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Kratom Seeds & Pods - Freshly Harvested

Mitragyna speciosa

"Rifat - Red Vein"
"Indo Super Green"
"Bumble Bee"

These viable USA Grown Kratom seeds were harvested from our superior organically grown "Red Vein", "Green Vein" and "Bumble Bee" mother trees.  We keep them in the pods as long as possible so that they remain viable for much longer. Kratom seeds do not stay viable very long so we will ship them directly from the farm to you! We remove the chaff and count the seeds by hand so you will always receive a little more than you order! M. speciosa makes a great indoor "plant" or outdoor tree. This is an opportunity to grow an amazing and historically profound Kratom tree! Some shops sell viable Kratom seeds for as much as $1.00 PER SEED but we feel that's way to much. We even sell the whole pods if you want an average of 300-500+ seeds and as much as 800 per pod!!  Kratom is not an easy one to germinate but we can assist you!

If you require assistance with the germination process please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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