARCOAL TABLETS Release the Essence of this Plant
PRESERVE & DISPLAY Enjoy the Beauty & History of this Plant
NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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