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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) 25:1 Standardized Resin Extract

Sceletium tortuosum

We craft this 25:1 Kanna extract with fermented S. tortuosum leaves which we use to produce a heavy resin that is delicately dried to form a solidified non-sticky form of this amazing plant! The hard resin burns smoothly. For sublingual use it basically dissolves under the tongue or in liquid and can also be easily grinded into a fine powder in a standard coffee grinder for its other traditional uses. We pride ourselves on this product and we have had excellent feedback ever since we first produced it. Enjoy the soothing euphoria of Kanna in a whole new powerful way!

Tradition & Modern Use:
Kanna or Channa meaning “chew(able) thing” is an absolutely miraculous plant. It has been recognized for its mood-enhancing capabilities for hundreds of years. This plant is most commonly used in South Africa since prehistoric times. There are many different methods of consuming the plant; it can be chewed, made into tea or tincture, smoked or snuffed. The medicinal qualities often last for many hours or even days after the ingestion of Kanna, lightening one’s mood and offering a mild euphoria that isn’t necessarily a “high” but a feeling of “I feel great!”

All information provided above is for educational purposes only and is not intended to instruct on the use of this product.

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