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Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea) Chopped Roots

Rhodiola rosea

This is 100% organic prime harvest root from the infamous Rhodiola rosea plant.

Traditional & Modern Use:
Golden root is now beginning to grow in popularity for its incredible benefits, but much is still not known about this plant. Studies and personal reports state that this may be the new and improved ginseng. It is showing great success improving cognitive learning, memory, mental clarity and physical energy. It is reported to work as a powerful treatment for anemia as well as impotence and gastrointestinal ailments. Athletes as well as university students are now recognizing the stimulating effects and many are choosing this plant over ginseng. An effective weight loss aid as well. When used as a tonic it truly can balance the body; with both appetite, sleep and reducing the frequency of headaches for those who suffer.

All information provided above is not intended to diagonose, treat or cure any illness or disease

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