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Duranta repens "Blue Sky Flower" Organic Well-Established Plant

Duranta repens

We offer these beautiful plants as 4-6" organically grown very well-established.

D. repens is in the Verbenaceae family and originates from South Florida through the Caribbean and parts of Central America.  It takes the form of a medium to large shrub from 12-20 ft tall and nearly as wide.  As a container plant it grows to suit the size of pot given.  This one makes spectacular hanging baskets and will flower while quite small! 
The branches have a weeping habit and are covered with interesting toothed, lime green leaves.  This wonderful plant bears masses of violet to blue flowers with white edges.  The flowers are borne in clusters at the branch tips and are followed by bright, golden yellow berries, hence the common name of Golden Dewdrops.  In flower or in fruit this is a breathtaking species.  The flowers are a magnet for butterflies and many birds favor the berries making it an important wildlife foodsource. D. repens can tolerate mild frosts. This species has found medicinal useage throughout the World as it has been spread far and wide.  The flowers are considered stimulant.  The fruits are alkaloid rich and are used to reduce fevers (w/ possible dangerous side effects).  The leaves have been found to be anti-viral and are also employed as a sleep aid.  Several novel alkaloids have been isolated from this plant so far and research is ongoing.  This is one truly striking species with a myriad of uses and deserves to be more widely cultivated.

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