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Garcinia spicata "Gamboje" Organic Well-Established Plant

Garcinia spicata

G. spicata hails from India and is in the Clusiaceae family and is closely related to the esteemed Mangosteen.  It is a small tree to 30 feet tall with a nice globe shaped canopy.  It is densely foliated with large, glossy, dark green leaves which when newly emerging are an attractive reddish color.  The tree bears small flowers which are soon followed by highly ornamental bright orange fruits.  The fruits are similar in size and appearance to the common Mangosteen. 

Some sources say that the fruits are edible and some they that they are unpleasant.  Information on this rare species is difficult to come least in English.  The tree yeilds a medicinal resin known as Gamboge in the Ayurvedic tradition.  The resin is used in various medicinal preparations for a variety of afflictions.  It is reported to contain high
levels of Terpenes and bioflavinoids.

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