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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) 15:1 Liquid Tincture

Sceletium tortuosum

Contains 100 doses of 50mg!
 12 drops equals a 50mg dose

We are excited to finally have completed the production of our Kanna tincture and wow did it turn out wonderful! We use our premium fermented Kanna leaves and concentrate them to a powerful 15:1 so that a small amount can change your mood for hours! Many do not appreciate the traditional methods of consumption of Kanna so by having a liquid form you can easily use it. Place it under the tongue and hold it there for an effective sublingual dosing or you can even add it to juice, water or any other of your favourite beverages. Enjoy the experience of Kanna!

Traditional & Modern Use:
Kanna or Channa meaning “chew(able) thing” is an absolutely miraculous plant. It has been recognized for its mood-enhancing capabilities for hundreds of years. This plant is most commonly used in South Africa since prehistoric times. There are many different methods of consuming the plant; it can be chewed, made into tea or tincture, smoked or snuffed. The medicinal qualities often last for many hours or even days after the ingestion of Kanna, lightening one’s mood and offering a mild euphoria that isn’t necessarily a “high” but a feeling of “I feel great!”

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.


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